Lakers, Aaron Rodgers, Kadarius Toney (5.3.21) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

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    ▶ Starting to get concerned the Lakers won’t repeat? ( 00:00 )
    ▶ Did the Cowboys do enough in the draft to get back into Super Bowl contention? ( 21:40 )
    ▶ Will Aaron Rodgers still be the Packers’ QB this season? ( 38:20 )
    ▶ Worried about Luka as he faces a 1-game suspension? ( 49:13 )
    ▶ Did the Bucs do enough in the draft to hold off other contenders? ( 58:40 )
    ▶ Will Kadarius Toney be a game-changer for the Giants in the NFC East? ( 1:10:50 )
    ▶ Will Micah Parsons re-establish Dallas’ defense for Mike McCarthy? ( 1:16:44 )
    ▶ How impressive was Michael Vick’s 4.72-sec 40-yd dash for charity? ( 1:23:26 )

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    Lakers, Aaron Rodgers, Kadarius Toney (5.3.21) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


    1. Cameron Dixon

      Giants Winn the division 12-5

    2. brazy Twon

      Skip needs to stop talkibg about the Cowboys im a cowboy fan and he'd becoming very annoying

    3. Andres Columbus

      NBA wants the Nets to win the finals bank on it...they did the same thing with the Warriors and 'injuries' to 'create parity'. If its not rigged its not the NBA.

    4. Quail Banks

      Great show it's too bad Lebron won't be playing, unc and skip sound off script but still got all the right intangibles😱

    5. Sugar Drey206

      My arms have gotten longer listening to Skip...

      1. Jon Doe

        **Dan Quinn has entered the chat**

    6. John Vigil

      Hey unc, Mr.Rodgers would look too fresh in Bronco orange and blue. ✌🏽

    7. Monty Hibdon


    8. Siriuz Biz

      Checked in awhile ago,Salute@ King 80's and @ MR ME,that was dope! Peace Power Progression 1

    9. Ethan Hopkins

      They used to come out w it a lot earlier

    10. King 80’s


    11. Austin so cool

      To the “early people” you’re a legend and adorable also a true “fan” God bless you