Laptops are now getting 30 series GPUs. And they are insanely fast!


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    NVIDIA's RTX 30 series GPUs have now made their way to 2021 laptops... but how do they perform?
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    1. fedilberto gonzalez arias

      Hi, is the duration of the battery a deal breaker? Because if I wanna work during travelling by train

    2. Jake Warsaw

      Am I insane for wanting a gaming laptop if I already have a MacBook? Obviously Macs can’t game but is it really worth getting a second laptop just for gaming

    3. Capt.

      Never knew this but i live right next to a microcenter

    4. Caius Cosades

      6:14 Strange... in 3060 is opposite: [CUDA:TMU:ROP:RT:TENSOR] -mobile: 3840:120:48:30:120 -desktop: 3584:112:48:28:112

    5. yobb89

      you should not void warranty by installing another drive, if it does then it is a scam .

    6. yobb89

      i need a new laptop, i fuckked mine crypto mining :(

    7. SquarepantsIV

      the only reason we have laptop batteries is to make sure you can keep gaming when the power goes out in the neighbourhood

    8. KenX5 505

      Damn I just brought a rtx 20 laptop then this video jumps out

    9. Lincoln

      I wish he would stop talking for a minute so I could hear fan noise ...

    10. ikoo_01

      Thank you very much for the review. Think this is going to be our new laptop...

    11. Reggie Vis

      Closest microcenter is 800 miles away :(

    12. NikolaDOG Babic

      LOL, OVERCONFIDENCE FAIL, tech reviewer FAILS to open up laptop internals, then blames Manufacturer. Pro tip, try a google search to figure out how to open this laptop, if you need to, BOOMER >L.

    13. please leave

      You need new free-to-use music god

    14. Pierre Prevost

      Whats the difference between this and the raider model? The raider im looking at has 1tb ssd 3060 and 16gb ram 144hz screen Is it worth the extra 500 for the 3070 compared to the rtx 3060?

    15. Rayi Muhammad Noorrifqi

      Cyberbug 3077 Edition 14:13

    16. Andros Forever

      Turns Motion Blur off on a 240 hz monitor: Instant like!

    17. nateking510

      Kinda reminds me of my old ASUS ROG G750JS before it stopped working.

    18. Danny Van Bogaert

      The problem with laptops is the heat exhaust is on the left side, as a leftie always nice to have a warm left hand...

    19. jlg23us

      I like the design of my MSI GT76 titan. It looks like a race car of laptops. I use mine mainly for desktop replacement.

    20. Da Tube

      He’s testing Cyberpunk 2077 and I’m over here playing Diablo 2 at MAX settings 😂

    21. Da Tube

      That MSI GP66 Leopard is SO clean! 😍

    22. jorgenial veracious

      Jay, does a laptop running RTX 3070 allow me to fully use my 2K@240Hz monitors (even if the laptop's screen is 1080p@120Hz, for instance)?

    23. Nolast Ionut

      I don't understand why so many states or complains about the weight or size of a gaming laptop, I preffer as big as possible for better temps, if you want slim and light weighted then don't buy it, really irrelevant things everytime I'm watching an gaming video on all the NLname

    24. RTX Tyrial

      I got the gp76 leopard 3060 yesterday. And my god this machine is a beast. Thanks for the review Jay

      1. RTX Tyrial

        @Amin Bahrami i got some benchmarks on my channel. If you wish to see. But holy hell the GP76 RTX 3060 is 100% A beast!

      2. Amin Bahrami

        What do u think about it i wanna get a laptop but im stuck between this and asus rog g17 rtx 3070 what is ur opinion?

    25. Laura Brown

      In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

    26. S. V.O.

      It performs so well and its price is so low. bear in mind, I find this price low because back in the day I bought a GTX 1060 6GB with 8GB ram and i7 cpu for the same price lmao

      1. RTX Tyrial

        Its really good man! Worth your money! I've got it aswell

    27. alvin

      Am i deaf or are you just advertising fake reviews? you spent the last 3 min talking about battery life, except i didn't hear you say them. HOW LONG DOES THIS LAPTOP LAST ON BATTERY? be it either discrete graphic or integrated one, you didn't answer any of them.

    28. Giuseppe Ferro

      DISPLAY FREEZE I have this laptop GE66-UG-234IT. Anyone here with problems with a second display? When I connect the laptop to an external screen with HDMI or minidisplayport (VGA adapter cable) and use both screen (not duplicate image) with software like OBS or Streamlabs i have some monitor freeze. Both monitor freeze for 3-4 second. Go black and then work normally. Sometimes the bug is introduced by mouse freeze. I thought that was an hardware problem but when I use only the notebook without monitor, it is ok. I think that is a problem with drivers. A friend of mine, bought the GP66 with the same hardware and has the same problem! I wrote to msi and they suggested me a very long list of test and procedure and i didn't tried yet. I know that there is a BIOS update but I don't know if I solve with this and I'm scared to update it because I don't want to brick the Notebook. Anyone can help?

    29. Natedogg73 do that....go find one...their right next to the 3k series cards and the PS5's, sh!tbird.

    30. Kells G

      5yrs ago I bought GP62…Now Im stuck on the gp series...

    31. DioStreamsYT

      The 30 series laptops are probably the closest we'll ever get to owning a 30 series GPU... If you wanna spend thousands on a new computer at this rate

    32. Joseph Good

      The 3070 doesn't just have a Laptop version... it also has them ranging from 80W up to 130W with a whole range of performance and temps.

    33. Hentai God

      Man i live really close to the chicago location, always go there for everything, 2 builds out of that store, honestly i dont know how you guys wait for parts via online or get fucked with prices from like best buy, gl tho

    34. Jasmine Video Making

      it's weird how I can's see new MSI Creator 15 in stock. They supposed to release it it back in January and it's still not around:((

    35. davoz28

      I'll never buy another MSI laptop again. The laptop performed fantastic but the build quality is shit. The hinges are wore out after 2 years of use, breaking off the monitor plastic. GE72VR

    36. Bernardo Espíndola

      Jay, you couldn't open the laptop because you were prying in the wrong place. the bottom front and bottom back parts come out with the panel. Love your vids.

    37. ArchUnstoppable

      I recently bought one of these laptops and found this video when looking for help on how to open it so I could install a 2nd SSD. Glad to see I'm not the only one who was flustered by it; fortunately, I just contacted MSI technical support and the representative emailed me a disassembly guide. It's actually not that hard to get inside (and it doesn't seem likely to damage the case if you follow the directions), but there is a trick to it, and the disassembly guide does not appear available on their website yet from what I could find. Hope this helps someone else in my predicament! :)

      1. Bryceton O'Neal

        Hey, I just ordered this laptop. Any chance you can share that assembly guide?

    38. Oscar Martínez Germán

      Waiting for the comments about the girl on the iPhone lock screen background.

    39. Martim Oliveira

      Can you undervolt this pc with the msi bios?

    40. giri pamungkas

      TF for the Spec is cheaper than PC..

    41. Calvin Summerlin

      4:15 the panel's technology is essentially the same as IPS, but not made by LG (which owns the patent to the "IPS" name) so they cannot call it that. AHVA by Innolux or AU Optronics, probably.

    42. LadyBlackPanther PJ.MM.


    43. Turbo614

      waiting for mine to show up now :P

    44. Johnathan Austin

      there is no thunderbolt 3,4 or otherwise on GE or GP 66/76.

    45. Njubish

      If it's 91C today, brand new... Imagine after a few years when it's dusty and dirty. Nice performance, but I dunno about this one.

    46. Bailey Gregg

      Now if only I could get my hands on a big black Lion😹🌃💜🇺🇸

    47. fergus ferguson

      How come pre-builders can get GPU's, but no one else can?

    48. AcidSnake87

      Jesus that’s a monster laptop.

    49. Reisha Krawyu

      id take 980 ti - i7 4790k 250gb evo ssd with 4tb hdd over 3070 laptop anyday.

    50. ReliK 55


    51. Nick N

      Cool thing about the Amd stuff is you can shut off your DGPU and still do some fairly decent gaming on far less power

    52. Julian S

      Do we know if the AMD processors, like the 5900HS in the G15, make much of a difference in the FPS department? Also, should we wait to buy a laptop until AMD reveals what the performance will be on their next line of mobile graphics cards will look like? Usually I wouldn't think so, but after hearing thw praise AMD is getting with regards to the 5900HS and the potential for AMD to utilize their "Infinity Cache" for noticeable performance bumps I am hesitant to pull the trigger. Currently I am looking at getting an ASUS G15 with the 3080 and the 1440p 165hz display, but with such a budget I'd hate to have something come out in less than 6 months that's getting 15% to 20% better performance for a cheaper price. Also, if anyone made it this far, am I being ridiculous to get a laptop? I'm coming primarily from consoles. I have been trying to buy a Series X but am unwilling to pay a scalper. I have built a desktop before and know that I could get better performance for less money if I built a desktop, but I'd prefer that Im able to easily move the laptop from a desk to the livingroom tv and then to the bedroom if I want to. I figure a 3080 in a laptop, while not as strong as the desktop version, would still compete with a 3070 desktop and be relevant for possibly 4 years. The 1070 system I built when they released is still a competent machine, especially when compared to my One X. Idk. It's a lot of money and I want to get the best out of it.

    53. Aaron Lane

      I wish Mississippi had a Micro Center. It looks like such an interesting store.

    54. nasser almashjary

      Principles and integrity be damned. Gotta pay those bills and eat right?

    55. Danny Berry

      Would like to see you review the GE76 with the 150w 3080 and test it against a 3070 desktop gpu at 1440p and 4k.

    56. Vuckoland Vučko

      Ordered gp66 with 3080

    57. David Cohen

      Gotta get rid of the part behind the monitor hinge before taking off the bottom! It is very serviceable!

    58. 3 left feet

      Oh man I haven't watched a Jay video in ages ... still shit I see. Doesn't mention the 3070 tgp on that laptop, had to look into it myself. Doesn't want to do gaming-on-battery tests even though viewers are asking about it because whatever the fuck nonsense excuse that was. Gushes for 10 minutes about the look of the laptop without mentioning a single spec - as comprehensive as ever I see. Doesn't actually show us how easy/difficult it would be to add ram/storage/blow out fans because ... I really don't know why. Pretty fucking weak. As usual. Well done Jay

    59. SeigneurSidious

      Why no one has the idea of testing these new gaming laptops on a external 4K screen ?

    60. Dan E

      I thought the 10875h is limited to 2997mhz ram? Even if you put 3200 in it its only going to run at 2997.

    61. Jake Kalchthaler

      What’s the best laptop I can get for 1500

    62. SwankYouu

      Can anyone give me some insight on what gaming laptop I should buy? I wanna spend around 1000-1600 I want a desktop but can unfortunately because I’m suppose to deploy soon. Any advice is appreciated

    63. GoliathsDownfall

      I have a 970, a lot of GPUs make me cry.

    64. John-Paul Tolczyk

      nice 30 series GPU laptop Jayson they look cool

    65. Chris Kamper

      I'd love to get a: 5900HX, 3080 with 16GB, 32 GB of RAM, 1 TB TLC NVMe (NO QLC!!) SSD, slot for 2nd NVMe and 1440p @ 144 Hz screen. In dark colour case. With a webcam. This is 2021.

    66. Baron_von_Noob

      I have the GL65 9SD with the GTX1660ti, with that thicker laptop body it has really good thermals. It just doesn't run too hot. When i see these really thin laptops with these insane GPU's and CPU's in them, i get nervous about the thermals.

    67. Lancer Dragoon

      Have been to some Micro Center stores around east coast, they have professional associates that really know about what they sell. And they have various of MSI laptop lineup as well :)

    68. Fangytasuki

      lol scale cost too much?

    69. HeadNinjaDog

      Does keeping a laptop plugged in overcharge the battery? I had a macbook pro back in the day and used it plugged in most of the time. After 8 years the battery eventually swelled up. Want to use the GP66 as a desktop too.

    70. BaTtl3fR3aKk2o

      $NOK to the moon 💎🙌🚀🚀🚀🌝

    71. Adam Taj Hassam

      hey Jay alot of your Canada links to Amazon gives a blank please address this , love the vids

    72. Mcflyz009

      2 Laptops.....light flex

    73. Nathan

      PSA: if you don't care about RTX, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars and just get a 1080ti Max Q laptop. Used they go for about 1000 or less used even in today's market. Great all-rounders running 144hz 1080p displays for often under $1k

    74. futadore

      hey dumpster, start the video directly with the GPU TDP , and yeah , fuck your sponsors , we don't give a shit. omfg , is already one minute in the video and still goes on about it. Is 115W as they claim , or is 80W ?

    75. E. Max

      Unfortunately it is not AMD.

    76. Anthony Surya

      How reliable is msi gaming laptop?

    77. Alex Denton

      I want this laptop 😔

    78. Cadillac Computer Center

      Hey Jay, send me the laptop if you want. I'd be more than happy to do a video showing you how to open it up, without leaving a single mark. I'll send it back when I'm finished. Dale

    79. Nikolaj Steffenauer

      1. RTX 2070 with mid range desktop cpu gets 90 fps in borderlands 3 bench, which is greater than mobile rtx 3070 (80-ish fps). 2. 1080p on 27 inch desktop screen is considered competitive for esports. Why would laptops (even at 17 inch, have a panel that goes beyond 1080p?) thats just silly, and its not just my opinion. Pixel density etc... 3. RTX3080 mobile is 74% less powerful than desktop rtx 3080. ref: notebookcheck. 4. "Gaming laptops" have always and will always suck, because of videos like this promoting watered down hardware at premium prices. 5. Gaming laptops run hot, keyboards are poor quality and GPUs are power envelope constrained. Don't know about you, but if I was sponsored by MSI, i would probably also praise their pieces of crap like this. Lets remember, MSI was scalping their own GPUs in 2020 to jack up market prices. Thanks for promoting the devil, Jay...

    80. The Haeggarr

      hmm..that's quiet a bad review..maybe it's more intended for edutainment

    81. GreenLid Gaming

      Will save you guys time they are not fast they are lower than 20 series speeds but marketed and sold at 30 series prices a 30 series desktop is blazing fast.

    82. Craig Hutchinson

      An Intel processor in early 2021 makes no sense in 2021 third quarter it may That is unless the price is right it should be a budget laptop why gimp your laptop build with a CPU powered with an Intel processor

    83. Science or Something

      Well its 2121 and still no gaming laptops ...

    84. ectolo

      Hi JAY - First and foremost: Your honest coverage of all things gaming is invaluable and I'd like to take the opportunity in this post to thank you. A quick question: Are you able to confirm if the GP series have proper MUX switches? Also what did you think about the backlight bleed?

    85. A T

      nice girl in your phone! can i get her number? ;)

    86. whiteandnerdytuba

      So it’s weak and false advertising calling it a 3070

    87. Rodrigo Linares Soto

      Ok, but What about the issues with the battery when charging the laptop, any sort of problem, degradation..... Thats something to have consiusnes...

    88. ctk4949

      Lisa was able to remove the bottom LOL!!

    89. J P

      You can't get the bottom off because it doesn't come off there. The front and the back has a wrap around piece. Pry off near the keyboard in the front and the monitor area in the back.

    90. Fuckthisaccount

      Vents through the keys = hand warmer

    91. ian stewart

      It’s perfect for quality vr gaming.

    92. serge star

      U have to pry the back of fr the other end where the heatpipes are it will come up from there don't worry about breaking it it's just like that I have GS66 stealth last year model

    93. Daxank

      While 3200Mhz ram is nice, the CPU itself goes as high as 2933Mhz if you don't overclock it

    94. snapdragon64k-47 Orbital

      Where's the G703's successor?

    95. Tec

      i hope that this model has stronger hinges compared to the 65. i had one, new screen was swift repaired, but it only lasted one month passed warranty. the screen stayed black. and a 2.5 year old laptop repair suddenly was 1200 euro (50% of original price) suddenly mobo, battery and network controller defect. :-( (how... it worked with a monitor plugged in) not going to buy an MSI again

    96. Jared Champagne

      The only gaming laptop worth getting is a razer blade. Its sleek, very thin, and all metal. Something that can be used for work or play. That thing would make you look like a clown if you tried to use it for professional use. You want it to be able to do both.

    97. Jared Champagne

      That thing is still too bulky and obnoxious to lug around, looks like its from 2004. The best way to make a gaming laptop is to make it look very plain and subtle and easy to bring with you, not a bulky dinosaur that is going to make everyone stare at you in a cafe or something. Honestly razer blade is the only one to really understand this concept and is the reason why everyone loves them. The razer blade 15 is just so beautiful and sleek and VERY thin.

    98. Jared Champagne

      Gaming laptops that are so bulky and tacky looking are completely pointless. Just get a PC at that point. The only benefit of a gaming laptop is being able to stuff it into a backpack and have it be super light and convenient, no gaudy and huge! Razer Blade for the win!!!!

    99. gj rt

      I'm commenting my comment on my onion on mt opinion. If you going to buy a thirty series card it should be an investment you should get money back. I'm finally seeing the attractiveness of these for production quality in the realm of guy who care about making cinematics with a good chunk of change. these in laptops smell like bad cocaine, induced money.

    100. Andrew Chua

      How much of a performance increase would I see compared to my RTX2060/i7-9750H Blade 15? Is it worth upgrading now?