Mike Lindell’s Patriotic Crap, Jim Jordan’s Relentless Stupidity & Matt Gaetz’s Shady Venmo

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    Vaccinations are available to anyone over the age of 16 in California, Dr. Fauci appeared in front of a Congressional subcommittee on COVID-19 and forced to endure relentless stupidity from Jim Jordan, Ivanka got a the shot and the comments on her post are really something, there are new details in the sordid saga of future former Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, a member of Parliament in Canada accidently exposed himself on an official government Zoom, and Jimmy checks in with Mike Lindell (James Adomian) about his new online shop “MyStore.”
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    1. Starless Aeon

      Check the voting machines!

    2. Nathaniel Austin

      It's multipurposed.

    3. M

      hey jimmy, ya SIMP beta...ya showed your true colors when you acted like a total a**hole when you had Mike Lindell on your show. You ridiculed his recovery from addiction. That was probably one of the most offensive and classless things I have ever seen on TV.... jimmy, bad karma to ya dude

    4. Donnie Cothern

      Dear God why does tv suck so hard now.????

    5. Michael West

      Trump 2021!

    6. harry varner

      Keep drinking the kool aid you fools.

    7. Gilliganfrog

      This is far and away my favorite Mike Lindell-he has the appropriate level of intense, shrill, angsty craziness and is hilarious.

    8. Wassergekuhlt

      Fuaci has done himself no favors be waffling.

    9. morgan macleod

      You people are idiots

    10. ozzy gonzalez

      Jordan is such an ignorant what a loser.....

    11. ora cooks

      The opposite of a criminal master-mind would be a criminal minor-mind,maybe? Or just plain uninformed (I hesitate to use the "S" word, too harsh!).

    12. Rolande Marin

      This guys is a complete joke.Should be taken off the air.

    13. A non mouse

      To be fair, the guy in parliment had just got in from like riding his bike or something and was changing clothes. He just didn't realize his camera was on. It wasn't like those idiot lawyers that started having sex during a hearing and forgot to turn their camera off.

    14. n klimash

      The bullying is getting old, Jimmy. Stop being so fearful, it’s ugly.

    15. Morisejko Moriss

      this show is for bidet lovers

    16. Norcarr Lane

      TRUMPandemic took away Liberties!

    17. Professhun Beats

      Coffee beans made out of gun powder🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we need this segment every show man. F’n hilarious bruh

    18. Truth seeker

      Such a manipulation tactic of a narcissist to prey on their flaws. Attack the man that seems to be a strong, genuine, nice character, and not the argument that means you already lost.

    19. D C

      You should have Mike Liddell back on your show after the Maricopa results.

    20. E Tell

      Hope this Jimmy knows all of nothing

    21. Victoria Cameron

      When he drank the gun powder “coffee” killed me! 😂

    22. T & R White

      After watching the mike lindell interview I think the mike impersonator may be cancelled.

    23. Missy Jean

      The only reason the news and Hollywood goin after any conservative and attack their character is because they do not have facts to counter their policies and theories

    24. CanadianLoveKnot

      Any Maxine Waters jokes? Ya, I didn't think so...Jimmy sold out.

    25. David Styles

      No respect for little jimmy.

    26. Vivi BD

      Bullying much 🥺keep it up this show is no longer funny . Used to be .

    27. Alfonso Ramírez

      I love how he went from 1 to 3 when listing his reasons.

      1. Peggy Wade

        So easy to quickly judge. Shows immaturity and apathy. Have you been in public eye on Kimmel show? Your judgement is immaterial thus waste of your time typing.

    28. elizabeth meadows

      Kimmel is a jerk.

    29. Ian Willy

      This is so bad....

    30. Brian K

      I like comedy as much as the next person (ie, George Carlin, John Belushi, Larry David, etc..) but Jimmy Kimmel is not even close to being funny. This skit was so forced and non-funny that it was so cringe.

    31. The Rollerskating Wanderer

      We know, Kimmel. The American people know.

    32. Sheryl B Camper Gal

      Mike Lindell- the real person is quite amazing personal story- from drug addict to owning a successful business. Also stands for freedom of speech- FYI if Kimmel isn’t nice to Mike then I would say not worth my time for a 2 Nd show. Really never watched Kimmel- so we shall see what is all about.

    33. pikzz zy

      Is this a comedy show or news report? What a joke Jimmy Fallon, you're not even funny, repeating what MSM posts with some random people laughing in the back is not funny. 🤷

    34. J. A.

      Mike Lindell is The American Dream personified. A great American

    35. Claudia Rhoton

      Hey Jimmy you're gonna answer to God. Praying you give your life to the Lord.

    36. Carva Lone

      Jimmy, you got GOLD with this guy! Keep him on...fg hilarious!

    37. Ingu Kim

      조회수 1,589,675회 •2021. 4. 15. 좋아요 2.6만

    38. organ reeman

      Do people like Jodan actually represent the people? I mean the guy is so obtuse and stupid. Is he representing people that stupid that they vote for him? What about all the other republican politicians? Seriously.

    39. Kenneth Miller

      Jimmy you’ve earned your intelligence because every year you get better at keeping people’s chest sore from laughing.

    40. Betty Veronica


    41. Beatrice Hobson

      He looks like the 'wizard' in "The Wizard of Oz!" LMAO. I think he's hilarious.

    42. Davis Willow

      Mike Lindell is doing his own version of “Shark Tank” but his version will be known as the “Fish Tank”

    43. josh taylor

      Lol James.

    44. Ken Black

      Seems JK seems to have some things to hide or else he wouldn't mind it being told or afraid to open minded look at it. I just don't see any credibility with JK knowing his past and lack of research on several subjects, not just this one. Seems he'll do anything for ratings or acceptance in Hollywood, which is so out of touch with America already and the regular citizen. We discuss this a lot at different places, not just him but others too. If there is nothing to hide, then what are they afraid of people knowing about that has evidence behind it? I wish you all well, but remain open minded to all, listen to both sides, then decide. Don't believe any belief that any hosts try and force on you, from either side. Get both sides, find credibility and facts, not words, then decide. That has never happened on JK's show that we've seen yet. Just his opinion and beliefs of what he is told to say.

    45. Raul Almazan Almazan

      Mike should open a, my criminal record store.

    46. Beth

      My new favorite clip! And I still have my audience appearance on TiVo. And jimmy was not there!

    47. Reverend Monique-Marie Bray

      Did Lindell even graduate from 7th Grade? "For years, entrepreneurs have CAME to me." That's a bad one. This guy is a joke and not a good one. Spare us Lindell!

    48. CarlosG

      I don't eat any of that crap, except for the occasional in n out

    49. Scott Slaboda

      You got to be cancelled yourself

    50. Action Jaxon

      I honestly like mike Lindell. If you can't laugh you can't live right. Any publicity is good publicity way to go Jimmy 👍👍

    51. Universal federation of truth

      Don’t bother with frank speech. He’s too afraid to turn on commenting or even post his email. This guy is not serious other than the pure fact that he’s scared of the future. He’s scared to make his next move. He wants to sit in a dark hole while thinking he’s doing the “right” thing. Don’t bother with his lies. You will never see his social website up and running. He needs brought off air asap. Let’s just call it a dead end for ideas. Thanks.

    52. Eloise Coppler

      Jim Jordon should keep his mouth shut about ANY assault ! OSU locker room was not an ideal scenario for students . Man and man v.s. Boy. ?

    53. Duketown Media

      Substance use is volantary, not mandatory. And there is a difference between a burger hurting your stomach, or gene-altering substances, for which you need a license to but them.

    54. Chase Fowler

      He had to know about those kids at Ohio State being sexually assaulted. The doctor that did it committed suicide. But I find it hard that he didn't see or hear about it when he was coaching there.

    55. no hassle

      Oh my god it's the same comic who does Bernie Sanders and Jesse Ventura. He is amazingly good

    56. Robert Blakeman

      Manipulating morons with garbage!

    57. Michael Baldwin

      Jimmy is on the meth🤡

    58. Gonzo Soc

      Except when Fauci lied and told us not to wear masks, other than that he's completely trustworthy and competent.

    59. B East

      “You know who else was assaulted? Those wrestlers who were under your charge when you were a wrestling coach.”....yeah....F gym Jordan.

    60. Raystargazer

      what you fail to mention (unless it's later) is that the former president has also taken not only the vaccine, ,but the RNA antibodies from another person. took him no time at all to make that decision once HE got the virus (the one that was a hoax, remember?)

    61. american joe

      And Jimmy Kimmel sad lack of talent!!!

    62. Miss L Gaines

      Jimmy is an idiot for supporting Fauci! Fauci has not seen a patient in years. Man educate yourselves 😒 other countries know more than America & report it... We look so stupid to the world

    63. Antonio Smith

      Jordan is stupid deciple

    64. Leroy Skalstad

      Reminds me of Chris Farley

    65. Amigo

      Jimmy the Clown 🤡

    66. Truthreel

      What's wrong with being patriotic? Who are you, Isis?? Thanks for letting me know about My Store!!!

    67. Michael Bruce

      This guy had a private Oval Office meeting with Trump 2 days before the inauguration.

    68. Maria Malakoff

      Salud means pot.

    69. Jay Gray

      At least the naked politician's half decent looking - can anyone imagine seeing trump like that

    70. Jimmy Pavone

      Dang Jimmy, how much do they pay you to trash America? It might be best if you just offed yourself...

    71. Dodge Hemi

      Beard is not hiding double chins

    72. Debbie

      Old mate Jimmy Jordan needs some good old fashioned sun! He's been in his crypt for way too long! I can't wait for George Clooney's documentary on Jim Jordan's time as a gym teacher comes out!

    73. Rhian Hegarty

      Mike lindell impression reminds me of chris Farley doing matt foley.

    74. Julz Winnfield


    75. brett haddy

      I hope mike and fake mike do a script together Wednesday, that would be awesome lol

    76. Rob Atwood

      "Inventor"? Lol

    77. Michael Bruce

      Haha. Perfect

    78. KHALID

      nice making fun of an ex addict who turned his life around

    79. Frankie Lee

      May I hope and wish all Jimmy's supporters,democrats and Liberals who believed in Joe Biden,and believe in Trump,please take the vaccine.Please believed and get Fooled by Ivanka who encourages you to take it.However...My friend took it and died 4 days later.

    80. Terry Wiser

      Why haven’t they done anything to him for what he did to the wrestlers ?

    81. Aunty Connie

      At first, I thought MyPillow guy was going to tape his CornDog and ship it to Trump.

    82. wild child75

      The actor portraying Mike Lindell is fabulous! I've watched this 5 times

    83. Anonymous Hippopotamus

      The MyDildo Guy said..." Entrepreneurs and inventors Have Came to me" tenses are so inconvenient 🤣

    84. Anonymous Hippopotamus

      The MyDildo Guy!

    85. william johnson

      Jim Jordan doesn't need to be parodied , he's his own best comedy show. Tragedy is it's own dark, sick comedy. He's not even making sense; he just wanted to yell at someone .

    86. Ian Cohen

      FFS. Jordan is a wrestling coach. Tony literally BUILT THE TRACING PROGRAM FOR AIDS.

    87. Ronald Reagan

      GQP = 💩💩💩💩💩🤡🤡🤡🤡💩💩💩🤡🤡🤡

    88. Lumpys Pizza

      Patriotic crap? What country are you standing in? I’m not letting that one go

    89. Millennial Seeker

      More Lindell crap... Crap, crap, crap! Maybe it is his middle name! Maybe he and Gaetz would make good bunk buddies!

    90. Anthon Crane

      Jim Jordan the Poster Child for the new MASLK WEARING FAD. I'll tell you when everyone takes the vaccine and we move on period. Geez is it that hard to comprehend.

    91. Tysto

      If your town gets flooded, you don't march in the street demanding your liberty. If you get cancer & end up in a hospital, you don’t do a TV interview demanding your freedom. The pandemic is a natural disaster, not a government police action.

    92. Tina Vifquain

      ' Go Wash Your ' Mud Mouth ' out with ' Alcohol & Swab ' Going Up Your Big ' O ' of Influance to Your ' No Wit Wako Mind ' ! " Responsibility Matters for All Lives " !

    93. n cam

      $1k salad= tossed salad

    94. Bogdan Kowalski

      The pillow guy impersonator was very funny. 👍

    95. Thomas Moore

      I used to like Jimmy. Now I can't stand his liberal spewing bs

    96. Marty Zink

      Jim Jordan is a jackass, and an embarrassment to the intelligent people of Ohio.

    97. seraphonica

      Wow, Matt Gaetz paid a lot of money to toss some salads...

    98. Alex Collyard

      If you loved this Mike Lindell impression you’ll love James Adomian’s entire career.

    99. Jeff Johnson

      I'm pretty sure their some former wrestlers who were assaulted that view Jordans comments as moronic.

    100. Terry

      Remember when SNL had John Belushi do Joe Cocker alongside Joe Cocker? 💡 I hear Mr. My Pillow is coming....just a thought.