LOKI: What Happens Next In the Broken AVENGERS ENDGAME Timelines? | Marvel Theory breakdown


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    1. ScreenCrush

      What do you think happened to all of these broken timelines?


        But they put the stones back…

      2. Anand Ajayan

        Nothing happened. Because in Loki Episode 2 we get know that the new branched timeline has it's own "real time". That means that timeline only started growing now. So what avengers did in the endgame was they didn't gone to the past in the " sacred" time line, instead they go to the branching timeline in it's real time. So they can give back the stone. for example in the case of time stone, the ancient one give hulk the time stone, but maybe after 5 seconds steve returns with it. because that time line only started growing now. So technically in the branched timeline the time stone is never gone. but the ancient on had a different moment in her life from the sacred time line. It is the same for all other cases. all except when loki escapes. in thath branch even after 5 seconds the stone was never returned so it became a nexus event............ That's why loki is the only variant not the avengers. and probabily there will be no alternate timeline that are created by the avengers.

      3. Diana Pennepacker

        Mel Gibson is Iron Man. Wanda is played by a cross dressing Dwayne Johnson. The Vision is blind. Dead Pool is laughing at Peter Parker for not being able to park. Thor wins video game tournaments.

      4. Mr Robot Elliot

        remember Ant-Man said that time is different in quantum realm. it means that when Thor got his Mjolnir and Thor went to his reality, and when Cap. America returned the hammer it was only missing for couple of seconds or minutes in 2013 asgard thats why it didn't create a new timeline. that is my theory.

      5. Joe O'Neal

        If the events/outcome of the End game were always supposed to happen. Then Loki is not a time-variant. His taking of the stone in End Game force Tony and Cap to travel back in time to get another stone. Wherein Tony meets his dad and finds closure. Without this, Tomy might not have decided to sacrifice his life resulting in a different ending.

    2. E.Schleiermacher

      4:10 that's not true if they erased the timeline there is no universe were Loki not exist becouse the alternate universe is destroyed

    3. ThatBoyTony

      I care that quicksilver died!!!😠😠😠

    4. Agung Zon Blade

      I'm waiting for the timeline when tony didn't create his chest machine instead he absorb it lmao.

    5. Noctis Yic

      You got it wrong and missed out the whole point of what ancient one and banner said. Cap would returns all stones they had taken to their respective timeline. on 2012, cap would return the mind stone and time stone a few seconds later in that timeline, but of coz Loki would still got away with the space stone . Then the TVA prune that timeline later . 2013 wouldn’t get affected much as cap would return the hammer and reality stone. Yup 2014 is fucked but cap would return the power stone and mind stone (awkward reunion) but with no more thanos army and Gamora.

    6. Dragonborn795

      Continue to be wrong and left out information of about the TVA destroying the timeline that veers off from the main timeline

    7. CheezyPr0ductionz

      A su madre

    8. Gomino Jirbon

      I don't think anytime line is broken. I think all time line went back to it's origine before kang.

    9. Phteven

      This doesn't jive with what the Ancient One said about returning the stones. Wouldn't she know that there'd be more branched timelines even if they returned the stones?

    10. TeeTeeDoreia

      I think you're wrong about the industry Stone. Loki had the mind stone in the staff and that was still left in the hands of Shield/Hydra even though he was erased from the time line.

    11. Ayush Gupta

      If we think the other way around, maybe the TVA never goes after the Avengers for breaking the "scared timeline" and creating branch realities because they end in a total apocalypse. And thus not creating a nexus event.

    12. Jo Bursch

      I kind of think the Loki in that Castle, took the Time stone and tesseract and thats how he ruled the timeline and changed things and since they have all the stones, they figured out how To "prune" people.

    13. Jo Bursch

      all at the expense of Tony and Black Widow and Gomora...

    14. Miguel Herras

      I think u're wrong about Dormamu, I mean no time stone no Dormamu in the first place, Am I wrong ? Im confused too 🤔

    15. Terry Prentice

      The Multiverse is trying to happen all the time and the TVA keeps trimming it back. So, the TVA will be destroyed or rendered incapable of containing the timelines, resulting in the birth of the Multiverse. Which will lead us into Spider-Man 3 & Dr. Strange 2. And probably What If? too.

    16. William Paul Singh Harika

      I assume the TVA did not stop the Avengers because all they did was based on a plan of Dr Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme and keeper of the time stone. Who likely has a big sign in the TVA saying, do not interfere with what he does, only the bosses are allowed to contact him.

    17. Igor Dasunddas

      I wonder though... Given Cap brings back the stones (even if it's possible) to each time / branch just a second later than when he took them, it probably won't save these universes / branches of time. The big question though, is: does it matter? And also: shouldn't the infinity stones from another time branch not even be able to work in the main timeline (or any other timeline than the one they are from)?

    18. Mark Mayer

      Question: can you repair a broken timeline? So 2012 is unfixable as is 2014 ... no repairing will fix those deviations. But 1970 and 2013 MAY be fixable, in that relatively little happened, and by returning the stones and hammer, Steve Rs course corrects the deviation. Not pruning it so much as grafting it back together. Under this theory endgame creates 3 alternative timeliness. 1. 2012, pruned by the TVA. 2. Steve Rs returns to his past, a big question mark. 3. Thanos killed in the "primary" timeline, leaving the 2014 branch without him.

    19. kelsey sharma

      But in episode 4 of the Loki series, Loki was pruned, so my question is that if he was pruned how would he have gone rampant through time? If Steve went back in time to stay with Peggy wouldn’t that have created a nexus event causing the minute men to rest that universe? Shouldn’t the timeline have been reset after these nexus events were created?

    20. Magpie Media

      @ScreenCrush - Have you discussed Endgame at all? 'o.O The whole premise of Endgame is that they go back in time to undo the snap. They kill Thanos after the snap, by chopping off his head. Tony stark invents a time machine, in which they gather up the stones before Thanos has snapped his fingers, eventually fighting the younger Thanos and killing the Thanos that has yet to snap his fingers, Also killing Tony Stark. Tony Stark saves everything. Or did he? Captain America goes back in time to put the stones back where they found them. Thing is, he shouldn't be able to. Captain America would have gone back in time, and found the stones weren't gone. They weren't gone because nobody took them. The Avengers wouldn't have taken the stones to undo the snap because they already killed Thanos before the events in Infinity wars. There is no snap. Captain America, having gone back in time, would also not be sitting on the bench. The snap wouldn't have happened, So Tony stark wouldn't have invented a time machine, and Banner, Bucky, and Sam would not be waiting at said time machine for Captain America to come back from going back in time.. (And Tony wouldn't have needed to snap his fingers, restoring what Thanos had done, because Thanos didn't snap in infinity wars. He was already dead in Endgame. Tony stark would then still be alive.) The entire Endgame film is a complete bloody plot hole. For a film that spent $350 million, not good.. >.>

    21. dasein

      Why didn't they take Gamora? She didn't belong there as well, did she?

    22. KYLSAVE

      The only broken timeline is the 2012, because Captain America returned all of the stones and Mjölnir to all their respected timelines, the 2012 timeline is broken because the tesseract was taken to the TVA and wasn’t returned to the original timeline

    23. Julie Steimle

      Already this is an obsolete explanation.

    24. Soled Controlled

      The nippy loan early yawn because pest practically remember in a violet trigonometry. adventurous, awful trail

    25. Azeem Pollard

      Plot hole. Why didn’t the tva step in after the first time travel test with Hawkeye. They had no plan to return the stones yet.

    26. WaterAntEater 66

      Captain America created a new universe and that’s where SpiderMan far from home starts and beyond so why don’t the TV erase the original universe that wasn’t altered with or the new universe of SpiderMan far from home

    27. BeeAspect

      Can I just point out that Loki is gender fluid? So wouldn’t their pronouns be “they/them”? If that’s correct, it’d probably be preferred if you referred to them with the right pronouns

    28. SweetLizzy Blu

      I think the answer is found in a combination of the Ancient One’s explanation and the TVA video. It’s not time travel itself that creates branches. The Ancient One says removing an infinity stone results in a branch. By returning the stones, those branches are “clipped” or destroyed. However, the TVA video also lists things that have nothing to do with deliberate time travel, such as being late to work. Branches are created by anything that disrupts the predetermined plan, which time travel that doesn’t involve removing infinity stones might not do. Remember also what Banner says; traveling to the past doesn’t alter it; it becomes your future. So Steve could have traveled back without disrupting the original timeline. Small changes can probably be absorbed into the main timeline. The time he lived in the past with Peggy is now part of his future. Think of it like copying and pasting part of a paragraph to the end of a document. You can edit the new paragraph without changing the old one. Then, by returning to the point he left, he effectively moves that point ahead of the time he lived in the past (because it becomes his future) and time proceeds normally from there. We already know now that the multiverse is likely created by the Loki variant, not anything the Avengers did. The question is where did she come from. I’m thinking she’s from a red line event they failed to stop. The TVA was created to prevent alternate timelines (so they say), but we don’t know if they’ve been completely successful or if that’s even true.


      But they put the stones back…

    30. Legionairre

      If Cap created more timelines by time traveling then he wouldn’t return the stones to their correct timelines, he would return A stone to a timeline that needed it, for example by travelling to a timeline where he would return the time stone the second Banner left. Kind of how in Prisoner of Azkaban Hermione and Harry return just as a different version of themselves travelled back in time, thus creating a loop

    31. Moein Chanoor

      TVA will Reset the timelines and branches after the stones are brought back

    32. Joash Salvador Das

      Why don't they just erase the alternate realities that had been created and just live on the present idk lol i'm stupid, but i want to be enlightened too

    33. Angel Murray

      BEST AVENGERS VIDEO YET 💯❤❤❤ I have to watch this again and again now to wrap my mind around this!!❤❤❤

    34. Jon Hayes

      nothing, because they returned the cube. loki never escapes with it. he finishes his LOKI arc and Mobius resets the timeline to just before loki escapes and prevents it. Variant Loki stays in the TVA and is uneffected by it because he exists outside the prime universe. He becomes Timekeeper Loki. Season two is him pulling a flash and saving his mother, which will ultimately lead to the defeat of the big bad Kang. Mobius will reveal that Loki escaping was always part of the sacred timeline because it was caused directly by the avengers changing the past, which was also part of the sacred timeline. The timekeepers altering the timeline has already been shown to still be part of the sacred timeline. Kang will be revealed to be a Timekeeper who ultimately goes rogue and Variant Loki will replace him when they defeat him. Mobius will also reveal that he is also a timekeeper. Think of the timekeepers as less of mythical beings with godly power..and more of a ..distinguished field agent who rises to the rank. The reason the timekeepers are so secretive is because if it were discovered that the timekeepers werent all powerful..confidence in the TVA might be lost. Hell, the more I write..the more I think that the timekeepers just have the time stone that comes from the sacred timeline, and they often use it the same way Dr. Strange did in Infinity War. HELL, maybe Dr Strange is a timekeeper himself. He is the title character in Multiverse of Madness after all and it fits with my "the timekeepers are just smart and responsible soldiers who use the time stone to preserve peace" This logic. If the TVA wiped out the entire universe that Loki escaped from..then that moment counts as an apocalypse timeline. Variant Loki demonstrated that apocalypse timelines do not create nexus events..so any change to that timeline(loki escaping, for instance), would ultimately change nothing. My final take. The TVA is lying.

    35. Ak

      Drax might have stopped but had rocket said that to Clint there would'nt be a rocket anymore

    36. Ak

      Peggy won't let world war third happens she didn't need Steve Rogers to live her life though her love life without Steve is Incomplete everyone needs Someone to be a beacon For them to return.

    37. Ak

      Oh yeah who has the time stone

    38. Ak

      If she said he was supposed to go back then why would they reset Peggy simple it's Marvel's joke like Ralf Bonner remember u idiots.

    39. Jude C.J

      Lesson -ever time travel if u dont have super hyper original hologram teks 😑

    40. Jude C.J

      Uhhhhh i was thinking of geting my confusion but this was like Getting 30 hulk on my head

    41. • • • LOADING

      Marvel masterfully connecting dozens of different Marvel movies over the course of a decade in a cinematic universe and then splitting that cinematic universe into a cinematic multiverse. Meanwhile over at DC comics: *Derr derr ditty doo doo derr doo doo* 💩 🥁 🐒

    42. Bullseye Bob-E

      ooooooo I love the idea of the Cosmic Skull... They really need to bring back some of these characters... *cough Ulton *cough*

    43. Chosen One

      Wait but Steve returned the stones so that wiped away the branching timelines right?

    44. JR Harryman

      I think their are always "multiple timelines" and universes. As Long as the universe results in the timekeepers existing and ruling over the timeline that universe is allowed to continue to exist. I figure we will see that the timekeepers or "keeper" Is doing all this for his own gain not to protect one timeline.

    45. Branden Williams

      If Cap returns the stones to the exact point in time, like hulk said it closes the branch.

    46. NoNamePresent

      What if cap is the one who shall not be named

    47. Controlled Opposition with James Lopez

      Maybe other time lines exist that are much more different than the sacred timeline one where the variant Loki becomes aware of the time keepers.

    48. Yenifer Martinez

      Its annoying to see the heroes do as they please, while Loki can't fulfill his glorious purpose 😒

    49. Northrend Icecrown

      This is a really great video

    50. Miss Bhargavi

      Is it illegal for u show the scenes

    51. Heet Mehta

      How would the Time stone not be there for Dr.Strange?? It has always been kept by Ancient One

    52. wearwolf420 PSN#codeguess

      According to episode 1 of loki the timeline he is from has been reset and that loki exists outside of his timeline. He even stats I can't go back can I? So basically nothing has changed. His timeline has been fixed. He was suppose to be erased and the single timeline loki we see in the movies is still there

    53. Heather Risley

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    54. Wade W. Wilson

      What infinity stone do I have to fuck with to make sure that Brie Larson never becomes Captain Marvel

    55. Arjun Santhosh Kumar

      After watching the last SC video, I had 2 brain cells left. After this, I lost them too.

    56. Glow Like Leroy

      If the stones were returned how are the timelines broken. The only timeline that wasn't fixed and subsequently pruned was the Loki TV show timeline, right?

    57. Manuel Duarte

      When Steve returned the Infinity Stones the alternate realities were fixed. The only one that didn't look good was loki's when he took the teseract. But that line was reset by the TVA so now it's fine. It shows that you did not understand the movies or the Loki series

    58. LifeLikeJosie


    59. Drew Hessler

      The 2012 timeline got pruned tho

    60. Drix Diel

      Its as if you didnt watch end game. Everything you mentioned that was lost in those time were returned right after they were "stolen" from that timeline. So they were lost for, what like a second or two.

    61. MinerPvPGaming 21

      According to Agents of shield, the qauntum realm allows u to travel between timelines which would mean that the stones were returned to the same timeline. Agents of Shield takes place in an alternate timeline too.

    62. Gabriel Alcala

      I am hereby officially leaving the MCU universe. Good luck trying to win me back Disney! You've completely lost me! Tough luck for you!

      1. CCL Studios

        This is just a theory video

    63. LRE

      When Steve Rogers went back in time wouldn’t he have to put the Mind stone back into the sceptre, and the Space stone back into the Tesseract?

    64. Manojkumar Setti

      How can loki b a Lady

    65. Jennie Schneider

      OK, so if removing stones from the timeline creates a new timeline, wouldn't removing the stones from the main timeline to return them ALSO create a new timeline? and moreover even more as each stone was returned? Like if Cap started in 2018, removed all the stones to go back to 1970, that's 1 branch. Then he returns 1 stone in 1970, and then removes the remaining 5 stones from that 1970 branch, that's the second branch so on and so forth each time he time jumps (5 branches i think). And then when he goes to 1949 he doesn't have any stones so there is not a branch? Also, if they created several branches by removing the stones in the first place, how did they all get back to the main timeline with the stones? Why didn't each branch return to 2018 in their timeline and then only have the stones they went back for, not all 6?

    66. curtyct {ct

      You know Ryan it's really unfortunate because this was a very well researched and thorough video but I just can't take it this channel seriously after the caddy and truly pathetic jab at another NLnamer earlier I just can't get it out of my head and it's too bad because I it kept me from enjoying this video you know I said earlier that I like might be done with this channel and looks like I was right because I couldn't even pay attention I watched it I tried watching it twice to give you a chance but I can't even give my attention to the video like it would have deserved before I watch the video earlier today where you made that caddy transparently insecure insult towards somebody just trying to entertain the community he/we've all built w/ the MCU internet community to differing degrees passion and honest yet undeniably hard work the dude truly got a lot of people out of their heads and gave them a little bit of stress-free entertainment that was lacking so completely at times over the last year and that's not an overstatement he regularly on brought out content where other people couldn't find it meant a lot to a lot of people who weren't equipped for the cosmic gut punch Covid delivered to us all, not to mention just trying to put f****** food on his family's dinner table so once again I'd like to thank you for taking me so completely out of a video I should have really enjoyed and the enjoyment I've been getting from Loki right up until that last video I saw yours thanks man

    67. Hyper99

      I don't get it though. Yes, those timelines would have gone south without the Infinity Stones, but Steve managed to retrieved every single one of them to their respective timelines, that's why the TVA didn't intervene, and it was stated in Loki that them traveling back in time was supposed to happen. So, at the end, everything is OK, right?

    68. Дмитрий Адвокатов

      Oh this warm feeling of you understanding events of this complicated and entangled universe, what caused what and what follows what and why and so on... Aaaaand its gone

    69. Luis Acevedo

      This is what confused me when the judge says the avengers were supposed to go back in time

    70. Lord Maurus

      I'm thinking the TVA was created after the secret wars 1 event and it's moving towards the secret wars 2 event

    71. smevox

      Hmm, no Cap Marvel? I'm ok with that.

    72. Guardian Of Light

      I'm wondering if this will be what leads into the What If series. Cause if the TVA by the end resumes preventing splitting timelines, then how would the Watcher be able to know about these alternate ones, like when T'challa was captured instead of Peter Quil. The TVA would have just erased that timeline before T'challa grew up into the guy we see in the trailer. I think by the end of it the TVA won't be able to reset the timelines and now we'll have a multiverse.

    73. Mr Robot Elliot

      you're missing something the 2012 where LOKI escaped is erased from existence thats thats why LOKI is now an extraperson including that Girl LOKI. The TVA said that they need to reset the timeline before it reaches the red line where they can't reset it.

    74. Peter Pak

      Isn't Gomorrah a time varient then?

    75. Fuck Off

      This whole series and timeline shit is bunch of bullshit, dont make any fucking sense at fucking all..i just enjoy the show tho..

    76. Pearce Burkhardt

      The timeline most broken is the one that involves your mom

    77. Max

      Marvel get‘s to complicated.

    78. wordsinahandle

      Catastrophe = apocalyptic = tva doesnt care.

    79. wordsinahandle

      Question: What happens in the Avengers lobby after this Loki Variant is captured by the TVA? Does a reset version of Loki get put back in the lobby so the original MCU loki timeline continues?

      1. wordsinahandle

        @Lobo Bobo in that branch timeline is Thor looking for Loki .. or the mongolian reset cannister replaced variant Loki with a copy in the lobby? What do you think resetting a person means? Like if they had not purged this variant Loki would they have reset him and put him in the lobby and put a copy back m? But if they haven't reset then is Thor still looking for his brother?

      2. Lobo Bobo

        A branching timeline was created, when Loki picked up the Tesseract. The original timeline never changed, so there's no need to replace Loki.

    80. Peter James Ledwith

      But there isnt a multiverse in this now....only one with alternative time lines. im confused....multiverses only happen when the red line is crossed so how can female lokis exist? (it's obvious the Loki variant is a woman)

    81. PROPHET

      This is why I always stick to Startrek. Its just so much complicated and confusing in MCU.

    82. Kirby Henry

      Endgame tried to explain that returning the stones corrected the timeline. We also have the TVA monitoring the flow and deleting any timeline that goes too far off course. How do we go from that to there are many doomsday timelines??

    83. Tim Creech

      "Time is an ocean" looks like someone hasn't seen Legion.

    84. Stobie-wan Kenobi Lives

      I am watching Episode two. When they go back to 1985, is that location the Renaissance faire site in Bristol, Wisconsin even thought they are calling it Oshkosh? The buildings look so familiar!

    85. Ken Wong

      Ml o

    86. Naman

      did cap met the red skull while returning the soul stone?????

    87. W.A.G.S (WeAreGamerS)

      How about the thanos who jump to the future.? Did he also break the timeline right?

    88. The Go Gang

      Is it really a bad thing if captain marvel doesn’t get her powers 🤭

    89. Vjcj Dj

      That's not another loki variant....that's loki in the future....

    90. L8A

      Loki don't change time, he just teleport to desert. Tva agents take him and erase the timeline without a three infinity stones.

    91. John Warlock

      Avengers are fucked

    92. Arjuna

      U forgot that when cap goes back to live with Peggy there are 2 caps in the same stream.

    93. Fylian Gray

      It would be cool if each branch reality got a proper parallel Earth number and even better, get a glimpse of a couple of them in 'What If'.

    94. unknown Knife

      No wait hold on ego won’t find Peter the expansion won’t ever happen

    95. Quenton Bouknight

      They forget that the TVA resets branched timelines.

    96. rajesh mithun

      We want this alternate universe series

    97. Manfield bennington

      If the endgame steve didn't wake up frozen steve, then the frozen steve would go along with time like he's meant to do. And when he(frozen steve) reaches a point where he completes his OWN 'endgame', he should do the exact same thing like the previous endgame steve did. And that is, go back in time to peggy and NOt wake up the frozen steve..over and over...a time loop.

    98. Abu Nirmal

      This is all messed up 😵

    99. Golden Paydirt Reviews

      To much to mess with! Hate that no one dies! Makes it corny!

    100. Tyoldix

      i don't get it, the stones were returned by the avengers, right? everything should be fine, except that Loki is missing from his timeline now