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    00:00 - A Couple Things
    01:02 - Dr Seuss Books Being Banned
    03:10 - Celebrities Running For Office
    05:29 - DeFranco Running For Mayor
    06:28 - Sponsor
    07:29 - Twitch Faces Backlash Over “Womxn”
    09:20 - Texas AG Suing Griddy
    10:33 - Georgia Legislature Really Doesn’t Want You To Vote
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    Six Dr. Seuss Books Will No Longer Be Published:
    Will Smith Open to Political Run in the Future:
    Twitch Faces Backlash for Using “Womxn” in Women’s History Month Post:
    Texas Attorney General Sues Griddy:
    GA House Advances Voting Restrictions Bill:
    Nike Exec Resigns After Bloomberg Reveals Her Connection To Son’s Sneaker Resale Business
    Paris Hilton Addressed “Cruel” 2007 Interview With David Letterman:
    U.S. and E.U. Sanction Russian Officials Over Navalny Detention:
    Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
    Produced by: Amanda Morones
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
    Production Team: Zack Taylor
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    2. Colt

      A photo ID to vote is very important and I think it should be easier and more accessible for every legal citizen to get said ID! The idea that ID's prevent people of color from being able to vote sounds like a completely false narrative in order to get what politicians want. Power. New York has even more strict voting laws than Atlanta and I haven't heard any problems there?

    3. John St

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    4. Kangarooster

      I'm not watching this vid, just want to leave a comment. I really hope the "Cancel Dr. Seuss " one isn't about him cheating on his dying wife because that happened, oh I dunno, a century ago?

    5. Ifitquacks

      Hit that mayor button!

    6. Sean the Bawse

      *sigh* I really want to unsub...but I have this nagging voice saying "Don't fall into the echo chamberrr." I also feel obligated for other reasons, but that's another story. I don't understand how you can say all of these things about Trump (whether he deserves it or not) and then coddle Biden with the worst shot being that you called him a puss not that he immediately bombed Syria and lied to the Keystone Unions. It disappoints me how tunnel-visioned everyone is...even on a so-called journalism show...

    7. JOVANTZ

      20k more likes cmon yall this is the road towards president DeFranco!

    8. lancer4224130

      If he gets mayor it'd be right along the normal for a politician doing dirty shit like Better Help.

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      He's 20k away from being mayor (when I watched this)

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      FYI, DR Seuss was a liberal

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      Great rhyme, brilliant delivery. Thanks for the news. Run for mayorrrrr!!!!

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    18. YO

      Russia collusion got Trump elected in 2016 is as dumb as saying the election was stolen from Trump 2020

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      Come on guys 21K more

    20. LilyBugz

      wait hold up. the rock as president??? he will be the most buffed one ever then

    21. Chris Albert

      If I was American, I would not vote for a celebrity that has never held public office. But then again, I'm not obsessed with celebrities.

      1. American Teaching

        I normally agree. But most celebrities are famous with occupations like actors or singers. While it's true Defranco is "just a youtuber", about half of his content is discussing politics. He is a political pundit who I've grown confidence wouldn't be corrupted by the system. He does work to cut past the PC bullshit and understand issues from both sides. He takes common sense positions on major national and global issue. For instance, he speaks out against China's actions in Xinjiang and Taiwan. I think one of the big problems in American politics is we have so many fake people. Trump, a celebrity, was fake as anyone. Too bad looks like it will end up a few thousand likes short of the goal line.

    22. Johan T. Lindgren

      All you youngsters forget that Ronald Reagan was an actor before he became a governor in California and President in 1980...

    23. khaxjc1

      😂 lmao that Suess spoof about only fan broke me in the best way

    24. Baron Lam

      The solution is clear. PEWDIEPIE FOR PRESIDENT

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      Man you got fat!

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    27. Anthony E. Idealistic Woodworks

      You're just now hearing about womxn? That's been around for at least five years now. Not as progressive as you thought you were now are you Phil? Let me guess, you're on board with these establishment swamp creatures in the government as well right? Wake up, our government is corrupt and trying to play up to the progressives and they support the riots of this past summer. Harris was raising funds to get violent criminals out of jail who burned buildings, killed people and injured several police officers across this great country. But you think Trump was bad, you are a fucking moron.

    28. j nome

      Wrong! Only 6 books from the catalogue that have insensitive racist overtones are taken out. Get it right! It’s not all Dr. Seuss books.

    29. Griffdoggydoggg

      Defranco for Mayor!!! Let's do it philly D

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      Career politicians

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      Dr. Seuss being cancelled is the world you wanted, Philly.

      1. Dhana Jon

        I dont understand why people want to cancel dr seuss

    37. Chelsea Taylor

      I'd vote for Phil. He's on that, "Mind your own damn business" train and I'm all about it.

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      COMMUNISM Anyone??? you can’t spin the truth!!!! banning books is just the beginning!!!

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    46. Thalia Lemon

      Vernon Dahmer was a black civil rights leader in the mid-1960s, when Mississippians were still required to pay a poll tax in order to register to vote. This prevented many low income families from voting, and because In January 1966, the successful farmer and businessman publicly offered to pay that tax for black people who couldn't afford it. The Klu Klux Klan firebombed his house, shooting anyone who tried to escape. His wife (still living, because this shit was recent) carried his children out the back window while he distracted the Klan by returning to the front door, where he was shot to death. Nobody has ever been charged with the crime. Republicans need to get creative, because the KKK stopped bombing US citizens for having the audacity to vote. NOBODY can convince me voter suppression laws are not racist, not a chance. Many of the people who carried out those crimes are still alive right now. They are allowed to vote.

    47. Emily D

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    52. RoboNator

      okay I do disagree with much of that bill, but there was inarguably tampering, it literally got posted onto a news site. Time magazine specifically posted that they along with a group of other high profile people (who to my knowledge weren't named) "fortified" and "protected" the election... pre-emptively... yeaaah thats very clear.

    53. RoboNator

      The biggest issue with Latinx is that it doesn't even fit the language rules of that culture. I'm not extremely well educated on this but I have seen SEVERAL sources all go in depth about how the term literally does not fit with the inherently romanticized language.

    54. A_swish West

      Get it to 200000 likes man

    55. Isa Tailor

      btw name recognition being super important for winning a political office is much more true in the USA than other countries. You also badly neglected to point out that in the US being rich is almost a prerequisite to run for any office and greatly helps your chances of winning.

    56. Hadeks Marow

      If they NEED to limit the number of voters, it should be based on if the voter actually knows what they are voting on! By that, I mean that in order to register, they need to be able to answer the question of what is the stance of each canadadate in question. Seriously, we have to take a test to prove we know what we are doing before we can drive a car forward, why aren't we also forced to take a test before we drive the COUNTRY forward? All elections are decided mostly on name recognition rather than what their policies would be, and that's wrong. Deciding a nations future shouldn't be determined on "this candidate has a stronger social media presence" or "this guy is stupid and has funny hair". It should be about what policies they would push for! Most people who run don't get a shot because voters don't even bother doing their homework on all their options. Meaning the BETTER options THAT ARE OUR THERE are people that the voters didn't even know were there to begin with. That's why clowns become the front runners of EVERY election now adays. Because the internet LOVES to talk about stupidity, so stupidity becomes what gets your name out there and memorized by the masses. It goes from "This idiot [name] said" or "This idiot [name] wants" to just "this idiot [name]" to just "[name]", and thus, they are the name that everyone recognizes and then, because they are recognized, they are the ones that are taken seriously. This system is fuqed because it caters to fools, idiots, or people who don't try to get all the details, myself included, that's why I don't vote! Keep in mind: By forcing a test, it is not "voter suppression", anyone CAN still vote, they just need to put in the work first in order to get registered first. If you fail, it's because you didn't bother to study enough, go hope, study up, then come back and try again. Same thing we do with a driving exam. Peoples livelihoods are being effected here. Be it deciding a nations future or just driving a car; it shouldn't be left up to foolishness or those who choose to be oblivious. Not when it effects other people. ALOT of other people. >.>

    57. Harry Beck

      I just texted the number he gave at 0:49, and the text had failed to send like 3x now..? Does the number actually work? Or is it just failing because I’m from outside of the US? (Also, yes I know it’s probably just a bot that sends messages promoting crap all of the time… But I couldn’t resist adding Philly D’s number to my contacts list🤷🏻‍♂️😂)

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      "Hmm I'd let daddy Phill assault my throat anytime" -someone in this comment section (probably)

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    62. Kasper Kein

      If "The Rock" becomes the president I'm moving outta this country. As someone who is black and didn't speak *nothing* about BLM because he was kissin ass to the racist white people, BLM will become BLDM. 2 guesses to what that acronym means.

      1. Çerastes

        You do realize that Burn Loot Murder gang is a terrorist organization, right?

    63. Jvcklive

      I like you bro but less than. 15 mins isn't a show I like your delivery and I like you as a person but some of us stream for hours, a show is around 77 mins

    64. Christine Solazzo

      Please just leave the children's classics alone. This is getting out of hand. I am all for racial diversity and we have been for so many years. But at this point we will have nothing left to read, watch on tv, or music to listen to. It was actually the first book I ever read on my own and the rhyming taught me how to read. If parents don't like the books, don't buy them for your children, but to stop printing them. Ummm.... Why are we not putting any responsibility on parents anymore as far as what their children consume?

      1. Raffie TRBL

        a company chose to stop printing 6 books due to them including blatant racism. like how is that ‘getting out of hand’? there is SO MUCH to read and watch and listen to so that’s just bs lol. even all the other dr seuss books are still in production. why are you so against the estate itself choosing to make a racist book go out of production ???

    65. Josiah Cornett

      I hit the like button so hard my iPad broke

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      The fact Phil thinks Trump is our first Celeb President or politician shows you how stupid he is

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    69. Jason Stewart

      Imagine being more offended by Dr Seuss and then thinking sandy hook was fake I love America!

    70. J Silvia

      I think idea of people who make a living expressing someone else's ideas is a terrible fit for a leader.

    71. JAMES V

      Who else keeps coming back to check to see how many likes he has till 200,000?

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    73. chad dickerson

      Good lord, the cancel culture is coming after even YOU now? wow

    74. Tim Adams

      Anyone noticing that Phil has started being like wayyyyy more statement heavy when he tells his opinion. Instead of: "I think it's like this and that." It's: "It is this and it is that." Not leaving any room for a different opinion and also degrading those that don't agree with him says more about you and less about the people you degrade.

    75. Brandon Sechrest

      The reluctant often serve best, Phil. Defranco 2022


      No ID No Beer!

    77. Apollo

      What does not liking sex work say about me? That I don't think people are just material economic units? That I have moral standards? That I think certain industries are inherently predatory?

    78. Juan Reyes

      We’re soooooo close!!!!!!

    79. QDibie

      WE ARE 23k off LIKE THE VIDEO

    80. Asha Bryant

      Despite respecting the feelings of trans people and the horrifying identity crisis experienced amongst those who feel like the opposite sex of the body they were born in...wanting to be the opposite sex will never make you the opposite sex. Female/male is not synonymous with woman/man, but it is commonly used interchangeably. Trans women are males with an outward feminine expression; they present themselves as female, but they are not. No matter how they dress, what surgeries they have, what hormones they take, or how convincing they look, people who are born biological males can never be women. The word "trans" denotes the difference. Women's History Month is for celebrating the achievements of females, not males who present themselves in a feminine manner. You cannot just lump yourselves, your struggles and triumphs in with women's. You have a whole other set of achievements and issues which is why it makes sense to have your own month instead of trying to force your way into yet again another women's space that you don't belong in. You're forcing your way into women's sports and unsurprisingly dominating, you're forcing your way into women's and girl's bathrooms and locker rooms and inappropriately serving as Sleep Away camp leaders, and you're trying to include yourselves on feminine product packaging. This overly aggressive, dominating behavior is characteristic of who...?MEN. Not women. You're trying so hard to prove points but really only proving that your actions align with your biological male behavior.

      1. Raffie TRBL

        yeah most of this is just absolute bullshit dressed in a lot of words. a lot of what you said is also just mysogny lol

      2. mew10521

        I agree

    81. dmcook333

      Still shill'n like a villain. *slow* 👏

    82. Rock Zalt

      Your Mayorship will never find this comment!!! How incompetents' led to Philip DeFranco become Prime Minister of the United States of America while wearing his manly scarlet red wedding gown!

    83. IRMaakasu

      I never liked a vid before.

    84. Robet Warner

      i unfortunately know way more about most celebrities than i do most of MY representatives. so yeah give me the people who have been scrutinized and inspected by the public for all of their careers (ex. Addison Rae literally in tears) in office rather than the slimy bureaucrat that lines their pockets with lobbyists' money. fuck yeah id vote for the rock over any career politician, he not only a great example of the American Dream, starting with little money and working his way up. and can you find anyone saying anything bad about the rock?

    85. Hikek

      phil next election: I am here because I lost a bet, please stop voting for me, oh no what have I done.

    86. Anissa Valencia

      Ok Phil has BARS

    87. Tre916

      Dr. Seuss can be problematic based on just the differences of the time, I get maybe not promoting all of those, but the Sneehes story is a great one though...

    88. Christy Rodriguez

      Your annoying

      1. I AM THE REAPER


    89. JORGE con Jorge Mena

      I’m Mexican and this celebrity/politic conundrum is getting out of hand here. We’ve never had a celebrity president, but we have had more Congress members than I care to admit, a bunch of mayors and a couple of governors. All across the political landscape, too. Very embarrassing, tbf.

    90. DaisyThorn

      Phil usually I agree with everything you say. Sex work is real work and it should be defended and women protected... but "your moms not a whore" concerned me. It's not that we should shame children's mothers for being sex workers but we should absolutely fight for them to do more safe, reliable, and mentally healthy work. There are many studies that show how sex work negatively impacts people, ESPECIALLY people with children. We should not shame women but we need to stop encouraging women to pursue this lifestyle. It is anything but safe, happy and carefree.

    91. Rim Abla

      I an not American, but I liked the video just to see if Philip DeFranco would run for office :) #DeFranco2022

    92. 1allstarman

      you speak too fast and your delivery is annoying , are you from new york or new jersey ?

    93. Spin-Bass, Flip-Bass, Fly.

      Phil, I'd really like you to talk to Stephen Crowder about the election fraud issue. I think he'd be able to open your eyes to what's gone on in the last election. It's not "lies", it's real evidenced fact.

      1. Çerastes

        @Ath : You have no clue what you are talking about, sheep.

      2. Spin-Bass, Flip-Bass, Fly.

        @Ath no I was referring to the thousands of fake addresses and people that voted Dem yet are either dead or don't exist, within Michigan alone. Here in the UK we regularly purge voter rolls, yet in the USA apparently that's racist "voter suppression" LOL.

      3. Ath

        If you mean the evidence of Trump trying to suppress people who didn't vote for him so he could claw his way out of the IRS' hands, then yes

    94. The Riff Writer

      Before The Rock runs for public office he might wanna address fist-fighting (not merely hitting once but squaring up like he would a man, until she was knocked out cold) a woman at a wedding reception in front of nearly 40 witnesses, like three months before he got popular wrestling.

    95. Kidney Beans

      So the books can't be edited?

    96. Eugene Capon

      I'll see you at the voter booth boo.

    97. Mass Fireworks

      As of right now, 176k and counting!

    98. Neon Rider

      They're called Griddy and you guys are suprised?

    99. lostandrelieved

      Just 24,000 more likes Phil.

    100. Mike Laundry

      The Rock has a song called Pie that is one of the single most offensive things I have ever heard.