Nondual Consciousness: A Dialogue between Rupert Spira and Swami Sarvapriyananda

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    Rupert Spira and Swami Sarvapriyananda discuss nondual consciousness. The conversation is moderated by Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump.

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    Vedanta is one of the world’s most ancient religious philosophies and one of its broadest. Based on the Vedas, the sacred scriptures of India, Vedanta affirms the oneness of existence, the divinity of the soul, and the harmony of religions.

    Vedanta Society of New York is affiliated with the Ramakrishna Order of India. In fact, this is the Order's first Center started by Swami Vivekananda, in 1894. It was a historic event, for the seed of the world-wide Ramakrishna Movement was sown here in New York over a century ago. Swami Sarvapriyananda is the present Resident Minister and Spiritual Leader of the Vedanta Society of New York.

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    1. Garioch Sionnach

      ... some instances of expression of non-dualism in the Christian tradition: Galatians 2:20-“I am crucified [extinguished ?] with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me ..." Romans 8:10-“But if Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, the spirit is life because of righteousness.” Galatians 1:15-16-“... it pleased God ... to reveal His Son in me."

    2. King In Black

      Lol, a talk, between two people, about non-dualism. Are you kidding?

    3. Rui Parada

      Good luck

    4. Rui Parada

      question: why did the Buddha teach? answer: because it was necessary. Necessary to quell the blah blah blah

    5. Rui Parada

      beware proliferation; heed buddhadhamma

    6. Randolph _

      Rupert is very correct in not using the word "god" due to many listening in a wider media setting (so to speak) because of what some have lived in the name of ....... I was very involved in a common church setting in the 90's but not only influenced then. Born in the 60's there is a 30 year gap in this here which was surrounded with others who shared freely, judgement, bias, limits and the "sinner saved by grace" and as a child in sunday school you can not escape that it was what you yourself did that put him on the cross...... and finding within the church that you have been lied to all your life regarding all this?????? Self loathing for what you did to gods son ....... Carrying these things for decades, which have to influence all aspects of your life and dreading a judgement day ..... Do not ever use that word around me, unless you want my ears to close instantly. Can any other imagine having only one being you could see yourself hurting intentionally (badly) being the one you have been trained is that one.? Cruel. Simply cruel. Only based on what one has experienced on that word subject-topic. So it is very helpful, most likely for those who would need that help most, to not use that word at all. I even have to take a brake on watching right now to calm all the experience memories based on that specific western idea (adapted and adopted for decades) which is still seen as stolen years. Devotion? LoL. Not there yet.

    7. Leslie Tylersmith

      Love this conversation🙏💞💗💞

    8. Animesh Mishra

      I wanted to see disagreements, but I only saw agreements.

    9. Number Six

      1:33:02 "I'm glad you mentioned that, Swami. I was just about to add exactly what you've just said." Ah, the English! No matter where or when, they just can't help themselves, can they! PS Happiness is beside the point. Notice that Swami doesn't mention happiness. Rupert returns to it again and again, "as a dog returns to its vomit." It's consistent with the selfish and superficial standards of our society.

    10. Mayank

      There is a huge gap in what the white men say n they understand / Mannan . It's clearly be seen the difference the way they try to even formulate the issue

    11. Ramith Uday

      Consciousness expresses itself in different states with awareness of spirit, field, ego identity of oneness, etc as the highest state experienced only when explored inwards...while the lowest state being ego of individuality, singualriry in the field, unaware, outside projected..

    12. gireesh neroth

      The universe is all about the real vs its own distorted reflections. It is never about the reflections vs the real. Nor is it about the reflections vs reflections. Just as the day light is all about the sun light vs its reflections and never about the reflections vs the sun light.Nor is it about the reflections vs reflections. Reflections borrow their existence from the real.

    13. Leila Gayatri Persaud

      Comstantlly a seeker and I found Swami Sarvapriyanada and now I am hearing this dialogue between Rupert Spiro and Swami - I keep saying it must be my Karma to listen this profound and enlightening dialogue . My thanks to the organizers of this amazing presentation - 🙏❤️🕉

    14. Capital H healing , Noel

      "man is a talking machine, purpose not to be a talking machine". Gurdjieff

    15. Capital H healing , Noel

      Not the same without the vase of flowers. I've only heard a few minutes and it's more than enough for me. Suffocating due to all the hot air. Wharaload of codswallop. I'll go back to reading beelzebubs tales to his grandson, and de salzmann's The Reality of being. Arriverderci, a piu, non tardi. Noel


      Ask to see with pure intent and it is seen. Absolutely never separate but shut off by free will. It's our gift. The choice to do life without God until we choose to live with God. Only pure intent can turn on the switch. Fake attempt only show absence. It's again our gift of free will but only and all in every atom. See the relationship between the parts. You can't disassemble things and watch them relate to each other. Only by seeing the relationship between every Atom can one truly understand true semantics of God.


      From experience is proof of whatever anyone wants to call that what I call God. All united intelligence of the universe in one life of expansion and always assisting us. It's known and proven with the only way it is not seen is due to individuals inability to forgive one's self from past guilt.


      Just wait til more realize to talk to their cells and teach DNA to activate old programs of longer life and utmost health. The kingdom of God is within you, ya kno.


      Can we really think scientific, spiritual, physical, and phycological? All are one but if it's needing to be more clear, any one of the ways any believe in is appropriate and accepted. Not accepting is human reaction only, which is manifested in itself so the only separation.


      Love thy neighbors as thyself. As thyself because they are made of exactly what you are. Love them and you do nothing to then that you don't do to you so there is no immorality to anything you do. Love and do whatever you want.


      Once I was able to look at others and see that in them which Is exactly what I am, love for all became easier. Oneness, love seeing it so far and wide. So do you know why we had to be separate? Why we had to learn how to be one again? Those questions asked by him should be very careful. No one way. What makes one happy might upset another. Energy is energy. We are ultimately here to create energy. Look at the energy created with the great swing. We are meant to evolve. Self evolve. We are given all choice and never judged and always supported. That's the way I see things anyways.


      I'd like to get better acquainted with your ways. The memories are beautiful as I learn again how they lived in the different history books of the lands.

    23. Imaginary Point

      You are dreaming now... you're dreaming you are on a spinning ball 'earth' per you government(your mind). Trapped in illusion.... space travel is fake.

    24. Radovan Radovanovic

      Hermes Mercurius Trismagistus is also obviously non dual in his teachings. His Volume "The Divine Pymander" aka "The Corpus Hermeticum" is the bridge between the Judeo-Cristian Bible and the Upanishads. Though I believe that to a serious enquirer and thinker they need no bridge at all. And "Tao Te Ching" talks about the same thing. Swap the word "Tao" for the word "Spirit" and see for your self.

    25. phoenix

      Two points is two dimensions... three points is three dimensions... one point is beyond time and space, infinite reflections of One being 💖💖💖

    26. Darren

      I'm an ex neo-vedantic (hindu roots) new ager, I used to be into so much cosmic stuff: channelings, ancient wisdom, gnosticism, hindu gurus and buddhist mystics. I was enlightened by kundalini then 6 years ago I got properly enlightened/converted by the *Holy Spirit* which showed what a fool I was before. Spirit led me to the real *Yahshua/Jesus Christ* and everything changed - paradigm shifted. This is being *born again* and it's an ongoing surprise to me 😁 I'm out to help expose the lies of the luciferian new age. It's escapes the notice of this self-obsessed, glamour soaked world but we're in a spiritual war for *souls.* The immensity of ignorance is astonishing: the dark powers bedazzling the minds of the masses. We've inherited an ancient spiritual subversion: the earth is fallen, mankind is a spiritually fallen race highly prone to deceit and delusion. Frankly, and for many reasons I can't include here, we need a Saviour and by Jesus Christ do we have a *Glorious One.*

    27. Angel Henry

      thank you for posting video and also for the wonderful personal post's To see things from different angles, or the digest of another perspective probably is a definition of a miracle yes? related to the teaching could not be true by seeking dualism or lack of dualism or in the middle or on the top or the sides any movement from an authentic expression of self is that not always sponsored and fear? who's to know like the old radio show perhaps the shadow knows! peace be with you and also to know peace then conflict whatever you choose today.

    28. David Kolb

      The information deposited in the memory bank is not in awareness until it is re-called. The memory bank is the unconscious. The information that we all perceive in our awareness, although we do not perceive it in exactly the same way - the differences being due to our personal unconscious storage, is in the collective unconscious which we may call the macrocosmic memory bank. If we are not aware of it, then it is not in awareness! When I am not in the room that does not mean that the information that I, with my personal cognitive apparatus and a priori conceptual framework, perceived as that room, does not exist and, at that time I do not perceive it, it is NOT in my awareness. It may be in the awareness of another subjective agent however, and that proves that the information that I perceived as that room exists independent of individual subjective agents! It must be remembered that no two subjective agents have the same appearance of the same information within their awareness. We may have similar appearances, but that is due to similar samskara deposits (similar karma). A quantum particle, which we may think of as a bit of information, in superposition (prior to observation), when measured (observed) one way (cognitive apparatus and conceptual framework) appears as spin up, when measured in another way appears as spin down. In superposition the particle (bit of information) is said to be in all possibilities but when observed assumes a particular value. In the famous thought experiment called Wigner's Friend (which in fact has now been proved through real world experiment), the friend is in the lab and measures-observes a quantum system causing the wave function to "collapse" giving it a particular value while Wigner, who is outside of the lab and therefore has no knowledge of the value observed by his friend, nor of how the measurement is made, somehow makes his own measurement of the same quantum system and, due to measuring in a different way, gets another value of the same particle. Most have interpreted this as meaning that an objective world independent of the subject does not exist, but I think that this points to the fact that the existent information does exist prior to observation or we can say prior to it being in awareness. It exists in the unconscious. Physicists call the unconscious superposition. Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras and further explained in the Vyasa Bhashya (sutras 13, 14, 15 book 3) has said that a Dharma (here meaning phenomenon) exists in three phases, yet to arise - which we call the future, the arisen - which we call the present, and the subsided - which we call the past. Only the present is in the awareness of the subjective agent. Patanjali has also stated in sutra 12 book 4 that "the past and the future exist in the underlying essential state their difference being due to the course of the phenomena (dharmas) {as either in one of the three phases}". This underlying essential state, where the future and past exist, is not in the awareness of the subjective agent, and exists independent of observation. This underlying essence is not in awareness. It contains all objective information. Samkhya calls this collective unconscious storage Prakriti.

    29. stu fin

      ​Whose who? ? . Ramanamma Who? The Book 1. What is this nonsense? Read Making Sense of Nonsense by Raymond Moody. See the world as it really is.

    30. jenny tettero

      ego telling me what i am, but what i am is beyond the ego...therefor i am nothing, and All there is

      1. jenny tettero

        conciousness is All there is my awarenes showing me

    31. Augusto Pinho

      Thank you for free sharing this conversation.

    32. Spiriteye

      Non duality means there is only God and not you .... It doesn't mean you ...without thoughts . So many half teachers that think God is a separate Being

    33. Akash Bhullar

      *Beautiful Session*

    34. Patricia Filandro


    35. Ved Singh

      I will like to see Swamijj and Sadhguru

    36. Ravindra Singh

      Is dhharti per jo insan apane mind me, mirtue ko dekhta ya janata hai, uske bich me Satya ki batey, post me likhana, apana time or energy ko barbad karna hai. Is dharti per tumsab marey huay insan ho . Aaj nahi to kal jab tumsabo ko apani apani soch me, maràne ke siway, koi dusri bat brain me ghusti hi nahi, to tumsabo se jeevan ki batey likhane se koi fayda nahi hai. Tumsab sadiyo se mirtue ko mind me rakhkar jiye ho, Satya ko tumsab kaise apani samajh se dekh sakte ho. Mai janta hu ki tumsab insan, Satya ko nahi khojtey ho. Tumsab jhuthi god ko dharm ke naam per, jaati ke naam per, mandir masjid ke naam per khojtey ho, jabki Satya ya god, tumsabo ke rup me khud, tumsabo ke saamaney hamesa dikhta hai, lekin tumsabo ki aankhe use kyo nahi dekhati hai, kya tumsabo ki aankhe bhi andhi hai. Mujhe aaj tak koi bhi aisa insan nahi mila, jo sahi me Satya ko khojta hai. Tumsab arabo insan aise ho jo us Satya ya god ko, sadiyo se, mandir, masjid, church gurudwara, aakaar, nirakaar, geeta, ramayan, kuran, bibal, ya koi bhi dharmik granth me batkar khojtey ho, jabki Satya ek hai aur kabhi kisi dharm me bata huaa nahi hai, aur wah Satya tumsabo ke rup me khud hai. Mai janta hu ki Satya rup nahi hai, fir bhi jab bhi dikhta hai, tumsabo ki aankho se, to rup me hi dikhta hai. Mai Is dharti ke insan ko isliye mara huaa kahta hu ki, tumsab kabhi martey hi nahi ho, fir bhi sab martey ho, kyoki tumsab apani satya ki khoj, apane rup me nahi kartey ho. Jo Satya tumsabo ke rup me hai, use dusre logo ke rup me, jo rup kabhi ka mar chuka hai, uski naam ko apani apani dharmo me god maankar aapas me lad kar, us Satya se dur ho jate ho, Jo Satya tumsabo ke sabhi janamo me, tumsabo ke rup me, tumsabo ki aankho ke samane hota hai. Tumsab mere pass aawo, aur apani hi rup me us Satya ko apani Gyan se abhi dekhkar, sab apani mirtue ki bandhan se mukat ho jawo, aur is dharti ke sabhi insan, sabse pyar ke sath asti me raho, jaha dukh se mulakat kisi ko na ho.

    37. JJ

      "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father (God) but by me." -Jesus

    38. Nagendra Singh

      Yes, James,I do see their mutual respect including that of Rick -questioner; But Rupert makes a different view adding value to what is the stated by swami Sarvpriya .I keep going back again to the same video to listen to( repeatedly ) help my understanding. It is so fascinating and enriching

    39. Gurmukh Ghuldu

      Mind blowing conversation. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    40. Anders

      Great dialogue! I think it's possible to make God compatible with nonduality. Ultimately we are God as oneness, yet still God includes the future and in that sense it's something larger than the manifested world. Ken Wilber talked about first person, second person and third person God.

    41. Binoda Chandra Ojha

      What about everything starting from nothing! Brahman is starting from nothing like in mathematically we start 1 from zero.

    42. Rosanna G. Burroughs

      We must pay the piper, and the piper is the Divine Consciousness, which is God!!!

    43. Rosanna G. Burroughs

      The so called 2 natures is the Armageddon that the bible speaks of, which is seemingly within man, but really it isn't, because in all truth, Only The Divine Consciousness Exists!!!

    44. Rosanna G. Burroughs

      The way to solve suffering is to SEE ONLY WHAT THE DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS IS AND SEES!!!

    45. Ravindra Singh

      Your all god is made by you human from ancient time and you all believe this man made god until this time. That false god comes from human minds but you is not come from human mind. God always exist with you and your own figure but not exist in any other place. you all human are the real photo of your own god. But you do belive to other photo as a god but you do not believe your present and real photo where your god living and taking foods every day with you. You all human is expanding your life in only sleeping mood and deluted knowlege from others and you all not see your truth, where is your god looking in the name and figure with you alls. You all human comes with me and live always happy with all's and all forget your mind made sorrow and mind made death. You all is true not illusion but you all not know. When you all will be know your own truth by my brain with your brain then you all will be always live happy and no body will fear for death word. Truth and death is thought only which appears from your mind. Here is no death because you all is not body but looks in body. Body is made for death but you are not made for death. You all come with me and examine this true by only your brain thought and all go beyond from body death.

    46. Darren

      I'm an ex neo-vedantic (hindu roots) new ager. I used to be into so much cosmic stuff: channelings, ancient wisdom, gurus, psychedelics and mystics. I was enlightened then 6 years ago I got properly enlightened/converted by the *Holy Spirit* which showed what a fool I was. Spirit led me to the real *Yahshua/Jesus Christ* and everything changed. This is being born again. It escapes the notice of our self-obsessed and glamour soaked world but we're in a spiritual WAR for souls. The immensity of ignorance is astonishing: the luciferian powers bedazzling the minds of the masses. We've inherited an ancient spiritual subversion: the earth is fallen, the holistic fields of nature are fallen state - nothing is as was meant to be. Mankind is a spiritually fallen race highly prone to deceit and delusion. A lotta folks talk about how hinduism, buddhism etc came long before Christ as if it's a valid point. But it isn't. Jesus came in the fullness of time, when He meant to in the course of history. The Holy Spirit testifies of a Glorified Jesus, no one else. There's no regard for hindu gurus or buddhist mystics ancient or modern. As a new ager I didn't wanna believe but in the *Light of Spirit* Jesus really is the *Way, the truth and the Life* just like He said and He meant it literally: no one comes to God except through Jesus, there's no other way (Matthew 7:13-14). As a neo-vedantist I wasn't convinced but turns out the Bible is Spirit breathed, written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is beautifully portrayed and endorsed in the new testament, in fact he's apparent in the old testament too (Luke 24:27 & 44) and by the *Light of Spirit* we're allowed to *see* that and *know Him.* The Bible is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. We're in the the end-times for real. It's serious sh*t. Stop trusting in mortal men and women full of strong delusion, take a leap of faith and trust in the one true God. Jesus is God: in a world obsessed by esoterism and "going within" Jesus is quite *exoteric* - He will come again from *without.* The spirit of satan is real and comin at us all guns blazing with notions of love and unity. But All-Power has been given unto Jesus and only He can restore and unite this fallen world, and He will. But first Jesus said He comes not to bring peace but a *Sword* and with it He'll DIVIDE the world: the wheat from the tares, the goats from the sheep. There'll be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Jesus said we must be born again of *Spirit* to see the Kingdom of God.

    47. sd d

      It’s our blessing to have these world teachers help us understand our real nature.

      1. Darren

        Your real nature is fallen state. Jesus is the truth, everyone else is a lie no matter how spiritual they appear.

    48. Franchesca Dee Cornshucker

      Listeners/Readers/Viewers discernment and discretion is advised. This is a work of nonfiction yet also fiction for others and solely the property of the original creator(s). Any names and/or "characters", places and/or businesses, events and/or incidents, are factual to the best of the author(s)'s knowledgability. Any resemblance to actual person(s), living and/or dead, or actual events is purely 'coincidental' for some. Utterly non zero for others. Please have patience and respect. Above all have love in your head. Love Wins. We do not take responsibility for ideas, and/or decisions taken by the viewer(s) based solely on the information provided in this virtual 'application'.

      1. Darren

        Wha'd'ya think you know? Truth is more important than love. Jesus is the truth, everyone else is a lie no matter how spiritual they appear.

    49. Blindshiva

      Since we are only now 320 years beyond the end of the Kali yuga and into the ascending Dwapara yuga I would suggest that we still have a long road ahead of us in which to expand human consciousness.

      1. Darren

        A totally bullsh*it cosmology. Hinduism is pantheism which is paganism by any other name. Jesus is the truth, everyone else is a lie.

    50. Suresh Nair

      Really enjoyed this dialogue. Prabodh please organize more such talks on specific topics in Advaita Vedanta. It could be selected topics, certain parts of texts or on specific teachings from masters.

    51. Louise M-D

      U can tell his lack of peace by his mannerisms proves him wrong

    52. Louise M-D

      Lol. Believing in separate god attenuates the ego ". He just denying christians behaviors thei ego missions ongoing wars n sexism which all destroys our world which they think all belongs to christians

      1. Darren

        Jesus is the truth, everyone else is a lie.

    53. Louise M-D

      Sthe hindi guy speak from ancient wisdom others are products of white mans confusion n hurtful childhoods

    54. Kalyan P

      How does one really experience the non-dual? Intellectual understanding is at one level. But my understanding is that there is a big chasm between the intellectual understanding and the actual experience of non-dual. What is this experience like?

    55. thedreamerisme

      This talk is so awesome. It lit a fire 🔥 in my heart ❤️ There is only God 💯

      1. Darren

        Jesus is the truth, Jesus is God. Everyone else is a lie no matter how spiritual they appear.

    56. TheAwakenedINFJ

      Lol.. many dislikes. Lots of big ol' deluded ego's. This is BEAUTY! If you only knew who you are listening to.

      1. TheAwakenedINFJ

        @Darren Stuck in the psychological mind.

      2. Darren

        Wha'd'ya think you know? It's you who's deluded. Jesus is the truth, everyone else is a lie.

    57. Dipak Ganguli

      What makes Rupert so sure that the table has no consciousness? It speaks to me at 6pm, which only we two are conscious of, come sit by me and enjoy your experience of dining. When you have finished, please leave me to myself because I have dreams about tomorrow.

    58. Anupam Sinha

      What's the email of Swami Sarvapriyananda ji?

    59. ron davison

      at minute 32 Rupert suggests that infinite being at a universal scale is not evolving, in regard to the question at hand. If the scale ratio to our existence and finite being awareness, is in fact an infinite ratio itself, perhaps it would look static at our human scale and may be evolving, or dynamic. our scale cannot allow this to be answered?

    60. S.P. Ward


    61. Renak Mans

      Great to have Rick moderating!

    62. Carlos Juarez


    63. WaterSeesWater

      Wow! This is a dream dialogue ! ))

    64. Jñananinja

      Boring blahblahblah. Someone please shut these guys up.

    65. Gerd-Inger Persson

      You said : "Awareness Available in simple ordinary language!" set us free, totally free in mind and reflexion. Thank You so much for your wize powerful words..... Space is the home...... Amen 😇 😇 😇

    66. Miss Lee

      I was texting, sat my phone down, came back to my phone about 7 min later and this had been playing for a little over a minute. I don’t know who these men are, but clearly they have a message I need to hear.

    67. JAG

      WTF are you guys talking about ??? You guys keep nodding to each other, and I am trying to pay my bills ! How do you guys live in those nice places ? Hahahhaaa I wish this was a dream world because it feels dam real to me !

      1. zenvi21

        JAG thanks for being a voice of reason in this insanity!!

    68. Clint Norton

      Watched to try to gain an understanding of how a mind can come to the conclusion that everything is only consciousness, and by extension (somehow) that there is only one consciousness. No possiblity of material existing, just an illusion or relative reality. There was no explanation of how the concept arose, simply the assumption that it is true and that to question that truth is self deception. Very myopic and reductionist. Even rejected panpsychism on the grounds that it includes material reality, material reality being so obviously false. Where is the proof of their assumptions?

    69. Lesley EL ALAMI

      I am... but there is no me. xxx

    70. Ravindra Singh

      your truth is in yourself becoming. you all human can invent his truth from his own brain knowledge. your truth always lives with your figure with you but you all search this truth in different religions, in different human mind made god, in pray and worship, in temple, church, masjid, gurudwara, by meditation. if your truth is with you then how you all can got this truth to other place. all true man always tell that truth is a pathless object because your truth always lives in your body. when you all will see your real truth in your same figure by only your brain knowledge then how much pleasure and joy you all have got. if you have make doctor, engineer, scientist, prime minister, president, minister, leader, dharm guru, etc from your own brain then you have feel so many pleasure, when you all will see and know that you all is truth and that truth is your god from your brain then how much pleasure you all have got. when you all will meet your truth then your death will be disappear from your own mind. here is no death because your real you is not body but he lives in your body. you all come with me and see your truth in your own body.

      1. Ravindra Singh

        @Darren , Thanks, I know that Jesus is god but you all is what. Jesus was make god by self knowledge. If Jesus can make god from human form then why you all human have not make from your own self knowledge. Here all human is true figure of one God, when he come or take birth in this earth, but no body know this truth. You come with me and see your own god in your own figure and live always in this universe with body or without body.

      2. Darren

        Jesus is the truth, Jesus is God. Everyone else is a lie no matter how spiritual they appear to your deluded self.

    71. erick bedoya

    72. Peace Be 2U

      *Happiness is the natuee of our beings!* Spira. There is NO Happiness, NO Peace, No Joy, No Suffering, No Anger, No Angst in TRUE REALITY. There is Neither Nothing or Anything n even No Neither. I feel the explanation given by the white dude is too much mumbo jumbo. The swami's views... I totally understand even though very interesting analogies. A gold ring. Gold is the true nature of the gold ring. There is no ring at all. Conventional creation by humans are NEVER TRUE SUBSTANCE or FAKE REALITY. Men made bridges. Over hundred years, there are no more bridges left. The only true nature of the bridges are sands, stones, iron, steel.... Non-duality concept does not include this. Non-duality simply means Non-discriminating minds. Our minds always discriminate, likes n dislikes, yin-yang energies, opposite of spectrum.. non-duality transcends this very ideas. How to do that? Cultivation... go to wayfarer's places n seek the right master to guide you.

      1. Darren

        Wha'd'ya think you know? Total BS. Jesus is the truth, Jesus is God. Everyone else is a lie.

    73. ann morgana

      i disagree with the conclusion at 45:00. it seems to me that we are only a teensy aspect of what god is, a small peephole through which we can with practice glimpse the small familiar part of the whole, because beholding the whole grand totality is beyond our scope. but then at 59:00 his brilliant breakdown of why investigating nature of mind is so critical, all is forgiven.. ❤️❤️ this is a buddhist’s rollercoaster ride, and im so in it!

      1. Dharmic Rules

        nah. Tat Tvam Asi - You (conscious and immanent athma) are (already) that (conscious, transcendent and omnipresent divine) regardless of whether you realize it or not because without the conscious, immanent and omnipresent athma nothing can exist or nothing can be perceived in its current form or no duality cycles can happen. eg Birth/death (including reincarnation cycle), wave/particle, energy/matter, manifestation/concealment, creation/destruction, man/woman, freezing/melting, summer/winter, wake/sleep, day/night etc. This is Sankhya vedic metaphysics (around which the whole hindu/vedic tradition was built) which can be validated by logic, double slit quantum experiment and embodied experience (focus + meditation).

    74. Desi Myrick

      To the question part related to awareness. For me, the answer is known already, the question is and was generated by the human aspect or fracturar to create the experience to be experience for the seemingly answer to know and b.

    75. The Tru

      I'd love to see talks with Bernardo Kastrup and Donald Hoffman!

    76. Fireball XL-5

      Ecc:7:29: Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.

      1. Fireball XL-5

        @Dharmic Rules Not a logical nor intellectually honest statement. The best you can do is say is you are agnostic. Nevertheless, Psalms:14:1: The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

      2. Dharmic Rules

        There is no so called "god" up there in the sky, totally disconnected from the universe after creating out of thin air using a magic wand.

    77. saibal sahoo

      Swamiji do explain scientifically to the point📍, because he has huge knowledge in total Hinduism and he do practice in his daily second to second life 🙏🌻💖

    78. Arpana R Pokharel

      Second time listening to these two masters. Thank you so much🙏

    79. Stephanie Louise

      Excellent play upon perceived reality...Thank you for this dance

    80. Dr OLGA LAZIN

      Treat everyone and everything as your own being, in understanding of our shared being. Thanks, Rupert & Stanislav Grof

    81. H K


    82. Bruce Gatten

      The conclusion of all philosophical discussion is love...let us have a perfect cup of mu tea...and have a good laugh.

      1. Pip Pipster

        True. The mind of a child is naturally enlightened. Most adults lose it altogether.

    83. Alexis Miller

      . Guru g u r u

    84. Saibaba G.

      Thank you Swami and thank you rupert

    85. Saibaba G.

      Wonderful clarity of thought to be silent.

    86. Saibaba G.

      Understanding the mind to be aware of what it is creating.thank you Rupert

      1. Dharmic Rules

        There is no such thing called "mind" in Vedic psychology

    87. Charmaine mcc

      what is the point of this discussion when they don't even seem to be embodied . only speaking from the head. can either of them feel their spine, or aware of their bum. no just dreary words. making up stuff -conjugating

      1. zenvi21

        omg Charmaine I agree 100% so many so called spiritual people don't seem to know that we are embodied consciousness, it's just cognitive nonsense, they wouldn't know non duality if it hit them in the face

      2. Charmaine mcc

        it does not matter how much experience of correct knowledge you have or gained. if you can not feel your spine or your body you are numb to existence.

      3. Dharmic Rules

        Both knowledge and experience are important. Experience without correct knowledge is like a blind man and it always leads to wrong conclusions like Buddhist "Nirvana". So, hindu/dharmic traditions give importance to both knowledge and experience.

    88. Sunil Agrawal

      Dual or non dual philosophy is useless and has no utilities in human life.

      1. Dharmic Rules

        In other words, you are saying you - Shiva (non dual) + Shakhti (dual) are useless.😊. Point is lack of understanding of well validated metaphysics, dharma and karma by both western science and Abrahamic religions is the reason why the mess we are seeing in the world right now. So, concentrating only on mindless hedonism based on outdated newtonian science is stupidity and short sighted.

    89. Verna Hutchinson

      Friction at the moment is where evil sits , remove friction and evil dies

    90. Verna Hutchinson

      Come up with understanding true evil. Until we have a understanding we have nothing And nothing is where evil finds food

    91. T K

      Rupert: ".... I'm sure we could carry on for 500 years." Yes! Yes, please. I truly could watch these 2 answering questions together for those 500 years. Thank you for having them here together!

    92. Mintu Saren

      Mai khud hi khud hoon, prakriti mere ma hai.

    93. Juv Zac

      is it just me? 1 comes across as philosophical, the other experiential - and the difference is so clear. but then again, it doesn't matter. it is what is. =)

      1. Dharmic Rules

        The difference is western philosophies came out of ego but hindu "darshanas" (visions) came out of egoless states of sages who orally transmitted vedas and also compiled it eventually. Advaitha (non dual) darshana is one of them. Sankhya Vedic darshana combines Advaitha (non dual shiva) and Dvaitha (dual shakhti). Sankhya can be validated by logic, double slit quantum experiment and embodied experience (focus + meditation) or direct knowledge.

    94. Rakesh Kumar

      Interesting talk between an enlightened teacher and a non enlightened teacher of hearsay.

    95. stu fin

      All you need to know about the world can be found in two books. Making sense of nonsense by Raymond Moody. And The Book1 by Ramanamma Who?. Both these books are important to read to understanding what is happening in our world. This is indeed the end of the world but it is not what we have been led to believe. LAW RW

    96. Shipra Lala

      what a wonderful confluence of minds! I follow Swamiji's talks every day. This one is very special!

    97. Meena Cleland

      Rick did not like my comments on his website so he has blocked me to add comment very disappointed from someone who claims to be spiritual 😌

      1. Pip Pipster

        Why is it not spiritual to block someone? There must be someone in your life you have blocked / avoid / not speak to etc.

    98. Meena Cleland

      I love this swami and Rupert. Thank you wish you had not invited Rick

    99. Meena Cleland

      So Rick needs to understand this by the way I don’t miss not watching Budha at te gas pump..

    100. Meena Cleland

      I also want to add the fact that I am I spiritual Hindu I was born and raised in a Hindu household.