Philips SHP9500 Headphones With Brainwavz HM5 Pads


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    EDIT: Years later a few of the plastic clips broke off, I could tell by them rattling around so I just tossed them. My pads stay on just fine, they don't fall off on their own but come off with minimal effort if you do try to remove them. ALSO, the pleather material started cracking and flaking off just after the two year warranty was up so I replaced the pads with the Brainwavz Hybrid Memory Foam Earpads, pleather on the outside and velour that touches your face, so much more comfy and longer lasting than the HM5's.
    HM5 pads do fit the SHP9500's perfectly! No ring adapters needed! Holy cow are these things comfortable!
    Do use this as more of a guide than a how to. You can use any of your favorite pads.
    It is not necessary to make any cuts on the pads it just make it a lot easier to clip them on.
    The pads I used are several years old and cracked all over the place.
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    Song: Fareoh - Cloud Ten
    Outro: Waysons - Daydream

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    1. Jerad Benge

      Four years, and two pad swaps later, I still love gaming with these. About to try the Brainwavz angled hybrid pads. If I don't like those, there's always the 1840 velours to fall back on.

    2. David CWS · 88 years ago

      Still viable after years... Nice on point tutorial

    3. kazimir nadhil

      How thick were the foam ring you shoved in the stock pad? Does it change the sound too much? I just want to make it thicker because the clamping force is too weak for my small head

    4. Andrew Lai

      i'm tempted to do this to mine, but too scared to do so, since its a 'no going back' solution. but they're great even stock.

    5. Rare

      i broke the tabs :(

      1. Envelo Envelope


    6. I am Ho1y

      I just tore apart the stock pads to get the plastic ring out. I left all the adhesive and foam thats around the outer edge of the ring I carefully slid my ZMF oval cow-leather pads over this and stretched them out and lined it up with the adhesive so that i wouldnt have to cut my pads at all The adhesive did a good job at keeping the pad stretched enough so that i could slide them on and get them to hook the clips I didn't use any tools at all and my pads are intact and not cut anywhere. I also applied a small felt circle over the drivers to bring the highs and mids forward a bit. The pads bring out the bass but kinda pushes the highs under its presentation. I got the felt circle idea from a similar mod that people do for the Sennheiser HD-58X (google that mod for an idea of what im talking about). Sound stage is slightly pushed out... feels like im listening to music inside of a barrel instead of in between my head... if that makes sense to you. I can now listen to audio and think to myself at the same time without the sound interfering with the volume of my thoughts. im actually LOVING these now more than my HD-660s where the sound stage is too inside my head and when listening to music medium to high volume i cannot even hear myself think.

    7. DaCaT707

      Wich size of pads i have to look for to change the original?

    8. Tinker Tanner

      "Hey guys, Chris Fix here" At least that's what I heard

      1. muhammad adib mustafa

        He forgot to put the thread locker on smh 😔

    9. DopaciD

      the glue on mine was pretty strong had to use a knife just to open the inside in some spots

    10. Santiago Restrepo

      So what if I do the first mod with memory foam?

    11. seraphosphere

      What's the link for the white pads?

    12. Bivash Biswas

      does this help with the clamping force?

      1. Max Loris

        Did you ever find this out? My ears barely touch the edge of the stock pads. I don't want to change the sound with the mh5 if the 940 would be better.

      2. Bivash Biswas

        @aaaveritt is there any difference between this one vs the angled pads?

      3. aaaveritt

        It'll most likely increase the clamping force at first, the thicker pads would be push the headband farther. I own 2 pairs, the 9500 and the 9500s, and both have loosened up over time from regular use. You can place something in between the headphones like a box or some books or a couple tshirts to keep them stretched out when not in use, that will help them stretch out faster.

    13. Doug Winters

      Holy crap! It worked. Great tutorial. The fabric on the stock 9500s is incredibly cheap feeling. The Brainwavz are perfect. Plus, the white against the black looks fantastic. The whole thing took less than 1/2 hour, including putting them on the wrong way one time. Sorry Zeos. This is the bomb.

      1. hell0kitje

        Im on buying 9500 arent this standard cushy foam great, whouldnyou suggest them moding right away

    14. Mei

      I just did this pad swap and boy let me tell ya: Don't risk you headphones. Use an EQ. Throughout the whole process that I went through I was crying for the life of my headphones. Basically you some low end yes, but I don't think most people will notice it. Also, I decided to keep the veil that was on the plastic since the one that comes with the HM5 pads is too thin. And if you want to ignore my advice: DON'T USE ANGLED PADS, look for straight ones otherwise you'll look kinda silly wearing your SHP.

      1. aaaveritt

        Right on! I agree with you on your points but remember this is a comfort mod, any sound improvement is just a bonus.

    15. Linus Michelin

      Just finished this mod. I have the pleather hm5 on right now. The comfort is awesome since the driver is lift of from your ears. Because of the more room in the headphones I feel like I need more volume to drive them. The bass is increased quite a lot and highs are there but not as present as before. They sound even better in my ears but if you like the stock sound signature of the shp9500 I recommend you checking out the shure hpaec 940 or similar since those preserve the original sound signature.

      1. Vepos

        I know I’m a bit late but do the shure pads also prevent your ears from touching the drivers?

    16. Mark Killow

      actually you can just stretch the pads over the tabs that the plastic ring clips into on the drivers. it's a little finicky to get on, but they stay on well, and you don't need to modify or cut anything. It looks almost the same as what this mod gives you, and doesn't destroy the stock pads or the HM5 pads. After removing the stock pads like in the video you simply stretch the HM5's over the whole housing first, and then slide them off slowly until the edge of the pads catch on the ring with the tabs on the driver. If you go too far and they come off you have to start over. I guess if something tugged on the pad they would come off easier, but I've had them on this way for a month now and haven't had any issues, that said i only use them at my desk and don't use them on the go.

    17. swifty1969

      thanks bud for this tutorial.

    18. Hobeer

      Hey man, nice video! Here are some tips I've learned while modding pads: I would recommend getting a pair of small sewing scissors. They're great for working with tiny pieces of foam, fabric, leather etc. You can also put some masking tape on the pads before cutting them and this will help make nice clean cuts. If the masking tape adhesive is strong you can stick it on some cloth and peel it off, repeating as necessary, to reduce its tackiness before putting it on your pads. Otherwise the tape can damage the surface of the leather when you pull it off.

    19. Doge 2

      Sound and comfort differences between HM5 Sheepskin, hybrid, and velour?

    20. Kalcifier

      Difference in sound is medium when switching to these pads (i have the velour ones), soundstage was reduced, bass is a little tighter and mids and treble are slightly more distant, they're less neutral than stock though I'm willing to sacrifice sound signature for comfort

    21. n11n12

      I've found that you don't actually need the plastic ring at all, and you can simply stretch the pad's flap over the driver housing. The only mod to make is to cut a small hole in the left flap over the cable jack. The brainwavz round velour pads (not the XLs) fit even better like this.

      1. Mark Killow

        @GoHardSniper np!

      2. GoHardSniper

        mark killow thank you man. 🤙🏽

      3. Mark Killow

        @GoHardSniper rounds are a bit smaller on your ear I think, I'm sure they would work too

      4. GoHardSniper

        mark killow I read a few comments that said the round were better but idk.

      5. Mark Killow

        @GoHardSniper I had the ovals on there, in PU leather. Not angled. Pretty sure the oval is a must due to the shape of the shp9500s

    22. Eric Ashby

      I bought the SHP9500s in late 2017 and they're super comfortable out of the box but they're sweat magnets. I was tempted to try this to remedy it - but after looking online for another pair of them I'm glad I didn't. They're no where to be found nowadays for less than $200.

    23. Jimmy sanjaya

      is it the same with fidelio X2HR???

    24. ツ

      *disclaimer* I tried the method of putting hard foam behind the ear cups, while yes it did make it deeper, now the fabric is becoming undone.

      1. Millan Ferende

        Hmm, maybe worth gluing both sides of the foam then? Did you feel the extra depth was useful? Better sound and comfort?

    25. StringStorm ‌

      I tried to remove the pads on mine. First attempt, the plastic latches broke off even when I was extra careful. Did some googling and found out that this seems to be the case with a great deal of people. So not only do you need a gentle but firm hand but also luck. Only solution for me now was to plasticglue the ring with the new pads onto the headphone permanently. So I would not recommend doing this unless you have a back up plan when the latch snaps off.

    26. tleytek

      I unfortunately did this mod, and let it be known that it increases the discomfort of the headphones from the minuscule amount they had to an unusable amount. For those who have the problem with your ears touching the driver fabric and looking to get rid of that, this mod will fix it. I too had that problem and tried this to fix it, and it brought on an even more uncomfortable problem which could not be undone. The new problem was a very uncomfortable pressure point right above the ears cause by the pads being thicker than the originals. So instead of a slight abrasion on the cartilage of my ear, I now had headache inducing pressure pressed at the top most part of the ear pads. Please be extra weary of this as I am sure many already are when they think of trying this. I suggest doing what he did at 0:40 but only in the area behind the ear instead of all around it, so the foam shape would be crescent.

    27. tgdhsuk

      I would do this if not for cutting the h5 pads fml

    28. Hola

      3:00 how can i tell which way is the right way?

    29. The_Real_Treezus

      how much does this change the soundstage

    30. nicermog

      I use the ghetto mod; just roll up a couple of socks and stuff them in behind the earpads. Probably best to use freshly laundered socks though.

    31. Michael Cozine

      Did you find this changed the sound of the headphones at all?

    32. Francis

      hey can i keep the foam and fabric after the stock pads were removed? would it still fit?

      1. Edgar Palma Murillo

        There is a guy on eBay, who sells the ring adapter so you dont have to mess up your original pads. Im about to pull the trigger for a pair. This is the link:

    33. Keith Brannan

      Great tutorial.

    34. Pedro Romano

      If I put the velour ones on my, would it mess with the imaging and soundstage ?

    35. Devilz Avacado

      I want to do this as carefully as possible. Anyone have suggestion of cleaning off the glue from the rings without damaging them?

      1. Chi Zhang

        goo gone is your friend

    36. Hakabi Stein

      Love you man. Got the pads, love them. looks and feels amazing

    37. Dan Tsui

      Have any of you guys had experience with the (Leather/ velour) angled HM5 pads? I know the drivers on the SHP are already angled, but I heard that angled would bring out the sound stage compared to non angled.

    38. Quinton LeBlanc

      Couldn't you technically just put the rings back into the stock pads?

      1. Cloudy Clips

        Vine Sausage it would be impossible if you remove it there's no turning back

    39. Bauzen

      What kind of headphone stand is that?

    40. Kung Fu Hung-Su

      I appreciate the video, listening to your video with one pad modded on my SHP9500 modded now, time to do the other one :)

    41. Kai Song See

      those with 9500s ( the newer version ) DO NOT REMOVE THE VEILS.

      1. Dinesh Jadhav

        Kai Song See whats veil. how to install hm5 without removing veil. can you show me that

      2. tuz0wils0n

        I think you're right. I followed the vid and removed them (first one actually just got pulled off with all the fabric) and found the highs to be a bit too harsh (they were already prominent). I cut the veils down to size and put them back in after the mod and it sounds better (I might need to make a flexible ring to make it more permanent but we'll see). Overall bass and comfort are both enhanced nicely.

      3. pkrisnin

        Unless the HM5 pads has a fabric right ?

      4. Thomas Re

        I agree they suond so much better with the fabric screen on, no point using ring adapters if they don't have the fabric. on the new version

      5. Thomas Re

        What if you use 3d printed rings(those don't have the veil on them) is this gonna make them sound a lot more harsh than the original shp9500?

    42. Babar Asghar

      did they improve anything in sound???

    43. Corey Henderson

      you did not have to do all that you pretty much destroyed the stock pad so you can make it look better...

      1. Random Clicks

        Corey Henderson 'make it look better' white pads on black headphones looks tacky, in no way did he even make it look better.

      2. Bill

        also feels better, a whole lot better

    44. Call_Me_Mad

      I am gonna mod em' with just some foam, the earpads are comfy but not deep enough and the clamp force is minimal so it wobbles on my head.

      1. neverminding

        Not sure about the original SHP9500s, but this was really hard to do on the 9500s because the glue goes over the fabric in some spots and it's impossible to separate it without ripping.

      2. Call_Me_Mad

        Yep, quite fine. Tho careful not to destroy the earpads, it might require quite some force cause the glue is all over the place from the inside.

      3. Reef

        Did it work out well?

    45. C Z

      what would happen if I left the fabric on at 2:07

      1. Jackson Marks

        The highs would probably be more veiled with the extra fabric.

    46. Babar Asghar

      beautiful video, the BG music was lovely n man these headphones will look sexy in any color HM5 pads ... red n black, white n black ... thanks for sharing ...

    47. JollyGoodFellow

      Will this void warranty?

      1. Matthew Krebs


    48. BaumJOHN

      Awesome video, thanks for this tutorial. :)

    49. Aaron Flores

      hey man do you know if there is a way to modify these headphones to make them noise cancelling for when im studying in school

      1. Frederic St-Pierre

        There's a 3D printed mod that exists online which plugs the back. Just glue it on the earphones... I know this post is old, but some people might find this interesting:

      2. JollyGoodFellow

        You'd have to seal up the back. Maybe find some craft foam and plastic and cut them to shape to cover up the back, but it'd have to be perfect. What I would do would be the "artsy" way. Get some clay from a hobby store, make a totally flat piece and press the back of the drivers on the clay to make a mold. Then make a copy of the impression with mold-making latex like what they do in hollywood. Then I'd use some kind of resin or liquid plastic that I can make perfectly molded caps out of to cover the back. But doing all that might cost as much as getting a noise-canceling pair of headphones for mobile use.

    50. Jonas Nr I


    51. Makin Al Din Turjo

      I want to do the mod to the existing pads. What can I use other than foam or does it have to be that type of foam? And also will I get the same results?

    52. TrueZtyleZ7

      How's the clamp on the headphones with the HM5 pads? For me with the stock pads, they're a bit loose but not enough for them to slip off unless I shake my head vehemently.

    53. Kanna Karuppasamy

      ath-ad700x or this?

      1. Weech0

        Kanna Karuppasamy I have the SHPs and I kind of wish I had gotten the ATH Ad700xs justing basing off of reviews the ATs have a bigger soundstage and are better for gaming. I'll probably snag a pair if they ever go on sale

      2. Sameer Ahmad


    54. KidRiver

      Awesome, thanks! I was always afraid I was going to break them. Now I can finally replace these nasty old ear pads with some fresh ones! Liked and subbed.

    55. Ali Alawami

      Now I really want to do the mod that thickens the stock pads, because my ears touche the driver which can be annoying after few hours. Does that little mod cause any problem or change the sound signature ?

      1. Wallace Hardiner

        @neverminding r the shures better?

      2. neverminding

        It did for me. The vocals/mids seemed way far back compared to the original stock pads before the mod and a pair of SHURE HPAEC1840s.

      3. Andrew

        yes so how does it go ?

    56. Mufasa

      Hows the sound vs stock pads? If there is any change, where is the change at, bass, mids, treble?

      1. Mufasa


      2. Vingtor Odinson

        I have the velour hm5 on mine, idk if its the material of the pad or the different foam, but with the velours, they sound less thin and more clarity to it, soundstage is still there, bass is now a tad improved, it still retains the quality but with a teensy bit more quantity which I like, mids are a bit warmer now. idk with the pleather hm5, but the velour sounds better and a bit warmer, and the soundstage quality is improved.

    57. King Hadu

      Hi aaaveritt can you tell me if ti need the Angled Brainwavz pads for the shp 9500 or are you using the regular ones?

      1. Shane Tapp

        Sam Seemungal I use angled and love them. only thing is that the swivel hinges are maxed out at all times well on.

    58. Tomislav Pocedulić

      There are angled and non-angled version of leather HM5 , which one should I get?

      1. Shane Tapp

        aaaveritt going to try angled. might reverse angle them.

      2. aaaveritt

        Non angled. The drivers are already angled in the cup and the cups themselves can't turn that far forward so you'll have way too much angle in the back.

    59. Kevin Robbins

      hey man ordered brainwavz pads but they were too small?

      1. tuz0wils0n

        Mine seemed too small but it eventually fit but I had to really work at stretching it for a while. Maybe 20-30 minutes...but I was being quite gentle in stretching so as not to rip the pads.

    60. Wawffles

      cool idea with inserting the foam, i just ordered an shp9500 and it looks like i know what ill do first with it

    61. Markus9229

      That stand!! Can you please give me a link to it?

      1. Markus9229

        thats genius!

      2. aaaveritt It's a rubbermaid fasttrack hose hook turned sideways. Put a bit of rubber foam pipe insulator on top to make it nicer.

    62. Viet Tran

      nice video! im debating whether to get these or the hd 598's from sennheiser. I heard my friend's shp9500 and everything sounded good EXCEPT the bass. i would like to know if these pads would increase the bass? if they do, these might be perfect. Thanks!

      1. aaaveritt

        Don't expect magic here, this mod is done mainly for comfort. While it does have some minor advantages like "increasing" bass, it barely does. If you're deciding between headphones you can't really know what is better until you actually try them out yourself. Don't rely on other peoples opinions on sound, rely on your own, just use others as a guide. My recommendation would be to try to find a friend or music store that will let you try them out. If those are not an option find a store that accepts returns, either local or online (look for no restocking fees & paid return shipping) order them and return the ones you don't like (could be both.)

      2. Viet Tran

        CupcakeBattle what do you recommend more for competitive gaming? I got the m50x as a gift but it's soundstage is horrendous. I want a wide soundstage so I can accurately pinpoint footsteps but I also want something good for music. Thanks!

      3. CupcakeBattle

        I tried the velour and hybrids on the 9500 and it does increase the bass because the sound isn't escaping out as much as the stock pads. There's also a little more clamp on your ears which provides a more secure fit . The hd 598 are bass light, but have very clear highs and the 2.5mm lock connector is retarded but still a good headphone. It depends on your budget

    63. Ousel

      so what's the point in this?

      1. tuz0wils0n

        @bench261: Same story for me -- agree with you 100%. Stock pads were a sweat magnet and after using for a while started to be a bit disgusting so decided to swap out.

      2. bench261

        just changed it to the velours, in does increase the bass much more imo, but i also left the extra piece of cloth in the ring. Maybe that had something to do with it, i couldn't stand the treble at higher volumes. it was borderline hissing. The sound stage is affected a lot in gaming for me, i prefered the stock for gaming...maybe because it was a lot more airy. Changed it for long time comfort the stock pads feels like a crusty sponge.

      3. Kviklunsj

        I have pads, and i also have adapters so i have been able to do a to b comparisons, they do change the sound signature, and i wouldnt say for the better. However i find the change is very small. It is perfectly viable to use these pads if u prefer the comfort over the stock pads. But bewarned, this mod is permanent and i personally found them to be brighter and tinnier from this mod.

      4. aaaveritt

        @***** Neither of these are things you said in your first comment, so try to stay on track. Sound stage is completely different from how something sounds. Yes the pads are thicker, not wider, thicker which means way more comfortable and your ears are not touching anything.

      5. aaaveritt

        @***** False on both assumptions. The drivers are firing straight into your ears at less than an inch away, and these are open back. You are hearing 100% of the drivers clearly, at no point is the pad going to change the sound. With all technicalities aside, coming from someone who has experienced both pads at the same time for a few weeks (the first clip you see both pads on the headphones which is how I wore them for weeks until I made this video) I can tell you these pads sound exactly the same as the stock ones and neither sound more "tinny." The HM5 pads are actually a bit smaller then the stock SHP9500s that were replaced, they are not wider. If you did even the slightest bit of research you would easily find that the inside hole of the HM5 pads measure 50mm at the narrowest point, same size as the driver and the drivers are angled so there is no chance that the pads are "blocking" any part of the driver. By all means don't do the mod if it's not for you, but facts are facts.

    64. Baris Eryentur

      Very nice video, and if you do a follow up with a review on how these sound and how comfy they are with the mod it would be nice :)

    65. GlitchScape

      Well made video tutorial.