Mama Dog Reunited with her Stolen Puppies... She is Crying from Happiness

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    1. Sannidhi Vellala

      Mama happy😊 to see all her little loving babies

    2. Maria Valenzuela


    3. Toomnyusernae

      Sometimes. I think youtube exists to move me to tears.

    4. 12ut5


    5. Leydi Hernandez


    6. BENJ1969

      I’ve only just tripped over these rescued puppies/dogs videos. Some are so schlocky and maudlin, with peculiar music choices, that are even scripted, I’m sure. But this one comes across as more legitimate: less syrup, less self aggrandizing, and the music is so right for this video. It actually makes it.

    7. Cathie Rosser

      I so agree that what was done to those pups should be done in spades to whoever did that.

    8. Flor Garcia

      WOW WOW wonderful o love you from Colombia

    9. Flor Garcia

      Que Dios los bendiga 🙏

    10. Farhoud Zolhayat

      Where are you from? 🙏🏼

    11. Hennessy


    12. Italian prince

      These are very fine folks here. Very fine Indeed 💕❣️💕🐾💕🐾❣️😁

    13. Bette Herring

      Such wonderful loving people that want to care for dogs and cats. I couldn't imagine dumping a dog out somewhere. So sad. Thanks for all you do

    14. Jacqui Johnson

      Thank you for your help and kindness... 💕💖

    15. Delia Hernandez

      That disgruntled neighbor should have been arrested for cruelty especially God's helpless creatures...Amen and Glory to God! HE always takes care of HIS own!!!

    16. Aileen Kulian

      that's the best happy mother's day

    17. Harrold Sasquatch

      You do great work. I have much respect for you and your organization. This warmed my heart. May God Bless you. Patrick from Bethesda, Maryland, USA !!!


      That is f--king beautiful; BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Jim Zucker

      how could you dislike such video?

    20. Jersey Strong

      God b less your hearts for being so kind.


      You guys are too Good

    22. Teresita Davis

      Ohh Thank you for saving all Baby doggies

    23. Élisabeth Peter

      Magnifique 😉👍🥰🥰🥰❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣🤩

    24. A. F.

      They didn't ask to be born. That's why u have to spay or neuter them

    25. Guitar 805

      You people that do this to dogs you’re lucky I don’t make the laws because you would suffer tremendously I would bring back Mid evil torture devices for people like you

    26. Raven Blakely

      I watch this on Mother's Day and cried and cried and cried… I just got a puppy recently and the people who gave me the puppy you're having so much trouble give me the rest of the puppies away… And yet they want to be the mother and there's so many unwanted animals it's all such a sad situation

    27. Georgie Tirebiter


    28. Yomamabird Rhonda's Rescue

      Thank you for helping them!!! God bless you for your kindness and caring.

    29. Denyse Viney

      I can only imagine what I would do with nine babies all wanting my attention, This was a great story God is so good to both humans and animals ,

    30. Notch 7

      Why do people have to add music, it's irritating.

    31. Michael Kuecker

      Are they ever adorable.

    32. Certified Fact Checker

      Always have to fast forward these videos because I just can’t wait for the happy ending.

    33. Kien Wen Chang

      China Containment!camp

    34. jonathanrex

      Am I really the only one who has the impression that this video is staged? I've seen hundreds of rescue vids and acted as an agent for abandoned dogs, but this story just doesn't seem genuine to me.

    35. Martí Giné Bullich

      nah I'm not crying, you are

    36. Powerful Ara

      awwww what a Happy Fur Mum she was..Good Job Guys Bless you more

    37. Elizabeth Balazs

      Where is this place?

    38. PeacePlease!

      Many thanks to all the kind people who help and rescue animals - especially man's best friend. Please make sure to handle and carry puppies properly. One hand against the chest, behind the front legs, and one hand at the bottom to act as a seat for the puppy to sit against. Both hands under the front legs with back legs dangling or worse still both hands under the stomach with legs dangling and front insecure is not the right way to carry a pup or dog. Please take this suggestion into consideration & practice it. Thank you. God Bless these people and their kind/ness.

    39. Becky S.

      Thanks so much for your noble deed of rescuing the puppies and making it possible to be reunited with their mom. God bless you guys.

    40. Sharon McDuffie Alabama

      Animals are a gift. If you don't know that then please do not get them.


      I love this all dogs too much 🥰😘😘😘😘

    42. MRM

      "Thanks hooman" 🐕

    43. Archu Mishra

      God bless you frds

    44. Zed Zed


    45. JAG

      Please let us hear the puppies and mom if only for a few seconds.

    46. Elisabeth Goulart


    47. Jeremy Paugh

      Is no one suspicious 🤔 who steals 9 puppies then decides to do them all off?

      1. Jörg

        Der Nachbar - sieh dir das Video mal genauer an. Da kannstes lesen.

    48. Maggie Joseph

      I hope puppy stay with mom just a little longer before adoption.

    49. Raeiman7712

      God Bless you all!!!!❤❤❤

    50. Mr Jermaine Reid

      Why would any one put a thumbs down to this video god love you people ❤ your the best keep up the good work 💪🏼

    51. Ilona Rose Nason


    52. G Tron

      Don't hurt God's creatures..... which ones? Are cows and chickens God's creatures?

    53. Esthela Palacios

      God bless these people who rescue this beautiful puppies 🙏🙏🙏

    54. Jt&xxapollo13gamexx Playzxx

      Want kind of phsyco would go into someone’s backyard and steal these innocent puppies isn’t it illegal to steal

    55. George Mallory

      I've got a shallow grave dug out back just perfect for the "disgruntled neighbor." I will make sure he or she is fully gruntled.

      1. Lauren Copenhaver

        Me to George. I just need the address

    56. theyofactor

      Pretty emotional watching this on Mother's Day in Toronto, Canada.

    57. Srinagar Diary - Kashmir Adventures

      💖🙏⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ subscribed

    58. Thor Matt

      5-9-21...Happy Mothers Day! This goes for this caring mother who missed her babies.

    59. John Cool

      Dog spell backwards is God.

    60. Thor Matt

      People that abandon or abuse any animal should burn in hell.

    61. Agailius

      *Shut up, I'm not crying! YOU'RE crying!*

    62. Levord1980

      I call BS on a lot of these stories. This is to tug at the heartstrings of people. Not saying it doesn’t happen I’m just saying this is a content based platform and people will do anything to continue to get views.

    63. Louise Whitehouse

      How can anybody leave them little puppies by themselves. I think.that the people are scum.

    64. Marie Berrim


    65. Caroline Ullrich

      She overcame her fear to get to her babies...... motherhood.❤

    66. May Ling

      My goodness! Thanks again so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    67. Melissa Mason

      Somebody should "re-home" the neighbors.

    68. Vinod Kumar


    69. Nouka

      If that was my neighbour I would simply 🔪😌 stabby stabby

    70. Divo's copper top

      Nice I Love Heart worming Stories. God Bless

    71. Lori Maloney

      Omg one only wanted human companionship could see it

    72. PewDiePie A

    73. Jack W

      I try not to anthropomorphise animals. But I've long been convinced of one thing. People who are cruel to animals are almost certainly ready and willing to be cruel to people. Ultimately, cruelty is cruelty - the ultimate selfishness. If you suffer from a cruel personality, it's likely you won't stop at animals.

    74. Gulf Baby

      Thank you for saving these sweet babies and mom!! You are their angels. I’ll donate to your group everytime I can !!

    75. hobby gamer

      ONLY WITH OUR SUPPORT ???!! that's @#$%^&! DISGUSTING !!! 🤬🤬🤬

    76. A Willis

      I don’t think the puppies remember her-tho🤔

    77. xxxxmimi

      Ok i get the overcrowding, just take them and ask friends to babysit for one night! i couldnt leave the puppies right next to the highway, wouldnt be able to sleep worrying they’ll get hit by the cars. I really hate people who dumps their pets. This should become criminalized.

    78. RoseGold Flower

      I nearly shed some tears. How can one be cruel enough to seperate a mother from her babies...🤨. Poor puppies, left to fend for themselves next to a busy road. Really cruel...

    79. Jaynarayan Nanda

      Which breed is the dog of? Indian pariah?

    80. 056_manish dixit

      You guys are really my heros

    81. Alexander Rodriguez

      They're beautiful dog 🐕 s

    82. Selina Collard


    83. sean hayes

      Your the live saver

    84. JDP D

      Why music? I wanna hear the happy dogs 🐶

    85. Dr.M.Tayyb Alwi

      Good job bravo👍

    86. sue sanchez


    87. Rahul 007

      Mom dog was scared af sad to see this see its tail 8:15

    88. sue sanchez


    89. sue sanchez

      OMG this is one of the best videos I've watched kudos to you, thank you for being such wonderful people, for taking so good of all those beautiful furry babies

    90. Tom Hatlø

      How can they do this . Bastards

    91. Chantal Belkacemi

      Bravo à toute ces personnes merveilleuses.

    92. Yu Lam

      Today ls mother day

    93. Russ Andres

      Tail wagging doesn’t mean friendly. There are many meanings to different types/positions of tail wagging. Don’t assume a dog wagging it’s tail is friendly if you don’t know the dog body language meanings.

    94. Eclectictomboy

      This music is too sad. It makes me think about all the scared, starving, abused puppies that aren't saved. Humans can be monsters. At the same time, thank you for doing what I would do and have. Thank you!

    95. SNIG hates Chichinga

      Happy doggo mommy

    96. Nora Gonzalez

      Me morí de Amor !!!! Que gran Corazón !!!!! Felicitaciones !!!!!!!!

    97. Old IRISH Number • 27

      No way would have ever left with out all of them . Hope all is well 🍀 I just hope !

    98. June Banfield

      God bless those people for looking after those animals they going 🏡 home

    99. Tim Mullins

      that was a very kind thing to do.. God bless you,,,, however,,, i'm not sure i'm buying the "disgruntled neighbor" part...

    100. Thomas Martin

      And God said, "The love you have given to one of my little ones, you have given to me!!!"