My 50 Cal Exploded

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    In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.
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    1. Kentucky Ballistics

      Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!

      1. Paul Alejandro

        I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry I was laughing when you were explaining what happened. Hope you keep the videos coming though.

      2. theyetirulrs

        That was scary as ****! Glad to see you pulled through! May God continue to bless both you and your family!

      3. Fanie Smit

        Good job keeping cool! Wish you a speedy recovery

      4. Tim Meijerink

        We all wish you a speedy recovery. I love your videos and hope you be shooting again soon. Ps. Thanks to your dad for the quick response. Greetings from holland

      5. Trogdordog04 Smith

        Kinda suspicious 2 of y’all having 50s mishaps . Glad you are still with us.

    2. Seres Róbert / woodoo

      "if it wasn't for god" his dad and doctors be like: bro really?

    3. Shane Struss

      You are the most tough guy in the world

    4. Ashton Crutchfield

      damn... that part with the kids had me tearing up

    5. The Martian Droopy Show

      Amen Brother 🙏 God Is Good !

    6. Shahmeer Shahzad


    7. bonesaw

      I'm sprry that happened brother.Hopefully better shooting in the future!

    8. Гави Топор

      U r an american torque!


      I know this is not the time but I would be very excited if you try the compressed air rifle "Rifle Reno B-22" is not one of the best but it would be something incredible for me :) Good luck with your battle wounds

    10. TheMobileGamer69

      That is insane, this is legitimately without a doubt the first Video I have ever watched that has actually sworn me off from ever being lenient with any type of bullets. Damn, you’re a literal legend, I hope you make an excellent recovery. ✊😔

    11. Devin Renteria

      I’m glad you are okay and still here man

    12. Bernardt Joubert

      So glad you healing well brother. God is good.

    13. Masih _

      You can’t turniket a neck got me😂😂

    14. 49cL48 RoM3r0

      Just so you know, my 12 year old son is a huge fan of all your videos. He watches them all the time. I now subscribe to your channel on behalf of him to support your channel. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Along with the experience you had with the almost fatal experience. I am thankful that God did spare your life and it is extremely refreshing to hear you give praise and thanks to God for letting you live to tell your story. Blessings be with you and your family!!!!!! We pray for a continuous speedy recovery for you and your family. I love the T-shirt slogan and looking into buying at least 2. God bless you all!!!!

    15. KIZIKOZO

      my good luck you're fine I wish you the best

    16. KJ911TT

      Get well soon, I hope you make a full recovery!!

    17. Travis Vick

      This is the first video I've ever watched from your channel and I just have to say wow I am slow glad u made it through that situation. I couldn't imagine going through something like that but it seemed like everything was lined up to help u survive, your Dad, the vehicle, the phone. Yeah God isn't done with u yet! Anyways, hope u recover back to 💯💯💯

    18. David Mandell

      That's crazy. Glad you're ok. Thank god your dad was there.

    19. kevin auman

      Nothing against serbu firearms but it begs to debate if a Barrett would have blown up with this same round in it or not, my guess is that I would not have but the only 50cal experience I have personally is ma duece in the ARMY so you would likely know more of the specifics than I ever would.... Glad to see you recovering so fast though brother, times like these certainly do bring you closer to God and any guardian angels that watch over you, I myself shoved 4 ribs through my thoracic aorta (biggest part of your heart) and pure adrenaline kept me alive,conscious and arguing with hospital staff for 12 and a half hours telling them that something was wrong with my chest and they kept telling me to go sit back down and that they were doing all they could smh well God showed himself that day and through my recovery as well... It was due to a motorcycle accident and it took me 5yrs before I'd get back on one but I ride often now and am just a bit more cautious of the drivers around me as it was not my own fault this happened... Glad to see you're keeping your spirits up and healing up quickly 🙏

    20. Tony B.

      Thank you for sharing the dangerous things some of us gun fanatics don't understand. You explained in great detail about p.s.i. and ways to survive. I'm very happy you are alive. Speedy recovery and prayers to you.

    21. Sahil Quereshi

      Explosion 💥 :- 4:30

    22. Abdul U


    23. William Kohlhauer

      I'm new to your channel. I'm happy your still alive and on the road to recovery. Hang in there brother and keep the faith. Happy shooting and take care. P.S. Keep away from that old, odd ammo

    24. James Manning

      Praise God.

    25. Marvin 496

      I’m sorry for what happened to you and I hope everybody in a come and pray for you to get better and I’m one of them God save you

    26. ImAgoose

      Adrenaline is one hell of a drug

    27. Sawyer Goodwin

      Whislen diesel part two Rip

    28. Ken Franco

      Hard core Man! God is good! Thanks for sharing!

    29. ChillySnow

      Jeez that was a bad accident Glad your still here mate

    30. Todd Sin

      Whoa! That gun blew the hair right off that mans head!

    31. De Bob


    32. Trampoline Flipping

      Scary stuff

    33. Brian Johnson

      Thank God you recovered. Amen 🙏

    34. Evan Rowley

      You got a 2nd chance. Don't blow it! God bless you.

    35. Jacob Castro

      So... bullpup?

    36. Luci Feric

      Damn. That was a good lick. Aint your time.

    37. BEAST OO7

      No big deal he just had to stick his dumb in his neck and suffer throughout and extended period of time then come back and shoot a gun and not ask for money big deal just gotta be a legend to have to go through all that and still only ask for prayers 🙏

    38. Kevin McMahon

      I’m so glad to hear you are recovering quickly.

    39. Keziah Yates

      How did the NLname algorithm get from a concrete tanker crashing into a bridge crushing a car in Moscow to this So glad ur healing. Luck was definitely on your side that day. Very well done and thankyou to all

    40. Randal Runyan

      You can't say its all just god its the genetics you we're born with too because with some people they heal fast like that and not all of them believe in god like you

      1. Klupzu

        👍 cool

    41. Troy Hendrickson

      My wife wouldn't let me have a motorcycle, too dangerous, so she let me have a 350cc scooter, almost killed myself on it. She won;t let me have a rifle, too dangerous, but she let me have 3 PCP .22s...

    42. Kody Farley


    43. sparty94


    44. Soviet Anatoli


    45. Rabiyah S.Cain

      Glad to see you ok but are you ever going to fire that gun again 😔

    46. Shinxies lol

      He looks like how cartoons portrait injury's

    47. Blaze Dean

      I’m glad to see you’re doing good man. I hope you keep healing fast man.

    48. Jefferson Wilson

      Never watched you before. I like that you have given all the Glory to Jesus. Thanks for giving Jesus all the glory. I have subscribed all will be waiting for your new videos.

    49. Apache

      Goodness, that's scary man. Speedy recovery.

    50. Sand5086 3456

      Purely out of curiosity and I’m glad Scott’s on the mends but do yall think the same result would’ve happened if the hot round was fired from an m82 or m107 or even the bfg-50

    51. Gustavo Vega

      Praise God brother

    52. Script Keeper

      Glad you're still breathing. Hope you patch up quickly.

    53. Random Content

      Are you a bit nervous to shoot rifles again in the future? And God is great, thank you Jesus 🙏

    54. Matt Brabo

      Ha he's still got it

    55. killboi207

      Dude you're lucky to be alive. Insane.

    56. Mick Rozario


    57. John Doe

      Dude. I hope you recover fully. So sorry to hear and see the trouble you had. Thank you for everything you do. Please don't give it up.

    58. NameScare

      Its crazy man this all happened on my sister and mys birthday..

    59. Joseph

      dang u got hurt on my bday

    60. DimAngelProductions

      god doesn't exist you just got lucky

    61. T T

      You're a very stroong man

    62. Wyatt Bisek

      how are you alive?!

    63. Edgar


    64. Adroc aFella

      Chicks dig scars.

    65. ez119406

      Glad your still here (God is Amazing)

    66. East Texas Engineering

      God bless you and your family brother

    67. Ray Mahannah

      So glad you're ok! Thank you for having the courage to post this video. You convey a great, and realistic message that sometimes even when you make every informed preparation, and take every precaution, we just can't solve for the freak unknown... I hope you continue heal up well!! You definitely had a Guardian Angel that day!

    68. Snakez De Wiggle

      Your father saved your life son, because God put him there with you when you needed him the most. Don't you forget that! Now go hang up your guns for a week, and go share some frosty beverages with dad, maybe even call up that nurse and tell him to drop by. ;)

    69. David Black

      Thankful you pulled through.

    70. Austin Pyle

      Praise God your okay. God is great and good

    71. Royal Ramble

      My ex told me to just put a thumb in it once

    72. Rudy Mena

      God bless you sir, stay safe.

    73. Russell Wagner

      Glad to see your on this side of the ground. Bless you and your

    74. Samu Frog

      Blew your fucking hat off 😂

    75. Sam Hopper

      Scott, you met your guardian angel that day... May you never have to go through anything like that again... God bless you brother, glad you’re still here with us...

    76. Placeholder

      proof that god is still with us

    77. NGC1275

      Incredible to survive something like that! Very glad you had your dad there, take care man. Greetings from Sweden

    78. Vinii

      Dawn, thanks god your alive, man you'r a really great guy, i hope the best for you man

    79. Dean Firnatine

      Hang in there bro

    80. Lyrical Wasabi

      “Id like to thank god” The doctor who did his surgery: 😐

    81. dummgelauft

      You are lucky to be alive.Thank God.

    82. ian vader

      could that round have been a sabotaged round from vietnam? was common practice back then

    83. Scania1982

      I am glad you survived but refering to god all the time makes you look stupid. Why did this imaginary friend in the sky let you become injured in the first place? Why thank this imaginary entity? People caused your injuries and people patched you up.

    84. NeverGiveUp

      Don't play with guns.

    85. Ryan Chiasson

      God was with you. I had to drain my lungs also from a bad car accident and I know how some of that is. will definitely pray for you.

    86. jethro gibbs

      I love the fact that you give all the glory to God heal fast and keep praying brother

    87. Glukas Cravatta

      Wow that was a miracle and God was definitely with you that day

    88. DylanJ

      i would buy the shirt but my friends might get the wrong idea

    89. kittylover robloxes

      ...And then humanity invented airsoft

    90. robiinn77

      It was the Dino

    91. john freeman

      incredible tale, you were safe as could be, nothing to foretell or prevent these accidents. keep up the incredible work bro. God bless you edit: the fact that you even made shirts out of this whole thing shows me you are a living legend

    92. JaySo

      May God be with you man, so glad you are OK!!!!

    93. Mark Mickens

      Feel better

    94. Royal Ramble

      I wish you a speedy recovery

    95. Garrett Williams

      I heard about you from demo and man you earned my sub from this vid, you’re an absolute beast for making it through this and fighting to live.

    96. Day Chieko

      Sew em

    97. Rodgerick Moore

      You are a warrior! Heal up soon

    98. gostlymars

      I hope he gets better soon

    99. Andrew Levister

      I’m so happy you’re ok. You make so many people happy.

    100. Kaisen Olkonen

      "One Last shot" Never say that again