Leroy Crushes His Fastest Pass Ever AGAIN!!! Then This Happened...

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    Leroy is out here making the FREEDOM FLY!!! Pretty soon he's going to be in the 7.5's!
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    1. Cleetus McFarland

      Sorry I shoulda warned you guys about all this Freedom so early on a Sunday AM 🇺🇸🇺🇸

      1. TheChzoronzon

        Sweet jesus, I'm an eurotard and even so stars and stripes are bulging out all around my body skin after watching this. Gotta go to the McDonalds, brb

      2. Adrian Julien

        @Jesus Issac awesome! It took roughly 10 minutes but it actually worked!!

      3. Tommy Stamper

        You should turbo per cylinder ol leroy or twin charge it, turn it into a real ripper

      4. Drake Clark

        New shirt idea, “Oh My Lanta”

      5. Austin Haney

        I wana see some school buss racing on ur track the track in my home town dose school bus races and trailer races and they are bad ass

    2. james jenkins

      He should add a switch that “ shuts off “ the clutch

    3. DrHavok1

      LMAO cleeter needs some practice... Makes the fastest pass leroy has ever made first practice run

    4. Jakaon Parloo

      Need a billet input shaft

    5. Stephane. Not Stephanie. Pronounced: Steph-Anne

      Hell yeah brother! New member from the capital of Canada!

    6. joe blow

      Take a photo copy of your time sheet. It's printed on thermal paper. 👍👍

    7. Rick Adrian

      Don't ya hate it when something breaks and you only have one tool to throw......

    8. Jaybruhh


    9. John Legg

      Is this the new record? Can’t see anything for gun corvette faster than a 7.70’s.

    10. Bart Simpson

      It would be cool if Leroy was mid engine

    11. Belmkeris

      How much hp does this thing make???

    12. Barbarossa Creative

      abort abort.....fast fast...shiiiiiiittttt

    13. Barbarossa Creative

      .....when your head doesn't have time to whip back down, them shifts fast son

    14. Barbarossa Creative

      good ol napa

    15. Daniel Martinez

      Put on a body kit skin on Leroy running cold for 5th year 2021

    16. Josh B

      I just wanna see Leroy on street outlaws already

    17. Tyler Ebert

      Cleetus Sounds Like You need another Leroy 2#

    18. Dilly Doopsta

      I wanna see this vs hoonicorn. That's would be sweet.

    19. NorthernZeus

      Just found this channel. Love it! Likes and subbed.

    20. Shaun O’Connell

      Tick performance trans is all I’ve gotta say

    21. Matthew Smith

      Did you guys turn the leave up cause holy crap was that thing moving

    22. GamingPlus1100

      Find a machinist whose down to do crazy stuff and have them fab up stronger parts for a trans.

    23. 3literheater

      Get an RTS C6 transmission setup. They say they've never broken one and are rated to 2000hp.

    24. Don Baker


      1. Don Baker


      2. Tachi Lara

        Turn caps lock off dawg u screaming for no reason

    25. Craig Gallant

      They should have your cars on fh4

    26. Kid Mechanic

      You ever think that maybe... just maybe... you might have to use an entirely different trans if you don’t want to keep replacing them? 😂

    27. Leamon Buchanan

      13:20- 1320

    28. Chris Kilkenny

      Im gonna copy leeroy tube for tube.put in a Tesla and race you .u down ?

    29. Anwar Aziz

      Vs hoonicorn

    30. Kevin Sanders

      Leroy never ceases to amaze me. So much Freedom, The Most Bald Eagles available in a single dose!

    31. Logan Budde

      what happened to fasterproms and jeremy?

    32. Lane Flesher

      Nxt shift is coming for you man

    33. Chris5.9 Gman


    34. Benjamin Dixon

      Drag racing, my favorite

    35. doliio volay

      The adventures with leroy was what kept me coming back; would love to see more drag racing back on the channel

    36. Low Down

      1M view on this video! Hell yeah brotha!!!

    37. SubZeroo7

      Repair-Race-Repeat ... hell yeah brother!!!

      1. doliio volay


    38. goatskindreams

      need update your outro

    39. Jt Williams

      I think Forza horizon four should have a Cletis McFarlane cars Pack

    40. Ethan

      How to pay for expensive hobbies: start NLname channel and film all your expensive hobbies. Hobbie pays for hobbie. I love it.

    41. Nathon yeeted

      You gotta weight the time on the bottom again cleet

    42. Gasdrinker

      Cleetus Mcfarland Pouting Channel

    43. Adam Opheim

      Needs the Ruby driveline swap!

    44. Killy Lokey

      Leroy's no slouch and neither is Cleetus. Y'all put on a great show.

    45. VaughanGuitars

      Cleetus , lighten the load on the car by removing the Mountain Dew bottles behind you that are casually going for free rides lol.

    46. Leave or Liberty Fishing

      Fire me up!!!

    47. HWYstar _

      Yeah you been having too much fun with all your new toys hahaha, building a race track and all. Looking forward to seeing some more leroy! Comeon boi

      1. yuoop noke

        Who would have thought raming gear changes without a clutch could damage a transmission? lol

    48. Devin Thevenot

      Aerodynamics! The clean shave made the difference. Haha

      1. yuoop noke

        The innocent risk sporadically cheer because notebook italy gaze next a swift zoo. rhetorical, impossible trunk

    49. Track Days.

      She sounds gorgeous mate! Time to step up those turbskis!

    50. Svrosvoll

      Anyone seen the hoonicorn around :p

    51. mikea hiooi

      That was a sexy off-the-trailer pass. Freaking perfect. Hookin and bookin.

    52. Tom P


    53. NeedForSpeed2004

      Cleetus u should do a Dodge Viper

      1. mikea hiooi

        Man, I had this wild idea to build a fiberglass funnycar style body for Leroy, or maybe carbon fiber if we're feelin' spicy

    54. Chris Ploughman

      Get some bigger turbos >:)

    55. jordan millett

      Still woulda been nice to see Leroy crush the Hoonicorn

    56. Andrew Conte

      Video is 13:20 minutes long - I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!

    57. SaxdudeGCGT

      Those are some crazy guys and gals at RPM Transmissions to make a trans that holds up to as many crazy passes as they do. Props to them!!!

    58. Slideways Garage

      6xd sequential trans would fix the problem lol

    59. steviewonder105

      @2:03 "put your arm restraints on... Ready to roll" Sure, but hopefully not

    60. Still Nissan

      Hace un record y te pones a joder con el tuneup muchacho dejalo quieto estupido

    61. silkysixx

      Dale Earnhardt Jr is having massive success with his podcast and his NLname channel of clips from that podcast. The one where Darrell Waltrip talks about Sr has to be the best racing video I've ever watched - and it includes no racing! I am launching the hashtag #doitfordaledalejr. Dale Jr would love to come to the Freedom Factory and cut laps in the Dale Truck. Cleetus and/or his and/or Jr's sponsors will cover the expenses to get Jr there long enough to loop the Freedom Factory and then, maybe, do a burnout in Toast (can't do Neighbor as he's not a GM product, I assume. Would be huge community points if he caned Neighbor around the pad). Spread it on Cleetus' videos, Jr's videos, and your Insta and Twitter if you have followers. Let's make this hashtag trend so hard that sponsors have no choice but to get 200% behind making this happen. Godspeed y'all.

    62. Robert Norris

      The innocent risk sporadically cheer because notebook italy gaze next a swift zoo. rhetorical, impossible trunk

    63. p4tmchef

      Who would have thought raming gear changes without a clutch could damage a transmission? lol

    64. TJPDmember

      all about that Stick shift life hahah

    65. Ken Leppek

      Tough break brother

    66. yuoop noke

      That was a sexy off-the-trailer pass. Freaking perfect. Hookin and bookin.

    67. Michael Kinser

      You should tuck that hood into your fire jacket Cleet. With it untucked flame and heat can come up through the bottom and burn your neck. 10 years of firefighting experience I’ve seen it happen to guys who put their gear on in a hurry. Just takes a second and you’ll be safer heaven forbid if you ever crash

    68. TexRobNC

      Man, I had this wild idea to build a fiberglass funnycar style body for Leroy, or maybe carbon fiber if we're feelin' spicy

      1. yuoop noke

        Rear end is bent a little I could see a slight bend brother. May be microscopic but I’m sure there’s a slight bend in the rear

    69. TexRobNC

      Dude, those shifts in Leroy now!!! I thought Ruby's shifts were sexy for their subtle nature, but Leroy might have taken the crown back! Beautiful. I also love how the dab Maddie gave Garrett about broke his wrist

    70. Michael Cordero

      Live and learn brother, its no biggie, just material objects... that happen to cost a few buck$

    71. Jay Hickey

      That sumbitch hits harder than a pissed off stepdad brother!!!

    72. cyrus3055

      Race it till you break it!!!!! Let's goooo!!!

    73. Jake Heke

      The Yeet Giraffe came out

    74. Dale Whitmore

      Always chasing the weakest link has got to suck

    75. GOTA-C

      Are you able to put a body on that beast?

    76. Kolby Cone

      When and where in huston are you gana be

    77. Jamie Nielson

      Is it possible to swap a different stick trans into it? Like modify a different/stronger transmission to fit?

      1. Jamie Nielson

        @Bob Watters I was think like an adapter plate or something. I'm really not very familiar on how these transmissions are set up

      2. Bob Watters

        I have wondered the same thing but the rear trans setup is not exactly common. They have a T56 magnum but I have never found one made for a torque tube setup. There might be a non chevy option out there but no telling what kind of fab work it would take to make it fit or what it would do to the classes he wants to race in.

    78. Jamie Nielson

      F for the transmission...

    79. Phillip Morrison

      MAn this is awesome. Stay safe man

    80. Bobby Bentley

      Now just get a driver you suck little boy

    81. John W

      Do they make a billet input shaft ? If not have you had one cryo treated?

    82. BIGSISS91

      Couldn't leave it alone could ya lol

    83. LyfewithPiglet

      Rear end is bent a little I could see a slight bend brother. May be microscopic but I’m sure there’s a slight bend in the rear

    84. Jon Lawrence

      13:20 video length. I see what ya did there...

    85. Dylan Brantley

      Hey cleetus there is a guy in Georgia who has another Leroy look alike that you should definitely buy!!!!

    86. Amy Azman

      Seem like Michael Schumacer when young😜😜

    87. lamar Thompson

      Sheesh 🔥🔥🔥🌶🌶🌶

    88. Ralph Thompson

      it's not a corvette until you put a FULL body on it......Dude.....end of story......

    89. Brian Haase

      The faster u go the more u break! It's part of drag racing. BTW the top fuel hat on Toast is AWESOME ! GO BROTHER! GO LEROY!

    90. BobMother FuckinSmith

      Torque tubes are like 7ft long and have to put up with in this case the most insane forces on the planet, dude you pulled a 7.67 in Leroy! Good job man, Makin Florida proud one pass at a time.

    91. Callum Burton

      Good video cleetus😃👍

    92. theDavitos

      soon its must be auto transmission haha...

    93. Aaron K

      Ive gone through trans myself in race cars i kniw how it is

    94. Rhys Silver

      That mullet is on point and that 7.6 was even more on point! That pass gave me goose bumps!

    95. Travelin' Ted

      Of course, he’s gonna break his own personal in a car without a body. Lol

    96. Daniel Schmidt

      Real racers understand your situation, and if you never broke anything then I'll know you're sandbagging!

    97. Thom kouwen

      Can't remember seeing Leroy track that straight! Damn good!

    98. Joe Gustafson Jr.

      Car go weeee

    99. Dashai Yellowcloud

      Bigger tubskis Cleetus💯

    100. Mr. Texahoan

      FOR DALE