LOKI Recap: Everything You Need to Before the New MARVEL Show


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    Loki is about to premiere on Disney Plus, and just in case you want a refresher on Marvel's favorite villain (or you're new to this whole cinematic universe thing) here is the life of Loki in ten minutes. We cover everything form Thor, The Dark World, Ragnarok, the Avengers, Infinity War, and Endgame.

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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright

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    1. ScreenCrush

      Who do you want to see appear in the Loki show?

      1. Nieves Calixtro

        Over all Loki is stronger then Thor in the comics. I don't know why Marvel gave Loki such a weak paper in the movies. It's just disgusting.

      2. Arief Rakhman

        Matt Damon

      3. Aviral Singh

        Dr Strange

      4. Jimmy Jones

        If people want Doctor Stange. Then we need Mephisto. Lol

      5. Surabhi C S

        Dr Strange

    2. man_of_many_pants1114

      Thanos gave Loki the mind stone in the scepter so he could retrieve the tesseract. The tesseract had been guarded on earth for many years. Loki was the key to thanos gaining many of the infinity stones, although tragic in the end

    3. Kade Coleman

      The song at 7:06 is Creed - with arms wide open. Creed is my all time favorite band and not many people know or noticed that they’re actually a Christian rock band. My favorite song of theirs is One Last Breath but honestly I don’t even think they have a single song that’s actually bad per say, just my personal opinion.

    4. Kade Coleman

      This video made me realize I’ve literally never seen any of the marvel movies after the second iron man 🥴 except guardians 1 & 2 and black widow and Spider-Man homecoming. I definitely need to get on that and check em out

    5. Mangaii Ralte

      Fav quote: Love is a Dagger

    6. Raymond tembo

      8:04 Because loki is a good salesman y'all

    7. Sunny H

      Loki being a varient is so important

    8. AmandaHugandKiss411

      ? The whole Infinity Stone thing is straight out of Sailor Moon the Infinity stones are called the Rainbow Crystals. It is so close that the chick that wrote and created Sailor Moon should have been credited in some way or sued. I am kidding, nobody has a hope in hell of successfully sueing Disney.

    9. BOZ

      First of all, hela is Loki's daughter

    10. Gameboob

      thanks but now i don't want to watch the series :/

      1. Guess Who

        Why?? The serie is awesome

    11. MOBROOKS

      1:06 “milner? whats milner” Hahahahaha

    12. - xo EB -

      God this is so confusing 😂😂😂😭😭😭

    13. DramaLlama

      Fav quote: I'm listening

    14. Sandeep Sinha

      Thumbs up for Community references

    15. Pro Gamer

      For loki series you only need to know from 7:07

    16. Quixscent 27

      Thank you so much this was very informative also cute dog🥰

    17. CACAOLO YT

      bro i love this guy, hes not like other people, HE GETS TO THE DAMN POINT AND START TALKING ABOUT WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR

    18. Linxi

      what do you mean Loki is not a Slytherin! He wears green😂 Besides “I‘ve been falling for 30 minutes “, I like “ I don’t want to play get help”😂😂😂

    19. Trish at Goldenwood Farm

      LOL" Norse-mitzva" Heh!

    20. Robert Falzone

      And I thought I knew the Loki backstory. I had no idea that I needed you in my life.

    21. Gen4John

      Loki a Ravenclaw? He's clearly Hufflepuff

    22. lunaticz0r

      I was totally with this until the last 2 minutes hahaha jeez time travel is so complicated

    23. Nieves Calixtro

      Over all Loki is stronger then Thor in the comics. I don't know why Marvel gave Loki such a weak paper in the movies. It's just disgusting.

    24. Brandy Rose

      Yes! Loki is a Ravenclaw! 😍💙✨

    25. IlluminatiNacs

      7:15 it says 1975, BRUH she was born in '81 how the hell could she do an interveiw 6 years before shes born? someone made a boo boo

      1. IlluminatiNacs

        wait..... was that SNL? it could have been an overlay they did, so im probably wrong xD

    26. Michael Carr

      Hey Ryan & Doug, Love the videos - Make Mine ScreenCrush. You mentioned the 8-Legged Horse that Odin reads in this video. I'm currently reading Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. In one of the stories, Loki becomes a chestnut coloured mare to tempt the stallion Svadilfari away from it's master (I won't spoil the reason why). He is absent for a full year from Asgard and when he reappeared, he was accompanied by an eight legged male foal named Sleipnir who, when grown, he presented to Odin as a gift as he was considered the best horse among gods and men.

    27. Josefina

      I agree 100%; Loki is a Ravenclaw

    28. skonenblades

      I laughed a lot at "Hey, free baby!"

    29. Fox On Board

      „I will never do it again“ - LOKI

    30. Krusty The clowm

      All I'm going said js that the first 20 minute of loki was better than the whole wandavision series 😂

    31. michael Brown

      That was amazing. You're the best.

    32. Paul Dehnbostel

      The Destroyer is not a robot. It's Odin's armor that can magically act on its own.

    33. Edgar Diaz

      Loved all the outside references lmao

    34. Lexi Eve

      Nah!!!! Loki isn't THAT smart. He's Slytherine! I took the Sorting Hat onpine and as a Slytherine myself, Loki, a master of Magic, is undoubtedly a Slytherine also!!!

    35. C. Tuna

      It sux, don't waste your time. These are comic book characters and only share names of the gods.

    36. Alex Peraza

      Loki's greatest mischief was tricking Thor into dying his eyebrows blond in the first Thor movie. "No, really, brother, it's all the rage in Midgard!" [concealed laughter]

    37. Hess Grigorowitschs

      too many unnecessary jokes makes you really cringe

    38. Yasi Soufi

      Doug Loki is a trickster ! He can manipulate the gods and alien villains!! 😁😆

    39. rafael lariosa

      Okay I love how you’re a fan of Community. Cool cool cool!!

    40. Oasis Rules

      Tin Foil... Owen Wilson is Loki. What I mean is Owen Wilson is a older variant of Loki that has been working for the TVA and slowly manipulating them from within for a long time!

    41. Sara J Méndez B

      Thank you 🎊

    42. Pencil

      Currently watching this 10 mins before the release 😎

    43. Mr Savvy

      Slytherin ...def..

    44. zillabeast

      Heck of a work up, well done

    45. maca fuentes

      I just realized that when Loki fix all the new time lines he is literally gonna die on infinity war 🥺

    46. Tranquil Meditation

      8 Hours Deep Sleep Meditation Rain with Rolling Thunder - Fall Asleep Fast Sleep Meditation

    47. m C

      love the wrestling references lol

    48. Darth Valdez

      I will be honest with you... I'm "LOKI" excited!

    49. TideEyed_Steve

      I am burdened with glorious purpose, or anytime he just uses the word glorious.😉

    50. Janming Lee

      They better have a play dead reference in loki series. That line was the best.

    51. Cow Boy

      Nice work on the title for this vid

    52. Nicholas Whorley

      @0:36 Asgard is not a place, it's a people.

    53. Aaron Berg

      It's almost heartbreaking that the Loki of the show will be a version who didn't lose his mom, bond with Odin in his final moments, nor learned to work together with Thor as an Odinson. Instead, this Loki is fresh off his loss against the Avengers. All that character growth, gone.

      1. Borb

        @Priyanshi Jain this was commented before the episode came out

      2. Priyanshi Jain

        watch the episode bruh.

    54. Iwan Latchford

      How dare you call Anthony Hopkins English! 😡

    55. Conor Gillis

      *English ... Sir Anthony Hopkins is Welsh dear boy.

    56. lb7523

      Hey yo should do some Harry Potter videos please, like the essay videos yo make with comics

    57. Ericka Lopez

      Even though I heard it thousand times, I still find it funny everytime... "I've been falling for 30 minutes"

    58. Anna Dela Cruz

      EEEYYYY FREEE BABYYY i cant lmao

    59. lilmil

      You fucked up on the title

    60. The Villian Sharpie!

      Thor 2 never happened lol

    61. Ezra Lade

      2:53 shut up nerd

    62. Julia Kay

      Now my head hurts.

    63. Joseph T

      He gave him the scepter cause it was influencing Loki and it was needed to get the stone that led to easier access to the rest.

    64. jung yi

      The worried change monthly sign because rocket neurobiologically battle between a truculent australian. splendid, small frame

    65. It's Janine again

      I have been falling for thirty minutes!!

    66. Kate Jiang

      And he managed to stab a man called Phillip J. Coulson who leads another story

    67. rohhubo riqipra

      The tan gender noteworthily exercise because grey baly plan onto a draconian teaching. gullible gusty, dramatic wasp

    68. jalabi99

      7:56 Good question, Doug! Good boy!

    69. vitorsfate

      My favorite Loki quote is from Infinity War: Loki “If you're going to Earth, you might want a guide. I do have a bit of experience in that arena”. Thanos “Well, if you consider failure experience”. Loki “I consider experience ,experience”.

    70. Juulie

      Favorite quotes: “You had one job, just the one.” “I’VE BEEN FALLING FOR THIRTY MINUTES.”

    71. Yvette Szabo

      Thor: Listen to ME..... (Iron man incoming,, :))) ) Loki: I'm listening

    72. Kobrag90

      Ironically, Loki was one of the fairly less bad people in the 'original' eddas. Though some pre christian sources seem to hint he was either spider related, a god of the home and/or the protector of children.

    73. # PUNCH

      Best intro ever " I will not be bullied..... smash smash smash

    74. geekishgirl

      Excellent recap and reminder! Whenever my grown daughters who weren't comic nerds growing up get confused about what's going on, like in WandaV and Falcon & Winter, I send them a link to your vids. Think they're going to want to watch this one too! Thank you, and tell Doug I agree

    75. alano

      2:00 you could hear Ryan barely keeping it together at his own dad joke hahaha

    76. Vicky Garnett

      “...we get to watch these two English actors go to work for a living” Anthony Hopkins is a fiercely proud Welshman. Not English.

    77. Mid Knight

      Loki is an amazing CHARACTER

    78. jeremye02

      “SuPRISEEE. 🤨” - Loki

    79. Joel Teye

      Wow beautiful

    80. steveOHH26

      See this is the part i don’t get cap went back in time to put the stone right back where they got them from but doesn’t come back to the time he left. he goes to meet up with his lady friend so wouldn’t that be the same thing Loki did in a sense? So shouldn’t the time cops be after him too?

    81. Alex Arrowood

      "The Sun will shine on us again brother" Thanos: Your Optimism is misplaced asgardian. Loki: Well for one, Im not asgardian and two, we have a hulk

    82. Vera Mae

      If you enjoy Norse mythology with a science fiction twist, look for Pohl Anderson's novels. He also wrote in other historical settings.

    83. Jorge Carbajal

      1:34 Odin imprisoned her in Hel.

    84. Jon Sadler

      5:08 English actors? Hopkins is Welsh, very ignorant to call him English.

    85. Joods Feliciano

      on the dog's question: Josh Brolin said in an interview that goes something like "Thanos is so callous that his only solution is to eliminate..." or something to that extent.

    86. Ian R

      Is this a hint Seth Rollins is Loki?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    87. Saswata Seal

      I didn't do it for him

    88. OptimusThanos

      Quick note about the hela timeline, she was imprisoned after she slaughters everyone in the palace and then a couple hundred years after she tries to escape which prompts Odin to call in the Valkyrie. P.S. love your channel

    89. CT LIM

      I’m surprised Doug can talk now. Soon he will be taking over Ryan’s job 😆😆

    90. Erika Gholston

      I would love to see Thor or Hemdall.

    91. David Ranallo

      NLname comedy is atrocious.

    92. JACOBBAND _1

      How many community clips can be put into one non community video: so far 3

    93. Betina Aleixo

      OK, am I the only one here who DESPERATELY needs a video explaining why Loki is a Ravenclaw?

      1. Carrie Goldsmith

        yes! I was like, "What‽ He's Slytherin for sure!"

    94. PufftheMagicDream

      Ohh I had forgotten about Matt Damon Loki loooool

    95. Natnal Zekarias

      3:27 bottom left

    96. Sam Warrior She_Her

      I can't wait for this to finally be here, been waiting since they said it was going to happen, no that's a lie I was waiting before that lol, I just hope they are not going to f it up like the other two marvel shows,

    97. Vincent Tétard

      It’s funny how Americans pronounce Nordic names

    98. Vodfather1

      Great video, one minor thing (though he may disagree) Anthony Hopkins is Welsh, not English

    99. The Modern Musketeer

      Puny god

    100. Cody Mennenga

      What you did at 7:06 had me in tears and unable to breathe I was laughing so damn hard. Tip of the hat to you and the editors good sir 👍