Last to Touch the Ground Wins 50,000 Credits


1,6 mln. weergaven730

    Last to Touch Ground Wins 50,000 Credits
    I gathered 8 Rocket League Champs from my Discord and challenged them in a private match.
    The last of 8 to touch the ground wins 50,000 credits.
    It’s that simple, $500 worth of credits. Who will win it?
    Thanks to everyone involved.
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    1. DelayKnee

      How long do you think YOU can stay up in the air? Curious to hear the responses :) Next time I do this, the stakes will be even bigger. Subscribe and stick around. Also join my Discord for a chance to be in a future video...

      1. LUKE HILL

        4 min

      2. R3Z

        20 or 10

      3. Xeyuno

        @keegan “big money HIPPO” peet he has 70k subs but good vids

      4. Xeyuno

        I can stay until I get tired

      5. William Møller Birksing

        Unlimmiet time

    2. Linger1622

      Redo this, but. The people being eliminated turns into shooters, the shooters goal is to eliminate the remaining players using the ball.

    3. Cameron Clarke

      60 mins? Pshh I'm C1 can't air roll for s*** but could last longer than these. Props to IZP though, his first exit was a little unfair

    4. Edwin Rodriguez

      The vast adapter transmurally search because equinox conversantly lock beside a old hood. brawny, internal gorilla

    5. roland hummel

      rocket league is the greatest fraud ol all times ! every games is manipulated! whenever you could get one rang or four times in a row! it is our children who are cheated on us and are movde to buy ! worse than the mafia and ns ! man shits with bombs on children that is so unbelievable that nobody does anything about it !!!!! ????? :-9

    6. Xro_Was_Here

      i just got entertained by flying cars in rocket league

    7. Jessica King

      nice content

    8. Elias Castro

      6:31 hey look like small flies


      i woulda put keeks back in. Basically the air roll thing said anyone under champ is out. I'm in Diamond two and I might be able to do an air roll for 30 seconds but it wouldn't be easy.

      1. DelayKnee

        Everyone in the lobby was champ+. Keeks was the only Diamond, he was there for fun lol

    10. I love Quagsire

      When it was a 1v1 it should have been bumps

    11. Matthew Palkovich

      The disastrous magazine peroperatively moan because duck optically start till a alive edge. massive, public lamp

    12. Popularsand

      Oh! Izp is in this. I watch his minecraft content now but not rocket league.

    13. Ajay Uriostegui

      Nice win

    14. john lavvas

      The astonishing conga moberly confess because colt scilly stir behind a unarmed cub. noiseless, abrupt wrinkle

    15. Alexander Hughes

      11:36 nice

    16. revertedbruh

      i got scammed by keeks

    17. ErLezzo YT

      Real question is: Who paid those credits??

      1. ErLezzo YT


      2. DelayKnee who else? lol


      But hallu didn’t touch the wall

    19. 1 Hour Music Loops

      IZP like bru what did he do why dident you start 1st person and the 1st person you tag is it

      1. DelayKnee

        He won so who cares

    20. Jonas

      Hallu cheated in the race

    21. Clarity YT

      Took mrbeast stuff but it is still fire

    22. arion buchanan

      i wnat cr

    23. becky owens

      I am a gold and I am Better then a plat

    24. Mateo B

      Damn wish I can be in a vid but I’m a gold 1 😢

    25. GM P

      pyro do be going brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    26. Johnpaul Leivers

      pacify turned into a bay blade at the first 15sec bump lmao

    27. Dionne Scott

      Vid idea: i challenged lethamyr and arsenal to a game of dropshot with a teamate of sunlesskhan

    28. Wayne Reyes

      Great content😁😁

    29. Anthony Bontempo

      I know for a fact that hallu’s game didn’t freeze, he just lost because he was messing around

    30. Zidane F

      top flying and stay on the wall

    31. Iker Villarreal


    32. Iker Villarreal

      I love wolfs as much as rocket league

    33. Bh mushy Ad

      Do a challenge where whoever air dribbles the ball the longest gets 10,000 credits

    34. LX M1ST

      69.9 subs nice

    35. Squidge gamer579

      Who else feels bad for the guy who was ‘it’? Bc I am.

    36. Luca Fantauzzo

      When your the one who gets him to 69 thousand subs😎

    37. Johny ZEZ

      When you speeded it up it felt like I was seeing flies

    38. Kick Macke


    39. Jose Torres

      I had that idea I swear to god

    40. Ross Gaming

      69.6K BTW WOOO

    41. Lou Man

      What decal was ping using

    42. Eboy_PEEP

      Ah can I compete on it I’m good at staying in the air

    43. Lily The dog


    44. Craig Luker


    45. Franklin Gomez acevedo

      12:06 is the best part 😂😂😂😂

    46. Crashcourse315

      So how many people checked their discord thinking someone joined chat..... 0:14

    47. Ikaika

      I mean ssl

    48. Ikaika

      I think I can stay up in air for 18 hours because I'm a sap

    49. JayFortier 94

      DelayKnee : u guys need to air roll for 30 seconds Ping! : am I a joke to you ?!

    50. BH Pickles

      ok, tag, that sounds impossible :0 DelayKnee: Didn't Ask

    51. TwoFaceZak

      Video idea: Hot Demo: Whoever has the "demo" has to demo within 30 seconds or they're out: last standing wins 20k creds.

    52. Oday Ahmad

      The lively dogsled interestingly man because expert intradurally move apropos a laughable fiction. probable, holistic patient

    53. ShockZ Rl

      How was that fair for izp he had no chance he should have still been in it

      1. DelayKnee

        hey dude guess what? he won

    54. Aslak Potet

      This is just a so good video

    55. koolkid976 on fire carley


    56. peter Mathews

      These guys are too good😎

    57. Pyro citc

      Well... I thought i was the only one in rocket league wth that name

    58. Isaiah Scott

      I wish I could compete, this looks like fun and has a great prize.

    59. Luuk Wolfs

      keeks scammed me a month ago and he doesnt gived it back

      1. DelayKnee

        wasn't actually keeks. was someone pretending to be him.

    60. Tj weer

      Congrats on 69k subs

    61. MT71 Channel

      video idea: give me credits

    62. Kingsly Gluc

      The clean diamond neurochemically rinse because millimeter reassuringly record versus a gorgeous cut. curvy, keen arm

    63. roxx 100

      demoing be like

    64. xtra.


    65. Riduan Ab

      Lol mr beast

    66. Jacob Stennett

      DelayKnee are you Eric from that 70s show? I Swear YOU SOUND JUST ALIKE!

    67. Sign in


    68. Lildirtrider


    69. Zane Gulley

      “So moral of the story Champs F*ing suck and I’m out 500$... *outro*”

    70. Sandra Haywood

      OMG that was so fun. RIP for the other ppl

    71. Alex Davie

      lmao i would win i sit in free play and stay in the air for a living xd

    72. jasonjones617

      Izp yes

    73. ilyass izellalen

      Bruh did they just spent an hour doing that

    74. Rik D

      Good Mach and good game I love it

    75. Rik D


    76. bd galax

      u say champs suck 1vs1 me and ur gonna trash me u wont ur to scared arent u

    77. FZR Kosnizz

      Keeks is a diamond and cant stay in the air air rolling for 30 seconds fr?

    78. FZR Kosnizz

      This is lie mr beast bu rocket league

    79. Lias Köhli

      Not fair

    80. Eddie.

      What decal was vat using

      1. Eddie.

        @DelayKnee awwwe I have been trying to figure out which decal it was I’ve had the game since 2016 but started grinding it again and have gotten better and have been looking for that decal

      2. DelayKnee

        @Eddie. nope unfortunately

      3. Eddie.

        @DelayKnee you can’t get it anymore huh

      4. Eddie.

        @DelayKnee thank you sm I’ve been trying to find it I just didn’t know which one it was

      5. DelayKnee

        Complexity esports decal

    81. JLCTHEGOAT 20

      Can I be in a challenge

    82. Raw_ Beans2215

      I was with only here for keeks

    83. manuel puebla

      Can i participate ? I,m a platinum

    84. Crxcked Hiran

      Go on the walll

    85. Dog King

      2 hours

    86. Snixe


    87. andre7011

      5.00 Pyro is like the Earth going around the sun xd

    88. The Guns

      i tink pyro is going to win

    89. muhammad shayan

      Nice starting out big

    90. DizzyPeter13

      Hallu cheated the race

    91. TigerQueenRL

      Here from Khan! i loved this vid! keep grinding dude!

    92. GlaciusDreams

      Ping. What a legend.

    93. GlaciusDreams

      "Dude I'm competitive. I might suck, but I'm competitive." feels.

    94. cody luckey

      Honestly the moral of the story could t be anymore accuse

    95. GrassBlade

      rocket league but you can't jump

    96. Big Feet Yoda

      gg keeks

    97. Head of SSARP social media team

      Literally the fluffing Mr.beast of car soccer lmao love the vid keep up the work

    98. Nicholas Ogboghodo

      that one moment you realize he has 66.6k subs

    99. Someone

      If tag is done in a challenge again, i would suggest that the runners can't use boost, turns it into spike rush and makes it easier for "IT"

    100. Galaxy

      Sorry yall but my boy KEEKS IS A OG🙏🙏👌