OFFSHORE SAILING prep - Cooking with Kazza! SV Delos Ep. 315

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    How do we prepare for an offshore passage? In this episode we go through our thoughts on weather and food prep to make our lives easier at sea.
    After getting knocked around by a storm in the Chesapeake we get outta dodge by pulling into an anchorage, but the damage is already done. With a damages railing, pole, and the crew's nerves a little rattled we pull into Cobbs Marina in Virginia to prepare for the next passage. After inspecting the rigging and bending back our railing as best as possible Kazza prepares her famous pulled pork recipe to keep the crew morale up for the next leg of the journey around Cape Hatteras!
    Many hugs and hope you liked the video! Brian, Karin and little Sierra
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    1. Sunil Bhilare

      2:10 WIN BRAND NEW -i-P-H-O-n-E-1-2-----۞------------ 》》 𝐋𝐢𝐦𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐓𝐢𝐦𝐞 《《 !❤️ 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1620542919

    2. Aa a

      I haven't been on NLname in a while since my phone broke and I've been using an old flip phone. I can't believe you guys were literally 5 mins away from my house in Cobb's marina and I didn't know😭 super bummed to not have bought you guys a beer after that rough day on the bay. The Chesapeake can be a cruel temptress, when shes nice it's like sailing on glass...but she'll change her mind pretty quick and throw you a left hook outta nowhere.

    3. wtf

      [8:30] That's what she said XD

    4. knightshousegames

      Heres a thought I just had: How do you guys do rolls for the pulled pork sandwiches? I imagine even frozen rolls and loaves of bread might only last a couple of weeks. Do you have to make the rolls each time you do the sandwiches?

    5. Daddy's Wreck

      Yet, another awesome video!! Hats off to you guys!!!

    6. John Connor

      gail winds

    7. JnK Shelton

      Were late to this post we wish we would have known you guys were on the Chesapeake Bay we live on the Chesapeake Bay, Port Republic. Dinner would have been on us. Sincerely Kevin and Julia Shelton. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    8. Tiffany Beck

      Question so the red yarn on the steering wheel is that there for a reason or is it just for good luck I've noticed that the last few videos I've watched and I was wondering if maybe it meant you knew if the boat was the right way being leveled

    9. Tiffany Beck

      Little Nugget is so adorable I tell you what with her learning how to walk on a sailboat she will most likely have really good balance when she gets older I could see gymnastics in her future she probably has better balance than I do

    10. Tiffany Beck

      Do you guys ever see Wales often

    11. Opiti72

      Hi Guys, awesome video! Question, when is Taylor going to join the crew?? It will be awesome to see yo guys together!!

    12. patrickwelch

      Better re seal all those bases. They will leak due to the trauma.

    13. Antoine Grondin

      If you like your pressure cooker, get an instapot! It uses little power and is a dedicated electric pressure cooker with a bunch of other features.

    14. lukaepeluca

      Galley and mess room time is what i like most on beeing offshore. Good food = happy peps = happy days! Stay safe guys!!!

    15. MURK SYCO

      Hey Brian I have a question for you this is bear me and Doug had met you the other day and we had a drink I finished helping Doug get his boat home and I and my old lady went and purchased a new boat and put a bunch of money in her and had a terrible accident with a powerboat pulling a sunken boat and pulled it across our anchor we spend our whole life savings to build this boat for the past 3 weeks the boat broke Free in less than 30 or 40 seconds the current took it under a power line and it exploded into fire and brimstone I know I didn't get to really know you that well and I have a lot of friends that are commenting on my GoFundMe for all the people that have helped through the years for free is there anyway you might could make a mention of my GoFundMe if not I understand this just happened a couple hours ago and I'm definitely lost

    16. Marcello Di Maggio

      una prugna umebosci nell'ombellico con un cerotto, evita il mal di mare.

    17. Molly Rose

      I remember I fell into a phase of staying up late at night during the start of quarantine till 5 AM watching boat life videos most particularly yours and now I'm back a year later kind a weird

    18. Scott Secor

      Thank you so much Kazaa for sharing cooking on Delos :-) Great job Brian and Ryan on straightening the railing out! It is such a treat to see each episode and live the adventure through your eyes! Safe travels guys :-)

    19. Neil Feldhacker

      Brian and Kazza, Big fan of your channel!!! I am looking for people that want to take the ASA classes. We need two more people to get a group of 4, so we can get a big discount and take classes in Florida. Anyone interested please comment on my post.

    20. Sarah Holt

      How long has it been since you’ve seen your eldest daughter & grand baby? I know you said it’s been a year for Anna 😢

    21. Saltlife Junky

      Hi there! I saw your video in the Chesapeake Bay. I have a fishing/cruiser. I started watching your older videos. Very cool! Be safe and fair winds and following seas!

    22. Clint Billton

      I'm so happy I'm "watching" this! .. Ride on! ;)

    23. pravash chhetri

      Please travel to Tristan da cunha

    24. Paul Schramm

      Are you stopping in Savannah GA? If so me and my wife would love to see your amel up close. We have a 41 Morgan out island that is being fitted out and going back in the water this month

    25. Cindy

      Love the cooking segment! Would love to know what spices you put in for the pulled pork?

    26. Michael Mullins

      next time you make pulled pork.. 2 bottles dr pepper, 1 can adobo chillies in sauce... your welcome.

    27. Mike Love

      Great recipe Kazza... I make 2 similar recipes with chicken or beef and shred it like you do the pork... add green or red salsa and it's like chicken tinga, with the beef I usually put thick slices of onion on the bottom of pot and add beer to submerge about 1/2 of meat. The onions turn into an onion jam and meat can be used similarly to the pork with tacos, bbq or in spaghetti or chili as well as on eggs for breakfast.

    28. Gerald Barker

      "Almost anything is tolerable at sea, if it is guaranteed to end that very day, at say cocktail time, dry and warm at a quiet anchorage." W. F. Buckley Jr.

    29. Parody Chess

      If I would have know you were in va I would have warned you va weather is the most unpredictable weather ever

    30. Mr. President

      Please please please make a video just for nugget... This baby gives me so much happiness that I can't even say... You are just like my family.. always love to see your videos.. god bless you forever with all his best wishes

    31. Matthew Deputy

      @svdelos been watching you guys for a while now. I live in Newport News so if you are still in the Norfolk area you are in my backyard. Any chances my wife and I could come visit and tour aboard as we too are thinking about either a Super Maramu or IP420.

    32. Biren KumarG

      Wow..This is current trip video. Hey..How to join your sail.. Please enlighten.

    33. tonyjob

      What are the spices? I saw salt turmeric, garlic, sultan and pepper I know I’m missing one.

    34. Clifford Williams

      @18:20 I can't tell you how DELIGHTED I am to see a pulled pork sandwich _without tomato and lettuce_ on that boat !!!

    35. Cameron Hubly

      Jazz’s needs like 15 more arms. LOL

    36. David Kettell

      Sierra does not seem to get seasick. A born sailor

    37. Nicholas Griswold

      She is using the bread knife because it works and was ready to hand.

    38. parkinlotpimpin89

      guys, since you're all electric anyway have you thought of the instant pot pressure cooker thing? it makes yogurt!

    39. EarletheButcher

      Miss Brady forsure

    40. R Gildersleeve

      Made that passage going from Charleston to Boston in the early sixties. The ship had a 3" layer of ice when we got into port. I was green and had a headlock on the commode for most of the passage.

    41. latitude

      When you get Nuget using the chart plotter, well mommy and easy you have done your job, you finished early. 🤣😂

    42. Henry Van rhyn

      We love you capetown South Africa and fun rain films you rock

    43. Patricia Moix

      I was wondering why you were using a bread knife to cut that Boston butt!

    44. Dominik Miles

      Is on of your spots your going to stop Saint Simons island Georgia by chance ?

    45. Phil Abbey

      Brian i don't understand so please forgive me. Could you use a spiniker sail instead of wing on wing.

    46. Perpetua AndFelicity

      Us landlubbers have gotten hooked on a thing called THE INSTAPOT! I bet you have enough power to run one now with the upgrades from last year. It’s probably a lot safer than the pressure cooker on the stove. You can do ANYTHING with it.

    47. Colin brown

      Sorry say I am to old guys

    48. PhuketBungalow Info

      I only hope Kaza does not quit one day, she seems a bit different since the baby is there...wich is normal ;) keep it up guys ❤️❤️❤️

    49. Colin brown

      Hi guys I really love your videos. I have been watching for a long time. I told my family and friends I would love to do that sailing. Family and friends stay to old and Colin you going blind slowly. Just keep sailing guys

    50. spymaine89

      trying to see your companionway canvas style , but cant find any videos?

    51. J. Gravett

      Sierra will prolly have her own boat by age 7! 😁 Do I see her Grandpa in her face??? 👍 Brian, as he ages, seems to have a classic pirates profile! Does he have a proper pirate hat? (See "Peter Pan's Captain Hook")! Pulled pork is also good stuffed in baked potatoes with green onions, cheese & sour cream!!! 💙💚

    52. rebelyell22

      You guys need a Ninja Foodi 5 in 1 Grill! Not sure what your power restrictions are, but it makes cooking soooooo easy, and it's such a diverse machine.

    53. Mike Sonntag

      That's awesome your here. I'm in Virginia Beach.

    54. MattPSU02

      Definitely I recommend a pressure cooker like that. I have 3 sizes (small, medium, and pressure canner) for all occasions.

    55. Wade Rogers

      What a fun episode you guys! I grew up in the Wilmington, North Carolina area and Beaufort is only 80 miles north of Wilmington so my first taste of the ocean was in this area some 50 years ago. Hey, I couldn't agree more about the need to prepare meals in advance for passage making. I crewed on a Saga 43 for a couple of years locally and the co-owner of the boat would make two pans of home made lasagna, freeze them in advance (at home), then put them into the refer until they were ready to thaw, heat, and eat! Hey, nothing like hot lasagna to stick to your ribs while sailing in the epic but cold waters of southeast Alaska!

    56. EJ S

      We RV and use an Instant Pot - versatile, quick, easy clean up. High pressure cook, saute mode, etc. You may want to check out the Instant Pot. Is actually safer than a conventional pressure cooker. Love the cooking part of the video.

    57. 2 Terrible Toads

      Hey Kazza, Google Best Lentil Soup by Cookie and Kate. You guys will LOVE it. I make mine in a pressure cooker. Only takes about 20 minutes. Enjoy!

    58. 2 Terrible Toads

      The Bounty replica lies somewhere on the bottom around Hatteras.

    59. Anderson Walkes

      I was station at Little Creek for two years.

    60. SV SareBear

      Brian, I like Little Creek too! I spent 4 years on the Little Creek Amphib Base onboard the USS Tortuga LSD 46. Very cool to see the Oak Hill LSD 51, and the Whidbey Island LSD 41. I was literally screaming at the TV when you said Little Creek.

    61. Paul Udulutch

      I know nothing about life on a boat,but Just wondering,why not an instapot for cooking?

    62. Danny Tenik

      Wow, I think every guy needs a Kazza.! Good luck with everything.

    63. Andrea Montoya

      Where the seasoning recipe ❤️😊

    64. Anthony Breschini

      KAZZA, do you need a nice Dexter Russel Boning knife. Nice hand grip with finger guard to protect from blade. You would not be sorry. works great for so many other things. be a gift from me if interested.

    65. DJ D

      I’m glad you explained the bread knife situation... I was a little puzzled by that

    66. Michael

      Thanks for the videos, I watch a lot of sailing videos and I know people like what they are use to or afford.. I have to tell you the Catamaran is way more stable of boat than Mono ...

    67. Giles

      Just to say Thankyou, great enjoyed the calm after the storm.

    68. Julio Martorano

      Let’s give some Taste to the bread. Aloaha!

    69. J Sten

      instant pot on Amazon !! best pressure cooker out there we keep one on our boat !! take a Look you will not be disappointed Kazza !!!

    70. Jason Hagan

      I am assuming you are going to Beaufort (bew-fort), SC?

    71. Jason Hagan

      Traeger make a small electric pellet grill that would be perfect on board. Will give you some variety. Great video and editing! If ya’ll are ever in the Savannah area, I would be happy to host you at the Savannah Yacht Club (right on Intracoastal). Cheers!!

    72. Ryan Humrighouse

      I appreciate the effort to keep producing Delos videos...but this channel is not for me anymore.

    73. Peter Feichtinger

      Hi guys! Have you ever thought about changing to a catamaran sailboot? Life would be to much easier and better for you! Have a great time! Greetings Peter from Austria

    74. Brows Man

      When I was in UCLA film school we called this type of content slice of life documentary. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea but I find it interesting. I don’t have the time to watch all their videos but I watch as many as possible. It would be interesting to have someone else make a video of them making a video.

    75. Lars Hansen

      You should look into getting an instantpot or ninja for your passage cooking. You could strap it down securely, put everything in, let it be and in a few hours you would have a hot meal ready to go that will stay hot for hours. It will slow cook, pressure cook, cook rice, make yogurt and the ninja can air fry too. Check out Foresty Forests NLname channel: he lives in a van and hike the Canadian Rockies and uses a one of these cookers while driving to have a meal when he arrives.

    76. Earl Ashton

      You've inspired me Kazza. I have the pressure cooker & a big lump of bad ass pork. But I don't no what spices. I'm thinking Cajun but yours looks so good I want to do that. Can you help please?

    77. RJCM T

      That's a Navy SeaHawk (SH-60), not an Army BlackHawk (UH-60).

    78. Joe Cat

      Nugget navigation is a hoot but the best one was when Brian asked for her sailors wide stance she knew to put her foot against the wall. It'll be Capt. Nugget before you know it.

    79. Robert Lisenby

      Not stuck up :-)

    80. Chef Tyler

      If you stop in galveston Island, texas I'll provision your fridge up! 👌

    81. OrlandoPla

      Good .... now we have cooking classes.

    82. TAIT 1904

      I love seeing what yell eat .show us

    83. Cornpop Failed

      Not a complaint but wondering why you changed your mind on adds.

    84. naughty40z BOAZ

      Sophisticated Lady paid a nice tribute to you in a recent episode. Sure would have been proper to acknowledge them at least....hope you do the right thing as true sailors usually do...

    85. BDJ M

      You guys should think about a InstaPot!! My GF was initially sceptical but loves it now!

    86. Islandmikes-sailingandtrading-co.

      Excellent vid! You folks have gone from sailors to real mariners..a complete galley along with a pantry is crucial..good food makes for good health and happy people. Well done! Greetings from SV Venceremos

    87. Grab a Salad

      18:12 Nugget on a Mission, loving it...

    88. Fabian Law

      Navy doesn’t have Blackhawks. Seahawks, nighthawks, but no blackhawks.

    89. Fabian Law

      If you guys are near Norfolk you should stop I and have a beer.

    90. Greg Pearcey

      All the vegan channels are screaming....

    91. You Fuck My Wife?

      I Hear Pink Floyd’s “ Dark Side Of The Moon “ Playing - “ Money “ . 17:53 🐖🐑🐕

    92. Richie Hembree

      I got my boat you guys I have her docked and loaded and rdy to go in the morning she is sitting in Florida right now and we are going to go all the way from Florida to Madagascar and spend a little time down there .. Stay safe guys

    93. Cool man

      Pardon my dad hat - be mindful with Sierra carrying sharp objects (like the comb), especially on a boat, in case she falls face first. I’ve been watching you guys for a while and you always bring joy to my life. Thank you 🙏

    94. JudgeDredd888

      Kazza look so pissed off of sailing. If she hate so much sailing...she should quit NOW. Answer to me Kazza.... why do you keep sailng if you hate it so much?

    95. dance_ferry

      This is so cool I grew up on Emerald Isle about 45 minutes from Beaufort! I’ve never sailed but always been I love with it!

    96. TheGreatFapsby

      I am sitting in your living room right now with your roomate duffy

    97. supersevenn

      VERY cool editing in this one guys !

    98. Ralph Wood

      I'm just amazed at two things Sierra's sea legs and Kazza's pulled pork ,looks Glad Hatteras treated you kindly this time, it can be a nasty place at times. Fair winds and happy sailing .Cheers from Canada ,stay safe

    99. Joel Tatham

      Pressure cookers are essential!thanks, another great video. 👍

    100. R

      wonderful focus while steeringthe boat