NFL Draft preview: 49ers + Patriots, Trey Lance joins (4.29.21) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

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    ▶ Who will the 49ers take with the No. 3 pick? ( 00:00 )
    ▶ Who will the Cowboys take with the No. 10 pick? ( 24:01 )
    ▶ Should the Falcons draft TE Kyle Pitts or the heir to Matt Ryan? ( 37:10 )
    ▶ Will Bill Belichick get Jimmy G back or draft a new QB? ( 47:28 )
    ▶ Where will Mac Jones, Trey Lance, \u0026 Justin Fields end up tonight? ( 58:47 )
    ▶ Trey Lance joins the show. ( 1:16:21 )
    ▶ Best #1 pick in NFL history: John Elway or Peyton Manning? ( 1:25:24 )
    ▶ Will the Clippers upset the Lakers in the playoffs? ( 1:34:50 )
    ▶ Does Trevor Lawrence have the right attitude not to care about people’s opinions of him? ( 1:44:30 )
    ▶ Will Jerry Jones surprise everyone by trading up for Kyle Pitts? ( 1:51:08 )

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    NFL Draft preview: 49ers + Patriots, Trey Lance joins (4.29.21) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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    3. WGVictory

      10 minutes til draft! Who’s going 2 3 and 4?

    4. Silver Fox

      Tom Brady looks at his rings every time he hears the words “athletic quarterback”.

    5. Monty Hibdon


    6. La’Vel Mann

      As a Rams fan I hope the 49ers take Mac Jones. Aaron Donald and our pass rush will feast. 🤤

      1. La’Vel Mann

        @Eric Acha Shanahan gunna get him right no problem. Just needs to stay healthy

      2. N` chan

        Too bad ad going to have to settle for a snack coz trey lance is dynamic.

      3. Eric Acha

        @La’Vel Mann i am a bit scared af about the bust possibility too.

      4. La’Vel Mann

        @Eric Acha honestly scared af

      5. VariableZ_TTv

        Ha you sound dumb. Btw Mobile quarterbacks give up more sacks, check the stats. The upside with mobile quarterbacks isn’t that they don’t get sacked(not your fault you’re stupid, it’s a common misconception to think if you are mobile you don’t get sacked) anyways the upside with mobile quarterbacks is that they can make something happen when the play fails. Not that they don’t get sacked. They actually get sacked more!

    7. Clarity Sans Hubris

      Aaron Rodgers to the 49ers in a draft day shocker

      1. Timothy Nichols