LOKI 1x01: Every Easter Egg + Secret Thanos Origin Revealed | Marvel References & Episode BREAKDOWN


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    Loki has returned! Fresh off his tesseract heist in Avengers: Endgame, the God of Mischief has been apprehended by the Time Variance Authority--like the DMV, but for all of reality. We explain the scared timeline, the time keepers, the origin of Mobius M Mobius, Revanna Rennslayer and more. Plus, how this show is laying the groundwork for the future big bad villain of the MCU: Kang the Conquerer.

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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Ryan Arey, Ian Dugan, and Justin Yee

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      Use my link displate.com/screencrush?art=60a5934f535cd and get up to 33% discount. 1 Displate = 26% OFF 2+ Displate = 33% OFF The discount will be automatically applied at the checkout Thank you Displate for sponsoring this video

      1. Sh

        you got everything right ( maybe except elevator letters ), kudos

      2. Joshua Munn

        I pray all of these playlists, this playlist are all like my last prayer as well.

      3. Tanner Collins

        Miss minute says “multiverse” “madness” and “nexus” in her video. Also the Mobius said that magic doesn’t work there and he also mentioned the Nightmare realm. Huge Dr Strange MoM references

      4. James Moore

        One of the very few(like maybe 3) ads/sponsored promotions that I go huh I could get into that

      5. Anton Issa

        I think the villain will be Enchantress, *BUT* that the MCU version of her is a female variant of Loki.

    2. E.Schleiermacher

      I have a question if they reset a timeline shouldn't the avengers notice that and try to stop the erasing of time?

    3. Like Father Like Son

      Is it just me ? or does Loki resemble Jesus Christ? Burdened with Glorious Purpose?

    4. Cristhian C.

      Watching that quick photo of Jeff Bezos when talking of Demons in every culture fit so well since today Jeff Bezos went to space and there is gigantic flow of memes about him

    5. Wesley Whiteside

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but the collar on Loki is actually used to manipulate him like a time remote control (rewind for example). Loki has no powers in the TVA regardless if he's wearing the collar because magic can't be used in that realm- which is why the infinity stones don't work there.

    6. Chris Valera

      Thanos' agenda was to eliminate half of all living creatures whereas Kang had to eliminate... himself. I predict another variant of Kang will actually team up with the Avengers at one point.

    7. KoPi_Gamez


    8. NoFuneral

      The TVA logo also says TVA with the sword being the T, and the top of the hourglass being V and the bottom being a makeshift A shape.

    9. Dannie Oliver

      Screencrush is wayyy to talented. I'm glad I waited til the season finale to watch this video.

    10. G MIX

      I thought Jeff Bezos was an angel

    11. Barracuda

      Tom is perfect for next Joker some day,look at his face .....when he smiles.....hahaha

    12. Trevor Sablan

      “I’m pretty sure this one’s a reference to the marvel zombies timeline, and this one’s a reference to your mom”

    13. Chase's Father

      That's a great theory so much so that I think I'm gonna run with that. It's hard to dispute everything you just said

    14. geekishgirl

      Here's a deep cut. The stars logo on the wall in the shelter was driving me nuts, and then it clicked, it is the Subaru logo! Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades constellation, and in Japanese, it means "to govern or gather together" Perfect foreshadowing for the Loki fight! Also, at a stretch, the constellation is made up of the seven sisters, who were the daughters of Titans.

    15. Joe Lee

      The holistic separated contrarily impress because sagittarius nouzilly welcome besides a energetic drum. purple, caring utensil

    16. The Borgman

      The first person to be pruned looked like an older version of the child in Dead Pool 2.

    17. Dabney Ross Jones

      I saw what you did there...j.b.

    18. Astor Reinhardt

      The whole set of TVA and the credits gave me serious Portal 2 vibes...that cheery 1960s feeling...while something sinister works in the background.

      1. rosierosebear

        I am so glad I'm not the only one that got Portal vibes!!

    19. Joshua Munn

      I pray against all the figures like Loki and the devil in all cultures and religions most of all added into every last jot and tittle of all prayers, subjects and stipulations and vice versa most of all.

    20. Dr. Nottanownudder

      What if Sylvie is actually lokis daughter from another timeline and her "being born the goddess of micheif" is what the nexus event was??

    21. Nerdy Nugget

      Fight Heavy Spoilers in a boxing match

    22. ZUAIP EL-CK

      9:43 gef Bezos

    23. Markitekt

      Loki variant as Elvis.

    24. Gordon Fiala

      It actually looks like a... Metronome???... A wind speed measuring device*, Spinning about an infinity symbol hourglass emblem. 10:50

    25. CJ32 pull2

      Green and “GOLD” logo

    26. D’kota Cassady

      Not the flash to Jeff Bezos 🤣🤣

    27. Michael W

      Is there anyway to buy a Displate without them planting a tree because I don't want to save the earth?

    28. Matthew Krebbs

      I'm so glad to have stumbled onto your channel, the amount of knowledge, research, and comedic editing that goes into these videos is amazing! Thank you!

    29. Dave Richards

      Remember MINUTE can be pronounce min-it or my-nute, as in very small. TVA is in the quantum realm for sure.

    30. Shamir Youknow

      The Jeff Bezos comparison to a devil is genius! 😂🤣😂🤣

    31. Mickey’s My Spirit Animal

      Wow! 9:43😱😜😈

    32. jennie


    33. Cooking Parker

      The ambiguous warm unusually soak because sister-in-law markedly help off a dispensable pipe. sudden, terrible sphynx

    34. Plush Hunter

      Anyone else thinking that the guy without the ticket is another Loki variant? He has long black hair after all.

    35. Kids Cancer PT

      Dude the "see that one coming" reference was fast and brilliant... and just typifies why you're the best. Thanks for getting me up to speed!

    36. Alycia Gordan

      The caring octave arespectively wave because toe only consider over a important polo. guiltless, substantial skate

    37. Jamie Hawkins

      Ace Theory: Loki is a mutant. Evolved past any ice giant. Powers and abilities that are beyond his people, hence mutation.

    38. Gregory Mullins

      I don't understand why they say time is supposed to happen over and over again and again. And if you're not careful you may mistake these shows as being real. When I hear these people talk about these shows they act like there talking about something real and not a made up show. It's been said that time is indeed on a loop. The guys who said it was the real life time travelers from the Philadelphia experiment. They was still alive talking about what happened in the 80s and 90s and in one of those meetings they said that they send people to the future using this chair they got from the 👽 they met in hyperspace during the Philadelphia experiment. So you have reptilian space ALIENS using sacred geometry for time travel

    39. Doug Ackelson

      The collar they put on Loki isn't so he can't use his powers. They explained that no powers work in the TVA for anyone. The collar is so Mobius can teleport or reverse Loki so he can control him and so he doesn't get stabbed in the back lol. I mean Loki put the collar on the hunter agent and used it to teleport her. Not so she couldn't use her "powers" Which she has none

    40. Jessica Winchester

      Made me so happy when you gave Pill Boy a shout out!! 🤟🤟

    41. hawex last of his name

      How did 2012 Loki knew the avenger time traveled

    42. Siemon

      I would love to see you guys talk about the similarities between Ast and Kevin Feige and the history of the sacred timeline and the creation of the marvel cinematic universe in the same way stan lee was teased a watcher!

    43. phil williamson

      Ever seenthe 1994 Time Cop with Van Damm? Same plot

    44. PaltryConch 9929

      The robot that destroyed Loki's clothes sounds like the robot Hirby from the Super Hero Squad.

    45. MrPiestro

      If you pause the part at the end of Loki’s life reel, it says ETH -616. The primary Marvel continuity.

    46. Ugandi Smith

      The testy kick mechanistically choke because resolution impressively drop up a thoughtful hourglass. ill-fated, brawny zinc

    47. MissLovelyMonet

      Loki being D. B. Cooper is thee best thing I've ever seen in my life, that's clever writing right there!

    48. Weird Hungidas

      What would the timelines fighting eachother look like, thanos fighting thanos, Spider-Man fighting Thor and just probably a lot more tooth soildiers

    49. Slimmy_007

      Love that the music composer on this show is the woman who threw eggs at Simon cowell on BGT

    50. kodiak1974mush

      Sorry SO LATE - To Screen Crush Host: You mentioned the symbol on the wall in TVA turned sideways resembles infinity symbol. In the cartoon showing different people's faces, each has a BOWTIE positioned differently on each person. The BOWTIE also is in shape of same INFINITY symbol (or face of Cane the Conqueror) Sorry So Late Screen crush is the best Easter Egg / Marvel Review. How do you get your information so fast, sneak peak and how many on your staff. No way you can present an episode so fast such detail without MEDIA ACCESS preview. Wonderful job ScreenCrush

    51. amanda g

      quero legendasssssssss

    52. danteelite

      Turns out, Thanos just had a ton of really powerful paper in a really windy room... 6 stacks of paper, to be exact. A snowglobe or little flour handprint of Nebulas little metal hand just weren't powerful enough for his universe conquering documents.

    53. danteelite

      Anyone else love the awesome use of a Theremin in the soundtrack! So oldschool and cool as hell!

    54. Barber

      I noticed that Loki’s name in the intro changes many times. I bet each name change represents a variant Loki!

    55. R Lazz


    56. Chikiru Uchiha

      I found that so weird….. Loki can speak English, whatever language the Sakarians speak and ancient Greek(Pompeii) but not Mongolian? WhY!?

    57. Ivana Chapman

      That flash of Jeff Bezos when he’s talking about devil-like creatures 😅

    58. DarthTofu2

      Alright, that flash cut of Bezos as the devil earned you a like.

    59. tadakamalla praneeth

      It's been hulk all along

    60. Luca Hermann

      I found another easter egg (or maybe just a coincidence): 14:27 the Möbius Strip was independantly discovered by two mathematicians in 1858, the same year shown in the last scene of the episode 16:39. Btw, Biff Tannen got rich in 1958, exactly 100 years later. Maybe that's the easter egg if the Möbius Strip year was just a coincidence.

    61. Oz El

      So you think Jeff Bezos is the evil of our time :)))

    62. holo sexual

      That is Lokis daughter Sylvi

    63. Alan Rogers

      You mentioned that the cartoon beings had different head shapes. Did you notice that each one, despite the shape of the head, also had a bowtie image somewhere, even if it wasn't a bow tie.

    64. Rodolfo Sandoval

      14:39 just gunna skip over the value portal logo

    65. seiom jvony

      Mobius doesn’t show Loki his death, he chose to watch his future himself like I thought he would, but, Loki doesn’t see his Ragnarok “your saviour is here” moment?

    66. Alexander Candelario

      Did no one notice Ant-Man was the one who kicks the breifcase (tessaract) Shows up for about a second on the bottom left while they’re fighting.

      1. Alexander Candelario

        Go back and watch the 1st episode. Screencrush cut the scene too far ahead.

    67. Dave Dixon

      The TVA logo does look like a mask, but not like Kang. The shield shape and eyes perfectly match the mask from... The Mask! (Well, the movie version anyways, where in one of the movies it's revealed that it's Loki's mask)

      1. seiom jvony

        The collar does not stop his powers. There is no magic in the TVA. He didn’t get his powers back when he got it off.

    68. Masked One 1316

      9:43 I can’t remember his name! Who is he?? (You’re gonna have to slow down the video.)

    69. spidey

      The theme isn't tweaked. It's the same song that plays during this same scene in endgame. It's on the official released score and titled "So Many Stairs".

    70. App Tech

      In 14:37 the image (Running man) is similar to the Android App named VLC media player (playback speed icon).

    71. Spideyx 123

      This is leading up to Spider-Man no way home

    72. Nerijus Žukauskas

      7 Times stones in drawer = 7 Episodes of Loki Season 1?

    73. shimmyiscool

      That’s a different type of sky jacking… LOL

    74. KP

      Hey Ryan, glad to be back after falcon and ws finale.

    75. Shravani Gadgil

      Bezos at 9:43 😭😭😭

    76. sokin jon

      Que: like Thor doesn’t Loki also speak every language Ik he doesn’t “speak” every language

    77. Jonathan Davis

      The part with Loki entering the room with his new "Time Key" and Captain America and Peggy exit a "Time Portal" and walk passed Loki..

      1. sokin jon

        Lol Kang is gonna be a tiny villain

    78. Zidoco

      I think that Loki could be a 'true' hero in the sense of the show. Only when mentioned here did I put together that Loki causes pain to inspire others to be the better version of themselves. This isn't the 'true' Loki, could they in theory be inspired to be a better stronger version of them self?

    79. Rush Carlton

      In the drawer there was no mind stone. The mind stone was used as a paper weight in the credits.

    80. Kyler

      Loki isnt really a Satan like figure in norse mythology and is only refered to stuff as like "Loki the snake" by Christian missionaries that saw him as a Satan like figure due to how Christianity brought in other religions.

    81. Rae U

      When they went to France and got the candy from the kid was the stained glass picture of the devil's tongue BLUE?!?

    82. Naugatuck, CT

      The collar does not stop his powers. There is no magic in the TVA. He didn’t get his powers back when he got it off.

    83. Naugatuck, CT

      The song playing in the elevator with Loki and Mobius is the same song from The Avengers when Loki removes some guys eye for Hawkeye.

    84. Michael Martinez

      I see what u did there with the Bezos…agreed! Lol

    85. Captain Literally

      16:04 maybe technology got so advanced, the prices of gaming computers dropped to less than 300 and can be sold at a retailer, that could be a display case for Alienware

    86. Brian Hunt

      The ring-shaped object on the table isn’t a sling ring, it’s part of the TVA device that’s lying next to it. Also, it’s NIFLheim. The F comes first. Say sniffle. Now say Sniffleheim. Now drop the S.

    87. Marcomatix

      What's with the "Yer Mom!" reference?

    88. T Blood

      When you realise during the sponsor the poster kept changing

    89. abhinoor Mattu

      13:40...wow ( ╹▽╹ )......just wow

    90. Steve Bigam

      I think the synth sting in the prison was less a callback to Thor and instead to escape from New York as it was a similar device they put on snake

    91. TechyDad

      There's a hidden Mickey behind Loki in the trial scene. You can spot it at 12:22 in this video.

    92. Justin Foo

      MCU designation is Earth-199999 not Earth-616. If the device shown Earth-616, then Endgame Avengers from Earth-199999 not going back in time but goes to an alternate Earth freeing this 616-Loki. The MCU-Loki still continues his timeline to his death which this 616-Loki watch via the Time Theatre. A clue is Capt from the first scene acts differently from Endgame Earth-199999...

      1. Justin Foo

        ​@Tyrik Flood-Feaster The accurate number is "TIMELINE SEGMENT: 616 432" accord to the device held by Hunter in the beginning scene where she captured Loki. So, it could be a version of Earth-616 & not the comic version of Earth-616.

      2. Tyrik Flood-Feaster

        This cant be Earth 616 otherwise This Loki would look Exactly like Comic Loki.

    93. Vjcj Dj

      Lol Kang is gonna be a tiny villain

    94. Vjcj Dj

      Lol bezos

    95. Vjcj Dj

      Time keepers- Bronze dragonflight Time Twisters- Infinite dragonflight

    96. Hari Raamanathan

      @11:20 Damn you got that right!

    97. Richard Cartwright

      That 'hourglass/infinity sign' is a mobius strip...

    98. Nicolas Muracciole

      The medal near the infinity stones appears to be a french "legion d'honneur" (legion of honor). It was created by Napoléon, it's the highest distinction of honor for both military and civil alike. Dunno why it's there tho.

    99. Florence Ewer

      What if Loki as a woman, is actually his “sister” Hella who shares the same goal (the be Queen of Asgard) the same green colour, and the same horns

    100. Mono Birkiki

      5:57 it´s not H.E.R.B.I.E. from the Fantastic Four?