Philips SHP9600 - Open Back UPGRADE??? | SHP9500 Comparison

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    The Philips SHP9600 are looking to replace the budget audiophile open back kings the SHP9500's, but are they worth the upgrade?
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    1. Conscious Gentile

      Skullcandy crushers and Grado 80e

    2. Eric Guitars

      The SHP9600s are on sale right now for 95 dollars on amazon! I'm considering buying them over the SHP9500s, which are going for 75. Do you think the *slightly* smoother frequency response graph for the 9500s make them better than the 9600s for recording purposes? Thanks!

    3. Patrick-Julian Q. Fulgado

      Was tempted to get these for $106 on Prime Day 2020 but since I already have the SHP9500, I went with the Philips Fidelio X2HR for only $116.

      1. Patrick-Julian Q. Fulgado

        @Jorge Barrera The X2HR definitely has bass. I'm not an audiophile but I like them a lot. They just sound very good to me without any nitpicking. Just had to get used to the fit as the material is nicer but the clamp force is noticably tighter and they're heavier. Not uncomfortable but just noticable.

      2. Jorge Barrera

        What are your thoughts to the day? Are they a worth upgrade? I have the 9500 but sometimes the silbance and the lack of bass bothers me a little bit, loving the clarity of vocals tho

      3. Patrick-Julian Q. Fulgado

        @DVZN Media Maybe there'll still be another holiday sale coming up. Even for $149 it's still a very good buy especially compared to the original price.

      4. DVZN Media

        I need to try those, I heard those are a proper upgrade

    4. Shin 13

      I have #beyerdynamicdt240pro and sound is ๐Ÿ’ฏ specially when you use DAC

    5. Mhiller Ike

      I have SHP 9500. Honestly, it's so good and honestly the 9500 is practically the best open back headphones. I think it's worth.

    6. Bunnarith Touch

      If youโ€™re already rockinโ€™ the 9500s then no need to upgrade. You can always just EQ to add more bass that everyone is saying these are missing and then boom you have a 9600.

    7. Stephan Boxie

      The treble was too high in the 9500s plus they were ugly. I prefer my 9600s. The 9600s do need to be burn in however for at least 12 hours or more. When I first got the 9600s the sound seemed a bit stuffy with the mids being non detailed but after they were burned in they sound great

      1. Stephan Boxie

        @Corgerus definitely. Iโ€™m currently replaying gears of war 4 with dolby atmos for headphones and itโ€™s revolutionary

      2. Corgerus

        @Stephan Boxie Immersive for gaming aswell.

      3. Stephan Boxie

        @Corgerus I definitely Rex come down watching your favorite film with these headphones. A very immersive sound!

      4. Corgerus

        I rate these headphones a 9/10 since I'm coming from a cheap gaming headset. Only real problem is the low treble sounding a bit off on some songs, but higher frequencies do hold up well.

      5. Corgerus

        Yeah. When I first listened to the SHP9600 on my phone, the song I listened to was Nightlight by Illenium. The vocals sounded extremely muffled and the bass was not very good, but once I started listening more and more, it sounded better and better. Maybe burn in isn't a myth? Idk. I did however notice better sound when plugging them into my B450 motherboard. I will eventually get an external DAC amp.

    8. K4LE

      Thereโ€™s more bleed on the 9500

    9. Derek Mack

      I have a couple of dozen headsets but the ones I use most are the Jabra Elite 45h.

      1. Dux Rosendale

        Hi, what can you recommend for a shimmery SS Overear? A SS that has a TopMids- high frequency bump.

      2. Derek Mack

        @DVZN Media I have a pair of master and dynamics MH40s and some old one odios that I use most of the time when Iโ€™m not rocking the Jabras.

      3. DVZN Media

        haha man I'm trying not to be like that, I had to get rid of some pairs I really like. what's your main rotation?

    10. tawellman

      SHP 9500's are always at my desk for games and general listening. I switch to my Dan Clark Aeon Open X when I really want to get into some music or movies. Both are running off a Schiit Audio HEL.

      1. tawellman

        @DVZN Media You keep dropping the good content and they will be throwing gear at you to review.

      2. DVZN Media

        Man, who knows, one day I'll get my hands on some gear like that. I appreciate the comment fam!


      I agree, the 9600 seem a bit more tuned towards bass. The price on the 9600 is my main issue with them. $130 puts them far too close to HE4XX and HD58X. As for watching this video, I used my Fostex TR-X00.


        @DVZN Media They are the best closed-backs I've ever tried. I absolutely love them. You get all the bass and all the clarity.

      2. DVZN Media

        Yeah it's a shame, and someone pointed out you can pick up the Fidelio x2 which would be a better upgrade from the 9500's, either way it's still a dope pair just too costly. How are you liking those Fostex cans?

    12. Alexander Jarvis

      My go to headphones are the Hifiman Edition XX plugged into my iFi Nano iDSD Black Label as my dac, with the line out to my O2 amp. Although sometimes I switch it up to my Sennheiser HD650, Denon AH-D2000, or AKG K500 or K612 Pro. And if Iโ€™m using a mobile device that isnโ€™t my LG G7 with the high powered Quad DAC, then I go with something easier to drive, like my Philips Fidelio X2, Audio Technica ATH-TAD500, or earphones like the CCA C12, Thieaudio Voyager 3, or TFZ Secret Garden HD. If I want noise cancelling though, I use my Sennheiser PXC550.

      1. Alexander Jarvis

        @DVZN Media thanks! Also have the SHP9500; was one of my first forays into open back headphones. Doesn't get a lot of head time now, but I've gifted 9500s to friends and I only hear praise! It's nice having a budget friendly open back option to introduce people to nice headphones, consistently. Love your vids btw!

      2. DVZN Media

        I've always wanted to try the Hifiman cans, and I've never had a dope aftermarket audiophile dac/amp. You got a bunch of dope cans, nice!

    13. Eliseo Rocha

      Man these sound good, sadly Iโ€™d like something with a built in mic for work. So I can listen to stuff while working and then if I get a surprise work call I can still use them to chat for a little bit.

      1. DVZN Media

        What a lot of people do is get a pair of these and match them with a mod mic or a mic from v-moda and they have pretty much a dope headset rig!

    14. Sighwen

      The shp9600 are on Aliexpress for 100$

      1. DVZN Media

        How long is the shipping on that?

    15. Dr. Fantastics Emporium of the Wonderfully Mundane

      At home my main headphones for NLname, gaming , etc are the Sennheiser Jubillee 58X with a Mod Mic attacthment and for music I use the Hifiman 4XX.

      1. DVZN Media

        Ohh I want to try both of those, that sounds like a great set up. What dac/amp are you using?

    16. Brenden Parks

      Again my dude great video. Glad this came out the pipeline. I'm still using some old ass skullcandy crushers, don't get me wrong they still be hitting and sounding okayish but that's the problem just okayish now after all these years. Glad to see a new recommendation ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ also my man, I need that shirt.

      1. DVZN Media

        Man I'm editing my video on the Crusher Evos right now, should be dope for a few years to go. I got this shirt at a Little Brother concert, it's what Phone screams on their latest album!

    17. AL Simmons

      i have the shp9500 but i had to change the pads sweat absorbers

      1. AL Simmons

        @DVZN Media it's not that hard but I had to rip off the old pads

      2. DVZN Media

        How hard was it to swap them out?

    18. chawk

      I use some Logitech G933s; wireless, great sound, fake surround, all that... but I don't know if I'd spend the cash for them again

      1. DVZN Media

        I've heard about those, I need to try some of logitechs latest offerings to see how they stack up

    19. AL Simmons

      My go to cans Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR and the right upgrade from the Philips SHP9500

      1. DVZN Media

        Nice ones!

    20. Towsif Shahriar Shovo

      My go to headphone is Blon b8 over headphone.

      1. Towsif Shahriar Shovo

        @DVZN Media yeah this is cheap $65 from aliexpress and those are awesome for their price. I always looking for value product.

      2. DVZN Media

        I've heard good things about the Blons, I need to try a pair

    21. Towsif Shahriar Shovo

      Please review Sivga Phoenix $255 at amazon and those are awesome open back headphone for bass. Zeos hyped about this headphones ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

      1. DVZN Media

        Oh word, I liked the last pair of sivgas I've had I'll have to get my hands on a pair and try them out. Thanks for the suggestion fam๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿฟ

    22. Towsif Shahriar Shovo

      Awesome honest review man, really like open back headphones๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜

      1. DVZN Media

        Appreciate it!

    23. Cesar Mor

      Great Review, might have to get a pair!

      1. DVZN Media

        You won't be disappointed!

    24. Shawn Orjiakor

      Awesome review, Dookie. I need to try out a open back headphone. This is my 1st.

      1. DVZN Media

        Open backs are the truth!