Lewis Hamilton vs Kimi Raikkonen - Spa Francorchamps 2008

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    1. Pedro Feichas

      This battle is so awesome cuz they don't even stop and keeping racing at the limit, the cars dancing on straight is crazy and beuty to see. Kimi was so good at these Ferrari's days.

    2. P W

      that has to be one of the ugliest F1 cars

    3. Julio Cesar Fonseca

      "Ma, i want this yellow flag!" "Son, we have yellow flag at home" the yellow flag at home:

    4. Sammy Wright

      Who's waiting for some good racing in 2021?

    5. Jack Challis

      I was at this grand prix. Classic

    6. Pedrophotography Knight

      Maclaren's car was way better than Ferrari's that year lol

      1. jason bell

        Only when Lewis drove it!!!

    7. Loknath Shankar

      Is that pass at corner 1 legal?


      When F1 engines sounded great... new cars still suck.....

    9. Arun Kumar

      That Mclaren 2008 looks Muscular 👍

    10. Bimmer Online

      Was a big Raikkonen fan at this point but this was the moment when I knew this new kid in town is even better.

    11. Wael Ali

      That decision to strip Lewis. To this day I think it was politics to help Ferrari

      1. Cletus Spuckler

        @Keashin28 It's not that the FIA hated Ferrari. People simply stopped watching F1 such was Ferrari's dominance, which was far worse than Mercedes because unlike Rosberg and Bottas, Barrichello was never allowed to challenge Michael. So they decided to make drastic changes to hinder Ferrari in 2005 and help their competition to boost the ratings. But they didn't quite recover the TV ratings they used to have until the epic season of *2007.*

      2. Wael Ali

        @Keashin28 Yeah I know. I picked up on that. That's why I tried explaining everything to you. In F1, its bad if they have the same team/driver winning so that's why they are all ways shooting itself in the sport. It doesn't make the money from them. So the teams agree with each other what to do then lobby the FIA which then publishes the dimensions and parameters. I am repeating my self now. Tell me mate, do you take everything in F1 at face value? Because it does. Also, what do you know of the teams lobbying the FIA over the technical updates of rival teams?

      3. Keashin28

        @Wael Ali I meant during the early 2000s,fia did almost everything from almost killing of their Tyre supplier to changing the points system

      4. Wael Ali

        @Keashin28 Which is funny because judging from your comment it looks like you don't know anything about their politics. Let me tell you, the FIA don't hate anyone. Infact, they don't even make the decision regarding the direction of the sport. The strategy group does. i.e. the teams. In their team principles meetings they all fight each other other their differing visions over the direction of the sport, using their customer teams to vote in sync with them will look for allies via common interests. As seen with the 2022 regulations which were more extreme, the teams didn't take the original concept because the big teams will stop winning. Hence, the dumbed down the technical and financial regulations to a more appropriate levels according to their agendas. Having come to final decision, they submitted their plans to the FIA who published the parameters and dimension over the next set of regulations. How did the sport be like this? It always was. During the FOCA-FISA war the teams were fighting the FIA because they were prioritizing the rich. Hence, they chose Bernie Ecclestone to find a solution which he did. The solution was the Concorde agreement which allowed the teams to unofficially control the sport. However, Bernie took this opportunity to take control of the income and expand internationally for the profit. He done this via the oldest trick of divide and conquer. Then in 2010/2011 Bernie brought the official rights for the sport to govern itself for 100 million euros. So now you know, F1, Bernie and the FIA are corrupt. How do you think Mosley was able to get away with his sex sandal and run unopposed whilst Bernie escaped his tax issues?

      5. Keashin28

        Which is funny considering all the regulation and rule changes in the 2000s made it seem like the fia hated Ferrari

    12. Paulo Esteves

      Man the McLaren was fugly back then lol

    13. Wael Ali

      Hail king Lewis...

    14. kly plays

      kimi was doing sbinalla b4 it was cool

    15. Nicolas Estrella

      I love spa francorchamps

    16. G DK

      I was there (y)

    17. Utkarsh Shetty

      very disappointing when Kimi crashed

    18. Tʜᴇ ᴀʟɪᴇɴ ᴏɴᴇ

      The sheer sound makes me excited about their racing 😭

    19. Carlos Perez

      Now that's a fair win! Not sending Raikkonen 51Gs against the wall.

    20. nathan highlander

      Get in there, Lewis!

    21. Ege Kancay

      is this offical mclaren channel?

    22. Jake Williams

      That’s disgraceful.. he didn’t even give him the pace back before being back on the throttle

      1. Lewis Stephens

        So is Kimi’s track extending at 1:42

    23. steven waskita

      make Mclaren great again

    24. Will Hamilton

      “And Hamilton’s on the grass!” Hahaha…what a sequence

      1. Will Hamilton

        @camron foreal calm down Vettel

      2. camron foreal

        To avoid a car brainiac.

    25. László Kmetyó

      Massa so baaaad. Like Bottas at mercedes, what are they doing in top teams

      1. Lee Carroll

        @László Kmetyó you're an idiot pal 🤦. Lewis won the championship on the last corner by 1 point in 2008. Finishing 1 point behind a future multiple WC ( all be it because he's had the best car for 7 season's) is not a terrible driver. What qualifies you to say this anyway? Have you ever won any form of Motorsport race? If not sit down and stfu

      2. László Kmetyó

        @Lee Carroll with the best car on the grid and a historicly unlucky driver like Kimi, yes you do. He’s traaassh

      3. Lee Carroll

        You don't almost win a championship by being bad 🤦

    26. Serg Retest

      That penalty was one of the biggest jokes in F1 history.

      1. Pedro Feichas

        He cuts the track off without any contact this is not fair.

      2. USMCLib3rty

        Wahmilton fans...

      3. Alexton

        @AllaboutheWaves You should learn how to talk before You post... Watch your mouth kid.

      4. AllaboutheWaves

        @Alexton shut the hell up

      5. Alexton

        You are right. He should be voluntarily disqualified from the race for his totally disgraceful racing behavior !!

    27. enzo fernandez

      Saison steal to Massa

    28. isaax chok

      2008 el último año grandioso de la fórmula 1 donde los autos eran monstruosos y hermosos , pero campeono Hamilton y todo se fue a la basura

    29. SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago

      Back when the FIA had the balls to give Lewis an undeserved penalty and not giving it to other drivers

      1. 2MuckinFuch

        🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, your tears dude...

    30. Burning Nose

      Kimiiiii I love you

    31. HyperXnight

      that sound bro....yes please


      Corrida vendida para Red Bull, que vergonha para Mercedes, 12 voltas do fim , chamava o bottas e Luiz Hamilton para os Box, vendeu a corrida. Vale tudo.

    33. Erwins90

      Massa won the race

    34. sanjaya jaya

      Instant KARMA for you Drunken master. Haaaaa.

    35. Roman Arefjev

      Кими лучший!

    36. Елена Милькова

      Это было эпически!!👍👍👍👍

    37. Nilson Maia

      Capacete parecido com o do Senna

    38. Goin AWOL

      Thats raidillion, actually

    39. OllieSutton

      Still dont know why massa didnt pit

    40. OllieSutton

      Amazing driving and an amazing race completely ruined by bias Ferrari international assistance

    41. Sagar Behera

      F1 in 2021 - That's 5 second penalty for Kimi and 5 second penalty for Hamilton. Thank you.

    42. Giuseppe Galione

      The very Formula One..👍💪

    43. claudio wesler

      in 2008 I was 9 years old and I don't remember that day

    44. Nico Montinola

      Raikkonen won the season with an inferior car

      1. Cal3000

        This was 2008 and the Ferraris had superior cars and Hamilton won the season and Raikkonen lost to Massa also.

    45. Damar Fadlan

      2008 season was remembered for "ITS THAT GLOCK?!".

    46. GouRGamesHD

      Hamilton que raro se comio la última curva y como si nada jajaja campeón de pacotilla

    47. I am Pickle Rick

      Hamilton The best


      dois grandes pilotos

    49. Even Stevener Productions

      Those times, I used to watch every race on live

    50. Joselo Senoff

      That has to be one of the most beautiful McLaren's ever made

    51. vnegentsov

      And there were some rumours after the race that the tyre pressure of Kimi's rear left was 2 or 3 times below the nominal. Due to puncture or the low temperatures.

    52. vnegentsov

      Also the bad luck was with the Williams. After Kimi went wide he had more momentum and was just going to pass Hamilton, but then came the Williams and it became a mess which distracted the tempo. The tyre temp went down and that was the beginning of the end for him.

    53. vnegentsov

      Also you can see that Kimi's car is way worse than Hamilton's. The front is having almost no grip and he is fighting all the time. Doing like ESP behavior all the time whilst the McLaren is just slow but well balanced. You can see some similar moments of Kimi with Lotus when the tyres are over.

    54. vnegentsov

      This is one of my favourite battles of all time. The moment Kimi lost was when Hamilton blocked him at the first corner. He slowed very much intentionally. You can see how Kimi prepared for counter attack going very wide almost at the grass with the left wheels and accelerating earlier, then Hamilton didn't press the throttle and Kimi hit him at the back. Nowadays he should have been sanctioned with 5 or 10 seconds penalty. But these were great times for F1. Alonso also has a similar block at the fast corner before the long straight at China... against Heidfeld or Kubica, don't remember.

    55. Anders Ottosen

      So it was ok to cut a corner , and come out infront .....what a joke

    56. Max de Graaf

      Hamilton got a 25 second time penalty didn't he?

    57. SF0311

      Today that would bring out a safety car and ruin the race 😆

    58. gary mcfall

      How are they passing without DRS... unbelievable

      1. Thomas Lynch

        take this ? down man its stupid

    59. Diego Lima

      mclaren treated alonso very badly, harmed him to favor Hammilton, tried to make Alonso be the Barrichello of Hammilton, and at the first opportunity he traded mclaren for mercedes in exchange for more money, even after mclaren spent millions to pays the training him as a pilot. Karma never fails.

      1. Cal3000

        Alonso started off as the #1 driver and Hamilton slowly started to outperform him and they became more of equals on the team. Also in 2012 with McLaren, Hamilton had 7 DNFs and horrible reliability. Any driver would leave after experiencing that.

    60. Syfa😎❤️

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    61. Fabio Ravasio

      Kimi è un pilota serio a differenza di Lewis

    62. Fabio Ravasio

      Kimi è stato il migliore meritava di vincere mentre Lewis come al solito è stato scorretto

      1. F1 2006 PS3

        @Fabio Ravasio si

      2. Fabio Ravasio

        @F1 2006 PS3 sarà sta do fatto che Raikkonen è un pilota più serio un po' come lo erano Hakkinen e Hill in passato

      3. F1 2006 PS3

        @Fabio Ravasio no Hamilton è andato lungo perché si è toccato con Raikkonen

      4. Fabio Ravasio

        Perché ha tagliato una curva e poi è stato aggressivo per me Kimi meritava è sempre stato un pilota corretto mai una polemica è soprattutto è sempre stato amato da tutti anche quando non correva con la Ferrari è un pilota fantastico averne di campioni come lui ma soprattutto molto sfortunato e sottovalutato

      5. F1 2006 PS3

        Perché Hamilton è stato scorretto?

    63. italo kafler

      Massa before the accident was an elite driver

      1. Pingue Pinguino

        True story. He deserved a WDC, and he would've won it without McLaren superiority (obtained during those years through stealing Ferrari's projects) and a fucking stupid Renault driver crashing intentionally on the wall. But too bad, anyway I'll never forget that he was a top driver before the incident.

    64. Kristóf Pelsőczi

      Hamilton was extremely lucky just as nowadays

      1. Jamiedebb

        You have no idea what you are talking about, stick to Mario Kart.

    65. Dezee Fresh

      Ballsman man. Ain't calld dat 4 Ntng.

    66. Flávio 27

      Boa noite meu Amigo !!!! Corrida fantástica. Lembro como se fosse ontem. Isso é Fórmula 1 de verdade. Só saudades...... Muito obrigado pelo vídeo e parabéns pelo canal. Abraço do Brasil......

    67. Productive Hustle

      I HATE how that race ended..

    68. AntLion95

      Coulthard in the lapped Red Bull intentionally keeping behind Lewis at the end so he doesn't have to do an extra lap. #BigBrain

    69. Izio Shaba

      Räikkönen - one of the most overrated drivers if all time

      1. Pingue Pinguino

        His best years were the ones in McLaren. Then his first in Ferrari was great too. Nowadays he's still a very solid driver but not one of the best

      2. Izio Shaba

        @Ciaron Smith he was only best cuz everyone else sucked.

      3. Ciaron Smith

        Raikkonen at his peak is the fastest driver this century. He deserved the 2003 and 2005 titles in addition to 2007. If anything Lewis is overrated he didn't win a title convincingly before 2013. Kimi hated the 2008 Ferrari and in general the Bridgestones, yet was still demolishing everyone before he lost tyre temps once it rained.

    70. veeresh sangolli

      Fins were never good in the wet

    71. ilir malaj

      Another superb race from LH. P. S Cutting the corner was necessary to avoid damaging the car. The greatest of all.

      1. Dr Fredostein

        Yeah, exactly. There’s still people saying that the penalty was deserved

    72. vonPelger

      Hamilton the cheater. He applied the method kimi used many times pushing others off track and he just cut the chicane and then not really leaving kimi in front. Than waving on the straight...

    73. is your career over?

      The V8 era is the best era of F1

    74. Raimondo Franceschino

      Quando un mondiale è deciso a tavolino... Hamilton da penalizzare immediatamente

    75. Andrea Z

      Hamilton una leggenda! Raikkonen una merdina!

    76. Artu Mormar

      0:23 wtf Jaja? So Hamilton can do whatever he wants without penalty? He could've braked he had time and space fkcng egocentric asshole, if someone else did that to him he would've cried and complained immediately.

      1. Herkus isn't a bot

        @Artu Mormar didn't*

      2. Artu Mormar

        🤣🤣🤣 but you understood didint you

      3. Herkus isn't a bot

        @Artu Mormar you're*

      4. Artu Mormar

        @Herkus isn't a bot your the one crying trying to defend him miserabley xd by saying nonsense but whatever

      5. Artu Mormar

        @Imran Patel guess you dont read well, as i said i recognize hes a top deiver, but that dosent take away the fact hes a asshole

    77. rick johnson

      Lewis was fully behind Kimi after going off the track. There is no rule that says you have to give a certain amount of distance. If that’s why they stripped Lewis of the victory then, that was another in a long list of wrong decisions against Lewis.

      1. Beta Orionis

        The rule is that you must not take any advantage by going off track, which seems logical to me. Thanks to his manoeuvre, Lewis put himself in an optimal position to get a tow from Kimi and overtake him, something that wouldn't have happened had he stayed on track at la Source. That's why he was penalized.

      2. Productive Hustle

        @F Kwell if you got off track you at the dis advantage he wasnt... he made an attemtp too pass on the out side ...there clearly wasnt enought space...use the advantage to wait for kimi at hight speed already on the straights...kimi barley got ahead and hamilton was attacting already...this is how i see it brother and the FIA TOO..

      3. F K

        @Productive Hustle he didnt give space? What? Kimi didnt give him space and force him off the track if anything because hamilton was alongside him already. And its not forbidden to catch theslipstream. He gave back the Position which was the only thing he had to go according to rules

      4. Productive Hustle

        Nope he didnt give him no space...also cought a tow to pass kimi...

    78. MoogleTV

      If this race happen in 2021, we just see drivers yelling "blue flags blue flags" on radio instead of fighting as hell on the track as they both do.

      1. RacingAtHome

        Probably because the 2021 cars are so packed with downforce that they can't follow.

      2. Jonathan Bovier

        Part of me wishes we'd go back to broadcasting no radio transmissions at all, I feel like this fan services does more harm than good.

      3. Lautaro Moreira

        They probably yelled that, but back then we didn't get nearly as many radio transmissions as we do nowadays, and they sounded pretty horrible

    79. mati301088

      O kurwa panie!

    80. PDC

      Hamilton is always lucky through out his career.

      1. A nerdy fool

        You don't know anything? He was stripped off of the win

      2. HuskerDude

        Give it a rest.

      3. F K

        Yeah very lucky, he got a punishment eben though he gave the Position back to kimi. What are you on?

      4. Carl Johonsson

        He was stripped of his win. How the fuck was he lucky in this scenario?

      5. Imran Patel

        Shut up man appreciate greatness

    81. V12F1Demon

      Did Lewis give Kimi back the position fairly? It seems he hardly backed off before he tried to overtake him again.

      1. V12F1Demon

        @Bruno You cannot profit from a position you gained unfairly. Period.

      2. Bruno

        @V12F1Demon like the other guy said, there was nothing in the rules about the delta. So your point about how long he gave it back for makes no sense.

      3. Dr Fredostein

        He gave Kimi the position back, Kimi was ahead of Hamilton at the start line and Kimi was going significantly faster. For those of you saying that he gained an advantage because of the slipstream, he would’ve had the slipstream anyways had he not cut the chicane. It’s not like you unlock the slipstream when you cut the chicane. If Hamilton didn’t cut the chicane and Kimi gave him space but kept the lead then Hamilton would have the slip stream anyways. He didn’t gain an advantage by cutting the chicane, he had to cut the chicane because Kimi squeezed him and didn’t give him any space. It was good hard racing but what is Hamilton supposed to do, that was his only option. Hamilton certainly did not gain an advantage by cutting the chicane, he did the right thing by yielding and cutting the chicane and then letting Kimi through. That was textbook. How about when Kimi went way off the track at Pouhon gaining a lot of momentum and a lot of speed?

      4. V12F1Demon

        @Eric Lakor It does matter when the differences are a hundredth to a thousandth of a second. He must give it back in a manner where he doesn't get to slide in behind him conveniently or fall back to the gap he was at before he took that position.

      5. Eric Lakor

        @V12F1Demon you said it yourself. He gave the position back. The rules don't state how much delta should be between the drives when the position is given back so it doesn't matter. That's splitting hairs to justify a penalty. As far as Lewis was concerned on that day at that moment, he slowed and allowed Raikkonen to take the position back.

    82. Stewart Grindlay

      Hamiltion should have been disqualified and banned for a race for cheating (again/hallmark of his career). The guy has never won a championship in nothing but the best car (at least 1.0 sec clear)

    83. Nik Javor

      Who is here in 2021

      1. stuntslikeeveryday

        @Nik Javor Yeah, I'm from the future. And to answer your question before you could even ask it: Yes, you'll have a bright future and have a daughter who loves Pony's and rainbows.

      2. Nik Javor

        @stuntslikeeveryday oh shit

      3. stuntslikeeveryday

        Not me.

    84. Matthew Mkhize

      Yep this Hamilton guy was all luck

      1. TheJaySecond

        yeah so lucky that got punished with a 25 sec penalty, one of the worst calls from the stewards in formula 1 history... man, you guys need to check all information before writing stupid comments

    85. wad316

      2008 - undisputably Hamilton's most valuable championship

      1. wad316

        @Felipe Giro maybe most valuable isn't the right word, it's definitely the most clutch he's won. I will agree Kimi with Seb were bigger threats compared to him and Massa

      2. DCFC 23

        @Felipe Giro Oh my days are you still here looking for scraps to use lol? Like I said name me a race where Lewis has spun 6 times or made a mistake 6 times in a race

      3. Felipe Giro

        @DCFC 23 there are more embarrassing things to do in an F1 race, like crashing at a red-lighted pit exit.

      4. DCFC 23

        @Senny Lewis managed to win the championship with the slower car is what your trying to say right? Also kid come on when has Hamilton ever spun 6 times in a race oh wait name me a time he has spun 2 times in a race even 😂😂

      5. Senny

        @DCFC 23 Are you a broken record? Cause you seem to be stuck repeating the same line. Either way, what's key for a WDC is consistency over a season, not having 1 shitty race. Yes, that includes a shitty race with 6 spins. Massa was incredibly consistent in 2008, and one can argue he mainly lost the WDC due to DNFs that were not his fault. Trust me, your "lol 6 spins in one race hurr durr" is not the killer argument you think it is if Lewis only BARELY managed to win the championship versus the guy with the 6 spins.

    86. j black

      Great times of f1. So terrible now. Maybe I’m old and boring?

      1. Macklemorgan Freeman

        The racing is limited to the cars I suppose

    87. Nurkholik

      this video was perfect show why hamilton is the best now 🔥🔥🔥

      1. k3ron

        @Nurkholik right after you will learn right spelling 😂

      2. Nurkholik

        @k3ron then trow you phone 😂

      3. k3ron

        @Nurkholik can't find alt+f4 on my phone 😳

      4. Nurkholik

        @k3ron magic button alt+f4

      5. k3ron

        @Nurkholik press your magic button bro

    88. Marzec Kamil MK Productions

      These cars were small, nimble, they sounded great.. And look what we have now..

      1. shooter7a

        @goldenegg yet they are still pulling more Gs. Lateral acceleration capability is the very definition of nimble...

      2. shooter7a

        @goldenegg current cars are pulling more lateral Gs and more Gs under braking. Exactly how do you define "nimble"?

      3. Keashin28

        What we have now are the fastest cars in history... Well the 2020 cars are the 21 cars are slightly slower

      4. bvck

        Fym today’s cars are absolute marvels of engineering. They’re pretty huge but there’s still good action, and they’re amongst the fastest cars in F1 history. And the engines sound crazy in real life too, there’s great variances in sound.

      5. goldenegg

        @Alex Lazebat Monaco has always been like this I don’t know why he’s complaining about it, still love the track though

    89. Iceman 11

      that lewis yield was not legal at all, he basically got in his tail and accelerated back again thus gaining an advantage

      1. Dr Fredostein

        No, he slowed down and let Kimi go, Kimi was ahead when they crossed the line and he was going significantly faster, that’s not gaining an advantage at all. Hamilton did the right thing, they both had their elbows out, Hamilton had the weaker position and Kimi wasn’t yielding so he backed out and cut the chicane and then let Kimi through. This win was stolen from him, Hamilton did not gain an advantage by cutting the chicane, he was at a disadvantage actually when they crossed the line

      2. Chris Taylor

        @Mr. Gilbert yep, but if you are still crying about something that happened 13 years ago I don't think you have learned from it

      3. Mr. Gilbert

        @Chris Taylor don’t you think it’s good to learn from history?

      4. mjwood 28

        It was moot once Kimi got back in front and then crashed. At worst if Kimi finished Lewis would have for second and that was the only possible fairish penalty, not the rubbish we got

      5. Sebastian Virga

        Hamilton. Nothing but a whiner

    90. Markku Nieminen

      BLM riots

      1. A.M. Armstrong

        Whether or not you agree with that cause, it did not exist when this race was run.

    91. Abhi

      This was in Hamilton's second year in F1. Truly these two have to be some of the most talented drivers.

    92. Simon Lavelle

      James Allen was way better than that simpering Crofty... more interested in"stats" than what's happening on the track 🤮

    93. Freddie Blake

      Ferrari International Assistance struck hard at this race. Should be an all time classic, instead the FIA ruined it.

    94. JXMIE

      Telling yall Lewis is built different👑

      1. Senny

        @Dani Budalić Okay. 2 completely unrelated performances that aren't comparable somehow qualify to make a comparison between 2 people? I don't know why fans feel so compelled to talk down anyone's successes when the man Schumi himself would not dare to question Lewis' greatness. You know, real recognise real.

      2. No Shit

        @Dani Budalić if you’re talking about seconds Hamilton was also lapping 5 seconds and even 6 faster than everyone else at some point of the race

      3. Quadri Abdulyekeen

        @Dani Budalić It wasn't, but many cars were taken out at the start, which ironically was indirectly causes by him having problems with his clutch. It was like Perez at Sakhir, though in wet and more dominant. Plus the car wasn't a piece of shit, I'd argue the Ferrari was the third best car in that race. Don't forget, I said it was great, one of the greatest wet drives, but Silverstone 2008 was better.

      4. Dani Budalić

        @Quadri Abdulyekeen if lapping 4 seconds better than others is lucky? You need to see Spa 97 when he lapped 10 seconds faster in the wet...

      5. Quadri Abdulyekeen

        @Dani Budalić Schumi got lucky with crashes. Just like Perez at Sakhir. It was a great race , but Hamilton at Silverstone 2008, for example, was better.

    95. Smally

      I didn't start watching f1 till 2 years later, but I thought the penalty given to Hamilton was insane and unfair. Maybe a 5 second, but not 25 seconds. Kimi also left Lewis no room at all, where was he supposed to go. And yes I am aware Hamilton finshed 15 seconds in front of Massa, but u don't give people penalties until they lose places. You get how much time added against what u did. Cutting a corner and gaining an advantage is a 5 second time penalty

      1. Smally

        @Squeaky Bunny obviously it changes in each situation, but Kimi left no where for Hamilton to go

      2. Squeaky Bunny

        You are allowed to force people off through corners. The driver ahead has the right to keep his line... And I don't fully agree with your statement about penalties and how they should be decided. What if I divebomd someone and his suspension breaks while I can carry on... Should I just get a 5 or 10 second penalty while the other guy is out of the race.... I think if both come out okay you should get some slap on the wrist to let you know that was not okay but if the other has to retire you should be out of the race too

    96. Koragh

      Ah belgium weather and such a dificult and yet pleasant circuit

    97. d ER

      Would like to know what Hamilton thought when he passed Raikönnen wrecked car in the last lap...

      1. Takumi Fujiwara

        Probably #blessed

    98. Michael Schumacher

      Kimi Raikkonen is a world class driver but Lewis Hamilton is on another planet. The greatest of all time

    99. Tim L

      Hamilton just so fearless in wet conditions, and he got robbed of the win.