Marvin's Magic Drawing Board: SECRETS REVEALED...


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    1. Mr Twiztid

      You got a broken bored LOL

    2. Trisha Agrawal

      You can just use crayons

    3. Symoon

      I want to punch my Screen lol #not hater :)

    4. Rachel Griffin

      I remember the commercials for this when I was a kid and I wanted one so bad but never got one. This was coll to watch this it was giving me flashbacks to my childhood.

    5. JaymeeElise

      I have marvin’s magic stuff but I’ve never heard of that toy 😂

    6. Banana Bob127


    7. SkeleToonz X

      I got one of these, my grandma asked if it was spillable or could make a mess. The man said no, it’s all technology. Guess who used a pair of scissors to find out, grandma was not happy

    8. Redhoney sugarOrange

      3:45 the GReece keeps COVering up my holes.

    9. leyli_like

      Why does the colored board behind the grease remind me of your video background?😂

    10. leyli_like

      Why is the monopoly guy on there?😂

    11. Paulina S

      The Sunday School had one of these when I was growing up! Lol they were so difficult to control. Almost everyone just drew crosses lol

    12. SwirlyPinwheel

      Jazza trying to dissolve the sludge brings me back to my QC Chemistry days. The plant would occasionally send a sludge sample over for us to figure out the cheapest way to clean their tank/line/etc, and we got to mess around with industrial solvents trying to figure out efficiency vs cost.

    13. Camie Potato pattie


    14. Brajendra Singh

      This is shit😂 why do they make these kinds toys?

    15. Josh Vasquez

      all in favor that Jazza's best videos are the ones where he goes the howtobasic route?

    16. that guy

      Can you make one I want to make one for my cousin but how would you? she’s 4 and you don’t care nevermind you made one in this video😃 whaaaat you don’t make on how would you make the Greece

    17. nommh

      These things still exist? I had those in the late sixties. We did not have such an nice scraper though.

    18. Moby Dick

      I think you should try the bare grease with a reed pen instead of a brush

    19. VladVladislav

      Next episode: making thermite from etch-a-sketch

    20. Jeremy Duncan

      Jazza, I love this channel. Not because of the quirky challenges, but because it is just you using your talent to explore things that you are curious about and you always add a little creative flair to it. I actively smile when I watch your videos. Do you know how rare that is? Your videos force me to engage my brain in a healthy way. As long as you keep being you, this channel will be the best.

    21. Anthony Morin

      this man uses what kids use to learn art and makes the best art ever thanx for destroying dreams Jazza lmao

    22. Michio Vs Monika

      Pay for a product that is only 50% of a Product without the app. Downloads the and the app costs MORE than Minecraft on Mobile. I think I will stick to Minecraft which is MUCH more creative, i get that this is a cool idea and the app has cool features but asking for MORE money is wrong.

    23. Ziggy Simpson

      The drawing board could be pretty easy to make

    24. 花すき

      this would’ve been so much cooler if they made it magnetic

    25. hydra in pixlegun

      Have you tried changes in temperature? I've never seen this before but seeing it's behavior might be more closely related to solidified grease than oil

    26. SatchmoPlays

      Video idea: Make you own magic drawing board! Find some kind of medium that you can vacuum seal and attach to a colorful board and beat greasy old Marvin at his own game!

    27. infamous2555

      It's all fun and games until the sludge barrier breaks and whatever that black stuff is ends up all over your desk.

    28. Invader Studios

      Marvin's Magic? Haven't heard that name in ages...

    29. Hot Cofi

      Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Magic Drawing Board.

    30. LillyWaffle

      I love that shirt XD do you know where you got it?

    31. Vincent King

      Never saw this from Marvin's Magic. Magic tricks themselves. Yes. I had a few of them (im a magic nerd. I had tons of magic sets as a kid. )

    32. Angelic Dirt

      Join us next time when Jazza dismantles a magnadoodle...

    33. SporeMystify

      In art class, we basically made these ourselves, drawing the colored background then painting black acrylic over it, then scratching the paint off to reveal the background. Same idea, but single use. It was one of my favorite projects.

      1. Ashriya Javeed

        I did that a few times not for art but for making scratch lottery cards and having family open them...and scratch them up......Agree though, it’s sooooo fun.

    34. Cat Sidhe

      How did I never know that was how it worked??? My awareness as a kid was not as great as I thought

    35. Taters

      Awman I loved that thing as a kid, all the infomercial art stuff in the 90s

    36. Ice Bear

      I actually have 1 of these

    37. SACEVO 8

      marvin is my dogs name

    38. zombieheadoink


    39. Jessie Embiado

      Wow! Didn't knew Jazza has an art application. Going to PlayStore rn.

    40. DandyDoondin


    41. luna

      ooh you can draw it, ooh you can scratch it, ooh it’s a rainbow, ooh marvin

    42. David Sullivan

      Acetone!! I bet that’s the solvent!

    43. MervinpaismakesWindows14

      **Jazza screaming " MARVIN YOUR APP SUCKS! "** Me: : _ ( why Jazza, just why

    44. skiitles

      I had one of those and hated it so much lol

    45. teethpaste

      you said "lets paint marvin" and i thought you were talking about M.R.V.N. from titanfall

    46. Jubbano

      Jazza turned into a scientist trying to figure out what the grease WAS.

    47. Jubbano

      I’ve never heard of this either.

    48. Bring Me The Black Veil Brides

      “Hello it’s jazzer”

    49. RogueStudio TV

      I am so glad my mom just tossed paper and crayons at me everytime I wanted something gimmicky like this....thanks mom. (Well, I did have an Etch-a-Sketch growing up but it immediately just became a decoration lol)

    50. Confused

      0:19 this is why u need to wear protective glasses kids

    51. Ashten Passion

      IVE BEEN TRYING TO REMEMBER THE NAME OF THIS DAMN THING FOR SO LONG OH MY GODDDD edit wait no. No this couldn’t have been it the one I remember used magnets and it was literally impossible to erase the picture oh my god the search is never going to end is it

    52. Goinne Woods

      I've never heard of this one, but the mechanics of it is bringing up a very faaaaaaint memory from years of watching ads on Cartoon Network. On another note, one of my favorite toys growing up was one of those magnetic drawing boards. It was literally a box filled with teeny tiny magnetic bits, and a stylus with a magnet. It was amazing. I'd love to see Jazza play with one. Or a Lite Brite.

    53. Hayden McPherson

      the stuff inside the bag looks like crude oil or something

    54. Djthunder PSN

      You gotta do litebrite!!

    55. Ts- Games

      Has anyone pointed out that the background part of this board looks similar to the mural behind Jazza?

    56. Kayz B

      Cut it open!

      1. Kayz B

        Nevermind........ you did

    57. Laura

      I was not expecting this to turn into an episode of Dr Pimple Popper halfway through 😂

    58. Alpha wolf

      I love how this turned into a science experiment 🤣

    59. miko_anna

      Marvin seing this :👁️👄👁️💧

    60. Alex garcia

      You showed the whole scientific method in one video

    61. Milena Martins

      I thought he was going to paint with the sludge over the colored sheet and I was really interested in how it could turn out... Too bad 😕

    62. sarah hoffman

      Brings back memories of when I was playing with one of these and the sludge bag ripped open.

    63. JUNOP

      the texture and viscosity of that grease makes me think it might be printer's ink from an offset lithography press. That's going to be my educated guess for what it is, since offset ink is oil-based.

    64. Michael J. O’Neill

      The toy I always saw in those cool commercials as a kid. I still have never owned one ):

    65. maxi

      Always wanted to cut it open glad someone finally did it. I mean I didn't have this exact one but it was basically the same thing

    66. Lenna

      Looks like Axel grease for wheel bearings

    67. Judi Lynn

      So it's liquid "scratch board". lol

    68. Ermembor

      The commercial for this thing was all over Nickelodeon in the 90s.

    69. Jake Steampson

      5:35 Oh god, this moment was perfect

    70. Mamo Tega

      make video about, how to draw people or thing as cartoon from life

    71. Ski Skrt

      I used to loooooove these as a kid

    72. Keevan Sixx

      ah, that forgotten (and forgettable) childhood toy invented by a mechanic when they threw a glob of axel grease in a ziplock bag to be frugal, and their kid started playing with it.

    73. NotASpyReally

      So what is Jazza's channel about? Drawing? Art? Nope! It's SCIENCE!

    74. Alex Wohlgemuth

      This *could* be ok for a kid learning to write each letter of the alphabet. Not great for much else

    75. Nafeesa Ahmed

      i have the same phone as u!

    76. planeloverpilot

      I used to have one of these in my childhood in new york

    77. Relic

      Is it just me, or does Jazza’s left eye look irritated? Looks kind of pink.

    78. Relic

      I remember wanting that when I was a kid. Good thing I never got it.

    79. Narayan Lewandowski

      Why not try with less paint thinner?

    80. FM itsme

      When u thinking what u would do if jazza was ur dad

    81. Apple_AP3X

      Might be good as a weathering.

    82. Tim Tam

      downloading your app xD i need more design inspirations

    83. Tamara Amiranashvili

      i have an idea you can make an cartoon drawing learner

    84. Tamara Amiranashvili

      hello jazza

    85. Something Animations


    86. Gamzee Makara

      They really put my man venom in a plastic bag.

    87. Phil I

      It's like the exact same thing of those papers that you scratch away and this color underneath

    88. Cath Colvin

      Once as a small child I tried to clear all the sludge It was not successful

    89. Dylan the villain

      can you make a vid of showing us how to make a app please then i will sub and get the app

    90. willku9000

      OMFG! I never had one of these but the commercials were on CONSTANTLY! I kinda forgot about it until i saw the thumbnail of this video

    91. just call me Jess z

      Don't know why the sludge actually is..... but growing up in AZ I will confirm the sludge is much easier to move around when warm. I will also confirm the warm sludge bag will melt if you leave it outside in September.

    92. DeathnoteBB

      God I had a toy like this as a kid. I loved it lol Edit: Actually it might have been this exact brand! I remember the examples on the back!

    93. Emma X

      You know you've done it when Jazza's painting with LITERAL GREESE is better than any of your art at all

    94. 20BIS042 Prageetha Bharathi

      5:35 that moment when his brain is telling him “cut it open,let's play with the sludge” is jus gold

    95. Robert Szasz

      Molybdenum grease in a bag

    96. Greeny Wasabi

      Very fitting T-shirt for this video 🤭

    97. Panic! Out by the Romance Pilot Boys

      I cackled when you popped up from behind the chair-

    98. Panic! Out by the Romance Pilot Boys

      "THE GREASE KEEPS COVERING UP MY HOLES!!!" Jazza, are you okay?

    99. Huma G

      Would mixing it with a bit of oil (linseed or olive) help? I'd try, but I'm not burning money to try to get one. If you try it, I'd like to know how THAT goes!

    100. meyoumeyou7789

      I thought I’d was tar 😂