OFFICIAL TRAILER: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim

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    Now you can start asking us about season 6. Rick and Morty return for season 5 on Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.
    Stream seasons 1-4 on HBO Max.
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    1. Adult Swim

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      1. Grzesiek Grzesiek

        That will also on Netflix in Polish language?

      2. Mario Zambarov

        Could you please make it without the bleeps.

      3. join xd

        Gracias 😁😊 por subir la temporada 5 2022 la temporada 6 saludo desde Colombia 😸🇦🇲🙏 su mejor fan del todo el universo saludo a la voz del Rick sachaz animación también serie favorita del toda mi vida ya Dios Lo bendiga 🙏😁 amén 🙏😇

      4. THEMaNIsWOrTHit


      5. Kenneth Clements

        This just makes me miss Venture Bros.

    2. Neil John Bejos

      Killing aliens. Hunting things. The family Business.

    3. Pietn astka

      I cry rn

    4. Crokobos

      Morty finnally got with Jessica! Im so happy for him

    5. James Rutherford

      that was fast

    6. Garrixfen

      Will it be on Netflix?

    7. Sarah Jackson

      This show is so repetitive with its comedy.. Just boring now. I’ll pass

    8. Marek Zegarek

      I can't watt😄😄😄

    9. Kisschai Yarungsee

      Omg its a long time like a month 😔

    10. Loud Inspector

      I wanna c dissssss

    11. Riane Godwin


    12. EstebanGamer MatrixYT

      I love it

    13. karni D

      I like that it wasnt actually cancelled.. or was it?

    14. Lvl10

      I'm expecting a evil Morty in this season

    15. Flyspit H

      FROM a Canadian.. STOP censoring your shit in CANADA (the censoring is STUPID anyway ) you censor 'shit' BUT not all the time ??.. Come on GIVE IT UP In CANADA we dont give TWO shits ...😉 remember We are the HOME of The Trailer Park Boys and we get a four hours of South Park PURE every Saturday night.. As Ricky would say 'Its not rocket surgery' I'm done with the ONE thing that pisses my off .. My opinion ?? Rick and Morty censored ?? meh Fix it.. signed A canuck..

    16. Eric Liu

      FINALLY!! Now please work on season 6, 7, 8 etc... Thank you Rick and Morty for saving me from depression, love you always~

    17. kangaroo jack


    18. Bella Love


    19. StealthySpy


    20. opzz xsin

      A family that slays together stays together

    21. kik penguine

      I have seen all the Season so far 4 times i love pickel rick and morty of course

    22. Isabel Cabello

      Blade scene

      1. opzz xsin

        Lets go!! Cthulhu episode time!!

    23. Pizza_planet


    24. Pizza_planet


    25. legendwicked95


    26. FaZe Orba


      1. Smollie Gaming and vlogs

        Yes yes yes !



    27. Dominic Miller

      So when is season 6 coming?

    28. Durin Flermoen

      They've us wait 2 years for the 4th season cause one of the creators died. Then another year for the 5th season. WTF guys.

    29. WE

      name of the song ?

    30. Roberto Flores

      Fuck yeah

    31. LimpWhistle


    32. THE DRAGON SITTER 9099

      I love it

    33. Jazzy Arts

      I’m so fuckin excited

    34. Jessica Wheeler

      Hell ya

    35. Sergio Sanchez

      hope this is better than the second half of szn 4 ❤️

    36. beatriz

      oh my god they did a voltron episode- (or at least part of it) lets go

    37. Six Th

      Lets go!! Cthulhu episode time!!

    38. Alessandra Santos

      man, june! I soooooo far away

    39. Gamèlyzed

      So the clone is gone ??

    40. Lana_ Manga


    41. Jp_ 99

      Nice 😄😄😄😄😄😄

    42. Tugay Metinoğlu

      this is fucking awsome

    43. Real Human

      Wait, you're telli g me we don't have to wait 20 years for season 5?

    44. Levi

      This trailer is weird I like it

    45. Sam S


    46. festus ewere

      Good video

    47. gn lilu

      I will patiently wait.

    48. Aslan Pilatin

      Eee this season comes to netflix?



    50. Muhammad Fahmi

      Maybe this is unpopular opinion but i like solar opposite more than rick and Morty

    51. George Witham

      Im still waiting for an aftermath to that evil morty season 2 arc

    52. Ferstekn

      Best song u could take!

    53. Yashasvi Sharma


    54. Emmanuel Woodson

      or cap

    55. Emmanuel Woodson

      this rs

    56. Mavros YT7

      Yeah I want a episode with Rick going down to hell with a pole

    57. Ash Trismegistus

      We’ll see the last shit y’all been putting out is Straight doo doo

    58. Pietro Signorini

      Non fatemi aspettare una anno per averla su netflix peró ,stronzi

    59. aller


    60. bofooit gojo

      I better see more gravity falls references in this season

    61. Papiya Mukherjee

      Is this gonna be in Netflix?

    62. Vishwas Kumar

      Can't wait

      1. bofooit gojo

        It might sound weird but I think Rick is gonna go sober this season. He hasn’t burped or had that weird alcohol drool at all?

    63. Edgar Ruiz

      Im so happy to be alive just for thiiissssss

    64. Ashlyn Dsilva

      This season we gon see the characters as power rangers nice!!

    65. Bill Sakelaridis

      Where is space beth

    66. Rodeo Francisco

      Watching that a second and it doesnt look too enthusing, so hope they come through

    67. oh k

      it’s just gets more intense every season😭😭

    68. cough cough


    69. Gurtington


    70. alexander kaye


    71. William Bombardier

      is Rick's voice different?

    72. Rock On Print and Apparel

      What TF happened to Rick's voice??? Did no one else notice it???

    73. Steve Stark

      Who else likes it when Morty makes 😗 face?

    74. ɴᴀᴛʜᴀɴɪᴇʟ ɢᴏ

      Will it be available in Netflix ph

    75. Will Winters

      Fuckkkk yeaaaa

    76. waderuggs99

      Where's space Beth

    77. Laoi Cullen

      It might sound weird but I think Rick is gonna go sober this season. He hasn’t burped or had that weird alcohol drool at all?

    78. The 7th Magazine


    79. Kelly Shea

      I forgot this show existed

      1. Naz Turney

        Then what are you doing with ur life

    80. I. Tughuzh

      I really hope they'll keep it packed with references about the human nature, moral questions and so on.

    81. Pedro Chagas

      Episódio de Power Rangers === S2

    82. Gabby Gale

      I can live now

    83. Patrick H

      First episode drop on June 20th

    84. Misanthrope330

      Wait! They made a season in less than 3 years! 🙌

    85. FlatFXify

      I want a new interdimensional cable episode

    86. Sayeed

      Why does rick seem ummmm sober? 🤨

    87. Matt Sloan

      I have stayed alive just to watch some more Rick & Morty before. Guess I gotta do it again now. THANKS ASSHOLES

    88. Ti Aspecto


    89. terBorgh

      Hoping for some plumbus, interdimensional cable tv and DMX references!

    90. Ara Fearful

      VAMOS DIOS los extrañaba 😩❤️

    91. c@mbaz

      Why does rick have a different voice? Also morty too?

    92. Tecnotazer

      will also debut in Brazil on the same date?

    93. PgDnS


    94. Morella Továr


    95. frankie fan

      why so late, i want it now, by now i mean now

    96. Andres Melgar

      Anyone else expecting Summer's friend to go at it with Jerry?

    97. Oskar Lipka

      My number one to death 😄

    98. Erik Hedberg Karlsson

      HAHAH PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!! XDXDXDXDD jk. ok but this is sweet. looking forward to season 5.

    99. Sahil Subba

      time to drop acid

    100. Zachery Osteen

      This season looks badass