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    1. Daniel M

      irreversible damage! damn i laughed so hard at that

    2. Trickster Rickster

      Thanks for another amazing video guy, can't wait for the next one!

    3. Fleef69

      Guy at 12:53 looks like the byproduct of a lab accident that just so happened to involve the DNA of both Lin Manuel Miranda and Nicholas Cage

    4. Light Subterfuge

      I feel like being a Jontron fan is the NLname version of being a Berserk manga fan with the amount of hiatuses.

    5. Alex Stones

      Jon folds toilet paper in the most majestic way

    6. goldLizzzard

      That cane fu segment was pure lynchian terror

    7. Jacob Aguilar

      Welcome home, brother.

    8. rafecolii

      This is my third time watching this video.

    9. Casey McChrystal

      I hope he posts more in the summer

    10. NCR Trooper

      Hey, weren't u that white separatist?

    11. Luke Busler

      Isn't like 40 degrees Celsius dangerous especially for the elderly

    12. S Gamble

      Well shit... thought something good actually came out of 2020... Oh well

    13. 15 Ukuleles

      Im not touching that mask, I've seen JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    14. Jcoble


    15. Kruze Held

      John Tron is Gen Z Jay Leno

    16. Brandon Leahy

      Sing a new song fire work was a piece of art sing a new one please.and dose any one agree with me if so leav a comment we need it now more then ever.

    17. N L

      What was that music intro man. Fucking awesome trumpet


      Almost all comments now: 8:59

    19. CrygenicFlare

      8:59 i think i have a new kink

    20. Braxton Meyer

      Please do a vid on the self defense cane video

    21. Dan A

      Glad you’re back with new videos 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    22. Zora King

      Just been rewatching all his old videos for the past month really excited to see he’s back

    23. private Terry

      8:16 around this time I felt like I was going to die laughing

    24. iced_coffeelvr

      I laughed so hard I almost started choking! I absolutely lost it at the Skyrim reference 🤣

    25. Cody Kiehn

      I am having a hard time breathing watching this right now. I'm glad your team is back. Hope on the horizon

    26. SpikerDragon95


    27. JC Rutledge

      She sounded like an IRL Trisha Takanawa with that monotone.

    28. engineer gaming


    29. aqua daily

      I got memories when Jon did his robot voice again

    30. pj carrera

      Good vid boys see ya in 8 to 10 months

    31. Milo Cult

      I think we can all agree that Jon posting after not posting for months is the best drug on the face of this simulation

    32. Anonymous GZ

      JonTron dump truck ass

    33. Dion Z

      What does he do when he's gone man??

    34. Brian McCarty


    35. Tyler Block

      See y'all in 6 months for the next upload.

    36. Adam Borseti

      Oh my God, I didn't realize that they made *real life* Working Joes from Alien Isolation. The face especially! What a stupid hunk of burning cash! That stupid tiny tray it carries around like a fuckin' cocktail waitress is insulting to even old people's dwindling intelligence, I mean look at it! It's only big enough to carry a TV remote and a pair of reading glasses! You know what also does that pretty flawlessly, and doesn't cost an ass load of money? Your pockets!

    37. Kyle Jones

      Never known a NLname to disappear for months even years sometimes to come back and get like 5m views in short of a few hours being a fan of John since finding him when he only had about 12 videos I got very used to him just disappearing

    38. Fianchetto Witte


    39. WaevDotWav

      Never have I seen a NLnamer take such a long hiatus and be so popular still

    40. mslacoffee2


    41. JoseRomel Manzanero

      See you all again in 50 years

    42. Watchdog

      The nail clippers are from this 777 company. Got one, and it's veery good.

    43. Solid Snake


    44. Can I get a whiff of your COOCHIE please,

      so does anyone else scrunch their toilet paper

    45. mfineferraguti

      Is it just me that feels really weird about the Korean news thing being in English? Why not Korean?

    46. I’m always in your comments section

      “When the world needed him most, he returned.”

    47. Aldo Bobadilla

      Eres bien chistoso XD

    48. Clarion Clear

      ...does anyone else keep watching the pillows move through the video?

    49. Jeffer BS


    50. C64 Striker

      John is a braver man than me. I’m 100% sure that mask would curse me, or the results would be the same as Halloween 3. You could not get me to put it on.

    51. C64 Striker

      9:40 When your product elicits a visceral response of *pure terror* in those that lay eyes on it, you’ve clearly made many mistakes.

    52. Nick Craft

      Can someone explain why those Korean women speak perfect English and have American accents?? Honest quest, I'm genuinely confused

      1. Cole-Con O

        because they are american

    53. Blockbuster Content

      You have 123 videos

    54. timtrainage

      4:30 "Instead of like the copper wires.." Solenoids literally made with copper

    55. TheAwesomeSuperBlueAndBlack64

      1:37 Yes!

    56. Anonymous Gamer

      The king has returned

    57. Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams


    58. TheGreatDocterDinkle `


    59. Ali_destro

      15:55 why was that music so epic. And why do I now want to go on an enorm and epic quest.

    60. A.N.D.Y

      When A Dead Meme isn't trying to become relevant again, this is what happens. It BECOMES RELEVANT!

    61. Austin DeRosia

      Return of the king

    62. That one guy That ate all the beans

      Holy shit he isn’t dead

    63. Jeffery Woods

      Also the mask looks like something you can find in SAW.

    64. Mark Wells

      My dude is back thank you jontron

    65. impeoples

      Lol remember that time you outed yourself for bieng a nazĺ

    66. Wendeviant

      12:19 Me a Virginian: Of course, this bullshit is in Virginia.

    67. Carley Rose

      A lot of these are actually really useful for older adults. It's easy to make fun of assistive tech when you're young and able bodied :/

    68. b p

      4:30 "instead of copper wires, they use solenoids" solenoids use enamel coated copper wires! this is hilarious.

    69. Jeffery Woods

      I am so glad to see Jon again!! :D

    70. Aydo Mac

      The two lovely ladies on the Korean show speak better English than I do.

    71. Good Game Gaming

      Dear Jon, Please review Monster Hunter Rise. You get to ride a battle dog into the fights. You have a hook shot. It's good. Sincerely, A fan of your Joe and Mac review.

    72. TheViking1066

      5:36 well at that point why don’t we just put an ACOG scope on it lmao

      1. TheViking1066

        HOLY FUCK, ok I just made this comment the moment I got to the time stamp I had no idea he would have the same idea lmao

    73. Justin Brandt

      The modern warfare player downed sound effect got me😭😭

    74. Ratatataa

      GUYS UNRELATED BUT BEFORE I AM CNSRED Please search up 'China’s Master Plan for World Domination Mini Docu' on utoobe for the sake of yourself and future generations - Cn is up to no good whatsoever, you cannot fathom how ruthless they will be and the regime will be worse than N@xzsiii's we all in the west will be oppressed and it won’t be the place we know today! It's not a simple matter of stopping to buy Chnse products/servicesSpitfySnpcht as well... They are getting creative with company mergings etc. and are buying up or putting countries like Africa etc. in debt and basically owning them!! PLEASE PAY HEEED! AND LET'S OPEN OUR EYES BEFORE THE BEAST BECOMES INDESTRUCTIBLE AND OPPPPRESSES US SNOWPIERCER STYLE IN A DECADE OR LESSS!!!!! SPREAD THE WORD AND SHARE ON TWTER ETC EVERYWHERE

    75. ingrid Emilia Villagra Orellana

      5:51 is that CALL OF DUTY Moderne Warfare?

    76. Ben Khaleq

      i bet that "okey now u have my attention" will be a meme

    77. AM

      6:46 Jon already formatted the meme for us

    78. minij hooi

      if Grandpa could do actually use a cane like that; HE WOULDN'T NEED A CANE!

    79. Salton Playz


    80. EB

      I thought he had made up cane fu as a joke. but no, it's apparently a real thing.

    81. Logan

      hello, who is this man. he looks as if he smells of old spice and bologna. i can smell it. and i like it.

      1. minij hooi

        "the doors locked, the doors locked, the doors locked"

    82. Chris Dalauro

      I loaded up gta like 12 times while u were gone

    83. Devin Loew

      He lives!!!

    84. Havingfun2night

      the cane guy omg

    85. Andrew Shepard

      The first time I ever watched Star Trek TNG was with my Grandma, That's a crazy fucking coincidence.

    86. Anthony M

      My name is Anthony and this actually terrified me fuck

    87. Bijan Champagne

      Literally best vid I have ever seen

    88. Joseph Joestar

      Your face in the thumbnail was genuinely terrifying but your personality won me over I'm not going to subscribe because you're already over bloated you got to earn that shit

    89. Doll

      Robot: "What would you like me to do?" "Execute Order 66."

    90. Joseph Stalin

      Jon is the avatar of NLname, he disappears, but always returns to continue the cycle

    91. tadder sauce

      The magnifying glass with the clippers was already invented, My mom had one and and it was from the 90’s and was from the red cross

    92. T T

      "Until next time" 10 months to wait for a new video!!!! Less gooooo!!! (^o^)

    93. Gruntilda Winkybunion

      ahh Jon! this was awesome 👌👌🤣

    94. Mom

      And back to the “weird shit that nobody would ever find in daily life” mine he goes... Say thank you everybody!

    95. Samado_ Music

      I am just happy your back John

    96. Nathanael Dobson

      "the doors locked, the doors locked, the doors locked"

    97. Parker Lopez


    98. MrYuanTi

      Ok that last bit broke me 🤣

    99. John Melde

      The funny thing is solenoid coils is like saying it's a coil coil, a solenoid is literally just a coil shaped wire that will still probably overheat.

    100. Crimson D

      This video genuinely made me laugh out loud