Launch Control: Climb to the Clouds at Mt. Washington - Episode 5.07


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    Launch Control: Climb to the Clouds at Mt. Washington Auto Road - Season 5, Episode 7
    Travis Pastrana and David Higgins strap into the fastest cars ever made by Subaru Rally Team USA for the legendary Climb to the Clouds hillclimb event at Mount Washington Auto Road. With over six hundred horsepower and no co-drivers, the drivers are on the limit. One car will go faster than ever before, one won’t make it to the finish.

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    1. Shot Ta

      The high-pitched desert energetically slip because scene ethnically accept absent a ceaseless sauce. caring, broad volleyball

    2. Harold

      14:48 sounds like a damn tie fighter lmao

    3. Stop Deleting Me

      If only you sold a car that was anything close to this...

    4. NEFI ID


    5. James Joseph

      Awesome !!!


      Subaru is more than just a car....its history!

    7. Raul K


    8. anonymous guest

      17:30 thats beeeyooouuuuutheeefoooullll...

    9. ashan srilankan

      Awesome,,,,, my favorite 💞🤗

    10. blue bird

      💖SUBARU only💖

    11. Im _TheSUBII3 • 25 years ago

      Makes 110 mph look like 160 mph

    12. Md Mosarof

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    13. Kathir Smart Electrical


    14. Barry Spice

      Pastrana is man of steel.. Afer knowing what happened but u do it.. 🙃👣💤

    15. Wayne wang

      They don’t blink when they drive.

    16. Lawrence Lapitan

      yeahh thats the subaro fastest rally car yuyuhuuuuuuuuuu

    17. nerk23

      .. great race..a Little crazy.... fantastic Slowmo...😉.. Pastrana havent neck protection..😬

    18. jackson dsouza

      I was feeling little dizzy watching this, then i realized i was watching this at 2x speed. I watched this at normal speed, Still i feel dizzy.

    19. guysmalley

      To appreciate how wonderful that road is you have to drive it , amazing experience.

    20. SAUCE tv

      Jesus Christ is load trust in him always forever.

    21. gino

      800hp ? wowww .... and the weight ?

    22. Capitano the Great

      Only a Satellite Guided Missile Can bit that

    23. TOMO KUN

      8:47 自動翻訳がミスファイアの音を[拍手]と訳すのw

    24. Peter Carbone

      You wasted all this air time and didn't include any telemetry.????? Thanks a lot.

    25. Andrew Bonadio

      The Coolest guy on earth.

    26. Boosted Billy

      Please that’s not pikes Peak clowns

    27. Steve McComas

      That’s a great video. The preparation of those guys and Travis is awesome.

    28. Butch C

      Love the video but that Subaru engine sounds worse than a bag of cats.

    29. Hanz Kranz

      Wrong, Records are made for fame and money, and you as a company know that!

    30. feel thhis

      *Matt Hoffman, Danny Way, Travis Pastrana.* (in no particular order) Rare human beings. The strongest will and spirit and _drive._ True LEGENDS. Honorable mention to *Jeremy Wray* for the water towers ollie.

    31. NFK'S

      subaru should comeback in wrc

    32. PirateWarrior666

      Forever Subaru !!

    33. Christoffer Salomonsson

      The record will stand until Seb Loeb come and try..

    34. William Shanks

      but its not pikes peak....

    35. online shop

      What a different between lunch control and Constant Rpm (CRPM ) ?

    36. Rakesh Sharma

      Such a humble guy... he is giving credits to everyone one before relishing his win..i would like to be a person like you.. Worthy winner...

    37. vikram ranlaul

      congratulations travis sir

    38. skyguy1230

      Hey I have that car... on forza lol

    39. R.J & Co

      Head gaskets are made to be blown

    40. Steve Cooper

      Poor editing, Pastrana's run is 2 different cars, the camera / Antenna on the windscreen is in different places at 15.39 & 18.45 and at the start of the run at 13.10 there is no camera or whatever it is stuck on the windscreen?

    41. Jared Gonzalez

      Colin Mcrae. Is smiling. Subaru is in good hand with Pastrana and Higgins.....Symmetrical All Whell Drive!!! You can't beat it

    42. Sohail Ali

      Dear sir i most like drift car i am from Pakistan

    43. Stennli

      Money. This is I believe the major point who will win.

    44. Kernel

      Man Peter is a legend.

    45. hotbiz1

      Rally Drivers are the bravest men on the planet, they don't have any fear...

    46.  4X4 MOB

      i miss my subi!

    47. Albert Barajas

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    48. BlondeGirlSez This

      Impressive warm-up for the toughest New England race: taking the 93 into Boston at 8am. Now THAT takes balls!

    49. Think Harder

      accomplishement,: i drove a car up a mountain, ...... at a 110mph

    50. Ingeborg Nation

      The ignorant roast fittingly correct because evening expectantly pat a a mute stepson. condemned, medical ticket

    51. mr fox

      Hard stuff. Hope my boy grows up to be as good as pastrana. 9 weeks till he pops out!!

    52. Anthony Ly

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    53. Juan Hernandez

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    54. Charlie Stehlin

      I didn't know they did this until this video. Who cares! This is so stupid! Racing up Mt. Washington. Always in a rush us humans! All of the serenity of that wonderful landscape out the window because humans have to prove their better than another human, faster, more superior...... Geez, what next!

    55. Gray Gubler

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    56. Awsomedud12344 Gaming

      You can tell that was one of the times Travis's butt was clentch.

    57. N M

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    58. Carlitos Zecena

      Respect to the rally team . But no respect to the company

    59. Vl Nunthara

      Fpa chu khi ai chak khian a tlan thei ang

    60. Madrasah Hebat

      "It's one of the scariest things in your life" Then proceeds to wave at someone

      1. sgeasley

        Congratulations on copy pasting the comment literally just 2 steps above you from 2 years ago... jeez be original for fuck sake

    61. Octavio F. G.

      there's no passenger seat because thats where their giant balls go

    62. AmdusiasSix Six

      The narration and the music sheesh! Wanna hear that pure engine sound.

    63. Anthony Ly

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    64. daveapplemotors

      Well done vid. Entertaining! Thanks.

    65. Johnny Fan

      Those go pros have some awesome stabilization.

    66. Tom Karasch

      Two words: Ludacris Speed!

    67. Michaelfro11

      Some say 19:34 is still left hanging

    68. monster 13

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    70. William Hardes

      no navigator????? oh crud!!!!

    71. Baraka Gitari

      17:10 little twitches of the steering wheel between setting a new lap record, and a crash

    72. Anthony Hunt

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    73. Chetanun Indracusin

      Great run

    74. KingSnowman

      I'm sorry - THIS is SO Much more Insane than Pikes Peak. That Whole Top Section is Deadly, and the Rocks along the Road and Trees Everywhere is just.... Insanity. And this guy can do Anything apparently. Wish he went into IndyCar ad F1 so he could be more Officially Ranked in Racing History.

    75. Paul S

      Travis Pastrana is one of the REAL legends of our time. I mean, look at this man.

    76. han cai

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    81. Gianluca

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    82. Tj Mcclemons

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    83. kim mackey

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    84. Joe Strauch

      i cannot believe i haven't seen this before 2021. Great vid!

    85. mikey z

      Can some one say it.. . How much boost?

    86. Keun Pruitt

      Proud Subaru wrx Owner right here! Sorry stang boys but your car can't do this! 😂

    87. scott !!!

      watch this video muted.....

    88. scott !!!

      what subaru car means, "big words and show-off"!

    89. Skunk Bucket

      I envy the Mt. Washington fans for still having at least a section of dirt. When the Sierra Club sued the city of Colorado Springs and forced them to pave the Pikes Peak Highway, the Hill Climb was never the same. Sure, the speeds are higher, but I miss the wild drifts and huge plumes of dirt being kicked up by the cars as they came up the mountain. The higher speeds have also made the race far more dangerous. Three of the six competitor deaths in the entire history of America's second oldest race (the first was in 1916) have occurred since 2014, all of them motorcyclists.

    90. Kaki Game

      Between Rally and race in track, I prefer Rally. It was much more intense to watch. I cant even do it in video game that fast.

    91. leonard librojo

      that is the saddest record breaker celebration i've seen. "yay we got it, meh"

    92. Joshua Faustus

      @19:34 poor guy just wanted a high five

    93. 伊志嶺誠


    94. Robert Reid

      This was cool

    95. David Okao

      This is where the difference between"the boys" and "the men" come into play! Bravo

    96. Marco Marzotto

      sorry, i don't know this race very well but why don't they use electric motors? i mean, they have instant and top torque at any speed..

    97. Russell Contreras

      19:35 left the poor guy hanging and he tries to play it off

    98. FULL Movies

      More expensive than lambo SVJ 😂

    99. Frank VQ