Make $600 3D Printed Headphones For $200!

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    The best headphones for $150? Yeah, we'd say so...
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    4-pin Male Hi-Rose (if making cable) -
    Open Alpha project -
    Foam stencils -
    Assembly PDFs -
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    The Hi-Fi audio world is filled with a lot of snake oil and a lot of companies say you need a lot more equipment than you really do. But every once in a while, you dig around on forums and find a gem. The MrSpeakers Alpha Dog headphones took the world by storm about 5 years ago getting tons of praise from audiophile review websites around the web. The MrSpeakers headphones were a Fostex T50RP mod. Years later, as a thank you to the community, MrSpeakers released the STL files so that DIY enthusiasts could make their own with a 3D printer, a little patience, and a couple hours. You can build everything for less than $200 and they sound amazing for the price.

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    1. Deanbone

      I have the Fostex TH900 MK2, they really hurt my wallet lol.

    2. IraQNid

      I liked the video but I'm perfectly happy with my $5 headphones.

    3. AR极乐世界

      Amen🙏 ❤️❤️❤️🌞🌞🌞🏖🏖🏖Hallelujah🌞❤️🌈🏖🌸❤️🦄🦋🐬🐳

    4. jocie

      if you are too scared to do this/want a different sound than the alpha dog or whatever kind of similar thing youd make/prefer something made by someone else other people like modhouse, dekoni, and i think ZMF still do modifications of fostex with different kinds of damping material and tunings that might fit you more.

    5. Alfredo Hernández

      I will keep using them as they are produced, they are produced for music producers, for critical listening by mixing and mastering in a Studio Environment, not for mp3 shitty listening or CDs, these Headsets are better suitable to make decisions while mixing a song, and they are build only for that purpose, for Audio Freaks there are tons of other stuff to be used for MP3 listening, I don´t recommend to change them at all to alter a sound made for what I already explained! Think about it, so much mod for what? to listen NLname and to listen MP3s? really?

      1. Thomas

        I don't really get what you're saying. Are you unaware of the whole audiophile community or? People spend thousands on headphone setups for personal music listening.

    6. tehj15

      Very cool tutorial! Have been looking to get into a pair of high quality headphones for about this price point but unfortunately don't have a 3d printer. Will add this to the list of reasons I should get one.

    7. rebilacx

      getting a good paint finish doesn't require a ton of delicate sanding and a really high end paint gun.

    8. Tomasz Białecki

      yeah 3D printing in local library for free, greetings from east europe


      This video is worthy for me .

    10. Hikari Riko

      You call Foster UNKNOWN??? ITS FUCKING GIANT!

    11. Jason

      5:34 Damn! that Snow Flake!


      Just wanna say, loving the grand seiko

    13. OSx

      Are there any foster dp29 sz1d clones or somethink similar on aliexpress? Can you make these even cheaper? Snazzy go for it!

    14. Solomon Li

      Got to put the lamb skin angled pads on for the full experience... Just awesome.

    15. Agastya Seth


    16. dchall8

      The red color on those headphones is called candy apple red. It's made by painting a layer of the finest glitter (think stripper glitter) and cover it with translucent red and a final layers clear top coat. They paint cars like that.

    17. yoyoman62002

      What infill and layer height did you use for your prints?

    18. James Larson

      All the links to the materials are broken

    19. peytonwakham22

      mmm enjoy the worlds fine cot tahn

    20. 734 Games

      If plan to reupload this on an opensource platform, i hope it's ok with you.

      1. 734 Games

        tehj15 Bitchute and bittube

      2. tehj15

        What platform? Very curious.

    21. iplaydrunk99

      watching these while wearing my MODHOUSE ARGON MK3 ..cringe

    22. Lorenz

      Eventough it's probably still a good deal, sub 200$ headphones is a lie. The cable alone costs 60€+ even if you get it from aliexpress/ebay/etc. I printed the parts at a fablab and they charged me 56€. Not trying to bash/hate just want everybody who wants do mod these headphones to be aware that you'll need to spend probably almost twice as much as the T50RP would cost alone if you don't own a 3D printer.

    23. MrNiceHk

      keep the ear pads you say ....mmmkay

    24. daniel

      Who else thinks he's like Doug Demuro?

      1. Musharrat Chowdhury

        Doug Demuro's long lost brother!

    25. TheSonicFan4

      Wouldn't making holes in the headphones increase the bass, not reduce it?

    26. Sjoerd Hoogland

      do you need a amplifier to power them?

    27. Ed Erst

      You don't need a fancy paint gun, you just need to learn how to wet sand and buff clear-coat by hand. Look at some of the NLname video on DIY guitar finishing...

    28. ً

      5:39 shit man better watch out for demonetization

    29. David Gansert

      Is that a grand Seiko I see? 👍👍👍

    30. Martin Fuhs

      Nice Grand Seiko Snowflake on your wrist :) beautiful watch. Own one too. Spring Drive is just a fascinating work of art.

    31. Greg Peters

      If you're looking to do this mod the T40RP and T20RP will work as well. The drivers are identical, the T50RP are sometimes more expensive second hand for whatever reason.

    32. mardari

      Where is the link to the 3d Print FIles ?

    33. Jonas Haidar

      One thing I don't understand: So we added some 3D-Printed Parts and stuff, but why should the headphones sound better? We didnt even change the drivers?

      1. Jonas Haidar

        Charles Gorny thank you

      2. Charles Gorny

        Jonas Haidar short answer: because of how the air is moved. Poor drivers can do neat things with the correct amount air or crossovers. A four inch subwoofer can get deeper and louder with a correctly designed box (usually much larger than you would want). In a sealed space, the air behind the speaker would be pushing against the driver when it tried to move changing how the driver can flex.

    34. cgwworldministries

      I bought a cheap Bluetooth 5.0 audio and made a wireless set of these.

    35. John Ayap

      ahm.. why not just cut the wire... then, solder in the wire and sleeve with shrinkable tube...?? you won't hurt the traces that way..

      1. Saitara

        The new cable has a bigger diameter -> lower resistance Also you basically want to use the least amount of solder connections mainly because of the sound? (

    36. Min

      Does it sound better than Bose qc35

    37. Patrick Madigan

      I have a set of Monsoon 5 speakers that I bought back in 1998. They work exactly the same way as your headphones. I still use my speakers this very day. I have never found speakers that sounded better... =)

    38. Hoshi No Kaabii

      0:09 i am speed

    39. Lorem ipsum

      audiophiles are degenerates

    40. Tomas Lombardini

      Curious as to what version of the T50RP is best suited for this

      1. Mr Mono

        @Tomas Lombardini absolutely not, it will be very different since the driver damping scheme of the mk3 is very different. However, the results maybe towards your liking

      2. Tomas Lombardini

        dnalekaw oh ok. So if I tried to build these based on a MkIII I wouldn’t have similar results?

      3. Mr Mono

        @Tomas Lombardini yeah, the mk2 has a more restricted rear driver damping, allowing for better bass extension and more controlled highs. It is also what the original alpha dogs used along with some wool felt on the rear of the aforementioned driver damping

      4. Tomas Lombardini

        dnalekaw any particular reason why?

      5. Mr Mono

        the mk2 definitely

    41. sgrimaz

      next time sand the sponge instead of trying to size down whit blades... is more acurate.... and faster.... and better...

    42. Michael Gilmen

      Can you print your own 3D printer?

    43. Rigg5

      Very punchable face

    44. In the year 1230 A.D.

      Advertising too. Cool, moving on up. Also great video.

    45. Brian Kang

      wait so if you have to glue the baffle and the pad ring together why cant you print them as one solid piece?

      1. Brian Kang

        @Snazzy Labs Thanks for the info. Im trying to print this with stiffer carbon reinforced nylon to see if that affects the sound :)

      2. Snazzy Labs

        There’s a 90 deg overhang and the printer wouldn’t be able to print without supports but they’d also be too close together to remove the supports so ya

    46. 3D-Speakers

      Can some one guide me to a place where I can buy hirose cable + the female connectors? And is it also pasouble to wire the headphone with aux to rca cables?

    47. 123because

      Must the cable be changed in order to fully take advantage of this mod? I understand the enclosure side of things but not why the cable is changed. Thanks

      1. MosoKaiser

        As for sound quality? No. It's mostly just that the Alpha Dogs originally used Hirose connectors, so that's what the first released Open Alpha designs call for. Now the cup files are designed with the connectors on each side, so to reuse the original cable you'd need to either modify the 3D print designs to remove the connector mounting on one side and alter the other to accommodate a 3.5mm socket, and make holes in the cups for the single-entry cable that goes over to via the headband. Also, if you don't feel like getting those rather expensive and relatively obscure Hirose connectors for the cups (and cable), there's alternate cup designs out there nowadays that are modified for using more ubiquitous 2.5 or 3.5mm sockets.

    48. Simon Crow

      How in seven hells did I ended up here. Hello, I come form a different dimension, the fragrance world enthusiast. Please, bring me to your leader.

    49. Jordan Craighead

      bonus points for the Grand Seiko

    50. Malloot

      Or just by a Superlux, pay crap and have awesome headphones

    51. Can Erkin S.

      How does it compare to a dt 880/990 Edution as that is approximately the same price

    52. TheOneG36 జ్ఞ‌ా

      i already own hd600 and SZ-2000 so this one would neither be lighter or better sounding even its far less loud, i still wanna try it because also have a Prusa Mk3 ;)

    53. kntwing.23

      ugly ass headphone i pass...not even brand 1 have time to make headphone..

      1. Snazzy Labs

        Better than brand name. And you had time to watch this video so clearly you have time to make one. :)


      Can you model Bluedio t7?

    55. Special K

      you did all that and saved the ear pads? awesome vid tho. I did a t50 mod a couple weeks ago.

    56. Victor Dinh

      Where is your watch from?

    57. LiK

      All this time and effort. Cool lil project but I think I’d rather just buy them to avoid the hassle.

    58. Aditya Singh Bundela

      That Grand Seiko looks gorgeous. I'm guessing it's a snowflake.

      1. Snazzy Labs

        It is. Thanks for watching!

    59. lapinuss

      5:42 *Breaking Bad intro starts playing*

      1. lapinuss

        @Snazzy Labs Lydia: I can relate

      2. Snazzy Labs


    60. THYCR3ATOR

      I havent watched the whole video yet but you can get a good paintjob as long as you sand it well, even a can of spraypaint looks good if you prep and paint right. Most of the shine is in the clearcoat anyways.

    61. Antonio Casciato

      The ear cups look awesome !

    62. Frederik Olsen

      "get a local printer to print it for you" yeaaaah thats a no, the charges for 3d prints is stupid high

      1. Snazzy Labs

        Or go to /r/3Dprinting. Lots of people there willing to do it cheap/free.

    63. Mitchell Quinn

      **nods** Yes, Foster ... very traditional Japanese name.

    64. rian x

      nice snow flake ;)

    65. Ξανδρος Peaches

      I'm surprised planar speakers are more expensive. I would think they'd be cheaper, since it's just a flexible pcb, and some rigidly mounted magnets. Maybe most of the cost is from having to build out entirely new manufacturing lines with entirely different components to them. I kinda want to see an actual audio engineer have a go at these, make a perfect cup for a specific sound profile.

    66. Anthony Thompson

      Fostex is shit

      1. Snazzy Labs

        That’s where you’re wrong, guy.

    67. Nhan Ha

      That Grand Seiko looks insane

      1. Snazzy Labs

        I love it dearly. Cheers!

    68. Taco

      Make $600 headphones for $200 and sell then for $500. Profit. Repeat. STONKS

    69. Tezan

      You look like doug demuro

      1. Snazzy Labs

        True. We are both white males.

    70. Sky L

      I gotta 3D print a pair of new ears first. because I can't tell the difference between $50 and $300 headphones...

      1. Terence Alexander

        Dude you just saved another $250, i see that as an absolute win😂😂

    71. Eduardo Briceno

      subscribed because of the snowflake, beautiful.

    72. ytxstream

      Methylene Chloride is very carcinogenic, creates fumes and permeates Nitrile gloves. Most paint strippers in Europe have moved away from using it. I would not recommend it.

    73. David Mikan

      title: make *$600* headphones for *$200* description: the best *$150* headphones ????? confusion Edit: also „try privacy and get *$5* for *free* XD“

      1. theroburrito

        Materials. Connectors, foam, silicone

    74. Daniel Murray

      "Hammer tone" paint works really well to hide imperfections as well.

    75. Halley Rai

      jesus your lighting setup ...spooky

      1. Snazzy Labs


    76. Alexandreeu

      make $20 3d printed headphones for $200

    77. wardope

      "The best sub $200 headphones money can buy" I will say that's a bold statement to make. have you ever listened to the Monolith M1060? you can actually mod them to sound just like the LDC2 or a least 98% like them. in measured frequency response!

      1. wardope

        @niklas pfafenrot og you spend about 2minutes searching. You can find Them for 180 om sale Up to 250 in none sale.

      2. niklas pfafenrot

        They cost 336 dollar.

    78. Geo

      I don't understand how replacing the ear cups changed the sound quality so much.

      1. Elsa Rosenberg

        cups are almost as important as the drivers. The drivers can only work with air in some ways, the cups control the air part of the sound. With sufficient but not too much air volume and insulation from outside air.

    79. ᴉoᗺsnʇɔɐϽ

      Watched the ad, want my 5 dollars...

      1. Snazzy Labs

        Sign up and get $5 free.

    80. HiddenCards [ CRM ]

      Still sticking to my beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO.

      1. shd

        I got the 1770 pro, but after hearing the mad dogs some years ago I am going to do this. They will likely not replace my 1770s but I want to experience them and who knows, maybe they will be my new daily drivers. Gonna be fun either way

    81. Luis Nieves

      Cheap for $200 go to 5 below dumasses

    82. Alegro Sanek

      Wut ???!!! Eh..

    83. Incog 0

      Can someone explain why they sound better just because of new plastic?

    84. Emo

      just buy good headphones 4Head

    85. Isopon

      it amazes me when people who have $500+ 3d printers are scared of sanding for 30 minutes

      1. TheBearGamer

        @dougy Monoprice select mini v2 and if you're feeling adventurous get the Monoprice MP Mini SLA LCD High Resolution Resin 3D Printer

      2. Jake Connelly

        @Snazzy Labs That sounds more reasonable :P lol. Coulda swore you said .2 in the vid, so it threw me off. With layers that big and high speeds it makes more sense. Also, tip on finishing with less sanding: Print with 3 walls and then knock the layer lines down with 80 grit paper. Takes care of them in no time, but needs the extra wall thickness for aggressive sanding.

      3. Snazzy Labs

        My calibration is lock-tight. I just printed at a really high speed and at a 0.4mm layer height because this video needed to get published ASAP.

      4. Mickey Kincaid

        you should wet sand those parts, too. so much harder to do dry and makes it look shitty

      5. Jake Connelly

        @dougy Also, the Prusa *IS* good, but spending some time working on calibration and stuff will make a huge difference.

    86. uberrave3

      I have both stock and alpha dog and I love them both.

    87. LMAO-C

      This is literal braincancer

      1. Snazzy Labs

        So it made you smarter than you were before.

    88. GaOn

      Samson SR850 for the win, I really love thses pair of headphones (I also own the Superlux HD681). Great headphones even better after some eq adjustments to tame the highs. The superlux only cost me £23.99 while the Samson was £19.85...simply amazing for listening to songs and doing some music production

    89. Luis Aleman

      Buy a 3D printer print a printer return the printer

    90. Melania Trump

      thumbnail looks like that japanese tv show where people make poses to go through moving walls with holes in them

      1. Miggy O.

        Hole in a Wall?

    91. Chris Tub

      its around $260 all in (if you pay someone for the 3D prints)

    92. Gabriel Soria

      Makes me wonder if all you had to do was replace the dinky little wires and add the new connector, then add the same sound deadening to the original enclosures. As a kid (about 10 y/o) i had some 3 way floor standing Fisher speakers (ones with white foam for the cones) that i replaced the internal wiring with heavier gauge monster cable and greatly improved bass, mids, and cleaned up the high end but was careful not to turn it up too high because then you could smell what i assume was the coil burning lol. Before i got rid of them i spray painted the woofers cone with some automotive paint to give it a hard surface which further improved bass as i think it helped stiffen the cone and couple the air maybe lol.

      1. Snazzy Labs

        There are a lot of mods that retain the stock enclosures and they help the sound a ton. These definitely sound a step up, but if you absolutely don’t have access or interest in a printer, you can DIY with the stock enclosures and get 90% there.

    93. skaltura

      superglue is actually awesome when using PLA ... but yeah you used the crappiest material of them all, petg :)

      1. MosoKaiser

        Sure, super glue works very well with PLA. Almost too well actually, and that's exactly the problem - with CA there's _very_ little adjustment time to position the parts. And with the parts lacking locator pins or other positioning aids, you really need that time window to adjust and make sure they're positioned just right before the glue sets.

      2. prxrb

        Snazzy Labs how much does the mass of the enclosures (since petg is much more dense than abs and pla), as well as the stiffness of the cup walls (given that pla is much stiffer than abs and pla) affect sound? Also curious about how infill percentage may change things.

      3. Snazzy Labs

        PETG is superb. This guy is nuts.

      4. prxrb

        Why is petg not desirable here?

    94. Peter Parkour

      First time watching your videos and this is totally amazing. Subbed 👍🏻

      1. Snazzy Labs


    95. sliter

      Actually CAT5E cable has to be 24-26 AWG copper wire, so it's even better than 28 AWG

      1. sliter

        The larger the AWG number the smaller the wires, so you're not correct...

      2. Chris Tub

        wait what cat6 uses 28 AWG it allows for better data transfer therefore just better than using cat5e

    96. No Bullshit

      Nice Grand Seiko Spring Drive

    97. Fellow Follower

      just buy the product... it would save you more time

    98. IrishRebel92

      when you realize that, even unmodified, the T50RP's still sound way better than any headphones that 90% of us will ever own......

    99. IrishRebel92

      wouldn't it be safer to just cut the wires going to the drivers, leaving an inch or two, and then solder/splice the new wires to them? them you never have to apply any heat to the driver.

      1. Holy Ravioli

        No, you'd have to get the same type of wire and since it doesn't tell you, you'd have to guess which is never good when it comes to sensitive audio electronics. Its better to just not screw up soldering and get new wire.

    100. Bossman no suit no tie

      yea, you know, I think that I'm going to stay with my sennheiser hd600s