LOKI 1x02: Every Easter Egg + Avengers: Endgame Tie-In | Marvel References & Episode BREAKDOWN


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    Loki has revealed its villain and the superior variant is...Lady Loki. But what is her master plan, and what's happening in these multiple timelines. There are Easter Eggs that connect to Guardians of the Galaxy, Infinity War: Avengers: Endgame, Shang-Chi, Iron Man, and many more. Plus, we break down the philosophy of the show and ask ourselves about the bigger questions the show is trying to answer.

    Also, the show is starting to lay down subtle hints that Kang the Conqueror is the true villain behind the show, laying the groundwork for him to be the next big Avengers villain.

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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Ryan Arey, Katherine Woloson, Harriet Lengel-Enright, and Justin Yee

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    1. ScreenCrush

      What did you think of the episode?

      1. Michael Meyer

        Arch deluxe!

      2. Michal Zaričňak

        I think I should reconsider listening to someone able to say Taichovsky.

      3. Mashie Gaming

        I in

      4. Just a Gamer

        In the words of Owen Wilson…”Wow”

      5. laoster12

        I'd travel back in time for a Nestle Alpine White with Almonds.

    2. albert ramirez

      I would go for a McDonald's steak, egg and cheese bagel.

    3. Brang Ja

      5:01 Loki variant L6792 looks like Illidan Stormrage from Warcraft, which also overthrow the holy being. Illidan is also a sort of anti-hero. He often does things for the right reasons but in the wrong way. He is both good and bad.

    4. Jacob

      The show says it's a "Category 8 Hurricane" not that there are 8 hurricanes hitting at once 😂

    5. Luís César Viana Gomes

      16:05 That is literally the logo of alienware.

    6. Xyrxes

      I think it is BORIS THE ANIMAL from MIB3

    7. Mutt Cypress

      The sky, which means its Blue and means Loki is a Villian and Thor is my Uncle which if we look back to to this episode showing a table means the earth is flat and Thanos is not dead. Most of this is a total "dude, no.."

    8. Mutt Cypress

      16:04 - Alienware. You missed a hell of a lot before this but this is not Spiderman.

    9. That RedHead Chic Nik

      Roxxon is also the evil company in Cloak and Dagger. I wonder if they will bring it back or tie it in somehow to the new MCU.

    10. Joshua Schnoor

      I’d give just about anything for an Arch Deluxe and a Josta

    11. laylo east

      big spoiler! the time keepers are not real! hahaha

    12. Pharo Crypto God

      16:03 me owning an Alienware

    13. pkmondol

      15:20 it's not 8 hurricanes striking at once, that's not even possible. It's 1 storm that's a category 8 (which doesn't exist in the real world)

    14. john doe

      Yes mobius before the tva he was in the wedding crasher.

    15. SnoozyBat

      the theory was SPOT ON

    16. SweetLizzy Blu

      Is there a mistake in the TVA files? The file on the destruction of Asgard says entire civilization annihilated next to the number 9,719. That would seem to imply that everyone died, but we know that isn’t the case. It might refer to the city itself, but elsewhere in the file it says total planetary destruction so saying civilization annihilated would seem to be redundant. The fact that it’s next to the number of casualties would seem to indicate it’s referring to the people.

    17. Noam Greenberg

      7:24 I’m not sure if i heard right but did he just say taichovsky instead of tchaikovsky?

    18. Andromeda Prima

      Loki should've picked some of those paperweights so when he returned to earth he can use their powers

    19. 1Hyplex

      The burn to wreslemania was hilarious

    20. Lyubomir Grigorov

      Brazil is one of my favorite movies...

    21. S J Glenny

      Your better then new rockstars

    22. TurquoiseInk

      Awwwww, I loved Clippie. Don't you be mean to him now, or I'll report you to Miss Minutes! 😆

    23. Héctor Cervantes

      Did you just call that girl from the hellboy remake "randy loki"!? ... randy was the name of the possessed employee 🤷🏽‍♂️

    24. barty116

      So jarring to say that Pompei is in ancient Greece... it's near Napoli... Jesus and the language is Latin

    25. HubCity'HomeGrown

      Footloose and Tremors Is Connected

    26. Harry Lerwill

      The guy at the end who grabs the phone and says the sacred timeline has been bombed appears to be a variant from west side. Loke s1 e2 AR 47:20 & wandavision - pianist in episode 2

    27. Angel Rios

      OK Telesteps exist is a real company makes ladders for RV.. and the logo is the logo of Alienware also exist GOOGLE IT.. it means that is OUR EARTH...

    28. Bruce William Harper

      you missed the Time Bandits Easter egg: the ogre at the 1985 Fair is modeled after the ogre in the ship/hat in Time Bandits, and each of the "Time doors" have a similar look to the ones featured in Terry Gilliam's time travel masterpiece.

    29. Domzi

      17:17 Heavy Spoilers thinks Lady Loki is the Enchantress Sylvie ... turns out he was right ;-)

    30. Matt O'Connor

      Is the ring thing at the end credits not the control panel they were using to rewind Loki in episode one??

    31. Araknidguy

      In this video at 18:51 you ask what the ring thing is on the desk. Its an attachment that connects to the handhelds that control the interdimensional doors. You actually show it connected in you video of Loki: Every Timeline at 00:35 seconds in. You guess it might be like the rings that Dr. Strange uses and that might be right since their portals also are orange. Maybe the handhelds help focus the power of the ring so it is more stable and creates an actual door.

    32. Richard Landrum

      The roxxcart logo is two stick figures in the shape of x's.......two x people are the logo of ROXXCART!!! The store, associated with the company, associated with the person who cloned Jean grey, resulting in the birth of cable, made their logo X-men!! how did none of the episode dissecters see this?

      1. Richard Landrum

        Also, the rings on the coffee table were all left by Morbius M. Morbius. Aka the other analysts that Morbius doesn't know about.

    33. Jeff Jefferson

      18:50 its not a sling ring for 'Hulk Loki' it's a TVA Time Twister

    34. Mr. Robotics

      I know this might not happened but is it possible we can get to see another young Steve Rodgers again

    35. Ashley Horan

      Just a little fyi... You said ancient Greece, Pompeii was ancient Rome

    36. Samantha Cartagena

      Well you were right Ryan!

    37. Ashley Holcomb

      The weapons the TVA uses to evaporate people - the tips are hexagons. noticed it in ep. 1 and thought I was just too wrapped up in Wandavision still, but then you mentioned hexagons here and I saw the weapons again in ep. 3...

    38. Ram Rivera

      Oh man. You totally nailed that theory. Amazing work!

    39. Michael Hardesty

      The narrator, a professional speaker, needs to learn the proper pronunciation of the word mischievous, before he narrates any more videos, and perpetuates this mispronunciation. I’m watching this on NLname. There are numerous pronunciation videos on this word available on this website.

    40. some random guy on youtube

      what a theory

    41. RAMBOspecs

      He was right on his theory, good work!

    42. Kar Muhilan

      Your theory came true..🔥🔥

    43. CATDRL2


    44. Loya Frostwind

      Isn’t Loki’s duplication similar to Naruto’s shadow cloning?

    45. Bruce Pollock

      At 18:50: the item in the credits, isn't that just part on the TVA handheld devices?

    46. terry lacy

      If the TVA can see everything in the blink of an eye, and it doesn’t matter what loki sees or hear since he is gonna be reset when he is done helping mobius (by my knowledge) why dont they mention the future as frequently as they mention the past?

    47. Robert Donatiello

      Lol I thought Owen Wilson was referring to himself when he asked about having to always play the same character… He often plays that same personality type in his roles - kind of optimistic & trusting etc…. Not intended as a burn. Just an observation

    48. Pytr Man

      Ryan, you and Paul at Heavy Spoilers need to keep this feud going! That comment at 17:12 was great!

    49. Dom Bird

      The paper clip joke was over done….

    50. Lisa Hall

      Oooh, Brazil. Excellent rec! If you haven't seen it run, don't walk. Definitely worth the view.

    51. Isaac Connor

      Anybody else notice that only 5 of the 6 stones appear in the desk drawer? 3:12

    52. Bungarino

      I loved the tschaikowsky analogy! 7:23

    53. Jason Edwards

      Not spiderman, Alienware logo

    54. Christopher Child

      Is that really your mom?

    55. S. Valen

      I think is a hurricane category 8, not 8 hurricanes at once.

    56. 十四+1Number

      4:14 am I the only one who thought it said Barbie for a second?

    57. Adan M Garcia

      Just say that duplication casting is the Naruto clone jutsu. 😒

    58. Erika Gholston

      I thought it was a blue frost giant Loki. I didn't see him as younger.

    59. Samantha Carmichael

      Special Easter egg for folks from Georgia, the Ren Fest set is the Georgia Renaissance Faire ground in Fairburn, Ga.

    60. Casey Hayes

      Hi Good Morning.

    61. Brandon Jelinek

      Telesteps is a real ladder company

    62. Emily Daniels

      Note - the file on the "Lady Loki" variant listed her name as "Sylvie Laufeysdottir", implying that she is an alternate Loki who was given a feminine name when adopted by Odin. The MCU may be making her an amalgamation of Lady Loki and Enchantress

    63. CthulhuTheSeventh

      if i see another clippy ill never watch another one of your videos, I swear im not bluffing...

    64. rajan

      14:14 violin sound track link please?!!

    65. Heather Lynn Rannacher

      3:42 i thought i was the only one. Lol

    66. Nowlan Hurla

      I feel like it’s saying something how much “lady Loki” and Loki are different because in the first episode Loki waved at hulk and hulk didn’t follow but when “lady Loki” waved Loki did in fact follow. It’s sort of showing how Loki has changed and now believes in more free will instead of order. But idk.

    67. Music at the Confluence

      Not sure if that's violin - almost certainly nyckelharpa, but hardanger fiddle is possible too

      1. Music at the Confluence

        (Which I'm pointing out not to be pedantic but because it's an easter egg - those are Scandi instruments...)

    68. twitte0king

      What’s the deal with the “your mum” running gag

    69. eddie5525

      Spoiler Alert: * Most of the TVA did have their minds wiped OR are being mind-controlled, and Mobius is an Ex-LOKI and he's slowly regaining his memory by interacting with our Loki. The Judge knows this and is the reason why she is so concerned about their time spent together.. Mobius is slowly becoming a VARIANT.

    70. Sam Kingsly

      16:04 ALIENWARE

    71. avatarpopco

      You know, you’re not funny, right?

    72. Johnathan Wright


    73. Joseph Pilchowski

      Hell yes the ARCH deluxe!!!

    74. Michael Linnehan

      The guy you called “Your mom” was in WandaVision as a regular citizen.

    75. Ertagonn

      That's Alienware's logo 16:04.

    76. N00BASAURES HD

      the first time you see the Customer Service Employee Randy, on his nametag it shows "You?" I found it kinda weird since that was also the first time both Loki's are together. I don't know, it could have just been nothing but I found it interesting.

    77. Anthony Kovach

      I have a theory about the TVA employees. They are plucked from extinction events as to not mess with the timeline

    78. G.I.Jack

      Is that actually his mom

    79. OldHenry Lee

      I'd roll back in time for a real deal actual recipe can of Coke

    80. Brian Adam

      Legendary segue into the ad

    81. earlgreyproductions

      I have a feeling that someone has mentioned this already but couldn't Lady Loki pretty much be causing Armageddon in these timelines just by drawing the minutemen to them? When they are done at a location they destroy the timeline. That basically is Armageddon for these realities. She doesn't have to find every occurrence of destruction because the TVA is causing it themselves.

    82. delloco

      Pompei is in Italy, not "ancient Greece". And their "local language" was called Latin.

      1. WigantX

        A small language, with such a little influence in human history! Jk

    83. Jorge Carbajal

      Microsoft paperclip sightings 3:49 7:40 10:53 13:45 18:58

    84. LukaGTV

      16:05 alienware logo what do u mean spiderman xd

    85. Rufus Panjaitan

      The hair growth commercial is amusing ... so off place 😄

    86. Maribel Ramirez

      What do you mean by "that your mom"?

    87. Tony Anderson

      Did anyone else notice the guy who got "melted" in the first episode,was brought in through the exit door by a"minute man"where there is no"ticket dispenser"?

    88. geekishgirl

      It's mis-ch-vus, NOT mis-chee-vee-us! The show pronounces it correctly, please stop murdering that word.😣 Your vids are about gaining knowledge and information, why not the correct pronunciation of that word! Love your vids, but that is nails on a chalkboard to an English teacher's ears. ETA you are in good company, Spock pronounced it wrong in the original ST series and the fandom world went berserk.

    89. twickertoo

      So here’s something that may be nothing, or may be important: What’s up with the TVA lapels? I first noticed it on Loki, when I realized his button-down wasn’t actually holding anything down. Saw same thing w the lapels on Mobius, Renslayer, the lot of them. Anyone with a tie has a lapel that extends all the way down to somewhere below their arms, maybe even across their back (very easy to see on Casey’s lapels from Ep. 1). Maybe it’s nothing, but it’s Marvel - so maybe it’s to emphasize order and how everything needs to be held in one singular line (so maybe they do extend to the back, creating a more-continuous-seeming edge to the fabric)?

    90. Steelheart413

      So we ain’t gonna act like that isn’t Agatha

    91. mapvectorEX

      I like how Hexagons make marvel fans go insane

    92. TrisT

      cmon, they couldn't make female Loki a hot chick?

    93. TrisT

      Lol, figuring a spiderman reference at 16:04 when it's actually just Alienware product placement.

    94. Justin Caldwell

      what a mess near 15:58... umbrellas are always for sale at the front of retail stores, but you don't notice them because theyre always there telesteps is a real product, its just a telescoping ladder that you can extend up thats not a VR headset, its just some sponsored product placement from HyperX, showing their dual ps5 remote charger and a pair of headphones thats just the alienware logo...

    95. zaqaria gejadze

      what does the guard saaay !!!!

    96. Funkymunkyguy

      13:50 he says “Ancient Greece” but it’s Pompeii in Italy...

    97. M B

      you kinda look like freddie mercury ... im suscribing to you just because of it ... cheers Freddie of youtube

    98. Rayner Saggers

      Anyone notice how the Grandmaster's "melt stick" in Thor Ragnarok looks and behaves like a more primitive/unrefined version of the TVA weapons from ep1? I.e bigger, messier leaves a smelly puddle of goo behind?

    99. Red Main

      i would time travel to marry the queen of England and have half Mexican babys sitting on the throne

    100. Ian Go

      wait wasn’t wanda’s border a hexagon too?