Kids MAKE FUN OF Boy With AUTISM, Instantly Regret It | Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann

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    Autism is not a disability, it’s just a different ability. 🎬 WATCH BTS footage from this video here:
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    00:00 Kids MAKE FUN OF Boy With AUTISM, Instantly Regret It
    07:53 Recommended Video To Watch Next

    Writer: Dhar Mann and Michelle Do
    Idea: Dhar Mann and Michelle Do
    Director: Rushikesh Bhadane
    Editor: Brian S. Nelson
    Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
    Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo
    Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Byrrh Bryant
    Sound: Noel Palacios
    Kyle: Kaido Lee Roberts
    Sam: Brendan Schroeder
    Damien: Xander J. Simmons
    Jordan: Shaun Dixon
    Teacher: Farah Merani
    Mom: Katherine Norland
    Student 1: Natalie Kopyan
    Student 2: Ella Silver
    Student 3: Kylie Ware
    Student 4: Christian Ware
    Student 5: Jordan Cramer-Smith
    Student 6: Elijah Lopez

    #LiveYourBestLife #Inspirational

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    1. Dhar Mann

      HELP ME CHANGE SOMEONE'S LIFE! Click the "DONATE" button on this video to help the Organization For Autism Research give back to individuals with autism and their families! Your one small act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone's life! Thank you for your support ❤️ 🎬 WATCH BTS footage from this video here:

      1. Gabriella Delgado Castro

        Thank you for the video! This means a lot to me, my sister, and my family as a latina on the autism spectrum and trying to navigate life! Thank you Dhar Mann!

      2. Sea Witch Slayer

        How about “Dating an autistic boyfriend or girlfriend. Girlfriend or boyfriend teaches bully a lesson”

      3. Namell3ss

        Is this in real life or is this an act

      4. Andrew Tabatabai

        I have autism and I am capable

      5. Sovanthida HFT


    2. cheapkung USA123lego

      Very leak to end

    3. iamsanna

      sam is sooooooooooooooooooooo ADORABLE 👉💖👈 😌

    4. Aήonyᴍous Gaming

      I know Sam as 5 year-old who playes Sheldon in Young Sheldon

    5. Keith Liam Rasco

      Kids MAKE FUN OF Boy With AUTISM, Instantly Regret It | Dhar Mann Fundraiser

    6. Chow Chow

      WOW these actors suck like Yeah the worst actors in the world

    7. Helal Alkaabi


    8. Kadi Helsley

      My brother has autism

    9. VSgamingMC

      the little kids voice is so cute and his brother is so anyoing

    10. pizza parker

      me who have autism: a wise man once said "some people want to watch the world burn"

    11. Misty Glassrose

      As a smart, possibly autistic person, I just hated how they treated Sam.

    12. Maria Gonzalez

      Never be rude to An Atsuim kid

    13. Avani and charli D’amelio

      You’re videos are the same

    14. Gabriel Telebanco Gaming and vlog

      omg i almost cried

    15. Caleb Soderholm

      now autism can be a disability some kids can't do things but that does not make them any less of a person

    16. Daniella anne Sulit

      So sad to happy ending

    17. Caleb Soderholm

      this is a very good fundraiser and I deserves a lot of appreciation love it keep up the good work

    18. ꧁ Iidaz_Gaming ꧂

      Your work amazes me, you're changing the world man.

    19. Roshan Rajurkr

      Great great acting by Kyle and Sam and off course from Katherine Norland.. 👍👍

    20. Ekpreet Kaur

      Sam looks so cute and his voice is also cute

    21. White Hershey Bar

      Wholesome 💕

    22. mihisuru mihisuru

      මේ ගොන් වෙස බල්ලෝ හරියට අපහාස කරනවා

    23. Cookies_Cream

      I hope that dud who fell is ok

    24. Roblox so fun Nnh

      My baby cousin is artistic

    25. Cupid Jones


    26. Marilyn Lacbao

      To your own brother Me: knew it

    27. Mae_

      Thanks Dhar Mann for showing people that difference is a good thing, and that you should never judge someone

    28. Luke Skywalker

      I’m friends with 2 autistic kids. One is 11 and one is 24. They are some very lovable friends. They are awesome!

    29. Inara Muneeb

      Sams smile is so heartwarming 🥺❤️

    30. •Captain._.Kooki•

      He looks like little Tommy innit tbh

    31. •Cørrupted_ Gladius•

      Nuh Sam's so cute how mean-

    32. JJ_CruzPR Jayden

      I actually always wanted a autistic friend

    33. Yunel Aponte


    34. crazykole lol


    35. The Jimmy Show

      I had a friend with autism and he is just as capable as a normal human so kids on the spectrum should be treated the same

    36. rlisaac1

      My little brother is autistic and I can understand this but I don’t know why he would do something so so bad and I can understand because my little brothers is

    37. YT_simply aesthetic

      Sams so adorable he’s just like my lil cousin brother he also has autism, tysm dhar man. I would give him anything to make him happy! Just to see his smile I would do anything! My cousin brother knows the addition, subtraction, multiplication! And he’s just 5!!

    38. Pokémon boys

      I feel bad for sam

    39. Pokémon boys

      Sam sounds so cute when he talks

    40. Turki Alzaidi

      Nora😈😩👺😇😎😍🥰So kind super super kind but his brother really mean

    41. Nxruto Vibin

      How did he regret it if he made his life better

    42. Hello1234 plz sub

      3:25 3:26 MAIN NOBODY HOON MEME

    43. {Hinata Hyuga}


    44. Senora Flowers

      Hi love 💗

    45. Ricarol Tillman

      I hate this because my sister is autism

    46. aliah zuniga

      that boy is always saying next point wins

    47. Jeremy Little


    48. Yacob Misgna

      wow dhar mann i love the way you are changing people life

    49. jaydrien mantooth

      no bullys no rudeness no at all no way no way not friends today!

    50. GAVINLETSPLAY109 Gaming

      I know as much as anyone that just because you have autism dosen't mean that you're dumb or something actually it makes me better at some stuff that other people are

    51. Nicole Pearson

      Same is absolutely adorable tho

    52. brodie Wood

      You have inspired my brother because he was born with autism and once I watched your video it touched my heart. Thank you so much. 😊😊😊

      1. brodie Wood

        Even if people are autistic, they still will be able to do a lot of things


      My little bro is autistic and I am dyslectic so it is hard for us to comprehend things but what I do understand is that Dhar Mann is one of the most inspirational and caring guys in the world. God Bless Him!!

    54. Taco thug


    55. Jens De vos

      you need to hire beter actors

    56. Renzo Lucas R Orcilla

      Next point wins 😏 Sam: wins

    57. Alejandro Rosario

      This boi forgot check. He has to say check before saying checkmate. 0:45

    58. Colten Owens

      you made this so inspiring and btw lets just pay attention to how every kid saying mean stuff and someone calls the out they'll just say no-no-no i was just joking

    59. Marshall Sanders

      thos kids a like 7 there is like no way any of them can do that math

    60. Jaydon Hulin

      I'm so sorry, but I completely forgot what autism is...

    61. Kairo Julio


    62. Tamara Cebrian

      He is so cute

    63. Mariana Cardenas

      The autistic kid is sooo cute ❤ he kinda reminded me of Gecko from PJ Masks

    64. Twilight Indeed

      I was just joking lol

    65. gabe itches

      Rain man when he was a kid (great vid dhar for making vids like this)

    66. Valerie sanchez

      i watch like all of your videos!!!!

    67. Gianna Lozoya

      I am autistic

    68. Jaredpower101

      I was shock that he was being mean to his own brother

    69. JJWEB Hayden

      This made me so angry at the bully

    70. Shamus McFuckyourself

      Most bullies think autism makes you dumber. Having autism or being autistic doesn’t actually make you dumber. You just take a longer time to process information, and may not understand as well without a detailed explanation. In fact, autism might just make someone smarter. Allow me to explain, autism causes people to have a harder time processing things. However, as an autistic person needs more time, they can learn a greater amount of information about something. Or even understand it better than others because they took a longer amount of time to get to an understanding of the information in the first place.

    71. Hizashi Yamada

      Are we not gonna talk about the kid and the mother fighting in front of the kids



    73. E Cher

      They should havr made the kid with the hurt ankle face plant when the dam won

    74. Matt Saunders

      Great yay he’s in the Principal

    75. cartoon cat


    76. Valx

      Dude... sam’s voice is so annoying but soooooooooooo cute 🥺🥺🥺

    77. DisneyBluePony

      This whole video was Finally some good representation for autism. I like how Sam was autistic, yet he didn't act like the stereotypes. Just a normal kid with a special gift. I felt so bad for him the entire video. His energy is adorable, and he just seems so nice...🥺 To people out there who mistreat others, f**k you. Everyone deserves respect.

    78. Hayden Rhodes

      its nice what you do for people

    79. darkus Destroyer

      Sam curry with the 3

    80. Franklyn Arias Mejia

      Kyle in the principal office

    81. FrostyTheNewbie

      thumbnail change part 40 billion

    82. joyce alimi

    83. Ruby Ramabu

      Sam has no business being this cute.

    84. Chanh Nhativong

      The whole truth about this is that they are friends when they are brothers😧😧

    85. Atlanta Hawks 11 basketball

      I have autism

    86. Aon AiAi


    87. Dylan the DJ

      *wasnt that friend to Kyle getting bullied for wearing animal crossing t-shirts and now he’s bullying Sam*

    88. Dominick Sansotta

      I hate people that make fun of disabled people like they think they’re better . People can be so cruel .

    89. Y Ozturk

      Samuel : I pwomise! Legit the text : I Promise!

    90. TᴇZ 666

      I'm autistic and I dont get Treated Like this

    91. Shirley Longacre

      Man these story’s just help me when I’m sad like whenever I’m depressed I go to your channel and help myself be the person I want to be

    92. I_Love_ Roblox

      My brother has autism and he is one of the smartest people I know.

    93. david_

      Yea bro we can’t win with special needs Sam lmao haha bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    94. Jim Goss

      So sad:(

    95. HYPER HI

      That thumb nail is kinda cute ngl

    96. Mariam Z

      ’im Autistic myself. I got bullied a lot. Teased about my hair and other things, got called ''goldy locks'' because of my hair in 7th grade. But I had my friends by my side and a awesome sped Ed program in my school, and amazing friends who are all also in my religion so we had a lot in common already. Every school needs to have your vids played in Assemblies.