Lakers/Nuggets, Kamaru Usman + Michael Rapaport joins (5.4.21) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

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    ▶ Was last night’s win over the Nuggets a statement for the struggling Lakers? ( 00:00 )
    ▶ Agree that Westbrook has become the 2nd-best PG ever behind Magic? ( 21:53 )
    ▶ Will Dallas’ defensive overhaul lead them back to the playoffs this year? ( 36:25 )
    ▶ Surprised LeBron initially supported the NBA’s play-in games last spring? ( 49:45 )
    ▶ Can Odell Beckham Jr. still be an elite WR for the Browns? ( 1:01:38 )
    ▶ Do Dak’s Cowboys still have the best offense in the NFC East? ( 1:12:13 )
    ▶ OK with Steve Kerr comparing Steph Curry to Tim Duncan and Michael Jordan? ( 1:21:05 )
    ▶ Kamaru Usman joins the show. ( 1:30:34 )
    ▶ Michael Rapaport joins the show. ( 1:41:40 )
    ▶ Jackson State coach Deion Sanders reacts to the lack of HBCU athletes getting drafted. ( 1:51:44 )

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    Lakers/Nuggets, Kamaru Usman + Michael Rapaport joins (5.4.21) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


    1. HR Paperstacks

      This man Shannon Sharpe said "they couldn't play dead in a horror movie." 😭😭😭

    2. Marquis Blakemore

      Luka does complain hard just like Lebron

    3. Marquis Blakemore

      Ad just because you won one game in the last 2 or 3 how are y’all back ?

    4. Mc Lovin

      Mike the rat turned into a Karen on steroids..prefered him when he was edgy, against the establishment etc.

    5. Ryan Schuessler

      Skips take on Russ was absolutely beautifully said! Second best all time PG in terms of statistical accolades, but if you need to win, he ain’t even in your top 10

    6. Flying Spacerock

      Rapaport Showed the World the inner workings of Kevin Durant's Mind.

    7. KVBVL


    8. Mike Phillips

      Oh no not Rat-aport

    9. Jayxhawks

      Up the volume !!!!

    10. Monty Hibdon


    11. Black Amerika

      Best show on tb

      1. Guwop I

        Pat McAfee shows better

      2. TsD gravvy

        Easily ✍🏾