LOKI: How Timelines Work + Why AVENGERS Aren't on Trial? | Everything EXPLAINED | Marvel BREAKDOWN


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    Loki’s first episode does a great job setting up the series, but leaves us with a few questions. Mostly: how the heck do timelines work in the MCU, and why aren’t the Avengers on trial? We break down how multiple realities work in the Marvel cinematic universe, and how it will affect Phase 4 movie forward. Why was it okay for Captain America to swipe an infinity stone and live out his life with Peggy, but poor Loki is turned into a prisoner with a job?

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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright and Katherine Woloson

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    1. Jordan B

      I’m still so confused how if there’s one sacred timeline then different variants exist in general, especially long enough to age into adults

    2. Kiritoalucard

      My only question would be how are there multiple (different looking) Loki's, if the TVA turned the multiverse into 1 timeline then shouldn't there only be 1 version of loki?

    3. Jaguar Morgan

      I have a question... If taking the stones from THAT timeline are stolen do the avengers return it to THAT timeline or was THAT timeliness destined to be screwed and the infinity stones that were stolen were returned to a timeline where it keeps going like before (as would be intended anyway). Am I understanding this like THE THING comic or am I understanding it. If so does that mean the avengers quite literally borrowed the infinity stones and put them back or did they screw a timeline IM CONFUZZLED |○ ○ | | ^^^ |

    4. Dr Cidd

      Why the avengers aren't on trial is explained in the show. Obviously, since they weren't fucked with. That must mean they're on the sacred timeline. Which takes a lot of the oomph out of it when you know the TVA pretty much assured their victory. Pretty much guaranteed that all of the MCU up to this point played out the way it did.

    5. Mjol ninja

      Starwars variant

    6. J S

      A month late... bear with me here, but I'm still curious as to how the TVA cuts off the branched timeline when Loki escaped with the tesseract. If they apprehended the Loki, then which Loki is it that continues living in the Sacred Timeline and then killed by Thanos? If they cut the branch to just before Loki escaped with tesseract, then that means the Avengers didn't have to go back further to the past, which means that all the scenes we are seeing in Endgame after that point is part of the branched timeline that was supposedly cut by TVA...

    7. Newsence

      My mom told me to tell you to stop talking about her in your videos. Also, you drank all the milk and didn't replace it.

    8. Deepak Karthikeyan

      if there is only one timeline how can there be so many variants?

    9. Alpha Vex Studios

      I understand, Loki never was being trialed, that was just a mirage, a ploy to look just and fair, no what it really was is an extermination facility where they destroy anything they did wrong, Loki was unfortunate, he technically was doing his own normal thing but the TVA saw it bad because he was meant to take the path he went on in the movies, Loki was never meant to veer off course even though that's technically what he would do if he had the tesseract, he never messed with time, it was just the TVA's mistake to allow the avengers to time travel in the first place, they should've just nabbed them up the minute they time travelled and and prunned them for their violations, they caused Loki to escape, they did it, they were to blame. but the time keepers allowed it for some unknown reason, I mean really, sure they would prevent the infinity stones from being removed from the timeline by returning them back to where they got them but that also caused Loki to escape and the branch to be created. If they were willing to risk creating a branch just so the avengers could prevent an apocalypse that, lets face it the TVA don't seem to worry about anyway, I mean they don't allow anyone to time travel just to prevent every single apocalypse that happens, sure Thanos snapping half the universe was bad but the TVA never stepped in to stop him, what real big picture reason do the avengers have to mess with the timeline and have Loki trialed for it, the avengers are nothing more but a ragtag team of flashy heroes who protect their planet like any other average joe in the universe, the only logic being the writers are actually telling the time keepers to allow this, because think about it, if the universe created the time keepers and who technically created the universe. what I'm saying is that marvel studios is actually somewhat a part of the MCU, people such as Stan lee and Kevin feige are actually in control of the time keepers and the TVA and the Time keepers can only control the flow of time if they did whatever the writers tell them to do and that was to allow the avengers in particular to time travel, I think even the Time keepers know that the whole universe was built solely for the avengers, and every civilization, every planet and every living cell was nothing more then a prop for Tony stark, Captain america and Thor to save the universe from Thanos just for us viewers to watch and for Disney to cash in a lot of money.

    10. Tony Montana

      Why did they take slyvie tho? That question Alone ruins ur theory of only people that take infinity stones get prined

    11. Cat Le

      But if there's only one sacred timeline, why are there so many Loki variants? For example, the Kid Loki killed Thor and therefore being prune & reset. But what if he doesn't, then he would still exists in his own timeline,... Which is confusing because it proves there are more than 1 existing timeline?

    12. no name

      that makes no sense. that would mean that every variant ever captured by the tva had sth to do with one infinity stone

    13. Prateek Gupta

      Wouldn't the loki taking tesseract also should be supposed to happen as in the last episode the one who remains said whatever you say do already being know to him so in context he already knew loki going to take tessaract, also loki taking tessaract and leaving earth will create a problem for avengers as there will be no loki to take back to asgard making thor 2 and hence anything else ever to happen, all bullshit man

    14. Asuelu

      I think the Avengers aren't on trail because they aren't a threat.... They go along with the program.

    15. HK Rogue Imp

      How accurate

    16. Bryan Alston

      This is also what eren has been seeing

    17. Mr. Ambiguoso

      Is it possible that while traveling through the quantum realm you are invisible to the tva? Chronopolis is supposedly in the quantum realm, could that mean that Kang the conquer never lost the multiversal war and was just hiding out in the QR? Why would He who remains allow Kang to have his city nestled there safely?

    18. TheLuxuriousKingDave

      But Fantastic 4 is Marvel also... definitely still MCU...

    19. Talk to Kevin

      Well done Man U predicted literally everything

    20. Michael Woods

      ik its late for videoes to be made on it but i am curious on how exactly cap returned the stones as they were out of there cases with the mind and space stones and how was the soul stone returned

    21. AL Can

      The aliens that visited the African school back in the 80a, or so, told the children that technology is bad. Is that because once we get to a certain level with technology our "timeliness will collide"? And there will be disaster, war? Because, if the universe is infinite, that'll mean there are worlds exactly like ours out there somewhere. And if we get the technology to travel there, and many other planets, along with many other societies doing the same thing, we'd all be panicked as hell. And we'd be at war. With very powerful weapons., that far in the future.

    22. Eno -Tech & Facts

      No, I think tva resides outside of time and space that's why no infinity stone works there

    23. Trauma Shark

      It's so wild watching this after episode 5, so spot on! 😂

      1. dfchang813

        Ryan is straight up sorcerer seeing future.

    24. Jay Cutler

      If the stones keep the timeline intact, What about Thanos destroying the stones in endgame? Also what about 2014 Thanos and his army, who time travelled only to get destroyed, so there’s no future Thanos or Nebula ?

    25. Ben Goldsmith

      were do all the lokis come from??

    26. Movin Jayasinha

      wait so what happened to the tesseract that loki snatched and created a branch with? according to the TV show, its confiscated by the TVA. So the branch where loki steals the tesseract never happens. But it in End game, it IS stolen, and they are forced into going earlier in time to find the tesseract. So does that mean the Tesseract no longer exists in the main avengers timeline?? That doesnt make sense cause thanos has the space stone in the future of that timeline. I think its a loop hole. I think they didnt clearly make the ground work for the pruning concept.

    27. Aastha Chandani

      So wait if they erased Loki then his mother is still alive and a lot of stuff has just been erased which just makes things more chaotic


      But if captain america was suppose to go back in time and the stone was suppose to slide by loki he was expect not to pick it up???

    29. Humberto Chavez

      are there timelines without time?

    30. Avishai Tchelet

      Can someone explain the difference between a "timeline" and a "multiverse"? So confused! I mean, if the TVA claims that there is 1 sacred timeline , then where did silvy come from? A diffirent timeline? A different reality? A timeline that is not sacred? I don't get this

    31. Aj Doherty

      Well first off no its said that if you deviate off the path the "time keepers" put in place for you then you'll become a variant even if your late for work when you wasn't supposed to be youll end up as a variant. And the infinity stones would most definitely create a nexus event if they was removed however just because they do get removed and the nexus event clipped it doesn't mean they wouldn't work. If loki took a time stone and took it back to its proper universe either his or lady lokis exc it would still work no matter what timeline or what alternate timeline they are on even if there are multiple of the same type of stones it will work. They dont work in the tva because it is outside of their birthed universe where they hold no power. Just because cap took the time stones back to the past does not mean he reset thanos he just clipped the nexus events where durmamu took over stuff like that. Returning the stones doesn't reset thanos because thanos himself created his own nexus event when coming to the future even if they got the stones back in time through the van thanos would have still been there even Bruce said changing the past doesn't change the future since going to the future was thanos future he wouldn't have been affected so when Tony snapped him out of existences the tva would have came down to reset the timelime to put him back in his past and the thanos that got snapped away would have became variants but since he got dusted along with everything he owned the tva wouldn't have needed to intervene other gamoura. Because resetting the timeline with the stones would mean gamoura would just disappear granted she did but im pretty sure she's just running away. im basically just placing my bet on gamoura because Bruce said to whats her face that if they returned the stones to the moment they was taken chronologically it was like it was never taken so if gamoura is still in the future that means the stones being taken back wouldn't have affected thanos or anyone so the tva would have no choice but to time bomb the timeline after tony beat them.

    32. SweetLizzy Blu

      In Loki ep 1, Mobius makes a very interesting statement. He says it, referring to the events of Loki’s life, happens again and again and again, because it’s supposed to, because it has to. This implies that the timeline, and possibly even just sections of the timeline, repeat. That has a number of implications for both Loki and the MCU.

    33. DCT

      I still think it's a version of Kang the conqueror maybe Imortaus who took over the TVA to ensure that the Time line doesn't create another multiverse where other Kangs exist and try to take over and that the multiverse war was a bunch of Kangs vying for supremacy.

    34. Kayra esen

      there are already multiverse in mcu; those with, and those without spiderman.

    35. Anup Ojha

      Will Deadpool be arrested by TVA?

    36. Finn the human

      So this is the reason for the mandela effects

    37. jonny o-bravo

      How accurate….

    38. Kanniammah Kala

      i have some question on my mind. actualy loki din't mess with time it was avengers. as specialy tony and ant men. they left the tessaract to loki. loki just take the tessaract and disappeared. not time jump. the tessaract just open the portal. it was space stone not time stone. then how loki can be time traveler. actualy TVA must catch the tony and ant men. not loki. they took the wrong guy.

    39. Cody Roberts/Bunch

      Dude I love these theories, also is anyone gonna talk about Dr Manhattan in the thumbnail?(what was that about?😂) Edit: So I finished the video and now I look like an idiot lmao

    40. Sinaduel

      Why do you have an image of Doctor Manhattan when he's a DC character, it's almost like you guys dont even know what you're talking about.

    41. Simon Brake

      I wonder whether the 'Sacred Timeline' is only sacred because it better benefits the TVA and its founders - in which case, if the actions of the Avengers benefits them the most they'll identify that as the sacred timeline. Although it does make me wonder whether the TVA had agents in place during the Avenger's time travel escapades to make sure everything went according to plan (which might explain how they were on Loki's case within minutes).

    42. SweetLizzy Blu

      The fact that there are variants means it’s not as locked in as they want us to think. Note also that the Miss Minute’s video in the 1st ep lists events that are not related to someone deliberately time traveling, like being late to work. My theory is we still have free will and can make different choices; the Time Keepers just interfere with that, trying to force us to stay on their predetermined path. Most humans comply because we tend to follow the path of least resistance.

    43. AMRUTHA A S

      Which infinity stone did lady loki remove? Why is she a variant?

    44. MHMD___ AFSAL

      thenwhat happen when cap and stark go to take tessaract on the base what happen take from there

    45. Miguelon Ramos

      No way?! My mom is in the MMCU

    46. Ace O.

      by traveling trought time, Thanos became a variant. If we relink the Loki series and Avengers the movie we can make a theory related to those events: The new Loki journey happened after Avenger 1, so nothing happened as we've seen before in that timeline wich got erased by TVA. Normaly Thanos action to come early to earth just after The Guardian of the galaxy event created a Nexus : so NY event didn't happened, and then also the blip as we knew making it a Nexus. Loki action leads to the destruction of the TVA, and by this gives the Avengers their 1 chance against 14M to win against the Mad Titan.

    47. Carlos Davis

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    48. Eyehole Man

      Even my mom that sounds cool she’ll show up and fuck shit up lol 😂

    49. bhusan dotel

      What's the date when TVA agents captured Loki from desert?

    50. EverythingLegendary

      None of this makes any sense I’must be stupid

    51. KateReadsBooks

      My real fave part is how he always finds a nice little segue into the ad.

    52. Angry Mario

      8:29 Even Mobius name is a nod to the Möbius strip which is in itself endless. When you walk on it it seems linear but viewed from the outside you see the loop

    53. Aditya Deshmukh

      wait, so a new timeline is only created when an infinity stone is removed and not when someone travels back in time?


      Wait a sec If the infinity stones keep the main 'sacred' timeline intact then in real time in MCU , now that all the times stones are destroyed by Thanos and old stones are returned to their own timeline how the the main timeline still intact when all stones are destroyed ??????????????

    55. Ash comet

      I think the timekeeper aren't as omnipotent as they seem because if they are making the timeline everything should appeal to how they make it, they shouldn't need the tva I think they direct the flow like pipes it follows that route but not every pipe is perfect so it leaks or causes a variant which makes the tva the plumber that fixes the leak and if it flows too much it becomes a new timeline or a new pipe

    56. Matagonia W

      Exactly Ryan, the scared timeline only protects the time keepers, since they choose what the scared timeline is. Their power is suspect, their intent is suspect, their knowledge of the future is suspect, their control is suspect. It is the suspicion of these time keeper that feeds the curiosity of our main Loki and gives him a goal to pursue. The bureacracy and the lie that the employees were created by the time keepers, suggests that they are not all knowing nor are they all powerful. Why would powerful beings that control time need assistants? Why would lying be necessary? If all is predetermined, then alteration or variation would be impossible. The TVA work to ensure a select timeline is brought into being. That would suggest there is no master or scared timeline but a section of events that must happen to ensure a particular outcome or outcomes. These events can be threatened by certain powers, hence infinity stones being targeted. It's not about fate or control of all time, it's about fear and the desire for power. Kang's whole deal.

    57. Elijah Taylor

      The arrowverses multiverse gets along much better than the mcu huh

    58. Geroldy

      Wait can someone explain how their can be variants so much different from each other or how those variants are made

    59. Lawson Champagne

      Please help I’m so confused. So the sacred timeline is it all universes in the multiverse have the same timeline? If so how did lady Loki happen. Yeah let’s say a nexus event happened and lady Loki was born but the tva would have seen that and erased that branch meaning no lady loki. And she couldn’t have escaped because she’s a baby

    60. Ian Gabriel Rizo

      Thinking about what the judge or whatever for the TVA, shouldn't we have seen it in the past movies of the future Avengers going back to the past? If it was always supposed to happen then why are we only seeing them alter the timline in endgame and not in the past movies?

    61. Jean Sebastien Darius

      I don't agree with the inifinity stone theory. Removing an infinity stone is just one example of an action that could cause reality to branch out. But that's certainly not the only one. For example in episode 2 of Loki, they travel to Pompeii and expected the timeline to branch without removing an infinity stone.

    62. David Jarrah

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    63. Ehrik Rick

      First, not all the variants have infinity stones, second, if they just removed the tesseract, doesn't that create a new timeline without it? He still escaped, and had the stone in the TVA. Third, I don't think the stone doesn't work in the TVA like Loki's powers, but WOULD work IN the timeline, again, like his powers. Lastly, I think nothing works in the TVA, because they're in the microverse city from antman and the wasp

    64. Adam Chabraszewski

      If you look at the background of the scene with Hulk and the Ancient One, you can see that the timeline is slightly rounded, which basically confirms your theory that MCU time is a circle.

    65. Million Dots

      I can’t believe the reveal at the end was Dr. Manhattan. It was truly a shocking experience


      I think this Loki series is going to lead us down to many movies.


      Actually, if you want to know whether Loki and wandavision is connected to Doctor strange and the multiverse of madness just search online. It's true.😀😀😀😀

    68. Vadrif Draco

      bruh that nordvpn transition was so smooth

    69. Kxmx xx

      But if you say that an alternate timeline only develops if an infinity stone is removed why did Ms Minutes say that even being late for work or sth. can develop a different timeline?

    70. Babol Joshua Lao

      Its not just stones that change time, just coz u dont touch a stone u create another timeline if u change the sequence of events. Feturning the stones doesnt undo the fact you stole thors hammer or u killed thanos from 2014. Or you whacking star lords head to change history

    71. Rapelang Mathibe

      I thinķ strange's 14 million outcomes is the number of alternate time lines

    72. David Gonzalez

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    73. Percy

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    74. Mike Evans

      That was l9ki talking to black widow in that place where she died


      When avengers returned the stones, they couldn't possibly returned the stones to same exact time from which they were taken..unless that time line was put on pause while the stones was removed..if infact they did put it at the time..it was more likely another timeline..which means there some some lines without stones


      But the avengers also removed infi6stones from another time lines

    77. William Andersson

      Trying to get 1000 subs on my school account!

    78. Adrian Lynch

      Loki got busted because he's from the timeline that he screwed up. He didn't time travel there thus he has no way to return the Tesseract to it's proper place in the timeline like The Avengers plan to. That's why the TVA allow the Avengers plan. They have a "time machine" they can see that the stones will be returned, however they can also see that Loki has no way to return the Tesseract so they had to nab him.

    79. nickyk1996

      How are there more than one Loki if there’s only one ‘sacred timeline’?

    80. Eliah Soler

      If loki is in the tva how is no one noticed he is missing

    81. Maiya Nate

      How was what Loki did not supposed to happen when it caused Steve and Tony to go back to New Jersey which was supposed to happen

    82. David D Carroll

      Showing the multiple versions of Loki reveals a major plot hole. Since the Time Keepers have already dealt with all the other timelines where Loki's origins are different, all the variants of Loki must be stages of his growth along the one and only sacred timeline. EIther that, or what the Time Keepers are really doing is prevents the dozens of timelines from interacting or crashing into each other. Either there is a complete timeline that created Loki's female version, or the Time Keepers would have pruned that timeline long before Sylvia Laufeysdaughter was ever born.

    83. Matthew McNeill

      am I the only one that had to backtrack multiple times to understand this? Not a fault of creator, quite the opposite, very dense and informative! Great work well researched!

    84. Matthew McNeill

      props for pro level ad integration 👍👍👍

    85. Oscar Dadula

      How bout the rat that set Ant Man free, wasn't that an accident? Orwas that supposed to happen? Because if ant man wasn't free from the quantum realm, they would never have the idea of travelling through time

    86. aewriter

      Trying to justify Avengers extracting Infinity Stones from Lokis timeline is dumb. Because Loki never extracted the Tesseract from his own timeline yet is still trialed. But bc the Avengers "returned" the extracted Infinity Stones, it's ok? Avengers extracting Infinity Stones leaves those timelines without Infinity Stones. Doesn't matter if the stones are returned to their specific time bc in those timelines time is still/always/continuously flowing.. meaning those timelines had a period without Infinity Stones! The TVA should have trialed the Avengers!

    87. lord

      Yooo the TVA chose the path of the time line dose this mean they pick and chose what's goes and get deleted, this would mean if a varent appears and they prefer the ending of that timeline they go with that and deleted the original....they could even make certain agents they go and nug a story line in the correct way and make their own varents.

    88. MCRINNEY

      If the avengers put the stones back to right when they took them, wouldn't the entire endgame final battle never have happened, because the 2014 Thanos and nebula die in 2023, then are back in the timeline, so doesn't the avengers talking the stones just create a loop?

    89. skelly silverlight

      It's not just removing an infinity stone because they literally show multiple instances (even in the first episode!) Where there is a branch created with nothing to do with any infinity stones!

    90. timomarkson

      But if Captain America Returned the stones how the work in the briefcase wouldn’t that change the future any out because the Tesseract was a cube and didn’t know that it was a space stone or the other ones how did he find and we turn the stone back into Thor girlfriend, So I don’t see how returning them would work because you’re returning them differently time Stu would be different after that point

    91. Rajiv Mote

      I'm not certain of the premise that Infinity Stone removal constitutes a Nexus event. The TVA didn't seem to care about the Tesseract or indeed any of the Infinity Stones. Why not replace the Tesseract in the timeline? Why stuff it in a junk drawer if its presence was so essential? The point of E1 seemed to be that Infinity Stones were kind of irrelevant to the TVA.

    92. Corey Callahan

      Loki is talking to black widow in this shot I swear >>>>11:00

    93. Everything batman collector

      Seems everyone uses nord vpn. Good rust chole insert. True detective was 1 of the best shows

    94. Kin

      What I don’t get is, if the avengers were always meant to go back in time, and hulk had to take the stairs and knock tony, that means the tesseract should always have landed next to Loki. Everyone was distracted at that point so no one saw the tesseract, so how was any other outcome possible other than Loki picking it up? What defines someone as a ‘varient’ when they do something which is lead by a fixed sequence of events?

    95. Lewis Samuel

      Surely the 2012 timeline where Loki was pulled out of for stealing the stone will forever be different because he will not be apart of its future, same goes for every timeline that someone is pulled out of. I feel like I’m missing something

    96. L D

      I’m am less confused thank you

    97. Alessandro Abate

      The Time Keepers are the bad guys.

    98. Patrick Butts

      Please tell me y'all don't believe that's another female Loki variant? It's clearly black widow

    99. Jay

      In the first doctor strange movie, the Ancient One said that there was an infinite number of universes, the multiverse. But in Loki, miss minutes said that there is only one timeline. I am confused right now. Does somebody know how this works?

    100. xis burnt toast

      you changed my timeline by playing a nord VPN advertisement in the middle of it....