Man City beat PSG to reach their first Champions League final! Is it finally City's year? | ESPN FC


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    ESPN FC's Craig Burley, Jurgen Klinsmann and Frank Leboeuf assess Manchester City's 4-1 aggregate win vs. PSG in the UEFA Champions League semifinals.
    0:00 Burley credits City for their sheer brilliance and class over both legs, singling out Pep Guardiola for winning the tactical battle vs. Mauricio Pochettino.
    1:57 Klinsmann says Ruben Dias, Phil Foden and Kevin De Bruyne have been world class and believes they deserve to reach the final.
    3:32 Leboeuf says PSG lost their cool after going down 2-0 and laments the visitors' inability to mount a comeback in the second half.

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    1. Halim Denzen

      Mahrez⚽⚽⚽amazing player

    2. teranova fouad

      Racist Channel why you did not speak about Mahrez f y racist ، and your commentor too.

    3. Walid iss

      Mahrez 🔥🔥🔥

    4. Mahrez Dz

      Riad mahrez 🇩🇿👑❤💪🏆

    5. Gerson Guevara

      As a true Barcelona fan, I hope City all the best especially to their fans! Man City deserves their first champions league 😌

    6. alejan fernandez

      to all the psg fans this is how us culers felt when we lost stop your overconfidence or else u will end up like this every day

    7. Jason Anthony Biggs

      Congratulations to Man City it's their Trophy to win now.

    8. Rajana Jovović

      In futur games provokators players like Fernandinho should be punished for provocation, because for fair play and honest football

    9. Trueno AE86

      3:00 why did Klinsmann have to insult Foden like that...

    10. Nikki Nitinegara

      Bayern fan here. Congrats, City! Congrats, Pep! I support City both at Semifinal and Final. The match against PSG last night only confirms my belief that PSG has indeed a nasty character. After they won against Bayern, Neymar made fun of Kimmich who had played like a warrior until the very last second and won the second leg. Neymar’s unsavoury dickhead act prompts me to support City. And last night when they were losing, they became a bunch of assholes. I can’t imagine if they were the ones who won. Perhaps they would create Super League 2.0 with PSG as the only member.

    11. anshuman sahu

      I have the highest respect for Zinchenko. He is not even an LB or RB in the first place. He came as an AM at the age of 19. He never got his chance. Simply by the virtue of dedication today he is the first choice in the man city lineup. This guy is proof that hard work supersedes everything.

    12. jojo City

      PSG: we will win on counter-attacks! Mahrez: Am I a joke to you?

    13. Annos Aroon

      Dead wood psg

    14. Marc Munk

      so PSG sacked Tuchel - any better now than last year? right - leonardo still there - gl

    15. Jayrisse Yearwood

      Two oil lords battling One had to slip through Disgusting that all four teams were pay to win teams.......Chelsea, Real, PSG and Man City

      1. Kenjoi94

        @Jayrisse Yearwood i cant help the club owners actually invest in the clubs. Man united and arsenal fans would drop their owners in a heartbeat to get owners who would spend on players. Spending is part of football. Can't help it some clubs are broke.

      2. Jayrisse Yearwood

        @Kenjoi94 All of the teams were pay to win teams who spent huge figures for success

      3. Kenjoi94

        Mate what.

    16. Giuseppe Conte

      Bumbappe ghosting

    17. Leon Dũng

      Mahrez is great, he was there to create Leicester history, now he is here to create Man city history

    18. Buba Rico

      Look how Liverpool did Barcelona any comeback is possible

    19. Monray kiarie

      We owe it all to Mahrez he's the reason for their success

    20. Monray kiarie

      Marquinhos and Neymar were wrong about City were not like other teams

    21. IkmatiK

      MARVEL 🇩🇿

    22. Daniel James

      Kevin de bruyne congrats

    23. Subrata mahapatra

      City were a class above..I am so happy to see pep leading city to final..

    24. Ryan Haddi

      Mahrez > that cry baby

    25. Sive Konce

      👀👀me searching for Jules

    26. Duronta Joy

      i like mancity & i love mancity but i don't want mancity win UCL final for football

    27. Ian Vickers

      The difference is Man City play as s team. PSG are a team of individuals.

    28. crew mate

      PSG were lucky enough to reach semis

    29. Boya Taluk

      I wouldn't be Surprised If Ruben Dias is Nominated for Ballondor like VVD was nominated in 2019 on top of that City is winning treble while Liverpool only won UCL THAT YEAR

    30. christensen myrthong

      Congratulations pep n City

    31. Malcolm Thomas

      Well atleast bayern didn't lose so badly widout thier star man.

    32. SKGS Inc🐏

      Mbappe did nothing 1st leg.

    33. Thabiso Tumisang

      KEAN had 7 touches in the game😂😂

    34. Football Fan GGMU

      Oil club given unlimited funds getting away with ffp etc. BORING

    35. Eating Maggoty bread for 3 stinking days!

      Chelsea will beat city in the final. We will beat real today well thats a no brainer


      I hope pep shows his team the playback of how many times de bruyne running clear and nobody could find him ...he played that false 9 role perfect

    37. Hma Chhuana

      The stadium's penalty area was all clear of hails...why can't they clear all the pitch if they could clear off some parts? This made it difficult for Neymar to control the ball...that's why PSG lose.


      Diaz was challenging everything what a performance!

    39. Carl Hilton

      Lack of threat from mbappe...... does he not know that mbappe played 90 mins in the first game and did nothing at all.

    40. Soutrik Sarangi

      Ppl saying about oil money should remember that Chelsea/PSG have also spent billions. But it takes a good coach to keep things together. Talents don't win games on their own.

    41. Linteria

      What did he just call Foden!? 3:00

    42. Martin Nyarko

      The only team in Manchester City's way is Chelsea. If Real Madrid qualifies to the final then it's Man City's trophy but if Chelsea does then City needs to be worried.

    43. Htheorphanarian

      City will have to be at their shittest to lose v chels or real, but nerves could get the better of them, I think real wil beat chels and experience will tell in the final and it will be 4 for zizou

    44. Ishit singh

      its sad bayern didnt go through against paris they have a better TEAM THAN PARIS

    45. Xolisa Wulana

      PSG has always been toothless

    46. Patricio El Toro

      Pep i think has evolved with the game...not so much emphasis on attack anymore but a balance between defence and attack...a real genius tactician

    47. Nidhin Varghese Mathunny

      City will win this time...for sure...

    48. Abdi

      PSG is trash when they won against Bayern they behave like childish they deserved that L

    49. Chelsea die hard

      Am looking forward to "an all english UCL finals"

    50. usama hussain

      Man City win 2-0 and 4-1 on aggregate, PSG with no shot on target. PSG manager meanwhile: "We dominated"! I was wondering how PSG dominated and then i realized...oh yes! Physically by horrible tackles and throwing City players here and there!

    51. Boughatii Lovren

      Imagine beating Bayern and not winning it all

    52. Sumeet Chand

      Is KBD suspended for Final??

    53. Bharat Notnani

      underrated opinion walker and stones performance yesterday>>>>>>>>>dias performance

    54. Lazuardi Ihsan

      Zinchenko is underrated. Zinchenko play superbly in the second leg.

    55. Roy Chombo

      This guy is anti city 😂😂😂 Mbappe was there in the first game and did nothing. Now he's saying the lack of Mbappe 😂😂

    56. Raj07 rr

      Even man united and Leeds played better than b tech spurs Psg lol

    57. DYNAMITE

      Mbappe's injury and absence was much more a defining factor in both wins. Di Maria can do what Neymar does so Neymar isn't the main guy in this team. I think that much is clear now.

    58. Batyngshain Majaw

      Pep is the only manager who puts on his strikers when there's no need for a goal,thats masterclass for me.👍

    59. harsh s

      Psg's strategy sucks in playing games. But players are very good

    60. Amrit

      Well British Petroleum beat Total Lubricants. No big deal

    61. cedric Bossman

      It is heard that Ruben dias went to the dressing room after the match he felt itching in his pockets wen he checked neymar fell off.

    62. Elias Sancho

      Mbappe was there last game and still did nothing.

    63. BABA YAGA

      After second goal le me : man city players please save your legs for final😂🤣


      We all know that Bayern wouldve easily beat both of these inferiors if at full strength and no tensions between Flick and Brazzo,just saying.But lets celebrate the fact that Germany🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪will win a Worldcup soon.I mean who needs the C.L.if you can win your 5th Worldcup🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

    65. S. SOCHEN

      chelsea might pip city to ucl title.

    66. Russow 10

      Let's all laugh at neymar lol

    67. Ogunkanmi Olayemi

      Neymar is now more of an ordinary player. Nothing special again. He doesn't deserve that new contract

    68. SamBoGan

      Icardi was so useless


      great for them

    70. loud and clear

      Psg didn't want to keep a 20 goal striker in cavani, that was a big mistake.

    71. Dhruv Jain

      PEP went from making the striker fall into the midfield as a false 9 to legit eliminating the striker and using an actual midfielder

      1. Infinite Stratos

        He obviously want City to be defensive and using counter attack. I mean who wouldnt ...

    72. Freddy

      Loving the analysis from ESPN FC - thank you.

    73. 🔰Fergie's Son🔰

      Mauricio Bottletinho 😭😭💯

    74. Chee Chinwong

      Neymar tried to hard in this game!

    75. Sahil panjwani

      Today showed us that man City have another dimension to their style of playing We all think man City is dependent on possession for their game But today they played on the counter with actually less possession than PSG throughout the match and not only managed to keep a clean sheet but scored two brilliant counter attacking goals It was lovely to see what happened today

    76. Dhruv Jain


    77. 🔰Fergie's Son🔰

      When Poch took over Psg they were 4pts clear in Ligue 1, now he's bottling the league and out the UCL in d semis, Man doing worse than Tuchel, they have REGRESSED 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

    78. Freddy

      Mahrez - from the back streets of Paris to football super stardom. Brilliant goals and fantastic defending and goal keeping was super cool. Very well done.

    79. Sion Jose

      its all pochetino fault kept best players in bench not talking about mbappe abdou diaalo a CB as a LB and mauro icardi onli di maria and neymar was there to attck

    80. Alasklani Show

      hardly anyone talking about Mehriz!! who make it happens

    81. Nithin Bruce

      1%chance 99 %faith 😂

    82. AJ NZ

      I can't recall ever seeing a team with so many left footed players in it.

    83. Jman Iawphniaw

      Farmer's league stuff in the last 25 mins from PSG lol

    84. rohit yadav

      Its time psg move on with de maria

    85. Faris Abourou

      BOOM ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    86. Faris Abourou


    87. D N

      I know they dont want to meet chelsea in the final

    88. L S

      City play as a team and you can see they are happy to be together. Onward!

    89. Pranav Pandey

      Bring on Ale Moreno. That mbappe fanboy. Get him out of his hiding

    90. mr.Vincenzo PES

      Neymar was so hopeless slow weak

    91. lionel messi🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

      Now Neymar will leave PSG👍

    92. Marvel Future Fight

      I just laughed when ppl said psg's front two would be tm for city. Both were quiet in both legs while city dominated and ripped apart psg. Now both mbappe and neymar will be leaving.

    93. Michael Cycle Official

      Neymar future in PSG is domed..Now he need better Club. It will remain a cast on spell that PSG can't win UCL😔

    94. الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟

      Varutd and loserpoop's fans were the most hurt by this city win🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    95. Tafsir

      Foden or naymar, that's the question, for me it's Foden all day long

    96. gaurav deshmukh

      Each player played his part pretty pretty well in this city side....did you see that steam engine from walker😍 brush of the psg player

    97. iv

      Paris are spoiled,lost their heads because they couldn't believe they were getting a hiding

    98. dikshant

      PSG team is prime example of bottleneck buying top players and hoping everything will work fine

    99. Xavier B

      These pundit were jus waiting for Pep to lost so they cud have a field day cuz they lost their bet. All of them vote for Psg to go through.

    100. Arjun Mustaine

      Hey burleyne noone asked u to narrate highlights of the game. What a nutcase