John Mayer - Last Train Home (Official Video)

John Mayer

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    “Last Train Home” from John Mayer’s upcoming album ‘Sob Rock’ out now:

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    Directors: Cameron Duddy \u0026 Harper Smith
    Producer: Jeremy Sullivan
    Prod. Co: Hound
    EP’s: Missy Galanida \u0026 Isaac Rice
    DP: Santiago Gonzalez
    Art: Elizabet Puksto
    Stylist: Nra Kudelka
    Editors: Jen Kennedy / James Fage / Cameron Duddy
    Color: Marshall Plante


    If you wanna roll me, then you gotta roll me all night long
    And if you wanna use me, then you gotta use me til I’m gone
    I’m not a fallen angel, I just fell behind
    I’m out of luck and I’m out of time
    If you don’t wanna love me, let me go
    I’m runnin for the last train
    I’m runnin for the last train home

    If you wanna know me, then you gotta know me through and through
    And if you’re gonna hurt me, then you gotta hold me next to you
    No matter how you work it, things go wrong
    I put my heart where it don’t belong
    So if you’re comin with me let me know
    Maybe you’re the last train
    Maybe you’re the last train home

    I’m on the last train runnin
    I’m on the last train runnin
    And I surrender
    And I surrender


    1. Thoudam Anjika

      Day 13

    2. BadSneakers

      Daryl Hall sings Toto. Love it!

    3. Daniel Tavares

      Seems 80' songs. I liked. Im not a fan of, but i wannna know more

    4. Denise Beghe

      Need. Record. Now.

    5. Vanessa Alonso


    6. Khondrah

      Who else was looking for the Jojo song lol

    7. Cássio Yamada

      Wow! It reminded me too much of the band Toto, anyone else? I thought the music was beautiful!

    8. pukar nakarmi

      more i listen more i love this song.....

    9. Mike Mcjohnson

      I’ll answer my own question. Marin Morris.

    10. Mike Mcjohnson

      Who is the girl singing at the end?

    11. The Guitar Hobbyist - Stringed Theory Studios

      Who here felt like singing "I hear the drums echoing tonight..." when you hear that intro riff. I know its not that part of the song but its the part I feel like singing.

    12. Samantha Medeiros

      I surrender…

    13. Mike M.

      Johnny Salami went full on 80s Don Henley on this one 😂

    14. Papi Chulo

      Still making music for 12 year old girls I see, what a waste of an amazing talent. Complete shit music.

    15. Paul Thompson

      An odd choice (time/style) of music to emulate - even down to the video and look, but somehow it works. Like late career Winwood

    16. GTXD Gaming

      2:08 for the solo :-)

    17. Tevin OMG

      I’m on that train with you John

    18. Alex Shifrin

      Why is Johnny Depp playing a Hello Kitty guitar?

    19. Derek Zelenka


    20. Tonya Messer

      THANKS 😘

    21. Jared Thode

      Love how they got Greg Phillinganes playing the keyboards. He was in Clapton's band for years and has done some brilliant stuff. Including playing on Forever man which the Last Train home video is a dedication to. (or defiantly hints it!)

    22. simply3141592654

      Compare this to Clapton's Album's - Behind the Sun, August, and Journeyman. That solo work is totally 1980s Eric Clapton. Awesome. Clapton should bring back some of that Soldano lead. The keyboards remind me of 1980s Steve Winwood.

    23. simply3141592654

      Very like 1980s Eric Clapton. Look up "Rig Doctor's" video on Clapton's 80s guitar tone. Even a Soldano amp

    24. João  Henrique Alves Balestrim

      very good - remember Toto - Africa - we don't have music like that anymore - Good Job -

    25. Samuel Thomas

      come to brasil!

    26. Chris Collins

      Pure magic John...

    27. Chris Collins


    28. Levi Henley

      Hard 80s vibes

    29. Strip Club Hero

      Inspired by Clapton, Toto and Springsteen. What a beautiful song.

    30. Stella Marie

      I can't stop listening. When you commented on my last comment some woman said it wasn't you so I freaked out a bit and deleted it. Maybe it was you, maybe not. You asked for my thoughts. I loved it and feel a vibe from your old days. You look and sound great. Can't wait to keep the whole album on repeat. My daughter just left for UCSB and I'm alone and sad (like any good mama would be) so I don't want to listen too much just yet as to not tie in the album with the memories of the week she left. When I'm good to go, I promise it'll be on repeat, ha! Much love xo

    31. Danny

      Last Train Home to Africa.

    32. Steve Hamann

      Sounds like TOTO... but a like the sound of Mayer (y)

    33. Midnight Eyes

      Sounds like John Mayer -last train home to me and Toto - Africa sounds like Toto - Africa! 😎

    34. ksuzeq

      Love it🥰🥰🥰

    35. Marcos Claus


    36. Mike Perry

      Here’s my thought on this track. John asked The night game to go on tour after hearing their track “ the outfield”. He has definitely been influenced by Martin’s writing. Great song!

    37. Nick Paws

      A musical thief. Sad. Shitty lyrics too. "I'm not a fallen angel". Nobody, nobody has ever assumed you were numb-nuts. I agree you are out of luck and out of time, wrinkle face. Katy Perry moved on already okay. It's time to let it go.

    38. Regie Duran

      That triniton tubes just got the feels

    39. Lauren Champlin

      Need to know his conditioner. That's some fine hair.

    40. Nicholas Sismil

      Record Label: Do you want to sound like yourself or Toto’s Africa? John Mayer: Yes.

    41. donpatisson

      Is that a 90s nostalgia attempt? Can be a great musician but this…

    42. Teenagers In Paradise

      Sounds like Totò by Africa

    43. Isiac McAllister

      I miss rock and roll/blues Jon Mayer

    44. david Mc Dowell

      One of those songs you put on in the car and just drive to wherever, a real-feel good melody!

    45. Shaun Struwig

      I like the part in the second verse that goes "du du di du du!" and the other parts.

    46. Arthur H

      who are the absolute idiots that thumbed this down. What? are you kidding me?

    47. Dimas F Prasetyo

      When Johny Depp singing a song

    48. Ricardo Nevarez

      Hate it

    49. Jessica Morris

      Beautiful ❤️

    50. Elysium9

      Johnny Depp homenajeando a Toto

    51. Thoudam Anjika

      Day 12

    52. Kyle Broten

      Mayer looking like Depp here.

    53. Maxter Warjri

      so greg phillinganes, lenny castro are here (Toto)

    54. Cahyo Amiseso

      Any Toto fans around here?

    55. Pete Sallis

      Love it! A definite 80's flavor and maybe a time to bring that "new sound" back. A whole generation is thinking this is a new vibe :-) Good one John

    56. Di Gonzalez

      So no one's going to say that he just look like Johnny Deep on the thumbnail and in the whole video? 👁️👄👁️

    57. KHV Wave

      Is this a jojo reference?

    58. Juni anime151

      Kakyoin... Iggy... Avdol... se terminó

    59. Vishal Murali

      Finally a music video with stack amps and rig back to 80’s

    60. Sierra Turmenne

      When I go manic, because I'm bipolar, for some reason my brain short circuits to thinking John Mayer is waiting to hang out with me...and I blow through all my funds attempting to make it happen. ~circa 2019~ mania is aaa beast. Anyway, as crazy as that sounds, and as cool as it would be, the only way I would meet JM is if I ran into him at a dunkin d'z lol idk how that came out as a rhyme but I'm keeping it. Also this song is a bop.

    61. Rosane Pereira Rabelo

      Que homem é esse ? Maravilhoso

    62. Scott Goodman

      If edward scissors had a happy younger brother.....

    63. Read This

      keyboard player is too good for this crappy tune

    64. callen clarke

      I think it's great. It's reminiscent of Toto. Also of Don Henley, and a few others I could think of. Not hacky at all. And it sounds like Mayer. Well done.

    65. Frag

      All I could think of when I say the title was "JoJo reference".

    66. Marie P

      I’m hearing Tom Petty with a dash of Toto and a hint of modern country. John keep on being the creative soul that you are! Stop giving girls 30sec of a song though. Either do an actual duet, or a solo. I appreciate the hard work regardless. Peace and love.

    67. John Mitgal

      Esta es una dedicatoria de Slowhand Jr. No estas solo Eric Clapton

    68. Jonathan McClure

      Just Googled the lyrics and it has the lyrics to the new Coldplay song listed instead. Wat?

    69. Dennis Bruggeman

      Fantastic, great, sublime

    70. Charles Wind

      This is horrible.

    71. Thomas Morrison

      Check out Frontiers Music on youtube. Many of the groups are inspired by the 80s, like the band "Work of Art" or the band "One Desire".

    72. Andreza Vieira

      Lindo demais a música e o cantor 😻

    73. Alex Weber

      Is that a jojo reference?

    74. hdw

      Best part 16 seconds in.

    75. Yasmine Delmotte


    76. Django Reinhardt

      Like a cross between "Africa" and about 1/2 of Clapton's catalogue.

    77. John LoBo

      Doggies in the poooool

    78. christopher mcsweeney

      Brilliant!!! Well done John

    79. soiung toiue

      Bring a feature with Phil Collins of this song.

    80. Walter Zanotti

      whos that girl?

    81. Zaffar Ali

      I wish Johnny Depp was in this video as well. Beautiful song though!!!

      1. soiung toiue

        this guy...

    82. Tonhão

      1:27 what's the name of the lady photographer?

    83. Musicology1975

      The only thing i really hate about this song is that it's way to short. 🤟👍🎸

    84. boss

      Aaah love the 80s vibe

    85. Satria “Eugen” Bagaskara

      john went from not wanting to be on the train to be home again, to taking the last train home. the character development this man have gone through.

    86. Paul Hansen

      Awesome song. Good job John.

    87. Courtneay Fitts

      My only complaint is that this song is not longer than 3:01.

    88. Lidiane Antunes

      Love u

    89. Sujal Subedi


    90. Eqx716

      It's like and AI was instructed to produce a song where John Mayer sang for Toto.

    91. Eqx716

      Sounds like he's gotten into the 80s retro

    92. Ashesh vlogs

    93. Ng indish

      Hes always the best

    94. Nick Crocker

      Its that Old Prophet 5 that gives it the Toto vibe!

    95. Andi Prayitno

      80an banget 😄👍

    96. Michael Goodman

      This song just hits so hard!!

    97. Emil Adelstrup

      this guy...

    98. Ayen Cha

      Coming after Sony Music Korea post this MV will be premiere soon.. then i found it so addictive in this season even im a SEA people

    99. Sunny Desperado

      is anybody else catching the vibes of toto Africa