My Dream Hidden Base in Minecraft

Mumbo Jumbo

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    This my Minecraft DREAM Hidden base. Using the Minecraft create mod, this self building house in Minecraft also self 'unbuilds' allowing you to have a base that can appear and disappear at the press of a button. This is the ultimate hidden base in Minecraft. No need for Minecraft hidden entrances, or Minecraft survival Bunkers, this is a giant Minecraft base that drops underneath the floor.

    Filming channel:
    Instagram: officialmumbo
    Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

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    1. Biff Biff

      You should have someone inside when it flips to see what happens in survival

    2. Ya pal SWAT

      How about like all the items in the chest fall lol btw the6 wont

    3. Jacob H

      Want would it look like if you were inside and someone else closed it

    4. Geckoking

      What if you put youre friend in youre house then flip him underground

    5. Jimenax __


    6. Edenfe Tiglao

      Bruh why did you didn't, have the beacon so if u got lost u see

    7. Matt Keratianos

      Could you do create mod in survival????

    8. animesh dubey

      seems cool

    9. marek ochotny

      Whoa whoa whoa... since when Mumbo uses mods??? I need to catch up... Haven't watch Mumbo since the beggining of HermitCraft 7

    10. BasicalGaming

      is this a mod?

    11. Gaming Sludge

      Command Blocks are the way forward

    12. Funeral Crasher

      So what happens if your inside the house?

    13. Youhan Ren Akunee

      Does anyone feel like, Mumbo jumbo's voice, is like a asmr?

    14. Bits of Scribble

      What if u are in it well it turns?

    15. 〈•》Zynifi《•〉

      I wanna see how it looks when you stay in the base

    16. B Gameplays

      This man is genius

    17. ITSmeLukas470

      literally no one: mumbo jumbo: *does redstone* wandering trader and llamas: OOH A HOUSE LETS CLIMB ITS WALLS

      1. ITSmeLukas470

        btw to mumbo: try going in the house while your friend activates it

    18. Howler Frost

      And then someone builds in that area-

    19. Keeva Grace

      Poggers for God..,

    20. Finn The Crystal Penguin

      Make a hidden statue

    21. 2013 T-Rex Gamer

      What if you go inside the house while it’s rotating?

    22. BentPlayz

      If he was having a minecraft war with his friends or something and you dont want your house blown up just use that house.

    23. GoProNinja

      You should super glue the bed and anvil down and add gates that come up and close at night

    24. Life of I

      Where did you get all those pistons designs

    25. simp jesus

      Mickey Mouse did it longggg before mumbo js😂

    26. You should Stand by Scott

      I just realized that the mumbo jumbo minecraft skin's face, kinda looks like a human version of the pringles guy

    27. _prodbymo

      Wait what would happen if someone pressed the button while you were in it

    28. Dxrk SK

      /fill -530 67 -16 -518 43 -28

    29. Dxrk SK

      /fill -530 67 -16 -518

    30. WeeKoolKidz

      Wait, how do you make this?

    31. Jay

      okay, i had to subscribe


      Dude where’s my base!?

    33. Daygamer 78

      Can someone please tell me what the mod is called?😅

    34. FZ-Adam-

      This is harder to understand than school

    35. FZ-Adam-

      This hurts my brain

    36. DG Snipzo

      can you make a fountain statue that rotates while shooting water

    37. Blah Shit

      What mod is he using?


      Make the Mikey mouse club house next😂

    39. Winsome chap

      I think it's not minecraft

    40. 12team

      I love the robot thing mod is EPIC!

    41. Sabine Pyke

      I think wadzee needs that contraption from the first test [for a dirt farm]

    42. Brayden Skaggs

      Mom says do your chores me MOM IM WATCHING MUMBO JUMBO

    43. jaydenthenogigo


    44. Life of Brayden

      I can do those houses for you if you want just hit me up I’m down😁😁😁

    45. Yeetamations

      Imagine building your house on the empty side

    46. Sophie Pols

      Wow amazing!

    47. Its A Burbur612

      You're Better at building than me, And I suck at Building

    48. Takeshi Snowfox

      **How Mickey's house was built**

    49. Alik van Tonder

      Your a Redstone god

    50. Woon Gaming

      “Then again I am stupid” Says the man who made a walking house, a house that hides itself and much more

    51. Scuba Dog

      I wish we got to see the house while it was flipped upside-down

    52. B.O.B

      this is no mickey mouse clubhouse. this is mumbo jumbo clubhouse.

    53. Jaden Lofing

      You could have used a flying machine

    54. BentheGremlin _

      It takes one friend to destroy the torch while you’re inside

    55. Redneck “RedneckSniper97” Sniper

      Create mod on Hermitcraft Season 8

    56. Redneck “RedneckSniper97” Sniper

      You’ve came a long way from your windmill flying machine this is dope

    57. Claramay Nivetta

      Do it again but make it the Mickey Mouse Club House

    58. Mangaka

      I want to see what happens when someones inside when it flips around.

    59. Hendrix Tinsley

      Use this mod next hermitcraft series

    60. Moon Isabelle

      My Brian hurts!

    61. alphannumeric

      dont tell me im the only one who see's mickey mouse clubhouse potential in this mod

    62. Zager360

      Please start a survival let’s play with the Create mod!!!!!

    63. 【a squid dude】 (CONFUSION)

      Imagine getting a snack at 3am and your cat accidently flips the house.

    64. Eckomeda


    65. HypeXHype

      now make it in hermitcraft s8

    66. STAR WAR BG

      Thanks that i can understand the redstone bht i don't understand the create mod redstone

    67. STAR WAR BG

      Mumbo should become engineer

    68. SnowOrchid5076 Illustrations and Graphics

      safe house on top, duplicate death trap decoy on bottom???

    69. N3TH3R1T3PLA45


    70. Joey Productions

      Reminds me of an old scooby doo episode

    71. Maximum Effort

      what happens if you stand INSIDE the house while it turns

    72. Dom

      Some kinda discount mickey mouse club house

    73. Lloyd Nichols

      The spurious license anaerobically increase because decade shortly vanish inside a three pheasant. bawdy, detailed drill

    74. Vincent Meyer

      Next season of hermitcraft... create mod!

    75. Andre Viljoen

      God bless yo jumbo jumbo ur a good builder and a red stone god

    76. Roek De Winkel

      Im from the netherlands and here is a jumbo a supermarket

    77. Ginger Hart

      The tawdry scissors coronally tie because east resultantly fasten notwithstanding a tested bell. fabulous, tasty tornado

    78. Bryan Byabushi

      Why do I always think I’ll understand it then when I watch the video I réalisé how dumb I am

    79. Spaghetti

      With this can you build a rotating room, for instance a hallway that connects to a bridge?

    80. Amazing Studios

      Kinda reminds me of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse just disappearing at the end of an episode.

    81. YeetifyRS _

      couldn't you have used a respawn anchor instead of the bed (if thats what it was for)?

    82. Linh Nguyen

      This reminds me of the mickey mouse clubhouse

    83. Joseph Brinkman


    84. Joseph Brinkman

      The glasses 🕶️ look great on you mumbo

    85. Unknown Person

      More videos like this

    86. Alviter1000

      Can we all just take a minute to admire how smooth Mumbo's voice is

    87. Hayden Frobenius

      What would happen if you were inside of the house as it flipped.

    88. aswinkrishna r kurup

      My eyes,they have become gold

    89. Mohammed Hamja Dewan

      Very cool

    90. ben nelson

      That first attempt look like me tryna flip a pancake. There is only pain.

    91. Thomas sims

      I love the char grumpy business man

    92. Vincent Roozen

      builds mickey mouse club house.... (maybe next vid hint hint)

    93. Harry Lamb Enterprises

      More of a hideable house than a self-building one. Still, quite impressive.

    94. MillionBadger79

      “Honestly I’m miffed. I’m miffed and quite possible bamboozled” 🤣🤣🤣

    95. Celadon _Wolf

      What if he was in the house as it rotates?

    96. geekqueen2010

      Add the Immersive Portals mod and make more rooms for this house elsewhere as other secure bases and some rooms as nether bases.

    97. Alfredo Gonzalez

      That's the most bad ass thing I've ever seen

    98. William Carmichael


    99. Yellow64

      imagine someone is just casually finding a spot to dig in and they just fall in a redstone wasteland

    100. Ben

      Couldn't you just put a layer of slime blocks underneath the layer