Max Verstappen Special


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    In this episode we follow the career of Max Verstappen

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    1. Holland formule een mma

      100 race’s 50 podiums what a record for this super talent!!! Max is gonna be bigger then lewis or Schumacher!! I love them bolt but max is from another race planet

    2. pedqeme jakicpet

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    3. vrccb

      Wonderful accolade to a superb driver

    4. Mike

      Max verstappen 2021 champion.

    5. Andre Jansen

      Thank you!!!

    6. jan klaasen

      Wat een slechte ondertiteling zeg

    7. frans zacharias

      Beat Lewis to be champion

    8. pat newway

      mommy beat fisiciella , truli ,horner...with karting

    9. pat newway

      mommy gave the permission to start .......not Jos

    10. Pier Gaastra

      Maybe a Grand Prix in Zandvoort , without public.

    11. magic spell

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    12. Dan

      He's actually Belgian!! 😉

      1. Dan

        @rikkierikkie All I know is that he's great! 😂😂😂

      2. rikkierikkie

        @Dan So if he would have been born in Spain he would have been a Spaniard? Idiot much? 😆

      3. jan klaasen

        If you consider his temperament, do you really believe he is more Belgian than Dutch?

      4. Jan de Zwaan

        Yes Dan, hy born in België. So take your orange cout and hoed or pet and goMax

      5. D VO

        @Dan yes but he said he feels more Dutch since he was always with his dad who is Dutch. He's indeed also Belgian, but he chose to represent the Nederlands in F1 since he is Also Dutch.

    13. Amro Majzoubs

      I Got On The Inside Line

    14. Anabel Wentworth

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    15. GM Copia

      Hij is beter dan ik dacht? En goud eerlijk? Maat hem speciaal

    16. Orce Tata

      I LOVE YOU...........

      1. Jeff Star

        Love u 2 cuz

    17. Sven w

      Clearly it's not completely up to date.. but still its a nice compilation

    18. Willie McKinney

      I hope Max's team mate, turns out to be a good wing man. I'd like to see them give my man Hamilton and Bottas( as long as he's there) a run for the Constructor's Championship. I know that will give Lewis the chance fight more, not just against himself, yes, that will make Lewis better.

    19. Guy de Groot

      Slecht. Oud nieuws

    20. Juan Canales

      Perez in a different strategy could help Max

      1. billy bierbuik

        they can help each other two good drivers now

    21. Ramon-Ignited_NL

      2021 will be the year for Max and Red Bull. The weakest point (aerodynamics back) will be fixed within the regulations of the FIA. And perhaps Honda will come up with a stronger engine. According to Jos Verstappen in an interview held on nL.

    22. BBO

      RBR uses Max to get close to Mercedes with a bad car. Finally givchim a chance to win RBR! It’s on you now!!

    23. Chef G

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    24. BeeCee

      Hammy fanboys with thumbs down.... All of them it seems.

      1. bakker071

        @James. If you cant take the heat, don't try to burn something

      2. James.

        @bakker071 id laugh if it was a joke and not a troll comment. like i said, use those fucking brains mate

      3. bakker071

        @James. Humor, laugh about it

      4. James.

        @bakker071 brains... use them

      5. bakker071

        @James. Box, Box, Box, Box!!! We are coming in for a new set of humor lol

    25. yaraislief

      Nice documenteert! One of the best driver on the grid.

      1. paula verachtert

        The Best!

    26. 松田小乃実

      マックス、あなたの悪妻は、どっちですか? 58歳?38歳? 今週も、悪妻グランプリになりそうですね

      1. The Dutch Human

        @#F1release ik ook!...

      2. #F1release

        Ik snap je helemaal

    27. Chr Cz

      the cut scenes are so annoying. erratically moving the title 800 times. great doc otherwise.

    28. Skyhighathrist

      3 dislikes? Let me guess, Hamilton, Bottas and...........Albon perhaps

      1. Jew Hunter

        18 now, pretty much the full grid😂

      2. The Dutch Human

        Don't forget Toto...

      3. - Natsukashii


      4. Ajunta

        No it's definitely Vettel.

    29. #PuraLeña

      New video? No mention of Honda's retreat from F1???

      1. Nightfly

        @Tijmen Bronkhorst It says "new Honda partnership", so this is old...

      2. Tijmen Bronkhorst

        This was before the 2020 season

    30. Hennie van der heide

      Thanks great to seen this documentarie

    31. Sander vd Donk


      1. Uitzending Gemist

        BOLK :+

    32. Elena Casagrande

      I love Max ❤️🔝🦁💪🍀

      1. RIP_Vanix

        Same mate he’s just the best f1 driver👍🤟


        Zo jammer dat Honda de stekker eruit trekt!