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    1. Esmat Mohtashami

      Lie. Diene dk

    2. Billy Boy

      These yanks on their phone need to jump off the stream. Biggup Troopz and Zah, real passion.

    3. Roger Arredondo

      Big up Zah........

    4. Zack Ahmed

      The way the dwarf runs around😭😭😭n troopz now saying my brother Willian how the table turns

    5. G Bell

      Hey why didn't anybody tell me that Bushwick Bill was still alive 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    6. Kyle Miller

      1:13:15 Willian's on smoke 🤣

    7. Allan Grizzle

      Troopz blood. Much love and respect worl boss but guh easy with the ‘you get me’ in your interviews G. Sound like Movado saying ‘level’ at sting. Loving the videos. #coyg #wemove

      1. Mohamed Ahmed

        This shit troopz is not a real fan only shouting

    8. Brian Hope

      Respect for the content 👍

    9. Brian Hope

      I'm watching arsenal more than my team spurs fan wag1🙄

    10. Gary Glover

      You could see on the replay that it was outside the box, ndidi made the foul

    11. Ferenc Szűcs

      41:25 first pen 43:30 no pen

    12. Zippo404

      Willian finally not looking like a lost brazilian boy on the streets of Rio

    13. Arsenal Rex

      Good those American dudes that day are gone makes me mad seeing them playing with their phones the whole time

    14. Christopher

      I like how the little feller pretends he likes football. Navy Soccer? Good on you mate

      1. Jordi Antonio

        Funny cause u know nothing about navy soccer but Zah knows European football. Who’s the more cultured one again?

    15. Benzil Beech

      10th FC

    16. Benzil Beech

      He said back again, does that mean in 10th, BACK AGAIN in 10th

    17. D10

      Sad that big cat wasn’t there

    18. Dr. Josef H.

      Williyan is 8/10 at least today. Love seeing Williyan smiling ❤️

    19. Michael Adjei

      I hope Troopz knows that it was Ndidi who fouled Pepe outside the box first Not a pen (Arsenal fan btw)

    20. Pedmar 007

      no surprise that there's only 1 maybe 2 true football fans in that room. All others just appear to be just there for being there. Happens when people confuse true "football" with soccer.

    21. Sumaya Yusuf

      Troops in the building

    22. Samzinooo

      This was a banging stream no cap 😂😂😂🤣

    23. Gary Ahuja


    24. Benzil Beech

      Again with the u said it

    25. Benzil Beech

      You said fuck nothing

    26. Benzil Beech

      Always said u told someone, when u didnt

      1. Tino B. Rusamhu

        Facts 💯😂

    27. Buckridge Laurine

      0:51 von.in.net

    28. BakedandHectic


    29. Haikal Ytjt

      No auba it's arsenal win

    30. KimZ


      1. Dr. Josef H.

        Williyan got Troopz dancing.

    31. patsvision65

      The guy in the grey top doesn't look happy

      1. lbarigon

        He is a Tottenham fan.

      2. Amman

        The Americans apart from zah aren’t fans they’re just their for content/piss off troopz

      3. patsvision65

        Everything about this all seems fake

    32. Omar Yahya

      Great performance. Really enjoyed that

      1. To this DAY!!!

        @gunner Richthofen always in

    33. Mansa Mussa

      19:39 surs fan fan wallked ino

      1. D10

        @Brandon 224 exactly

      2. Brandon 224


    34. Luca Steer

      35:23 45:00 52:00

    35. simplyrecommended

      Oh my God ex playing in the background lol

    36. Uddhav Chhetri

      35:27 :- leicester goal 1:08:10 :- david luiz goal 1:13:31:- Penalty appeal 1:14:53 :- Penalty awarded 1:15:55 :- Lacazette goal 1:41:18 :- Pepe goal

      1. Koa Dakari

        @Dalia Thies Cool! Took like 20 minutes but it worked!!

      2. Dalia Thies

        i dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal password hacker enjoy!

      3. Mohammed Ali

        @Toro Loco exactly. Thanks Bro

      4. Toro Loco

        41:27 penalty appeal 43:30 denied

      5. Rosshan J


    37. Gangshit

      35:23 1:08:16 1:15:55 1:41:18 Reward with a like please

    38. Pak Furious

      its not fun without bigcat

    39. Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal

      KING POWER STADIUM 😎 A ground where we had not won in the League since 2015!!! Up steps Mikel Arteta with our Fringe Players to put the "Arteta Out Brigade " in the mud again and to also show our "Top 6 Replacements" that Class is Permanent and the mighty Arsenal will be back!! 🔴🔴🔴

      1. Juan Perez

        @Stephen Sweeney lets be real Liverpool and Chelsea should be beating Leicester too

      2. Stephen Sweeney

        @Juan Perez so should Chelsea and Liverpool just fly past Leicester aswell because the didn't manage it? How is beating an up and coming team like Leicester away from home not an achievement? Do you expect European trophies every season because no club can sustain that

      3. BestInTheWorld 24

        @Juan Perez fax, my standards haven't dropped cuz Ik what Arsenal FC should be doing

      4. The Warlock

        @Juan Perez You want higher standards, then clearly keep Arteta. He has beat teams which we haven't done so in a while.

      5. Juan Perez

        idk why it’s “Arteta Out brigade” in the mud. We shouldn’t be in the position where beating Leicester is a great feat, it should’ve been a normal occurrence, just like we should be angry for being 10th and keeping arteta in the job. We are Arsenal, you fans should have much higher standards

    40. Youssef Maarbani

      35:40 Leicester 1-0 1:08:39 Arsenal 1-1 Leicester 1:15:58 Arsenal 2-1 Leicester 1:41:22 Arsenal 3-1 Leicester

    41. Jack Donger

      35:30 1:08:21 1:15:43 1:41:21

    42. Chris M

      Arsenal are just dancing in the league table . Up and down

      1. Dominique Christie

        @Blender589 what profile u talking about

      2. Blender589

        @Dominique Christie - did you just create this profile in Jan 2021 to leave BS comments. If so then well done you are good at BS.

      3. nehum mesfin

        I can’t fucking take it anymore Lmaoo one more month of this up and down imma have a heart attack

      4. Dominique Christie

        @shen main when last u had a parade

      5. shen main

        At least they are passion about their club unlike oil club 0 fans

    43. Zavier Moore

      Tielemans Goal: 35:24 David Luiz Goal: 1:08:16 Lacazette Goal: 1:15:54 Pépé Goal: 1:41:16

      1. Matin


      2. King Ping

        May you be blessed with riches

      3. Hootam


      4. Wumpy L0ui5




    44. Lewis P

      Our league position and you’re dancing around? Shows how much this club has fallen and the expectation of the fans. Arteta is still two losses to end up being the manager that’s been part of the most amount of losses in our history. The worse manager in the clubs history.

      1. VE_:

        Nobody is happy with where we are right now. So if there were fans in the stadium they shouldn't celebrate a goal or win just because of our league position? Troopz is celebrating a positive outcome, as all supporters should. He can critique whatever he likes when appropriate, but credit where it's due.

      2. Quazimoydo The Hedgehog

        We’re defo not the Arsenal We used to be .. that era is long gone ..now this is a start of a new chapter.. we will have our ups and downs and will shatter records which are not meant to be shattered .. but in the end.. we will be back .. we just need time .. this project will take at least one more season .. be patient and trust the process

      3. Yeet Gang

        Oh be quiet let us dance and celebrate

    45. Gorilla Singh

      Willian turned in2 Kaka today

      1. Dr. Josef H.

        Williyan my love pushed it today

    46. el mejor Rodrigo