Max Verstappen reacting to Hamilton's off and to the Bottas - Russell crash! "OH MY GOD" | Imola GP


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    Verstappen's reaction to Hamilton's off in the gravel and his reaction to Bottas and Russell crashing. He was worried for his tyres after passing through a lot of debries.

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    1. catur skak

      horner : Hamilton off the track on turn 7 max : Ok.. mission complete

      1. jason bell

        Hamilton: 7 world titles 100 poles we don’t give a Fuc^ !!👊🏼

    2. Shawn Pyle

      They are so afraid of lewis

    3. Bruno Scarabelli

      1:40 + smart working when they tell something important be like

    4. Bruno Scarabelli

      Hey the only one that can beat you here is out the track *Raikkonen speaking inside Max* : oke

    5. vicospriteg

      I didn’t like Russell hitting Bottas in the head after that wreck, I am glad both were ok though.

    6. Adeilson Gomes

      Max noob

      1. Space Dude


    7. Dexter Srogan

      The superficial icebreaker spontaneously stuff because radar disappointingly change unto a chivalrous permission. mammoth, fretful rubber

    8. Lightening McQueen

      Really interesting.

    9. JXMIE

      Lol Hamilton off then the engineer said no threat form behind that says it all when people say anyone can win in the merc no matter how bad they are cause valterri is legit so far down...really and truly Red Bull are battling Lewis once he’s out of the way they are good well Max is battling Lewis I should say they are carrying their teams on their back pretty much

    10. We are playing uno right now

      Title: “OH MY GOD” Video: max and Christian having a chat at the coffee table

      1. Darren Moynagh

        In reference to Verstappen saying “Oh my God” twice during the 2mins exchange, I guess.

      2. H K

        That’s not Christian, it’s his engineer GP

    11. zazazaketo_k

      I guess all the f1 drivers who died on track were also practising high speed crash, right🤯? Your hatred is spewing up some major stupidity. Just give up watching f1 before you do some actual damage, to yourself or otherwise.

    12. Iwan Raven

      DRS pedal for brake warming 🤔

      1. frjoethesecond

        ERS pedal. The rear wheels use regenerative braking.

    13. Numatixx

      People _seriously_ think they rigged the race by having two cars crash at 300+ km/h? Nothing could go wrong there ever!

      1. Drew A Rockwell

        @Kimi Bwoahkönen yes he did always does though and never seems to have problems with pit crew like Bottas weird lol

      2. Cletus Spuckler

        @Juda Erm.. who else flooded the race highlights video enraged claiming that Russell and Bottas had crashed on purpose to help Lewis catch up? Not saying you did it, but only Max fans did that.

      3. Kimi Bwoahkönen

        @Cletus Spuckler I’m a Max fan, but I’m only saying Hamilton got lucky af.

      4. Juda

        @Cletus Spuckler I am a Max supporter. I find it more crazy how you are categorising me darling.

      5. Joe Lambert

        Yes I'm sure what the FIA really wanted was a Williams binning it at Tamburello.

    14. Wayne Temple

      this is so cool wish we could stream this live

      1. TooFastTooDoge

        Bruh you can see every drivers cam live and hear all the radio

      2. Gustavo Oliveira

        You can with f1tv

    15. Drew S

      1:45: "Oh my god!" 1:48: "Oh my god!"

    16. The Waffle


    17. Gavin Isaacs

      Then the goat ended up P2 , genius !

      1. ANAND123smiler

        @mmafan2223 yup wolffed🤭🤪

      2. mmafan2223

        @ANAND123smiler too bad everyone is cursed then lol

      3. ANAND123smiler

        Lucky goat

      4. Joel A.

        Very lucky red flag indeed.

      5. mmafan2223

        @BVN_Logic _SkilZz-_- GOAT city!

    18. Sam C

      Never have I ever read such BS conspiracy theories in the comments, and I’m guessing, mostly by new F1 fans.

      1. Akash P.

        The whole DTS Twitter fanbase is toxic as fuck.

    19. samir Osman

      Red bull are racing only with hamilton 😂 Just Lewis is their problem not Mercedes

      1. Joshua Anderson

        Nah don’t give me that, without hamilton this year max would be dominating and vice versa. They are both outperforming the car let’s not just bumlick Max here when it’s both who are driving on a different level

      2. Mohammed abdul Musawir

        F1 has become a motorsport where everyone competes to end the race behind hamilton’s mercedes.

      3. Suolakala

        @samir Osman the only reason he won bahrain was because of Mercedes strategy..

      4. H DHIL

        @samir Osman bro, he is the best driver in history

      5. samir Osman

        @H DHIL for example Bahrain max had a fastest car on the grid and Mercedes had issues but Lewis won the race Man to be honest we can't compare max to lewis Lewis is on another level in every year from his 2006 up to now

    20. King_Cola

      How can that blm supporter reverse on to the track and these guys crash on purpose. No investigation??

      1. Thomas Jager

        @mmafan2223 Jealous on a devil worshiping hate racist?

      2. 449Raphael

        BLM supporter and crybaby……..

      3. RealBenHolems

        yeah mate these guys thought it was a swell idea to colide at 330kmh. listen to yourself you idiot. Did you not hear george say "is he trying to get us killed or what?" someone who did it on purpose wouldnt say something like that would they.

      4. mmafan2223

        @Keashin28 butthurt Hamilton hater

      5. Keashin28

        Crash on purpose?Got any proof?

    21. P M

      Like lewis was ever a threat at Imola he couldn't cheat.

      1. Sharl Legrerg

        YeAh wAt a cHeAteR hE w0n 7 chAmp1oNshIps cOs hE cHeEted hE juSt lucKy

      2. Newmaidumosa

        LOL... cry more noob!

      3. Alan Thomas

        Lmao keep crying haha

      4. Blitzkrieg5100

        Lmao cry more hahahah

      5. bumdog

        Just waited for Portimao

    22. Scott Warren

      So who makes the decision to have Bottas and Russell crash so there are 0 gaps for Hamilton after the restart? New to the sport.

      1. Scott Warren

        @Numatixx thought so but just wanted to make sure.

      2. Numatixx

        Yes, 300km/h crashes are planned just for Lewis Hamilton. 200 IQ

      3. Sharl Legrerg

        Read the comment you wrote while playing this for the proper experience

      4. MaxPhallus

        Pretty sure I saw toto with a bottle of olive oil wandering around that turn.

    23. SileTa Mus

      "No threats behind, no threats behind...." for sure when HAM is behind there's a threat.

      1. Dutch Gerbie

        @Dimitri Jensk Not fair. It's just "what if". At that point in the race, HAM had run off the track, and rejoined close to 1 minute behind, was on his way to the pit to replace the front wing and would have rejoind a lap and a half behind. Without the "other" what if scenario of RUS/BOT not creating a red flag, it would have been 25 for VER 0 for HAM.

      2. Nuch

        Not in Baku

      3. Dimitri Jensk

        @Diego Villavicencio fair

      4. Diego Villavicencio

        @Dimitri Jensk another safety car would have changed things. Max also spun and could have crashed or being passed by Leclerc and being forced to start on the pit lane. You only have it in the bag when you cross the finish line. Hamilton also had it on the bag in Malaysia 2016 and his engine exploded while having a 23-second lead

      5. Dimitri Jensk

        At that point in the race not really. Max pretty much had it in the bag as soon as it happened.

    24. Marty McFLY 1985

      Biggest gain from Merc drivers crash between Bottas and Russell The follow Merc driver who's skidded of track and gone 1 Lap down Lewis Hamilton Who won gained most off crash Lewis Umm reminds me of Crashgate in which Alonso won after his team mate was told to crash into Pit wall Lewis totally out of race at the point Bottas and Russell just happened to crash into each other Result of crash Lewis gets Lap back and is back in the race he just skidded out of How fortunate follow Merc drivers just happened to crash into each other at exactly the lap Lewis race was totally over

      1. Sharl Legrerg That's your comments theme song

      2. Chris McLaren

        @Gaming Kaas do you really think he's not serious? You have all this faith in humanity?

      3. Gaming Kaas

        @Chris McLaren yeah like how toxic!!!!! He is posting a FUNNY comment that makes people LAUGH!!! this is a serious sport and people should not be allowed to call them fans if they make jokes about things happening during a race!!!!

      4. evrmore


      5. Swayambhoo Chauhan

        Shutup man just shutup

    25. Rj Smith

      Engineer: Lewis is in the wall Max: ok

    26. Di M

      Max reacts... Okay

    27. Bryan Austyn Downing

      Kimis reaction is the best. His dude is explaining there is a big crash and he is like yeah i saw it and have crap in my car! lol

      1. zaky Luqni

        Same as last year george crash and kimi us behind him

      2. Marc Figu

        Kimi's onboards are always the best :P

    28. RND2

      The highest, most technical form of auto racing and yet radio communication is akin to a distant ship to shore signal........

      1. Anthony Moreno

        Electrical engineer here. My best guess is that each team is given a specific frequency and amount of RF bandwidth to use. This way there is coordinated frequency management to avoid interference between the teams and the local area at the track. So the size of the ‘pipe’ would be fixed by the FIA. Next you have race engineers who will want lots of vehicle telemetry from the car, some at really high rates so they can perform real-time performance and predictive analysis for critical components like the engine and transmission. Somewhere in that pipe will be the race radio audio. Some elements are probably encrypted, but it doesn’t seem like the audio is since we get to hear it on the live broadcast. I don’t know how their RF link budget works out, but think of it like getting an allotment of RF energy. The winning solution from the race engineer’s perspective is to provide JUST ENOUGH RF energy to have reasonable comms for the entire track… and give as much as you can to the vehicle telemetry.

      2. LordSwagtron

        @RND2 if you want to have any sort of high speed live audio stream in full duplex, meaning two streams can run back and forth between two systems simultaniously, and have it streamed to a machine that flies around a 5 kilometer track at an average speed of around 280km/h, with hundreds of objects like trees and walls inbetween you and that car, you will INEVITABLY have some data loss. even with current technologies, which you can bet your ass F1 teams will be using at all opportunities, it's simply entirely impossible to have a datastream with that many possible interferances be 100% accurate, or even 95%, if that.

      3. vinno97

        @RND2 drone FPV feeds are analog, so bandwidth isn't as easy to compare and have you ever seen the footage that comes from them? It's noisy and glitchy as hell, even for the absolute top of the line racing stuff. I don't disagree with your point, but your argument isn't founded

      4. Tim P

        @Bryce Peters true

      5. Bryce Peters

        @Tim P Because they are so high and have literally no obstructions.

    29. mctale taletale

      Max dont care are bot and rus okay 👎

      1. Dutch Gerbie

        Did he even know what caused the code red?

      2. Quinten Onbekend

        @mctale taletale dts kiddo

      3. MaxPhallus

        @mctale taletale Red flag just means it would be too dangerous to drive with the track how it is. This could mean someone has broken down in the middle of the track, there is a lot of debris, or it's too rainy. It doesn't mean a crash is bad. You also have to remember that when max sees the crash, he's focusing on not running over debris.

      4. Bryce Peters

        He probably drove past and saw them both get out of their cars.

      5. Gigsaw Soljier

        1. he's focused on his job 2. he probs doesn't even know at that point did you here him told what happend? noo exactly.

    30. Curious_Cat

      Something something about one being so calm and someone being lucky because I don't like that one.

      1. Yenice

        absolutely nailed it

      2. ThatOneNigeriansFomulaOne


    31. thenort13

      0:36 he reacts in Dutch to his engineer: Ja weet ik = Yes I know.

      1. Christiaan Ten Cate

        Hij zegt yeah mate, klaar.

      2. Robert Geurkaars

        Talking another language on the radio is strictly forbidden. Its in the FIA rulebook. 100% 'yeah mate' not 'ja weet ik'. Sometime im ashamed to be dutch and sometimes proud.

      3. Squeaky Bunny

        All these people claiming credits because they are Dutch... Doesn't really matter.. I think you are not that used to English on a day to day basis.. Most I can give you all is that he says "ja" instead of "yeah" But he definitely says "mate" not "weet ik".....

      4. Dutch Kick

        @iLangKampo yea lol wat een oren hebben die mensen

      5. iLangKampo

        He says yeah mate, im dutch too i know what you mean but nah he didnt say that.

    32. Flurox


      1. whatisthis

        It was like that on F1TV, I coudn't do anything about it unfortunately.

      2. Timothy Sinclair

        8 bit effect intenifies

    33. pine2pine3

      How can you be this much calm

      1. Appelpeer15

        @Joe Felony Mercedes (well, Hamilton and his car) were faster. Hamilton was getting close to Verstappen until he went off. But yeah, it's logical to stay calm and focused when you are driving 250km/h in wet conditions.

      2. S K

        @Joe Felony Having this kind of gonna win anyway thought proves what kind of loser you are

      3. Devin Mattingly

        F1 drivers aren't regular humans

      4. 3 Minute Game Reviews

        By not being stressed

      5. Matsobang Kgomo

        I Dnt wud you hav liked him to react....

    34. Robin Van De Klok

      The communication between him and his engineer seems so calm and clear

      1. DAN NNY

        Until they spit dummies out. Crying all over social media trying to get hamilton banned. Rats

      2. Hayden Karim

        @Tomáš Novický dogfighting isn’t for entertainment though is it?

      3. Ari Veitz

        @Tomáš Novický that's just a silly

      4. Tomáš Novický

        @Ari Veitz thats like saying fighter pilots communication is ruining dogfighting

      5. GabberPinda

        Mooi die Nederlandse nuchterheid van Max👌

    35. jj jz

      I thought the pit wall

    36. Aarón Cadena Colunga

      No se ve tu vídeo... Mal.#

    37. Roberts

      Hamilton a lucky BOIII!!

      1. donny s

        @Maximus Genatilia the car Max drives

      2. ed

        @Maximus Genatilia he received a bonus lap, so yeah he was very lucky!

      3. RAy Ray

        You:sore hater

      4. fiogray

        @Maximus Genatilia indeed, pretty lucky he still has the best car. Sandbags were released. Bottas is just mediocre.

      5. Maximus Genatilia

        @fiogray LMAO.. He was pretty lucky today wasn't he ? Bellend

    38. azapro911

      Love how calm he stayed when told that Lewis had gone off, got to stay focused on your own race.

      1. Ari Veitz

        @MrRubenvos123 probably most gays too😃

      2. MrRubenvos123

        @The Stig's Mexican Cousin gotta remember lewis also has the most female followers.

      3. The Stig's Mexican Cousin

        @MrRubenvos123 Lewis is the most followed people by fans (not just on social media). I love Sebastian but I'm just speaking by what the numbers say not what you or what i want them to be

      4. MrRubenvos123

        @The Stig's Mexican Cousin most people support seb not lewis

      5. Israel Moreno

        @Sanya Huntington hyping up max on a video about max? By any chance are you stupid or are you an idiot? 😂

    39. Assasin's Gaming Channel


    40. Maurice O

      They still have mode 11 lol