LOKI: Why the INFINITY STONES are Useless Now + What DR STRANGE Saw in Infinity War MARVEL Breakdown


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    Loki is upending the Marvel Cinematic Universe by introducing a new almighty power in the universe: The Time Keepers. But why are the infinity stones now useless junk drawer fodder? What did Dr Strange see in his infinity war vision, if the timeline is predetermined? How do the Avengers and other MCU heroes fit into the sacred timeline? We've got answers for you with more Loki Easter eggs.

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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Justin Yee, and Antonio Polito

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    1. ScreenCrush

      Do you have any questions?

      1. SpinnyC17

        Here's my question: in that drawer, there seems to be multiple copies of every other infinity stone except the mind stone. Why? Unless I'm missing it, the mind stone is potentially the only infinity stone to avoid being abused at any point in the timeline.

      2. Xophe A'dethri

        My question is: Have you read any important comics from Marvel? You speak of multiverses and alternate timelines, while only using information gleaned from a single individual, the MCU. and the stones are not *dead* in the TVA, take them back to the proper universe/timeline and they work like nothing's ever happened. At most you could call it a cosmic coma.

      3. adonis clark

        @chaitanya luhar exactly

      4. chaitanya luhar

        Even if you reset the timeline, how dies it make the stone worthless? For example, as loki steals the stone from the time of first avengers, that timeine does not have that stone anymore. Now, if TVA resets the timeline at Mongolia where loki ends up going after stealing the stone, the stone needs to go back to the actual avengers timeline. Now let's say captain America returned the stone after endgame, then what about all other stones in the drawer which are so called 'paper weights'? And captain America will also have to return the stone at the camp from where him and Tony steals it along with pim particle. So Rogers can't re-balance two timeline by returning one stone at two different times. So if the stone is useless after reseting the timeline, what stone is used to balance the previous timeline?

      5. adonis clark

        You are wrong there are new eps and the time keepers are a robot Loki kills the one who made the timeline

    2. Marc Phillip

      Infinity stones dont work outside thier origin universe. According to the comics, hence they useless in draws cause they were brought from other universes /time lines

    3. Babai P

      Who is Deadpool then

    4. Steven Vickers

      Marvel have fucked up hear I think

    5. Ricaurte Almengor

      Useless outside their own universe.

    6. m16fermy

      I think it's even simpler than that time Stone shows everything from that timeline in that universe however the TVA lives outside the timeline outside the universe since they only show up to destroy timelines it would make sense that the universe doesn't see them as a factor in the first place and even if it did show the TVA coming in pressing control alt delete Doctor strange wouldn't tell anybody anyway since he would probably be the one to be taken away because of the Nexus event and no one needed to know that information to fix the situation I am

    7. Kendall

      I think it’s that Loki simply takes place in the past. Loki disappears with the Tessarect in New York in the past, which is notably before Stephen becomes Dr. Strange and before Bruce Banner meets with the ancient one and explains the multiverse. So maybe there was only one timeline before, and then Loki and Sylvie create the multiverse, which is why Dr. Strange is needed in the future-to protect the multiverse.

    8. Yes Man

      Also if nobody really dies, than gamora and iron man and who ever else including thanos, is still alive in the end if the timeline streams or what ever it was called? Again making everything pointless.

    9. Yes Man

      Yup the whole Loki show ruined everything and made everything pointless and irrelevant. The infinity stones, doctor strange and his purpose all together, killing thanos, etc. The entire universe is just some simulation now, and it's being controlled by these people behind the timeline scene. Stupidest shit ever. This show completely changed everything and ruined everything. It's not that the stones are worthless, it's just that they are pointless because ultimately there are others who can stop anything that can happen in the regular time stream. Where they are at, magic doesn't work so the stone don't have any power. The stones still have power in the regular universe but ultimately they can decide to stop it or let it go, they control it all. And it was all just some dude from the future lol. God this show ruined everything. The show it's self is cool and entertaining, but it ruins every movie they spent all these years making.

    10. Casper Chism

      How do u feel now knowing kang the conqueror was behind it all 😂😂

    11. Freddie Miller Jr

      Jackie Chan should have been the friggin Ancient One. Instead we got a skinny bald white chick. Still pisses me off. Very 20th century of you Marvel.

    12. Hidangmayum Krishnachandra

      I am sold at "Welcome to Screen crush. I am RYAN AIR" 😂😂😂

    13. Marcus Green

      Maybe a flux in either of soul mind power or time etc. Offsets the point of having infinity song stones. So when the timeline gets too heavy on a direction of these they have to step in ... That would explain why half the variations don't involve infinity stones

    14. tyler bell

      Still only one soul stone

    15. isa

      but why does kang, one single man, get to decide everything for everyone down to which way they tie their shoes? he seems to think very highly of himself, containing a multiverse war just because it would be too chaotic. let there be a little chaos man

    16. Alex Johnson

      You know its pretty awesome ideas and conversations like this are happening based off what we have seen in MCU. This kind of stuff has been happening for decades with comic book creators and fans and I am happy they have captured that, makes all these comic book stories heading to big screens not feel like a cash grab and that they are honoring the source material.

    17. Ultrocity

      You should take a look at the comics. Now that the mcu is branching out into the rest of the multiverse it doesn’t do justice to talk about multiversal stuff without looking at the established canon in the prime universe.

    18. Just a thought

      Am extra level of meta!: Every time we watch the movies, we are watching the sacred timeline repeating itself!

    19. Abd ennour Gacemi

      And btw "what the dog doing"

    20. Abd ennour Gacemi

      I put a like to this video for the dogo

    21. Zhello

      Thanos: I am inevitable! *snap* Loki: Those are stones from a different universe. Thanos: How do you kno- Loki: I switched them when nobody was looking. Thanos: 🤯 *Loki waves at Tony* Loki: We won, how about that drink?

    22. Vipul Bhargava

      It was technically Tony's fault that he lost the tesseract. Well you just can't expect Loki to do nothing while the tesseract was lying in his feet.

    23. Vipul Bhargava

      Imagine the reaction of Thanos if he saw the stones being used as paperweights.

    24. James

      too early this one for bonkers!! until Kong appears!!!

    25. Dandavats Dasa

      Fantastic amounts of fantasy and speculation! Thank you for the informative videos! I suppose some people just watch the movie like experiencing a roller coaster ride.

    26. cloudri

      Sorry I need to go back and read some more comic books. If you're following the movie Logics then your theory makes a little sense but if you're followed the actual comic books it doesn't the Infinity Stones have way more power in the comic books period and your logic doesn't hold in that concept

    27. John Doe

      didn't see it before. The coil inside the drawer looks like the first magnet from Iron Man (that one in the cave from Dr. Yinsen

    28. Jineth Bosilu

      Now the answer is clear. Because end was not written

    29. Rob B

      So the infinity stones are sorta like the time rings from Dragon Ball Super when a new timelime is made?

    30. Ryan Stevens

      Minute men calm down fallout 4

    31. DPRMNKY

      Season 2, Loki finaly realises Loki magic works in the 'real' world, picks afew and goes on a rampage

    32. White Fox

      Doctor Strange was able to use the time stone in Dormamu's dimension, a place outside normal space-time, where time does not even exist. So there should still be ways to use the stones.

      1. rivum rejex

        Good point!

    33. Logical Tricks

      This channels content is by far the most speculative worthless shit ever.

    34. Fluffy Beast

      The stones aren't dead, they just don't work in the tva

    35. Seikatsu...

      True they're literally just Christmas decorations...

    36. Åreš

      Kang kang kang

    37. Shadow Samurai

      Quick question if loki using the tesseract to get away from the avengers make him become a variant then captain America living his life in the past wouldn't that make him variant sense he's supposed to freeze?

    38. nadrojfan

      Dude. Dafuq you talking about? 🤷🤦

    39. Cadeo Bello

      It's only useless in other galaxys or whatever so shut up tf you think they was gonna do in a different one you can say it's useless only because Mr fantastic had them all and it's like why'd that nigga get them garbage video we've seen the movies

    40. Pasta  Dr. Ssempa

      Maybe you guys just put to much attention on that kind of things. Get a real life you virgins. It's just a movie. Get over it.

    41. Demonsalan

      Show ruined the mcu

    42. Levi Paragon

      imagine seeing someone using the infinity gauntlet as their coffee mug

      1. Joshua Smith

        Im using it as we speak

    43. Nick Perro

      Now I want a set of replica Infinity Stones to keep in my drawer.

    44. Laughing Yoda

      Guys how is Loki going to explain this to their and stuff like their not gonna believe him

    45. Rachit Anand

      Wouldn't it make more sense to just place the infinity stone taken out of its time line, back to its original time line by minute men after resetting a branch??

    46. Benjamin Williamson

      what if all those movies are before the tva

    47. Gambler Beast

      So stones are alive and the concept of “time is money” is a lie? Ohh okay makes sense😂

    48. MasterGuy 481

      Maybe dr strange can see possible timelines because Kang allowed him to just like how he allowed the avengers to time travel. It was supposed to happen in order to follow the sacred timeline kang has created

    49. Sean Sanders

      More like Disney is useless now.

    50. Ian Rotten

      Update: this video is completely off.

    51. bIametheniIe

      The show relying on time travel using Endgame's ever changing explanation of time travel was a bad idea. The plot point of Loki dying and coming back to life has been used three times now. Twice in movies and once on the show. Geeez

    52. Red Harry

      Great video, answered all my questions!

    53. DrStoooopid

      It's not that the infinity stones are useless now, it's that they're useless at the TVA.

    54. Victor Brown

      There not useless. They just dont work in tva. Like loki magic.

    55. Harule Corriols

      Rolling Stones

    56. Griffin Boda

      i dont understand if the timeline is like pre decided then why were Iron man and Captain America able to go back to the time where there were Pym particles and the space stone in one place

    57. Elan Minich

      This video cant stand because the time keepers are fake

    58. Lord shuv-row Yo' know

      I think the stones do work but it seems TVA reside beyond the universe, limbo, where time is not moving. It's like using a us dollar in Dubai, the currency is different, so it's useless, even though it remains the same

    59. MajorMushu

      I thought of it as the reason only 1 possibility was a win was because any other possibility strange saw the TVA destroy them and the timeline.

    60. Joseph Carlson

      So about the thumbnail... Has no one noticed the "I KILLED A XENOMORPH" easter-egg cut on stranges face yet? Cuz I haven't seen anybody mention it yet.

    61. Alperen Güncan

      When Loki gets betrayed by Sylvie and sent to an universe in which Mobius doesn't know who Loki is "Well that's the price you have to pay if you're a Loki."

    62. David Morris

      I loath the Loki show.

    63. Jordash04

      see i dont like videos like this cause all these reasons could be debunked by bad editing, producing, just anywhere in movie making. the more people make videos like this, their just gonna choose 1 of your ideas and call it their own because your idea was just a theory. i think people put way too much thought in connecting everything together like it was intended. when really it was just an accident

    64. Voron Agrrav

      the Tesseract Sound is also tied to Loki's Perspective of them, they lose their shine and sound because well Loki realizes that his most coveted possession is actually just useless and he's faced by a power that's greater, than that


      snvr mind oops

    66. Patrick Garcia

      The vengeful sousaphone aesthetically clear because attention hypothetically occur athwart a ultra japanese. complete, glossy goat

    67. D'Jorn Fevrier

      I see a lot of flaws here. In infinity war apparently they didn't travel to a different timeline in a different reality they simply travel within their own, just as screen crush says. However that doesn't work. Gamora, her sister, thanos and the whole screw essentially skip their whole journey by traveling forward in time to battle at endgame. By doing this and not returning to their own point in time. Most of avengers wouldn't have happened. For example with Gamora missing, thanos would have never gotten the soul stone and thus infinity war etc. Dr strange also creates a time loop, so if the stone can only be used to manipulate pockets of time, how does he both enter and exit a pocket of time? The stones not working at the tva simply means there is a power greater than the stones to be possessed.

    68. Michael Gonzalez

      So black widow died for nothing?

    69. Taramafor Haikido

      Honetly, i think the TVA are ignorant about time and are just being control freaks acting out of desperation. Only the ignorant deal with "should" logic when events clearly happened as they happened. There's no "should" about it. It happened. Accept that reality or do not. But it is what happened in that place and at that time. wherever they like it or not is another matter. But that's what happened in that time. With the way they go on about order they just want to control everything in their own viewpoint. They're basically Thanos. Wiping out entire timelines if they disagree with them. And thus the people in those time lines which are basically clones of others in other timelines. It's murder if you think about it. Worse because you erase them from existence. But if power is directed somewhere else then what happens when a timeline is destroyed? Does it get directed towards a more controlled environment in another timeline? And if that's the case we have to consider what happened with the people that got erased in the avenger movies. do they come back as originals or are they basically clones from other timelines and thus meaning the originals are dead/erased forever? (or moved somewhere else?) Somehow I doubt we'll ever get a confirmed answer to this. No show or film that deals with time travel ever answers such questions. It's frustrating. even Dr Who goes "Timely whimy" and "I make some stuff up but that's not how it actually works which doesn't answer anything".

    70. Secret Cow

      I just thought that the teaseract doesn’t work in the tva because no magic works there, like Loki’s or the other infinity stones. I don’t think that they are rendered useless being out of their own timeline. They said “magic doesn’t work here” or something like that when Loki tried to magic his way out of the cuffs

    71. Ziad Hatem

      Now hold on when thanos said that he used the infinity stones to destroy the infinity stones he was lying since you said that power can’t be energy can’t be created or destroyed that means that the stones are still there and since the avengers didn’t know they had to make the time heist which caused Loki to steal the teseract since you said that on day the stones will be recollected

    72. LJ Bardz

      If only they let hulk use the elevator first

    73. Eric Cartman

      The infinite stones arent worthless there just an extremely weak tool in the grand scheme of things. Thanos and the infinite stones are just child's play compared to whats about to come with kang. Now to watch the stupid Marvel fans get mad at me for calling thanos weak and then also get mad when i finally agree and go on an how weak he is cause that's marvel fandom for you

    74. Pilar Tinjaca

      I'm GLAD to know there is someone else in the world that hoards useless batteries and stuff just out of guilt with the environment. I feel less lonely now

    75. Josef Almazar

      I think only the infinity stones can create other timelines, the avengers didn't use the stones to go back in time that's why the TVA did not interfere. Doctor Strange used the time stone and see millions of outcome I think because there CAN BE multiple outcomes (like free will) on each timeline.

    76. Justis Fett

      Question if the stones are in a fixed space in time, and the time stone does not move but slides time back and forth wouldn't that too be true for the others. Esp The mind stone with Vision?

    77. Tom Buckley

      If I were Loki, I would steal all the stones in the drawer and come back with gauntlets on every limb

      1. V enøm

        How would he know which stones came from his universe?

      2. Tom Buckley

        @Jay Henry infinity jock strap. Fuck with Loki now, I dare you lol

      3. Jay Henry

        Infinity Shin Guard

    78. King Dee

      It’s because they were outside space and time

    79. Eray Özer

      they are not useless. they are useless if they are not in their timelines (but they can work if they just in forward or backward of their timeline)

    80. hunter689

      all of this is now bullshit, time keepers were droids, the one controlling everything that you claim to have created infinity stones is a human who happens to have created tva that control all universes just a human using a magical beast how fucking stupid. marvel fucked their old movies to create new ones.

    81. Harry 3553

      I really like this guy I liked how he said check out his video if you have time very genuine and not begging for views well done

    82. Vishambar Chauhan

      This scene just cut my interest off of this nonsense tv series

    83. Tuk Tone

      Dr. Strange saw Loki take the Tesseract that made a dark time line to make it possible to defeat Thanos and Dr. Strange could fix the dark time line later

    84. Someone New

      Read the comics... You know or don't.. Where nick fury is white.. Spider man isn't Devin Miles. And none of this crap is written by Disney...

    85. Daniel Plowman


      1. Daniel Plowman


    86. boog_masskwé

      Why doesn’t anyone say “because they made shit up”? This will never be internally consistent because it came out of the minds of humans.

    87. TheGoodThebad&TheOffended

      Loki has no power in the TVA so it stands to reason that the infinity stones have no power there either.

    88. a

      0:07 ass

    89. AllAboutBandz

      Just realized that some of the possible ways are not all that they lose , but they win in a way they aren’t supposed to and so that would go against the rules of time , and hence the TVA stops that timeline from branching. I.E. if captain marvel would have used the stones instead of Tony , the tva would have stepped in , or if Wanda was able to kill thanos before he rained fire , the tva woulda came and took her because she was a variant and the timeline would be reset anyway , it could go back further than that too

    90. Dogs Paw

      So was Dormamu that Strange met from a different universe?

    91. emmanuel pastoral

      Kang wrote everything that happened in the infinity saga in order for him to meet loki.

    92. J H

      How about if Loki pockets some of the infinity stones in the drawer, maybe one of each type, and takes them with him to a timeline through the tempad. Can he use them there?

    93. Kenneth Yeo

      Another theory. In Loki episode 2, Loki showed that the TVA cannot detect changes in the timeline at apocalyptic events because it does not really change the future. Hence, the different scenario of the destruction of the entire universe is possible. Therefore, every other possible future that Dr Strange saw was the destruction of the entire universe.

    94. MrSixPool

      If removing the stone from its original timeline prevents it from functioning then non of the stones they took from the past would have functioned. The only explanation is that the stones must be in the same universe they came from to function but can still function in different timelines.

    95. MikeOxlong

      If the TVA existed in dragon ball, then trunks would've been on their most wanted list

    96. Arttu Kettunen

      Isn't the dark dimension another universe? If so, why hasn't TVA got rid of it? Also, if stuff was pre-determined by some nigh-omnipotent timekeepers, couldn't they just make it so that there is no way for the single universe to branch out and nobody would ever get the idea to move infinity stones, likeky disproving their existence because this can happen?

      1. smileyssd

        My guess would be a distinction between different dimensions and different timelines. But I am no expert, so someone else probably knows better. As for setting the timeline up so nothing ever goes wrong, well they probably can't. They are almost but not completely all powerful. They can't perfectly create a flawless timeline, thus they have to constantly tweak it and keep it in check, which is where the TVA comes in.

    97. Wakk HC

      We, spectators, know things that mcu characters doesn’t even imagine they exist (like the multiverse or Kang). You can’t say they are useless… in the avenger reality, they are powerful, in another reality maybe even more powerful, but in the TVA, who’s not affected bu the time, they have no effect. The one who say « they are useless », doesn’t even watch the films and doesn’t understand shit

    98. Habib Ridho

      I pause the video and would like to appreciate how accurate you describe the AAA battery.

    99. SVGLNR

      Kidney stones are the most powerful stones in the multiverse.

      1. Zero1

        Amen brother

      2. Jody Roland Construction

        I will second this.

      3. Reyna Aiken

        I bet you all my gallstones they arent

      4. jaissun siva