KALEO - Skinny (LIVE Performance from Fagradalsfjall Volcanic Eruption)


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    KALEO - Skinny (LIVE Performance from Fagradalsfjall Volcanic Eruption)
    From the new album Surface Sounds out now: kaleo.lnk.to/surfacesounds
    Music and Lyrics by JJ Julius Son
    Filmed, Produced and Directed by:
    Rough Cult
    Production Unit:
    B Cam: Erlendur Sveinsson
    Drone Pilot: Arnar Þór Þórsson
    Sound Engineer & Recording: Teitur Ingi Sigurðsson
    Safety & Medic: Vernharð Guðnason
    Post Production: Rough Cult
    Sound FX: Francesco Fabris
    Color: Trickshot
    Title Design: Ingi Kristján
    Music mixed and mastered: Arnar Guðjónsson at Aeronaut Studios
    Special Thanks To:
    66* North
    Reykjavík Foto
    Pete Turner
    Edda Tryggvadóttir
    Páll Halldór Halldórsson
    Gaukur Davíðsson
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    1. Arjan Chonker

      I can't understand what's the meaning behind the lyrics.... great performance but there must be a meaning of the lyrics, lmk if anyone does have a clue

    2. Vougas

      Just goosebumps everytime...which chords is he playing, anynone knows? Thanks

    3. Neskens Fernandes de Amorim Filho

      All the dislikes are from people that are afraid of the Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    4. Alexandre Silva


    5. Marika Theberge

      This is awesome 🙏🏼

    6. stefano novelli

      WTF, never seen anything like that...

    7. Zurain Shah

      4:23 and he's feeling cold....

    8. Bernardo Araujo

      interesting that he is in an erupting volcano and still feels cold kkk #fanFromBrazil

    9. Erata Turevičiūtė

      This is soooo Icelandic. I'm in love with this performance😍

    10. Dan T.


    11. Village Idiot

      This is simply amazing well done brother! 👀💪🙌

    12. Sigurdur Guðjónsson

      Advice from Iceland. Kaleo was just doing "sponsorship" contract to the soccer team at there home town ( Mosfellsbær ) ( town of 10.000 ) the name of the team is "Afturelding" and they will have there name at there short, fore the Icelandic tournament in soccer, 1. deviation, this year ( 2021 ). And I´m sure you can mike some money, by purchasing the sort ( if it is available, don´t know ) 3 of them played for the team, at young age.

    13. det 684

      Total cool and hot👊

    14. soinhu foitu

      When the world is burning and you're just chilling, listening to this song.

      1. fouoii gyhh

        Love this song

    15. Dira Alves

      Perfect as always. That voice is just wonderful. 🤩

      1. fouoii gyhh


    16. Kirsten Logan

      Breathtaking raw emotions ! KALEIDOSCOPE KALEO 💙

    17. Gheri Alone

      God move.🙌Good job mate.🤝

      1. soinhu foitu

        Absolutely nobody makes a cooler (or hotter) video than this in 2021.

    18. Sigurlaug Vordís Eysteinsdóttir

      🥶🤠🥵 and her friend

    19. leTort UA

      Here in Ukraine we don’t have any volcanoes, but our hearts (and medovukha) will heat you even more. Waiting for Kaleo in Ukraine

    20. Jon Bear

      Can't top this. Just incredible.

    21. Sean Matthew Valmocina

      Their gonna do it on the moon next

    22. Enrique Sebastián Escobar

      You gotta upload this performance to digital platforms!!!

    23. Nihad Jamadar

      Man you’re brilliant 😘

    24. Dina Silov

      Omg I love it!! Best live performance I have seen in a decade 🔥🔥

    25. Sj Helland

      um how is he cold!!! lmao, great performance!

      1. Heimir Hannesson

        Iceland Land of Fire and Ice

    26. Arina Reimer

      Просто космос!

    27. Gallo Mexus

      It’s Beautiful

    28. Cordy Garzon


    29. Queen Dragon

      Love this song

    30. Shahed Qasemi

      Don't worry, he won't get burned. He's way too cool for that

    31. Cassie

      Absolutely nobody makes a cooler (or hotter) video than this in 2021.

    32. Rachel H

      So sad I missed the Boston show... soo heartbroken 💔

    33. Andres Manosalvas

      They are the best 👌 in the world right now. Greta van fleet, bebadobee, Royal Blood, gary cinnamon, cannons and the black keys make rock 🎸 music 🎶 alive and with a lot of hope for better days.

      1. Alva

        Try Sam Fender if you haven't already. That kid is rocking

    34. sixth sense amelia


    35. antaras

      Kaleo in 2025: playing in the past cause they already used all the cool locations on Earth and now they need a new dimension

      1. Cassie

        adoro o fato de que a cada live performance eles se superam no quesito lugares inusitados!

    36. Melanie Brodowicz

      I don’t know how I stumbled upon your God gifted beauty but I ain’t mad at it. I literally melt and get goosebumps listening to your voice. You’re so talented😍😍

    37. Tiisiphone

      I'm lost for words.

    38. mikin lirou

      Even the volcano seems to be mesmerized by their talent.

    39. david ortega

      You guys are the best!

    40. Tafir Dumham

      3:16 I'll keep coming back to this

    41. Asfar Tasnim

      How do u pronounce that volcano's name!

    42. FactsOver Fiction

      So these dudes are angry at Iceland's female leadership?

      1. mikin lirou

        The emotion in this man’s voice is completely breathtaking

    43. Amadeus DeKastle

      Atmospheric. That orange glow and feeling of heat is unreal.

    44. Allen

      Not having this on Spotify is a crime.

      1. Eily Bergin

        Spotify is a crime...

      2. Zack Machel

        @Pedro Bertoletti the live version

      3. Pedro Bertoletti

        Its there

    45. Our Love's Redemption Songs

      It is not easy watching something so darn beautiful, become the ugliest thing in the world

    46. bofooit gojo

      the other members of kaleo: Hey JJ we are out dude, we can go to an inactive volcano but not this, are you fkn crazy. JJ: then ı go alone

    47. Ines Schiller

      Damn this is sooo incredible 😍😍😍😍

    48. Ólöf Birta Sæmundsdóttir

      I saw that lava

    49. Wendy Lima

      adoro o fato de que a cada live performance eles se superam no quesito lugares inusitados!

    50. Eric Harbour

      Your voice matches the background perfectly raw and stunningly beautiful.

      1. bofooit gojo

        Amazing song with a dire warning Love this man voice Love the Band

    51. Aleksander Osiowski

      This vocal is amazing

    52. Óskar í amma þín bíómyndum

      Hvenær fer ég á eldfjallið bara hvenær

    53. Noturbabe

      I feel the heat watching this

    54. Pan Radek

      I turned off the sound and it's amazing

    55. PINK

      What a badass.

    56. Sara J.

      The emotion in this man’s voice is completely breathtaking

    57. Syed Ossama

      Next should be pyramids

    58. Jawad Salah

      I mean, it's incredibly cool but I just can't imagine it's real. The level of toxic fumes there should make it very difficult to breathe, let alone sing.

      1. Halldor Vagn Hreinsson

        It's real, hour walk from the highway.

    59. ruba mansoob

      Insane 🔥

    60. Vlad Starkoff

      Это превосходно!!! Один из лучших клипов который я видел за последнее время!!!

    61. The Gastro Traveler

      When Jökull was asked how epic he wanted the video for Skinny to be he merely pointed south of Reykjavik and said ‘Yes.’

    62. Selena 2002

      I'm speechless 😶 the dedication, respect 🙏🙌

    63. Ptao Tom

      One of the best creative video clip ever taken. No ass, no legs, no naked bodies.. Pure music and earth . Congratulations.

    64. Neil Wallace and lola Wallace

      Amazing song with a dire warning Love this man voice Love the Band

    65. steppa man J ROY


    66. Kevn Rk


      1. Ptao Tom

        Show 🇧🇷

    67. targlanss


    68. targlanss

      JESUS CHRİST 🔥🔥🔥😳😳😳

    69. targlanss


    70. targlanss

      Quality is %582521664646345

    71. targlanss


    72. targlanss

      Damn.. Just awesome.

    73. Rahul Tirkey

      If it would be a metal song then it would be awesome.

    74. DanLuxe

      This is lit 🔥

    75. Sascha Stevenson

      I really would love to mess around with a volcanic recording see how it differs from a studio lol :)

    76. lucrezia caroline

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    77. Pyro

      I'm still waiting for "No Good" live performance on Mars. For real now, this is absolutely stunning and amazing!

    78. Summer Cat

      My eyes are blessed 🥺

    79. Jordan lv

      First clip in the mordor 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    80. jakmanxyom

      Bet National Geographic's gonna use this song for a future advertisement of theirs because of this video's aesthetics.

    81. Fabricio Freixo

      Show 🇧🇷

    82. Mili Szymaszek


    83. Waroni

      Next Album: Kaleo LIVE from Marianna's Trench!

    84. alfix7

      Iceland's REAL Volcanoman! 🌋

    85. tingku sapam

      i found this band from bbc news stories

    86. Mr Vicious

      this performance deserve more view so damn underrated

    87. Conner Hayes

      BBC news brought me here and I am not not disappointed 👌

    88. Jabr H

      wow this is so awesome 🌋

    89. Alexandra Rusu

      why this didn't blow up the whole internet ? Like seriously people are more interested in watching tiktoks rather that watch this masterpiece . This Man and his whole team risked their lives , and hiked some hours to get to this location and still its not as popular like some girl that shake her head to song .

      1. Audio Arcturia

        Which is (not really but kinda is) ironic. The song's a social commentary on social media fame & and toxic fandom.

    90. Sirenesque

      This is a cultural reset

    91. hen ko

      Only band that have the live performance better than album ver

    92. Aayush Jagri

      Go on guys...I want to see you guys at top and that’s what you deserve

    93. lalsiq1

      What a voice man...❤️

    94. Keller Cute


    95. Duncan Culley

      I'm pretty certain this is the most spectacular location music video of all time. I can't think of a single moment historically, that comes close just for both geographical insanity and acoustic beauty.

    96. GatoPluto

      Ouvindo do Brasil ❤️

    97. Yana Posma

      Volcano man.. or at least play jaja ding dong 😄

    98. roger beausoleil


    99. YouMedia

      Let's stop for a moment for this... imagine being there, this is absolutely one of the best things I've ever experienced