My Characters Unbox my Fan Mail! AGAIN!


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    1. Kallmekris

      ALSO! I was on Phil Defranco’s podcast! Go check it out on his “A conversation with” channel 🙌🏻

      1. Rocky Princeton

        @Rory Azariah Definitely, I have been watching on flixzone for since december myself =)

      2. Rory Azariah

        a trick: you can watch series at flixzone. I've been using it for watching lots of of movies these days.

      3. Jessica Justason


      4. Jessica Justason

        Hi 😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳😁

      5. Saffron Dougall

        Hey kris love all the different versions of you so much 🥰

    2. Gabrielle Pinkney

      i think it's a book on how to speak russin sry if i spelled it wrong

    3. Peyton Aldrich

      I didnt know that you were part of the LGBTQ Community. I am bisexual

      1. Peyton Aldrich


    4. Shifter of the Shapewings

      Before she mentioned lgbtg with the rain bow sweater Me GAY 🏳️‍🌈

    5. Tvisha Nagar

      “Shitting rainbow socks” **bangs credit card**

    6. Sabrina Hemley

      Where do an we send fan mail

    7. A wild Simp

      I didnt know Vessi's were actually a brand

    8. Beans

      Wait. Wait wait wait... funny Russian character that’s my fav is lgbtq+? Damn now Katrina is my fav more

    9. Maria Pickens

      oooo new character maybe

    10. Lucija Anzlovar

      Can someone tell me har address!

    11. Rekha Srikanth

      New idea: bexx has a crush on walter and he doesn't get the hint

    12. Larissa Jenkins

      14:48 The bag of fruity pebbles im in love ✨😍

    13. Nhận tiền ngay Tại VAYTIENNGAY•PRO

      Every family has a person who breaks the chain of poverty. I hope you will be that person!!

    14. Ibuki Mioda

      Thank you Katrina ☺️

    15. pterodactyl gaming

      Even tho there not real it’s still weird to see u talking normally with there’s clothes cause I think of them as there own people anyone else

    16. Sarah Wendel

      I liked the character tree

    17. micah robert


    18. Dviz

      wait so if i order something for 30$ on vessi's i could get it for 5 $ holy cow that a deal

    19. Nikki Villaluz


    20. Lila Fennell

      it's so crazy that this all started with just riley and janet. Kris has come so far.

    21. Andrea olivares



      Please make misha and sergei unbox fanmail next time-

    23. Haley Ricketts

      Riley needs boy friend

    24. Maddie

      Omg I love when caterina gave us all a kiss omg I loved it and I kinda was having a bad day but when I watched toy I felt so much better

    25. RNG_CLIXY

      Well then my dessert must be lousy

    26. Gianna Alvarez

      She came out as gay yes wait then how did she have twins?🥴😳 lol but I support no matter what😊

      1. Mickell10 Cookie

        Maybe from a past relationship, a doner, or adoption? She could've not been sure and though if she got into a relationship with a man and had kids then she wouldnt be confused anymore but she has her own story. Wait I just gave you a whole story on her and her life, shes not even a real person!!

    27. Dobey 18

      Epic behind the scenes moment

    28. MMIX _btw

      Wait wait wait she is actually lesbian?

    29. Cayden Herman


    30. LD Lamar davis

      And that is how she got the braces for the one Tik Tok

    31. selene laufeyson

      I'm Turkish and I can say I'm as shocked as you were. They didn't even put Turkish delight or Turkish coffe in it, I'm dissapointed:(

    32. Snow Queen

      Since your in the lgbtq+community- what sexuality do you have? Im bisexual

    33. Cameron Confusion

      Love your videos Kris :)

    34. Umer jawaid

      Boi love your Vida

    35. CRAZYsheepz07

      Nona: i won't give this to courtney Me: ye no shit she ded

    36. Alan Vieira IV

      Dude katrena is my favorite charicter

    37. Jessica Sounds

      I’m dream on 1 million subs



    39. bionic 2.0

      The fact that it says 69k likes

    40. *-Freaky Ani-*

      I think my favorite character has to be Katrina ✨

    41. Jared Brown

      Ok I need to be Janice *inhales* *exhales* I need a glass of wine🍷

    42. The Best Of

      Me watching the Mexican candies and me being Mexican: *i feel included now.*

    43. tinorider 13

      When it said wait for it an add popped up

    44. Brandon Ochoa

      0:15 me every day

    45. Ricyricky

      Me waiting for chad 😎

    46. Laila Rain

      I have vessis

    47. Sofia Hodges

      She is so pretty 🤩

    48. STAR


    49. Quality Administratie

      Su = water :D im turk ja know UwU but i like to wacht USA vidoe,s like yours

    50. Erik Rodning

      WE SAW CHADS EYES??!!!

    51. C Leves

      Listening to a Canadian acting Russian and saying touque, this is a good feel

    52. Marissa Graham

      Riley is my favorite

    53. Empress


    54. Florence Gale Carullo

      you're so cute y'know that and ur eyes damn its Beautiful 💛!!

    55. PastelBunny Julia

      16:43 this is for all fidget creators if ur a fidget creator what is the fidget

    56. # TheVideoPrincess #

      Omg your sneeze sounds excactly like my sneeze 🤣🤣

    57. Camdyn Petty


    58. Shadow Fox

      Random question: are you a Gemini if not what is your zodiac sign.

    59. Sirach

      No sooner do I see Character Boone. I meet a guy named Boone!!!! Kinda has the accent too, lol. I couldn’t believe it, and he likes the Tik Tok now.

    60. cora coulter

      I wanna see Misha a Sergei try snacks

    61. Elfie Welfie

      Am i the only one whos favourite character is chad ;>;

    62. Sage Yellowhair

      me looking at her shoes and her taking her shoes off and she wereing vessis socks to

    63. Jewel Lei Lamoste

      The cookies have made her have power

    64. Stella

      0:12 Catrina 😳!☺️❤️🥰😘

    65. Chesca Alfonso

      Bubble wraaaaap!

    66. Chesca Alfonso

      "Pretty Scandalous" HAHAHA

    67. The_Tangled Cowgirl

      I don't have TikTok, and I've never wanted it until now, but I'd get it just for her content 🤣

    68. Nikith Suni

      Any Riley fans😂😂

    69. Yayya Marie

      I love Riley.

    70. Dominater- Gaming

      I've never seen Chad so happy for girly things🤣🤣

    71. Solis Family

      I am never watching your videos again because you say really bad words in here

    72. Olive Rathgeber

      How do I get kallmekris merch

    73. Vianca Escalante

      kris when u sneeze to stop the sneeze keep saying pineapple a couple of times it stops the sneeze and its funny lol scout leader Boone he's like "I like them sparkley ducks"

    74. Charlotte Allen

      Once you learn do a Turkish character

    75. Bridgette Gallagher

      Can u make another girl character but a toddler ya know

    76. Bridgette Gallagher

      Riley’s voice is getting scratchyyyy isn’t it hard. To do that voice tho

    77. Jim Maher

      Isn’t Courtney dead

    78. Jetzali Mendez


    79. Atif Islam


    80. Superuni corn

      Wdym? You have vessi socks

    81. Jacoby Lucero

      Who else wants keren to open

    82. Paranormal Verea

      "Since I am in LBGT community" Me: Oh cool! Also me: Wait- whats her- *visible confusion*

    83. Kamna Kaushal

      14:37 Riley has left the chat hahah but it was cute

    84. Kamna Kaushal

      14:00 fr riley 🖐🏻🥰

    85. Ochaco Uraraka

      She posted on April 15th my birthday :)

    86. Blin Berisha

      she always breaks character when shes Riley but its so CUTEEE

    87. Belle


    88. Belle

      Damn, Riley hit puberty quick! Oh, no, nevermind, she's back gain.

    89. Gsus Christ

      When it said wait for it an ad came on

    90. AGames

      bless u :)

    91. ばかたこ

      Who wasn’t surprised when Katrina said her favourite word was shit

    92. ばかたこ

      Janet: Riley what do you have!? Riley: A KNIFE Janet: NO

    93. Karema Hashem

      I love your videos I really like them I was watching them on TickTock

    94. Zhyar Rizgar

      Do u have covid or something

    95. yeonjun noona

      10:02 is no one gonna talk about this. 👀👀👀👀👀

    96. _-MinaPlaysRb-_

      As a person who speaks Turkish, when I heared you say Su (aka water) I was so happy. It made my day. I’m laughing so hard. And no I’m not the one who sent it, whoever did tho kudos to you.

    97. Rhiannon Dennes

      my name was said in that

    98. Luke Escamilla

      Me: A shoe sponsor that’s unfortunate Anyone: but Luke why Me: lest just say there are some weird people that took some weirder screenshots

    99. BBacon Boii_YT

      Wait... why do they all have the same coloured hair? Probably just coincident

    100. depressed wolf