If Your Cat Bites You, Here's What It Really Means


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    Humans have not yet learned to understand the language of animals and that is why their behavior generate many questions: why do dogs tilt their heads all the time and why do cats make such strange noises?
    We'll try to answer all your questions and maybe we can help you understand your pets a little bit better.
    00:00 - Welcome!
    00:24 - Why do cats bite? (Preview)
    01:01 - Why do dogs bark when seeing hugs?
    01:45 - Why do cats freeze with their mouth open?
    02:16 - Why do cats knock things over?
    02:44 - Why do parrots grind their beaks?
    03:30 - Why do cats bring us gifts?
    04:04 - Why do dogs walk in circles?
    04:36 - Why do cats drag their food out of their bowl?
    05:12 - Why do rabbits thump their hind legs?
    05:51 - Why do rabbits hop around?
    06:16 - Why do hamsters freeze?
    06:51 - Can guinea pigs purr?
    07:15 - Why do dogs tilt their heads?
    08:02 - Why do parrots need mirrors?
    08:31 - Why do cats make strange noises?

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    1. Necromanta

      It means that cats are assholes

    2. Ducky loves bread

      When my cat goes a bit crazy, he runs around the house and crawls along the bottom of the sofa

    3. Hiro Shima

      so when I bite my cats face it's because I'm playful, tired of his attention or I just want to hunt, got it!

    4. Caroline Drummond

      the other day my cat brought me my neighbour's rubber glove at 5:30am, and brought me a clawed, ripped up toilet roll the next night at the same time. ˆ.. ˆ ˘

    5. Mayden Awesome

      Stupid answers. Waste of time!

    6. Silent Donkey

      If your cat bites you it means they want to be left alone or play but when your owner bites you it probably means their Vietnamese 😯

    7. Sexy Bro

      me walks up to a lion bites me and eats me i am like that shit said it wanted to play

    8. Moon Storm

      My cat does those weird sounds when she sees flies

    9. Gabriela Stoimenovska

      one time my cat litterally gave me a cute little white mouse but it was dead ._.

    10. Alexander De Schutter

      U remind me of super bunny 64 6:03

    11. Slap Slap Slap Clap Clap Clap

      #11 Makes me realise that I've buried 2 hamsters alive.

    12. Koriander Yander

      I didn't need 9mins for you to tell me my cat is horny

    13. Kommunity Konnected

      Why is this so annoying?

    14. South Beach Miami Art

      I have 12 cats. One l named Mario loves to jump on my shoulders. Their eyes are binocular so they freak out sometimes when you pet them because they can't identify your hand quickly enough.

    15. Kommunity Konnected

      How do you know all this shit is facts?

    16. PhrontDoor

      Short answer : cause cats are evil. Some are stupid too. Stupid and evil is a bad combination. Sell those really defective cats on etsy if you can.

    17. Wayfarer

      My cat just puts his teeth on me, no hard biting. Plus he’s purring the whole time lol.

    18. Kenos Entity

      9:00 And people wonder why I call cats demons.

    19. GingerInc Gaming

      Actually those random noises cats do while hunting is a form of mimicry. They’re calls basically

    20. David Nicholson

      6:14 Double jump.

    21. Klaire Bear

      Cats:ima try the air just in case it’s not yummy.

    22. Samuel cardin

      Actually, dog tilt their head to better determine where the sound come from on the X axis, their ear are made for the Y axis.

    23. Aden

      Yo guess I’m a dog I tilt my head all the time like that one part in the video where the car was at the door😂

    24. DannyB1954

      My dog always took her food from the tiled kitchen to the carpeted living room. I had to give her a small rug in the kitchen to eat on.

    25. noah 344

      Rabbits often thump their hind legs to warn their friends of danger or predators


      This pop up on my recommendation then I showed red hot and he stole my phone and watch it in my bathroom

    27. Agent. Xero

      interesting channel!

    28. Aly

      I miss my cats. Imma go bother them

    29. Jesus Cuevas (Student)


    30. Wolf_Magix

      2:12 that face you make when someone farts right next to you 😂

    31. Bored idk

      I don't even have a cat🤣I'm just in a nail saloon getting my nails done

    32. Lara Ablasa

      My cat always brought me cockroaches , rat , and a leaf as a gift

    33. FlossMaster 02

      I’m allergic to cats but this seems important

    34. kartoonygalz


    35. Combatant

      It means to F off......... trust me

    36. Jacob Car

      I have never seen any of my 3 cats look around with their mouths open...

    37. danyDJ84 gamer

      first of all... the thumbnail is not a cat it’s either a rat or a mouse

    38. Kudana Vadmont

      Animal behavior is like it is because like all things on this planet, we are just lifeforms that have souls all trapped to repeat the cycle till it ends. Those are our family, ancestors, etc. When humans think about life, we think we are the center, we can only live and die as human. Sorry, we evolved to this point, we were other creatures. Those are our souls being recycled. Because life is chaos. Animals leak hints that they used to be other things, like humans. How quickly some adapt more than others. Same goes for humans. All animals seem to have a different sense of adaptation. Some souls have been here longer than others. Some like myself believe this to be true of us all. And that the only true way to move forward in life is to respect all of it. Connect with it in a way humans have for some reason tossed out like garbage. And die knowing I'm coming back as something else. Whether it be a fly that hits someone's window, or a bird that lives in a house with an old lady. I'll most likely not remember anything of this life. But pieces will go with me. They go with us all.

    39. Michelle Bruce

      My cat play bites with me. It means he wants my attention and love. 😃😍

    40. StillLivinginthewoods

      Cats are soulless narcissistic monsters who see their owners as nothing more than their slaves,... get a real companion, get a dog.

    41. Devaughn Anagal


    42. OkieRebel

      Cat, Dog or any animal bites me it dies.

    43. Everleigh Harris


    44. Steve

      # 2 is hilarious

    45. 0Matheus69

      No. Dogs do not perceive hugging as a threat. Calm the fuck down. It’s just something different to what they’re used to, and so they get excited. That is all.

    46. Sotto L'Etna

      My cat, Pix (rip), would douse her food. She would dip her paw in the dry food and push it into her water bowl, fish it out with her paw, and eat it. She would also splash the water around as well or no reason. We fed her wet food along with dry food, so I don't know what to think.

    47. NuclearWaste105

      some people say that dogs tilt their heads because they aren't able to hear things that well on a y axis as well as their hearing on a x or z axis. so to make up for that loss, they will sometimes tilt their head to hear and pinpoint where that noise is coming from. Here's a video that explains it better than I can: nlname.info/project/video/h5nPmIG4pdKaenE

    48. Kannedy Luangrath

      my dog tilts his head lol

    49. paul morgan

      ffs is the whole world this stupid and I only got as far 1:17 .........

    50. Insane Människa

      Last year in Florida a cat bought a 2-headed snake 🐍 for her owner 😱

    51. Extrapaj

      It means that you Yeeted it over your shoulder a week ago.

    52. Courtney Stone

      Why do cats freeze with there mouth open: my cat was running around the house when he did that so i thought my cat was high -,-

    53. K. F.

      Cats knock off stuff from tables and shelfs because they don't look nice there😅

    54. The Actricle

      Do I get a Cat? My mind: No you'll get annoyed by it eventually. Me: Nah I got it, I'll get a Cat.

    55. D' seer

      Cats belong in the wild not in homes

    56. Isle of Mann

      Mommy cat bit me.. i had to go to the doctor for a shot. I think she loves me 🤣

    57. Bimbo Battung

      My mom's cat always leave dead rat at my door.

    58. Battleship Nagato

      *I'm alive but I'm dead* Mood.

    59. Jolly Misanthrope

      But why does the Cadbury Bunny cluck like a chicken?

    60. littlemonkey7659

      I got a cat food ad

    61. Ghost Omar007

      Why do hamsters freeze ? Hamster : *INTENSE VIETNAM WAR FLASBACKS*

    62. Robin Davison

      Implies men divorce their wives due to wrinkles, wow.

    63. Anon Amust

      The explanation of dog head tilt needed to be elaborated on a bit further. First, they put a stinking commercial right at a buttfuck moment during the explanation, and then once I could click back to the explanation of why dogs tilt their heads, it was all over in 5 seconds--and what the fuck is an "interlocuter", anyway? (Or whatever that word was there.) Bogus explanation of why dogs tilt their heads, all the way..

    64. Angel0

      my cat licks people. i dont know why

    65. A s h I e

      "Two beautiful bowls" XD

    66. Jayson Tatum

      The dog kept pushing his hand away lol

    67. Jayson Tatum

      I'm failing classes and I have homework do and I'm supposed to be in class bit this seems more important

    68. Kevin Madsen

      Because you're an idiot for owning a cat and you deserve it!

    69. Eschatonin6666

      12: Guinea Pigs are called pigs because of the function they had in South American civilisations as an animal that eats leftovers and garbage from food and are eventually eaten themselves, just like how we used pigs in the old world. When Europeans brought them overseas, they started to be used as pets instead.

    70. Ka Gg

      Thanks for making a video that gets to the point. I absolutely hate when something can be answered in 10 or 15 seconds, but the creator drags it out to 12 minutes.

    71. Stacey Modisette

      Dead cat.

    72. Snake Pliskin

      He he, your nose is bleeding! Must be love!

    73. newt dockery

      My cat loves to wrestle and bite my hand. He was more violent as a kitten. I taught him to be gentle. He only brings blood when it’s my fault and I rile him up too much.

    74. Timothy Mcglynn


    75. Television Time


    76. MoonDemon

      3:37 I have that same toy and my cat always brings it to me 🤣

    77. Francisco Enrique

      Cats rarely bite humans. If they don't break the skin, it's called "mouthing", "grabbing", or "gnawing". It's usually just communication

    78. Aaron Anglea

      For such elegant and dainty creatures, cats sure do vomit alot

    79. Sophia Smolinski

      Idk why I’m watching I don’t a cat

    80. Katalina B

      Yea I have a pitbull and my friend hugged me one time he bit her

    81. Barbara Tucker

      I always thought my cat smelt my dad's farts or my dogs farts when he opened his mouth and looked around

    82. Christina Armani

      When cats make those sounds at pray it’s one of two things 1 they’re frustrated because they know they can’t catch it i.e. bird or fly 2 it’s a mouse or something like that so this is their version of the Tarzan yell

    83. Christina Armani

      My cat bites me to say no sometimes

    84. Loaf of bread_1273

      Fact : when dogs wag their tail they are happy but when cats do it they want to stop playing or they are unhappy

    85. Thetommymaster 723

      Dogs tilt their head all the time because they’re thinking cats make weird sounds because I don’t know

    86. Mauro X

      Dogs tilt theire head to identify the spatial position of the sounds. In fact opposly to the human hears, which have a complex shape that sligltly alter the sound so the brain can easly identify the position of the source that generated the sound, alimals like dog whit a flat ears have to move their head to understand where the sound was generated.

    87. Inter Historia

      "Why do cats knock things over?" Cat: "Because **** you."

    88. beless black

      if your cat bites you----- punt it across the room right at the wall

    89. Hailee M

      Birds love their mirror self My bird who smacks himself on the mirror to murder the mirror self

    90. Hailee M

      A cat bit me because i pet it while it was asleep

    91. Byron Rogers

      Means you should have got a dog.

      1. Byron Rogers

        Best comment ever.

    92. Thomas Maughan

      "If Your Cat Bites You, Here's What It Really Means" He has sharp teeth and you don't.

    93. predcon1

      Short version: "We don't know. Cats do friggin whatever, man, don't think about it too much".

    94. Deannasfavs

      And ever thought cats going banana

    95. Mewtwothegreat OFFICAL

      correction what if your cat slices your leg

    96. Bob Weiram

      I've never heard of a cat bite sending anyone to the hospital for stitches.

    97. H A T E N A T E

      Pugs are ugly. Have a nice day

    98. PJB

      Your cat biting you is just his way of saying that he knows that your house is seconds away from becoming a cat-free house.

    99. FNaF Boi

      They put the Thumbnails thing first, and didn’t clickbait us. *Its time we turn NLname around fellas.*