Nintendo Direct - 2.17.2021


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    Tune in to a Nintendo Direct presentation featuring roughly 50 minutes of information focused on available games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and games coming to Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2021.
    #NintendoDirect #NintendoSwitch
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    1. Mayte Calveiro

      who is she

    2. KenZDash


    3. ElCombeteTV

      Todos los juegos anunciados serán remake?

    4. Joseph Lozada

      Me:*sees Miitopia, Knockout City, Plants Vs Zombies, Fall Guys, Splatoon 3* Me:’Kay, I’m gonna get those games when they release.

    5. f r o g g e d

      ok im more exited about miitopia than splatoon 3

    6. Account6388

      The only relevant and interesting thing that came out of this was Pyra/Mythra and the LOZ skyward sword import. The thing is tho, that wasn’t enough to save this direct from all the irrelevant RPG games that plagued this direct. I’m sorry, but this direct was super disappointing.

      1. Account6388

        @Just A Turtle Oh you’re one of those losers that respond to every hate comment. I hate to break it to you, but most people with a brain will call this direct disappointing. I’m not the only one who thinks this direct sucks is what I’m trying to say.

      2. Purpellent

        @Just A Turtle i have never heard that insult before but i love it

      3. Just A Turtle

        That's because everything isn't about you, you soggy loaf of bread

    7. Account6388

      This direct does suck tho

    8. Howlhusky

      remake direct

    9. Liquid Squid

      Please Nintendo. Give us something related to the breath of the wild sequel. Something.

    10. GoldMuffinFoxSFM

      come on, i wanted waluigi and jotaro as smash fighter, not a character from an anime or game that is unknown to me

    11. Sneha Nihalani


    12. Caleb A

      What!?!?!?!? Fall guys and splatoon 3?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    13. Sneha Nihalani

      If you guys are sad because your mains didn't defeat Pyra? Well just remember that this is not actual gameplay footage! :)

    14. Marlon Quintana

      Still most waiting Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission for this console.

    15. Julian Dos Santos


      1. Julian Dos Santos

        @Purpellent No, just disappointed son

      2. Purpellent


    16. Letal Gamer

      sigo esparando genshin impact para switch

    17. perspective

      I ve noticed a pattern were link is always getting beating up

    18. Raymond Turla

      I hope Legend of Legaia 1 will also get a remake

    19. Raymond Turla

      OMG! Legend of Mana!

    20. Ahmed Ashraf


    21. 100Twist The third

      Nintendo... you could have had knack!!!

    22. Henry


    23. Poison Jaw

      Day 1 of requesting for a version of super smash bros for mobile... Let's make it real

    24. ISucc Newton

      splatoon: post apocalyptic version *WHERE WE DROPPIN BOIS*

    25. vadiks2003

      ah it feels so cringe to watch the translation but i dont know japanese

    26. Taco Dragon

      we need another pokemon gsme

      1. Taco Dragon

        Just A Turtle haha thats awesome tho

      2. Taco Dragon

        Just A Turtle haha lol

      3. Just A Turtle

        You predicted the future.

    27. Ivan Millan

      Super Sword Bross Ultimate. PD: I love smash but so many sowrd characters (But at least this one isn't a man, ♥)

    28. Lloyd Duff

      Only Legend of Mana is what I care about

    29. Layan Al Yahya

      Umm... Nintendo I know you won't notice me but please add a messaging feature for best friends on the switch

    30. Bruh Dude

      Games I liked in this direct: -Splatoon 3 -Mario golf: Super rush -Miitopia The only game i found useless was dc superhero girls. Skyward sword is cool but im not really into the zelda series. Still cant wait for the pokemon presents today.

    31. Jonathan Bradley

      Make my boi work pls sakurai

    32. Jonathan Bradley

      Pls Sakurai, make sigma work in smash as dlc for megaman x, PLS.......... :(

    33. NitendoGamer Switch wii wiiu


    34. Remedios sagayno

      Lets go!!!!

    35. Kurotatsuo

      These are nice and all but can we have themes please 😅

      1. Just A Turtle

        They're adding a grey theme.

    36. Caleb Wong

      Nintendo direct rpg edition

    37. Da_beast

      Who came here from the tiktok to see the loz part

    38. Sunny yoon

      OMG it' whaaaaaattttttt!

    39. Keeper of Light 46

      1. April 2021... Nintendo Eshop

    40. Jorge Arias

      Where's that part that we saw in tiktok

    41. Dr. sonic yt

      It's hilarious that no one is even mentioning mario golf

    42. ORANGE

      People:WhEn ThE iMpOsTeR iS sUsPiCiOuS

    43. the_smug

      Wii sports resort hd or 2

    44. Kaptain Skurvy

      i'm really happy about zelda, but no donkey kong?! oh well.

    45. Emily An

      “You have 22 minutes before the solar system explodes”

    46. collision


    47. Hie 2 Kolob

      Yeah dont regret selling my switch more hot trash u wont be able to find where hot trash goes to die the nintendo e shop.

      1. Just A Turtle


      2. Emily An

        (Triangle Strategy) F, I though it was one of those available after announcement. Game looks amazing.

    48. Massimo Tupputi

      Dov'è il mio remake di diamante e perla!!

    49. combusted

      I. NEED. MIITOPIA!!!!!

      1. combusted

        And the new smash bros character

    50. Jacob Gaming

      Come on nintendo... Pyra for smash? Another anime sword character?

      1. Just A Turtle

        @JoshuaDZ He's an anime character and he once held a sword. He's an anime sword fighter.

      2. JoshuaDZ

        Why not phoenix wright

      3. Flubbledub

        go outside

    51. Colton Gannon

      Games that should be brought: Legend of zelda wind waker HD Legend of zelda twilight princess HD Paper mario thousand year door Port New Mario galaxy style game?

    52. Tanequa Woodson

      Thank you thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you so much

    53. Bd0g 1248

      The legend of Zelda skyward sword was my childhood game lol

    54. Luckxs lightning

      Ngl i thought the triangle strategy project thing or whatever it's called was bravely default 2 Even so I still want that game along with splatoon 3, Monster hunter rise, Pvz Battle for neighbourville... Honestly this direct brought quite a few good stuff around

    55. Mona Cruz


      1. Mona Cruz


      2. Mona Cruz


      3. Mona Cruz


    56. Simp Nation

      All I’m going after is LOZ and them smexy controller and splatoon 3

    57. Sean Avery

      Biggest disappointment since The Last of Us Part II.

      1. Just A Turtle

        @Forine Maybe

      2. Forine

        @Sean Avery Yep

      3. Sean Avery

        @Forine Nope

      4. Forine

        Since Cyberpunk*

    58. yoshi's mega yarn

      You know a new yoshi game with a good sound track would be nice like maybe "Yoshi's metal world" or "Yoshi's Hydro world" something like that and I'm totally not saying that because he's my favorite character

      1. yoshi's mega yarn

        @Forine lmao I was going to write that down but I was like nah

      2. Forine

        You seem to have an unbiased opinion on this topic.

    59. • Sapphiria •

      Let the, "Rex not in smash" memes kick in.

    60. Jamaal Kelly

      I’d love if Nintendo would bring back the Megaman battle network series

    61. ChiefOfTheDesert

      this is like one long prank right? I can't tell

      1. Just A Turtle

        @Flubbledub 👏 Congratulations. You are the King of being original.

      2. Flubbledub

        yeah a prank on YOUR MOM

    62. VetchGex

      amogus for smash

      1. Purpellent

        when the amoges ies sus!!!!!!!!!!!!

    63. julio Cubillas

      (Triangle Strategy) F, I though it was one of those available after announcement. Game looks amazing.

    64. ABR Channel

      6:50 i laughed at it

    65. Mudkiptoons

      Hmm... An@1???

    66. pasu


    67. I Am Nxva PR

      Pvz best game ong

    68. Amongus_ Red leaf

      Nintendo: oh so you want news on breath of the wild 2 Fans: yes Nintendo SKYWORD SWORD HD

    69. Jason Tyree

      6:45. Fall guys for Nintendo switch! (Next game) you have 22-minutes until the solar system is destroyed

    70. 8igh8

      Me: so no breath of the wild 2? Ok I can wait, what did you expect down here? All I want is BOTW 2 xd

    71. Sans

      We need another star Fox game

    72. Roblox gamer Kirby Boy the star Kill 2011

      Nintendo open Roblox on the Nintendoswitch for free

    73. zachplays

      Fans:WE WANT SPLATOON 3 Nintendo: ok Fans: YES THANK YOU NINTENDO WE LOVE YOU Nintendo: no worries

    74. Seth Prov

      if they don't put tomodachi life on the switch im gonna be mad

    75. Jonathansuperaw

      Fans: Skyward Sword HD Nintendo: 60$

    76. Princess

      Still no Bayonetta 3?

    77. Samuel McIntyre

      20$ for Mario Galaxy HD rendered but 60$ for the 10 year old Skyward Sword nothing added but weird analog controls don't buy it put Nintendo in their place for once and vote with your wallet.

      1. Just A Turtle

        There's more content. They just don't wanna show it.

    78. Nathan Riley Shriber-Hutchison

      I want conker in smash

    79. Glitchman

      I have so much more respect for this after today's State of Play

    80. JakeSomnia

      Well, this was a disappointing waste of time.

    81. Darkchao12E45

      Wish they had a remaster of pocket mirror I would buy

    82. Adrián Montes

      where is genshin impact why they did not announce it I hope so :(

    83. Wasted Dogs

      Oh wow, another anime character into Smash.... Great

      1. Just A Turtle

        A Japanese fharacter in a Japanese game, how horrible!

    84. Rainbow Piggy

      Fans: Nintendo there are too many anime sword fighters Nintendo: Ok, to solve this problem we'll... add another one



    86. Edi E



      Mr Sakurai, when will you add bandanna waddle dee

    88. Sang Park

      Add sumo bro to Mario maker 3!

    89. Gabe Nuxoll

      What a letdown for smash

      1. Flubbledub

        actually i think it was xenoblade 2

    90. Dyrex

      “You have 22 minutes before the solar system explodes”

    91. Bowser Jr.

      I actually enjoyed the direct I don't see what's all the complaining about

      1. Purpellent

        @Arc-x 7 new console perhaps 👀

      2. Beau Rafferty

        @Arc-x 7, ah I see

      3. Arc-x 7

        @Beau Rafferty not the games themselves. I just dont see why they put them this early in the year. It would make more sense if they put them in a end of the year direct or even an e3 one. I feel like this direct should of been for games releasing this year.

      4. Beau Rafferty

        @Arc-x 7, why

      5. Arc-x 7

        The only thing that I dislike were the games relasing in 2022.

    92. Luca Bianchi

      but wait where is the 35th anniversary of the legend of zelda (and im waiting for botw2)

    93. Luca Bianchi

      hey nintendo where is the 35th anniversary??

    94. Leunamme

      They could have gave us Switch sport(wii sport remake) Mario strikers remake, mario kart 9 Instead we have DC super dishes washers and Mario golf aka the game no one wanted.

      1. Just A Turtle

        I wanted Mario Golf.



    96. Big Chogus

      Wii sports deluxe

    97. Master of all Cephalopods: Comrade Zulaski Kaitzo

      Meanwhile in Game Freak: 'I have an idea: How about our next Game is in Luxembourg and we reduce the pokedex to 10 Pokemon! And we could introduce that wakey new gimmick, where once per Game, you can make your Pokémon stronger WITHOUT ANY VISUAL EFFECTS OR WHATSOEVER. And the whole plot will be about finding the secret of that gimmick!'

      1. Andy random last name

        game freak should sue you for stealing their ideas

    98. GoldenGamer454

      Breath of the wild zelda in smash

    99. Prince Sidon

      I so let me give you guys time to respond so I have an idea for a fourth update for Super Mario Maker 2 I had an idea if you can make it a game style update I mean knocking style I meant course style update but I would also like you to add some new enemies and the power up Number one fuzzy These little guys could be used on tracks for a fun Mini-Game on Super Mario maker to imagine the possibility Number two ninji These guys could jump up and down and they would appear in all Style including Super Mario 3D World I don't want it to be compatible in Super Mario 3D World Number 3 Bowser in a car Bowser could be in a car in Super Mario 3D World like he was like the first boss in Super Mario 3D World it can only be compatible with Super Mario 3D World Number 4 ice flower Imagine you would have to use the Ice Flower to break a lot of dry bones Number 5 volcano theme as you all know we all like a very good ending world and I thought we could add a volcano theme so we could you know have have a full Super Mario Maker world and we could also add.... Number 6 the beach theme and you could also add gyuser's to your volcano level and the beach level and finally number 7 Tower theme I thought it would be very cool if we added a how are things so so a snake so so makers can add like a little boss room for the boss battles that would be really cool. Release date March 1st This will be the 4.0 update and the final update. Forgot one bowsers fury game style this could be one of them by this could be one of the extra game styles it would be really cool if you added a fury bowser boss please Nintendo please please please please please I'm begging you

      1. FutureGamer

        That won’t happen they already done the final major update

    100. Amir K

      Please do dragon ball kakrot in nintendo switch