My Thoughts on Reality Shifting



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    Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!

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    1. Milena KJ

      i dident under stand a thing he said...

    2. {galaxii}

      Im watching this video before shifting lmao

    3. Human Being

      At least they're not telling you that you need sacrifices to reality shift

    4. Marie Turcotte

      Watching this video while laying down on my bakugo body pillow 😅😂

    5. Human Being

      I mean it makes less sense than getting isekaid

    6. Ryan Smedley

      Hey there is a NLnamer called Alex Clark Shorts who is ripping your content and reposting it as his own, only 1 vid so far but has over 800 views. Don't know if you will reach the you but been a big fan for a while and don't know if your aware of this

    7. Itz Lunaa

      Me counting the amount of times bakugo was mentioned 👁👄👁

    8. And every last inch of me's covered with hair

      Magic is very real, but it's evil

    9. Stritt Four

      There aren’t JUST parallel universes there are infinite universes, (at least that’s what I beleive u can beleive what u want) I think there are any realities including cartoons BUT you can’t reality shift because u can send ur soul out of ur body so u CANT believe hard enough to reality shift but universes are real,like any

    10. Marcell Gatlin

      Hey I just watch his two songs and I hope he making a rap song soon because HIS SONG ARE FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    11. The Shy Guy

      Okay what?

    12. Scottish guy1

      Psychedelic drugs exist why is this a thing? If these people are so desperate to escape reality why can’t they just drop acid or something?

    13. Pennywisegaming

      I'm so glad this was in my recommendation list

    14. Joseph Valerio

      If there can be different worlds then if harry potter doesn't exist on one of those, then how would those universes get to it if it doesn't even exist there. And if reality shifting is true then what if you died???!! Would you see what happens when you die? This is so confusing.

    15. Abe Gade

      You play mtg, I saw a prismatic piper

    16. Rookii 2

      I want to be female.

      1. Ethan Schule

        do it ✨

    17. FINN _

      James: “there are some beliefs that I don’t agree with but are absolutely that are fine to believe in, like thinking bucket hats look good on someone” Philza: *“hold my Minecraft potion”*

    18. Dr. Nachos

      Have you meditated?

    19. SainDoesStuff

      Me hate tic toc

    20. ZlatBurger Plays

      If only James did animation classes for people who want to learn how to animate

    21. czyryl Amethyst salamat

      lolol bakugou XD

    22. Pekn

      James is noob :) I relity shirft :)

      1. Pekn

        @Marie Turcotte :)

      2. Marie Turcotte


    23. Fallen_angel

      I love twilight so much that I don't want to go there...I'm sorry there's a lot of problems in the twilight saga

    24. Elias Saetern

      i hate tik tok

    25. Salad Fingers

      You said conspiracies you’re not real in this video and then use made a conspiracy

    26. lennie shin

      dude you did this voeio on my bday

    27. Kris_does_dum_crap

      People who believe in reality shifting are fckin weird

    28. Jagged_c

      brb finna astral project to paris...we finding out who was there 😈

    29. Fallen Angel

      James, you really threw my mans bakugo into this.......also bakugo is MINE JAMES SO BACK OFF lol

    30. Seth Seth

      2 weeks later IM DONE WITH JAMES HELLO AND GOODBYE (actually unsubs)

    31. Namanimations

      I remember I was on my school internet when this came out I clicked on this right when it came btw but yah

    32. RandomMagician

      "reality shifting isn't real" *except in the parallel universe where it does*

    33. Toys,Crafts &Co.

      Idk someone please tell me what did i just watch? A 9 minute and 48 second video about reality shifting and i didn't understand a word

    34. Josh Gomez

      You back off backugo he's mine

    35. Toxicreaper69

      Bro that blue haired anime charcter looked like a charcter from overlord

    36. Nickolas Rodriguez Perez

      Charlie, I only have 100mill , me with my 5900 it’s ok

    37. Texmewo

      why the hell would you need this when you could just do it in your head

    38. Carola Paez

      I’m not ashamed to say that I love riverdale

    39. Jay Hope

      The avatar is Real then theoretically

    40. ꧁༒kenzy༒꧂


    41. Patricia Davidson

      Games how you start youtubing

    42. Patricia Davidson


    43. olive here

      so theres a reailty dat youtube dont exist? .O. NU lul

    44. flame_ destroyer

      10 out of 10

      1. flame_ destroyer


    45. kaidoi8050 j

      remember when James and his team won the mr beast i think it was the 2000000$ challenge

    46. mucic with me

      no bokugo is MINEEEE THEodd1out

    47. RandomPersonInTheInternetʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


    48. Troy Plumb

      the football one will be me

    49. Kk Go


    50. zameer the gamer


    51. Dakota Wiggins

      Can you make a yu gi oh vid

    52. Dakota Wiggins

      I have a tiktok account 111dakota

    53. byron's channel

      the aniamtion of the girl crying made me sad

    54. G3 Sizzy cuppaidge

      I'm literally having a stroke trying to take this all in😂

    55. Camila

      I thought reality shifting was just using your imagination..... strongly?? Like you have enough brain power where you feel like your really there? Lol it’s kinda dumb I realized after watching this

    56. GosquisSovietico

      se que no me vas a entender por que estoy hablando en español asi que voy a tener el traductor I want all Americans (as I translate, that you appear as Americans who instead of appearing like this should appear as e s t a d o u n i d e n s e s but in English, and instead it comes out as Americans and America is a continent, not a country) find out what happened on April 25, 1846 and the truth of the Thorton incident

    57. Terrie Meyers

      dude ... your right ITS FAKE

    58. Juan Manuel Andrade

      Algún día vendrás a México

    59. byron's channel

      james you probs wont read this but im leaving school soon i live in the uk will sooubway hire a 16 year old

    60. Alex-Explains


    61. ItzgamerAnna

      James: BaCk OfF BaKuGo's MiNe Majority of my friends: *yeah thats not gonna happen*

    62. Romantic Pluto32

      No gay ships

    63. the stic bug

      Eggs am I right?

    64. Megaritz

      There are some serious oversimplifications in this video, so I think the reality shifting community is well within their rights to get upset about how their beliefs are being depicted. Nevertheless, reality shifting is still bogus. However, making fun of kids for having false beliefs is probably a bad idea, in part because this is only a symptom of a much deeper problem. I blame the lack of critical thinking in the schools and in our culture at large, and perhaps also the echo chambers incentivized by social media. In this particular case, the problem is exacerbated by how our society treats children as basically property, disempowers children and cloisters them away from nearly all adults in the real world who could help educate them, and simultaneously renders children vulnerable to all manner of exploitation by both adults and fellow children. Moreover, people of all ages bond together over false beliefs and harmful practices largely in order to serve their social needs and sense of identity. Our society sets people up for failure from day one-- by not serving these needs in more benign ways. This stems from very complex ideological and structural flaws in the way our institutions are set up. Reality shifting is only one of the least harmful results of all this. In other contexts, the results manifest as belief in QAnon, Trumpism, etc.

      1. Marie Turcotte

        That was a freaking long comment haha but i dont really agree or disagree with you. I think both options is good in their own way

    65. SLIPPY

      5:25 puppet what do people say fat :James: because they dreaming

    66. Fernanda Chavez

      So TheOdd1sOut simps for draco and bacugou

    67. SLIPPY

      Like what tik tok vid

    68. Captain Marvel

      @theodd1sout,I love ur videos and your books!Its because it’s totally relatable!Keep the good work James!😁👊

    69. Caleb Miller

      me explaining this: yeah, this is called thinking visually


      hey thx for supporting team trees luv ur vids

    71. Galloping_Star

      I love the odd1sout game

    72. Sophia Jaramillo

      Who is still waiting for there letter? And I’m a draco simp 😉😏

    73. Tatertots

      i personally believe in shifting, cause like what proof says it doesn't exist? but i do understand people find it uncanny know? so i respect your opinion. but i wouldn't recommend putting stuff in like at the end, cause again you say this is your opinion, but you say it like your beliefs are fact when nothing is said to be 100 percent true or false. and your one of my idols and it kinda hurts to see you say something i admire to do is fake. i have friends whove shifted and have 100s of stories and i see no possible way they could be lying. but all in all opinions are opinions and i still love you and your channel regardless. but now i fear people like me and others are going to be made fun of for this. all i want is to part of a world of my favorite characters or stories without judgement, is that to much to ask? and comparing it to racisms or anti-vaxers is extremely degrading to the community.

      1. Weird Crazy Fangirl

        @The Fork if you're lucid dreaming yes, that's not shifting

      2. Weird Crazy Fangirl

        @Naoh get help for what?

      3. Naoh

        @Weird Crazy Fangirl get help

      4. The Fork

        @Weird Crazy Fangirl you can control your dreams smartass

      5. Weird Crazy Fangirl

        @Naoh I can't show proof but Wheres your proof that its fake?

    74. Fortnite_ Bot11

      In a universe there is no NLname or theodd1sout

    75. Floppy

      They just changed the name of lucid dreaming

      1. ughb3lla


    76. fiermario rivera


    77. fiermario rivera


    78. Lowley.

      If there really are "infinate alternate realities", then is there one where someone comes to our reality and gives humanity abnormal abilities? Please, I want this to happen. This reality sucks.

      1. A random human named Maddie

        Yeah that's true, but every reality has its own way it works. I don't think that someone will magically come here and give us powers, but in another reality that has happened

    79. fiermario rivera


    80. TheGamingZacker 37

      I love listening to your videos while animating. There are sometimes when I'm not rlly listening and I just hear something random that makes me laugh.

    81. Chloe Bast

      Me trying to shift to Hawkins in 1983 so I might be able to die in a heroic way

    82. Karl


    83. Caffeinated Caffeine

      Good job, you just shit on a bunch of people’s beliefs

      1. yort geeyn


      2. Megaritz

        He didn't just shit on them, though. He made thoughtful criticisms. What was he wrong about? We need to move beyond this idea that it's somehow always wrong to criticize an idea just because a bunch of people believe in it. People's beliefs are not above criticism, because these beliefs can be based on mistakes, and it's not doing people any favors to refrain from pointing those mistakes out.

    84. Editing with ME MYA

      I told my mom that ima learn magic like doctor strange and then I see this video in my Recommended😌🤌🏽

    85. s q u i d e r d

      My desired reality is a place where this trend didn’t exist

      1. Random User

        It’s been happening for years

    86. snoopx violet

      6:41 Bill Nye and Miss Frizzle. Available at your local elementary school.

      1. Alejandro Mendoza

        Bruh i did not even noticed it

    87. Neko_wolf_

      Yesh I can’t believe I was in another Reality. Right Bakugou. I was laughing so hard

    88. PN Clash

      Hey, I just want to say THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING TEAM TREES

    89. Ian Frazer

      You believe in reality shifting? THAT IS COMPLETLY ABSURD right bakugou :D

    90. Bread Bread

      Sread the word about god

      1. yort geeyn

        Don’t proselytize on NLname unless you are purely a religious channel. Even then, people who aren’t religious don’t want to hear it.

      2. •Søftię-Çhån•

        what if they're not religious

    91. MrPanda

      Yo guys tiktok just learned what dreams are Shit he made that joke

    92. Dewan Tausif Yar Chowdhury

      You’ve just watched too much big bang theory

      1. ughb3lla

        wait thats where im shifting to 😭😭😭😭

    93. Aaron Carey

      That is how ghosts are made

    94. Solo Champ

      Omg James I’ve been with you since the start dude I can’t believe how much you’ve grown 🥺

    95. Apollo The Wolf

      I was starting to lose hope that James would accidentally say "puggle" and then it happened 😂

    96. Liv Spence

      Wait I thought reality shifting was just lucid dreaming?

      1. yort geeyn

        @Weird Crazy Fangirl Of course I think experiencing fantasy is cool. I play video games all the time for that reason. I start to draw a line where people actually believe they can warp space and time to go to Hogwarts. This whole idea just seems so unnecessary. If the trend was just kids learning to lucid dream or use imagination, I would have no issues with it. I call people out for believing in conspiracies and pseudoscience. Taking care of mental health is extremely important, especially nowadays, but to me this is not a healthy way of coping. Anyways I’m not here to be a therapist, thank you for apologizing. Sorry for calling names. Take care ✌️

      2. Weird Crazy Fangirl

        @yort geeyn 🤦🏾‍♀️ you know what? I've been doing this wrong. I apologize for making an argument. You dont need to believe it. Not even a little. But just..let us have our fun. Even if it isn't real...dont you think it would be cool to experience your favorite show or movie? ☺

      3. yort geeyn

        @Weird Crazy Fangirl So by your logic if there is no proof something can happen, it’s not real? Why do you believe in reality shifting then? There’s no proof that’s real either 🤣

      4. Weird Crazy Fangirl

        @yort geeyn no it doesn't, in my entire life I've never had a dream OR lucid dream where I actually tasted anything

      5. yort geeyn

        @Weird Crazy Fangirl That’s not how it works and you know it. Your brain controls all of the senses and can play tricks on you all the time, even when you’re asleep

    97. UwU- Sushi-Chef

      If this thing actually existed i would turn myself into a hot Japanese girl

    98. Scott Anderberg

      Why hasn’t you posted in so long

    99. Mimi H

      Why I write private fanfics 😃😌

    100. Dxx1227 Crider

      Hey James what’s up I really like your videos reality shifting is pretty weird but I think it’s cool