If Everything Was Like Among Us 8

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    Among us in real life in the airship map! Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. This is a part 8 to our If Everything Was Like Among Us vid. Which person do you relate to the most?
    Thank you to our neighbor Bruce for letting us film in his 727 airplane! To visit his airplane home go to www.airplanehome.com/

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    1. Mayliana Corso

      *judah:ok crack the safe ! :D Also Judah: *tries to crack safe* Judah’s mind: k let’s all face it u can’t do it- Me: bro of course lol it’s not posble lol

    2. Mayliana Corso

      Micah:why do we need a latter in a air ship it makes no sense *they both srug* Me: bruh u can’t fly !!!!!!

    3. JakeYT Rblx


    4. Deylen Escobar

      Wow The green guy he amolst took off the plane

    5. Raymond Ducharme

      All of us

    6. Wu Ryan

      Are you going among us 10

    7. Jacky Pan

      Can it end In a chase again pls

    8. Daniel Armenta

      I like how they say where but they don't say it

    9. Edwin alvarado

      New map

    10. Nisha P

      Why is Judah dumb even my 4 year old sister knew that the "new girl" was brittany

    11. Brandon James

      Not imposter

    12. Elamin scondofiy Scorrin

      1:04 mini female pink just looks at orange lol

    13. Cookie fan 1234 Love cookies

      To melol

    14. Cookie fan 1234 Love cookies

      4:34 is so funny cause Shiloh was so confused

    15. davina


    16. jack hitchcock

      Looking this good is a crime

    17. Mikee & More

      I don’t play among us, but I love this series!

    18. Jessica Lopez Lopez


    19. Ethan mod games and more


    20. Mia Beebee

      William didnt want to answer the 10 x 10 question becuase he probably doesn't know it🤣

    21. Mey Wattimury


    22. Reema Gimang

      الهم صلي وسلم على نبين محمد

    23. Anne Cummins

      The airship is too big

    24. Flat Cake

      Love it

    25. Lucy Spinella-Martin


    26. red Rodrigueh. red

      Blue is blue

    27. Brian Chilver

      Shiloh is the best cuz she always makes it to the end except 4 and 6 except them she has made all of them it’s so cool

    28. Aldawaeyacom

      And. Showers

    29. Sky's toca boca

      13:00 I thought she said bananas

    30. Pri Cri

      I hate you

    31. Haikal Imran


    32. blimbu limbu


    33. km milk

      Question what is the little baby name?

    34. Nora Kryeziu

      Why is elijah talking about a monkey invited at the end

    35. Cool bacon boy with glasses

      🔥🔥🔥🔥 ⭐|WINNER|⭐ ⭐🏆🏆💓🏆🏆⭐ ⭐🏆🏆🏆🏆⭐ ⭐🏆💓🏆⭐ 🏆🏆 🏆 🏆🏆 🎉🎉🎉 Is crewmate!

    36. neila_

      they literally have many views, and still has 2mil subs.

    37. Kid Dynamite 57

      I love this

    38. Troy Lambert

      Love u guys

    39. Torly Boy

      12:40 “WOP”

    40. Aiden Goolie

      this was halarious

    41. Aastha Shrestha


    42. Lucid Goku152

      Yay my fav youtuber

    43. Mansoor Subhi

      In every vid yellow always looks sus!

    44. Rosemarijn van Kruistum

      Plss more If everything was like among us!!! I love this video

    45. Beau & Rain’s Channel

      I love your vid

    46. Me T

      Among us: ok the new year of the year. Impostor: huh?

    47. Me T


    48. Aesthetic Lilac

      I love how they say where? But the person who reported just says what the problem was

    49. Baby YodaTheGamer

      Judah: NOBODY IS SUS BECAUSE REDS NOT HERE!! What Britney was probably thinking: I’ll take it and not get voted out 🤫😉

    50. Vritee Patel

      William was sooooooooooooooooooooooo dume and he was smiling

    51. sianne widjaya

      8:53 William: NO Micah did it! Micah's sus!

    52. Jeremy Nalley

      The Airship - [Electrical] Calibrate Distributor Divert Power Reset Breakers [Cockpit] Accept Diverted Power Stabilize Steering Download Data [Vault] Polish Ruby Download Data Dress Mannequin [Brig] Download Data [Security] Rewind Tapes [Medical] Download Data Empty Garbage [Meeting Room] Empty Garbage Enter ID Code Fix Wiring [Gap Room] Accept Diverted Power Download Data [Engine Room] Fuel Engines Fix Wiring Accept Diverted Power [Records] Sort Records Download Data [Main Hall] Develop Photos Decontaminate Fix Wiring Empty Garbage Accept Diverted Power [Kitchen] Empty Garbage Make Burger [Showers] Accept Diverted Power Fix Shower Fix Wiring Pick Up Towels [Viewing Deck] Download Data Fix Wiring [Lounge] Clean Toilet Fix Wiring [Armory] Put Away Rifles Put Away Pistols Accept Diverted Power Download Data [Cargo Bay] Fix Wiring Fuel Engines Download Data Unlock Safe [Ventilation] Start Fans [Communications] Download Data [Outside] Upload Data [Hall of Portraits] None

    53. Aldawaeyacom

      And. Viewing. Deck. Engine. Room

    54. Carol and Neil

      1st blue got stuck now green got stuck in the airship’s vent system

    55. Aldawaeyacom

      And. Bring

    56. Aldawaeyacom

      And. Meeting. Room. And. Main. Hall

    57. Aldawaeyacom

      I. Now. The. Names. Of. These. Rooms. Kitchen. And. Longe. And. Gap. Room. And. Records. And. Valt. And. Electrical and. Cago. Bay.

    58. MiniPanda

      I love how when they argue at the end Elijah was talking about monkeys🤣...

    59. Veronica Sun

      i love them, i have watched all the episodes of Shiloh & Bros, everything that has come out so far! 😍😊🧊🎂🥰🥰💕💕❤❤🎶🎉

    60. Delyla Rodriguez

      The light blue guy is so dumb OK

    61. Sazid Rahman

      Britney be like the new blonde girl I saw a wig


      Hahah so funny

    63. Cardendapro 1

      8:22 his face tho 😂😂😂😂

    64. qUinN AdaMsoN

      ««»» All Colors By (Green)

      1. qUinN AdaMsoN

        Reply To Answer

    65. Pôison

      11:20 elijahs scream is so funny

    66. f1rst bl00d

      I've watched all the among us videos and this one is the best

    67. Yuqin Zhang

      do you guys love playing among us? because i do i always love imposter i do it smartly

    68. Lucia Sanchez

      Judah: know one is sus because red isn't here.briitny: I'm just doing this for everyone 🤨

      1. Stella Lin

        Now you you have to have

    69. Joel Kim

      i love themmm

    70. SmalDinoLand USA

      At 7:17 the child says “Bugs so many bugs” and its so cute!!!!

    71. Sarah Jacobs

      Hey guys read is the pastor

    72. Sarah Jacobs

      Why is red is red

    73. Emma Giv

      14:16 Here is a Hint: Mary said that she doesn't have any tasks🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. LaLa O.

        I knew that all along that Mary was an impostor!

    74. Patrice Williams

      I Built Giant AMONG US Boats for Treasure Roblox Tad the Merchant

    75. Patrice Williams

      Add a public comment...

      1. Shiloh & Bros

        Hi Patrice 😀

    76. Patrice Williams

      Soda spilled

    77. Patrice Williams

      She got to build

    78. Patrice Williams


    79. Patrice Williams

      Fine l go now uh oh there are three impostors in the among us she take off the plane

    80. GamerFriends

      Shiloh: Someone Mixed the M n Ms and Skittles Me: SOME PEOPLE WANT TO WATCH THE WORLD BURN 🔥

    81. David Meding

      you have a plane !!!!!!!! luuuuucky

      1. Shiloh & Bros

        Happy were lucky 😀

    82. alisha hussain


    83. ShadowPhantomClan On YT

      9:22 rip off mario 64 death sound

    84. Christian Rathsack

      I like the new map 🗺😊☺️😁

    85. alina bohiltea

      elijah mom say to david

    86. Mezimic Gaming

      Its always shiloh win or sbe votes out wright can she finally lose and its always that shes 9000 iq no hate

    87. Katie Salgado

      i love it .

    88. Blue guy

      Every Time someone got throw out 3:11 -Black 6:11 -Brittney 8:21 -Daniel 9:21 -William 10:00 -Judah 11:20 -Elijah 12:40 -Alesandra 14:29 -Mary

      1. demonicrobot50 gaming

        Black and Brittney: Doesn't say anything Daniel: Lalahh William: (Squeaking) Judah: Ahhhh Elijah: Ahh Haha Alesandra: Whoop Mary: Oof

    89. Theresa Childs

      Mary's the last imposter alive

    90. Tante Beb


    91. ꧁Madgamer5212 GD꧂ /\/\/\

      9:21 THAT SCREAM

    92. Samuel Zoremsanga


    93. Samuel Zoremsanga

      Smaller form of fun

    94. Samuel Zoremsanga

      GUY'S THE AIRSHIP IS SO COOL 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    95. hezekiah olanrewaju

      Hi victor

    96. Tika N

      William is so dumb

    97. Epic boss Hagen

      Shiloh has 100000 IQ

    98. Matthew Brown

      Why did he say she's worser than Brittany Brittany is a NLnamer Brittany's Preston's wife

    99. Drea Greene

      Why is admin card so hard to you? I do it first try

    100. Henriett Boros

      Best video ever