M1 Mac Mini vs Intel i7 Mac Mini + eGPU for Pro Apps!

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    The M1 Mac Mini is powerful but can It stand up to an i7 Mac Mini with 64GB RAM and an eGPU with a 5700XT? Let's find out!
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    In this video we compare the 2020 M1 Mac Mini with 16GB of unified RAM to the 2018 Intel based Mac Mini with 64GB of ram in a variety of different tasks including the CPU and GPU performance and pro apps like Logic, Xcode, Photoshop, lightroom classic, and video editing in Final Cut Pro along with Cinebench and Geekbench for benchmarks and other tests like BruceX and Raw video editing.
    I then connect an external graphics card unit eGPU with a 5700XT inside to which the M1 mac Mini currently can't do to see if the i7 6-core intel mac mini can now smoke the M1 which only has dedicated graphics.
    Timestamps ⬇️
    M1 vs i7 Mini - 00:00
    Prices & Specs - 00:53
    Cinebench R23 - 2:08
    Geekbench 5 CPU - 3:20
    Geekbench 5 GPU Metal- 3:58
    Gaming Test GFXBench - 4:35
    SSD Speed Test - 5:13
    Logic Pro Music Production - 6:05
    Max Tech Xcode Test - 6:44
    Lightroom Photo Editing - 7:37
    Web Browsing Performance - 8:16
    Final Cut BruceX - 8:45
    4K Video Editing - 9:21
    Video Stabilization - 10:17
    10-bit 422 HEVC Playback - 10:47
    R5 10-bit Transcoding - 11:32
    RED RAW R3D - 12:46
    Mac Mini + 5700XT eGPU - 13:19
    Geekbench 5 eGPU - 14:16
    Mac Mini eGPU vs M1 Gaming - 15:08
    Logic Pro eGPU - 15:22
    Xcode eGPU - 15:27
    Lightroom Classic with eGPU - 15:33
    Video Editing i7 + eGPU vs M1 - 16:13
    10-bit HEVC eGPU - 18:24
    RAW Video Editing with eGPU - 19:13
    8K ProRes eGPU vs M1 Mac Mini - 20:09
    Is the M1 Mac Mini Worth it? - 20:41

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    1. Max Tech

      Which one do you think is more powerful for Pro APPS? M1 or i7 with eGPU? Let me know below! THIS is the BETTER choice for Pro APPS on Amazon ➡ geni.us/jxXFT Discounted intel i7 Mac mini ➡ bhpho.to/33haiTO Max Tech Wallpapers ➡ bit.ly/2WNc6Qw eGPU used in this video on Amazon ➡ geni.us/JtsWmw Graphics card in eGPU on Amazon ➡ geni.us/zcPgtRY RAM for intel Mac Mini on Amazon ➡ geni.us/nzsL7kM

      1. flottenheimer

        Thank you for all the effort, Max Tech! Much appreciated.

      2. Easton Samir

        @Frances Bryla cool! Took about 15 mins but it reallyworked!!

      3. Frances Bryla

        Dunno if anyone cares but I just hacked my friends Instagram password using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google if you care

      4. Al P

        How does the M1 Mini perform with a Noctua NF-A14 fan underneath, with the cover open? Has anyone test it? Maybe using it with something like this: www.amazon.com/dp/B082HCYLV8/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_D273FbMX50Y6G but replace the fan with the Noctua of course. They probably sell a better base than this one, I think there's a few of them. It should keep the M1 chip cooler when using it heavily, allowing it to perform better I think.

      5. Mayara Almeida

        @Fagner Alves I wouldn’t even buy a product that just came out on eBay, who knows? Lol

    2. johnmonk66

      all over the place, you say the much cheaper one is only a little faster? how much faster should the half price computer be? then you say there is really ony 500 dollars in the difference, but you dont add that 2 thousand dollar video machine to the cost? Look, the M1 beats every intel Mac, END OF STORY For 700 dollars you can get a machine that beats EVERY other machine they make. The M1 slays the Macbook Pro from just a year ago

    3. whittymusic

      why didnt you make a list of all software that COMPLETELY DOESNT WORK ON THE m1...IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE...honestly, how on earth can you not share that!!! Amazing. I hope apple gets its act together as I am not purchasing because it simply doesnt work on TONS of aps and plug ins.

    4. G

      I already bought the 8gb ram mac mini M1 is it possible to upgrade it to say 16 or 32 gb of ram?

    5. Everton Cardoso

      512 TB SSD?

    6. Bich Tran

      Welldone with the thoughtful comparison, MT. Very clear with statistics as well as figures so totally embraces my last decision to bringing the Mighty M1 Mac mini home previously. 😀👍

    7. Terra Cryptex

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    8. Terra Cryptex

      so why is intel one costing more?

    9. PsychoticDirector

      Nice, i have considering a Hackintosh, but now i go to mini M1 for sure!

    10. Sinan Aydın

      Apple *N A I L E D* it

    11. Cylotron

      Keep in mind that when he's talking about "Gaming", he's referring to "simple" games that you'd find in the App Store, not big name AAA titles like Call of Duty, Resident Evil, etc... Those kind of games the M1 chip alone would not be able to handle very well at all. Even then, I doubt there's many AAA titles at all available for OSX(you'd have to rely on the Intel based Mac and run VMWare/Win 10).

    12. Steve Daes

      And considering that the Mac Mini M1 is only an entre level/family computer: ONLY ENTRE-LEVEL !!!

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      why is mac even bothering to continue to sell the intel mac minis for much more expensive too?

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      Steve Jobs would truly be proud of the M1 chip, that is what he would of wanted

    21. Augusto Lopez

      Great comparison! My question is, has anyone experienced the display issue? I’ve been reading about many people having issues with the display not waking up after it goes into sleep mode.

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      14:09 WOW 512TB SSD

    23. Dolgaceva Irina

      Will it work as fast if I install Windows on it?

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    25. Silent Music

      M1 Apple silicon = SUCKS! .. Better i7 for musician/ music producer .. Trust meh!

      1. Sam S

        why so

    26. fademan

      M1 rulez

    27. Nathan Traylor

      I've been sold on a mac mini for about a month now. This video just re-sold me on it again. Picking a 16gb 1TB M1 mini soon.

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      compare to a similar priced amd/nvidia pc (if you can buy finally a video card :D).

    31. Michael Hill

      Games tested, throttling and temperatures please.

    32. Nick K

      Now test with different codecs like BRAW or any raw codec and watch the M1 fail lol

    33. Nick K

      A much better test would've been a Vega64 eGPU or a newer 6800 XT / RTX 3080 running Windows on the Intel Mac Mini.

    34. John Sanders

      Well glad I watched this. I have my Mac mini with 16 GB coming next week. Now I’m even more excited. Thanks! Great review.

    35. Boros Sámuel

      512tb ssd 2:04

    36. Victor C.

      ok.. i'm selling my 6 core intel mac mini and getting the M1 mac mini with 16gb.. also getting the 512gb macbook air... less than 2400 bucks total... amazing...

    37. Aleksandr Siskin

      What is logic test you running? Is it just audio tracks? Synths? Fx? What is there on the tracks?

    38. Victor Red

      Did you test M1 with noise reduction applied to the video clips?

    39. Rachel Black

      This is an excellent review, and it only left me with one question: are there any circumstances where it would be preferable ($ withstanding) to keep using Intel instead of switching to the M1 mini?

    40. Rachel Black

      He looks like a young Liam Neeson

    41. Active Entropy

      The i7 mac mini would have beat the M1 but apple didn't want to give the i7 the cooling it needed. The thermal throttling killed the i7's performance.

    42. Atlante Embs

      The nonchalant windshield coherently bleach because earth generically cheat qua a juicy gong. ashamed, wanting breath

    43. Dr Grom

      I was sold on it when I first heard bout the m1’s. Bought it February 22nd, turned in for repair February 23rd. One hour of use and my usb c ports completely died, then it got stuck at create account when support tried to help with a restore. March 20th and still not returned to me

    44. James Pyle

      Finally decided maybe I would do a Mac Mini (but still intel version to avoid M1 issues) and of course...you can't get a GPU anywhere right now for the eGPU... getting sick of computers right now...

    45. Holt Webb

      Very helpful. Thank you so much for your hard work.

    46. Mel B

      Great info on the differences but I’m interested to know how you can work with two monitors giving completely different colour output? No mention of the poor performance using Premier Pro?

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      Thanks for the video, but I couldn't stop looking at your Abe Lincoln beard (respect) .

    48. noomy 663

      This is what I expect for its colors that identify the difference in spec.

    49. Xavier Breath

      I purchased the 2018 Mac Mini back in 2018 and combined it with a Vega 64 in an Akitio Node eGPU. While I initially liked it, over time it has become the WORST Mac I've ever owned. The thing crashes on a daily basis, mainly due to Apple's shockingly poor software quality (Windows runs better on it that macOS). Support for eGPUs has been declining with each version of macOS, and the thing runs so hot I got first degree burns off it. On top of that, the machine suffers from a fundamental design flaw that has been present on ALL Mac Minis since they went to the aluminium case: wifi and bluetooth issues. This is due to the idiotic placement of the aerials on the back and bottom of the case. The power button is also stupidly located on the back of the machine.

    50. AustinEVPLab

      Thanks for a great review. Some constructive feedback, I was confused by your displays. You held the M1 Mini in your right hand (my left) but then the monitors were swapped, the M1 display was on your left, my right. Once I figured that out I rewatched this great review.

    51. Black supaman

      It’s all good and well if your locked into apple ecosystem, but when it come to running other os the intel Mac rocks

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      Intel will never catch up. Their investment in adds bad mouthing the M1 proves they aren't even going to try.

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    56. Reed Embry

      Hey I know I'm a bit late to the party but I was wondering how quickly the m1 could render out a complex 3d blender scene with cycles, in opposition to the intel chip. I'v seen that blender is now supported but cannot find anyone who has run a blender benchmark test. is this something you'd have insight on as far as speed per frame? Thank you this was an amazing video!

    57. Obineg

      that logic test seems weird. logic can what? play 30 tracks? of what. just audio? any 20 years old mac or PC runs more. logic already read and played 800 tracks on a G5.

    58. Tristan N

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    59. Mohammad Rifqi

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    60. Oberon

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    62. The Agamer

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      Whats all the SSD issues I been hearing about? And the SSD drive isnt replaceable?

    64. Luis J. Nater

      I just upgraded from MacBook Pro Early 2015 base model to Mac Mini M1 16gb. The result? M1 is THE beast.

    65. Owen Veith

      there was a typo a 2:06 512 TB????

    66. Donny 5000

      the m1 Mac mini is the real Mac Pro. if they were to put a m2 chip or any higher variant in, it would be over for the $6000 Mac Pro

    67. wingsley

      It's now the end of Feb. 2021, and I'd like to know how an M1 Mini handles non-Final Cut tasks, like heavy lifting in Photoshop or Premiere Pro, or CAD drawings.

    68. Mark

      So depressing as an owner of the 2018 mac mini

    69. Artak Mkrtchyan

      Finally, great comparison. Thank you.

    70. Hector Delgado

      I was about to pull the trigger and order the intel model but after seeing this video it won't make any sense getting it, I'd be a fool for paying more for a slower unit even with the external box. M1 it is. Great video dude Thank you.

    71. 4 Nedjo

      1`t I love the video! I should see this 2 days ago already order the M1 with 256 SSD and 8 ram :-( PS: How you know that the M1 is 3,2 GHZ?

    72. William McRae

      i bet people who just bought mac pros feel really stupid right now.

    73. Henrique Telles

      M1 : cheapest and better

    74. Embroidery Digitizing School

      I bought the I-7 mini last fall before the M1 came out. I added EGPU RX580 and upgraded my RAM to 64-gb and use it for video production it was way faster than my old mid-2010 Mac Pro that was maxed out at 32gb of RAM and quad-core Xeon processor, but had I known the M1 would perform this well, I would have saved about $1500 by waiting for the M1. The only downside I see to the current M1-based model is that there are only 2 thunderbolt ports. For that reason, I will stick with my intel-based mini for a little while and wait for either a "pro" model mini with more ports and M1x or M2, or possibly the smaller Mac Pro that is rumored. Apple created a game-changer here. Thank you for this great comparison.

      1. camilo cardenas

        I think the same, I will buy the intel one, because I work with video editing plus I need to connect, more than one led screens for event streamings, so just 2 port it is a few ports for that, additional I use after effects and I know M1 is not optimized yet,... Pls could you tell me which graphic card did you get? Thanks a lot

    75. Zac Grubble

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      Are you sure the new mac mini has 10Gb ethernet?

      1. Jas Bataille

        @Wolf Angel OOOH that's interesting

      2. Wolf Angel

        There is a replacement part with 10gb M1. But you can’t order it. You can’t BTO it.

      3. Byron Vaughan

        the intel Mac Mini has a 10 GB ethernet option; the new M1 Mac Mini does not; it’s 1GB ethernet, with no option for anything else.

    97. splash force

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    98. Alvaro Lever

      How many years buying bigger and bigger Intel processors under an architecture that will never improve their efficiency, till now...Intel has left the room...

    99. Joseph Kool

      I have a 7th gen NUC with a core i5 and it's more than fast enough with an evo 960 hdd. Intel's been sitting on their stupid hands for 15 years plus. They're getting their asses handed to them by AMD and now Apple. They desreve it for being greedy and lazy. I still like my NUC because it's tiny compared to the Mac mini and a lot cheaper. I use it as an htpc and it works fine for that. I don't game or do hardcore work with it so i'm gonna keep it until it dies. I did have to pull the fan and clean the dust out of the heatsink and it's dead quit again. Apple makes impressive hardware, but I can't afford it and with windows there's so much free software that I just can't switch not yet anyway

    100. Bipity Bopity

      Does anyone actually game on a Mac?