International Friendly. Women. Netherlands - Germany (24/02/2021)


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    Note: there were some lags at the middle of the first half, but it got better soon enough.

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    1. Jeff Oliver

      Wo ist Lina?

    2. duyen bui

      Good job it’s famous soccer

    3. Mauricio Morro

      who had the great idea of make the players come down the stairs wearing cleats??????????

    4. Rene Ruwiel

      Schaf die nepstadiongeluiden toch af, dan is het zeker stil als Duitsland scoort. Het is onpartijdig met die geluiden erbij.

    5. Josh

      1:51:55 isn’t this a back pass?

    6. tanmay k pandey-sport

      Alex popp..

      1. ch282

        1:40:47 there was she


        RCDc. Dễ

    7. Luch m

      ah, a Much more properly ranked, competitive Match than the "she believes cup"; There, still, some National teams still struggle for more support back home; And, they are not getting a "Title IX" lawful type of amendment on discrimination, alike the USWNT.

      1. Luch m

        @David Sprenkle ; I saw the first half versus the uswnt. The Dutch Ladies had not been practicing together, as a team, prior; Not even "martens" could play it right; unnecessary turnovers; they were so soft. But, by the time the match versus Germany occurred, they had a recognizable Team; a Much Better showing; It was a Big difference. Also, vivianne miedema showed up for the German match; what an oxygen. My fav. player is clearly "danielle van donk"; she definitely has the dutch game with the SouthAmerican style; So Awesome; 'cause football :)

      2. David Sprenkle

        The USWNT played the Netherlands back in November--in Holland.

    8. James Ruscheinski

      Was denkt man uber die Abwehr in dem eigene halfte verteidigen als die andere mannschaft / spielerin das spielgerat besetzt, um die gegnerish Offens vom tor herausziehen, dann die kugel an dir kommen lassen und sofort angreifen mit genau und schnellem zuspiel durch offene raum rightung tor?

    9. Tor M Gauntlet

      What a great match. Really enjoyed it. Both teams brought their 'A' game.

    10. jackassfat

      Natuurlijk Oranje !!

    11. Antônio Portela

      Great Match!i liked it.

    12. john e Lawler

      VVV My Nederland team

    13. john e Lawler

      "Friendly" between these two? that'll be a first lol

      1. Dakari Nixon

        dunno if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Facebook password by using SicZine. Just google for it xD

    14. Lilybelle Castro


    15. Guau O

      Martens. She makes such a difference. I love her. That's why they got to the final. USA has 5 like her. I Europe is only her. Simple the best around there. Same problem w Sam Kerr. Another prodigy. USA has a demolishing team in all their lines.

      1. CecildeMille1

        I agree with you... but we must notice that Netherlands reached the final also coz' they didn't play against USA before. Against japan, the game was really tight.

    16. noodlepdx

      Thanks for the game! It was fun. Any chance you have Netherlands v. Belgium from about a week ago?

      1. noodlepdx

        @NeySport Thanks!

      2. NeySport

        Didn't record it, sorry. But the game is on youtube on other channels: 1st half: 2nd half:

    17. Sandra Powers


    18. Fredrik Olofsson

      really good game .... thank you for uploading 🥳🥳

    19. James Ruscheinski

      Wenn man in dem eigene halfte verteidigt, dann ist mehr raum nach vorne zu spielen.

    20. nilas20

      Danke fürs Hochladen! :-)

    21. CecildeMille1

      Great game. First half, Netherlands spoiled a lot of opportunities, same for Germany the 2nd. From my opinion, these two and England are the three European better teams.

      1. marilyn r

        @CecildeMille1 As a supporter of the USWNT, I have puzzled over why the France national team fails to advance in international competitions. Is it too many players on the same team used to easily winning against weaker teams in a weak league? How often does OL have to come from a goal down? You do know the USNWT pretty much despised Jill Ellis and tried to get her removed in 2017? But despite US federation not replacing her the team came together and pretty much ran their own show on the pitch.

      2. CecildeMille1

        @Guau O As a French, now, unfortunatly, I consider quite impossible to place our team at the same level : from the last three years there are serious problems between the coach,, Corine Diacre, and the players of Olympique Lyonnais (and some more) and these players are the best. You can see that on the pitch and some of then (the GK) don't want to play with our NT anymore. Now, we have the players, we have not the team. It could change (I hope so) before European championship.

      3. Guau O

        And France? I would place the 4 on them in the same level. Might feel Nederland a little bit above the other 3. I love them all.

    22. James Ruscheinski

      Die Niederlander haben zusammen stark verteidigt.

    23. James Ruscheinski

      Ab und zu versuche es vom distanz zu schiessen.

    24. James Ruscheinski

      Gute chancen gebaut. Wenn man mehr gluck zum abschluss hat konnte es noch ein oder zwei toren geben.

    25. James Ruscheinski

      Sehr gutes spiel

    26. Compare F.C.

      Nice, thank you ✌🏻

    27. Abramzick2014 Abramzick

      Um sich zu verbessern, liebe Damen. Sie können nicht so weiterspielen und verlieren.