Pokimane reacts to Animation vs. Minecraft (original) by Alan Becker


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    Pokimane reacts to Animation vs Minecraft

    Streamer ►www.twitch.tv/pokimane
    Animation vs. Minecraft (original)
    Music by Sarah Eide

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    1. RaaX

      it wouldn't be pokimane if she wasn't stealing vids and eating on stream while sayings its really hard to do this

    2. cedrick kyle publico Cedric

      me: i made Minecraft into GMOD and i download 256 mods in Minecraft and there also UNDERTALE MODS. DDLC MODS. HALF LIFE MODS. GTA SA MODS. MORE GUNS MOD. COMMAND AND CONQUER 3 MODS. AND MY FAVORITE MOD IS HELLTAKER MODS. AND FNF MODS. AND TREVOR HENDERSON MODS. and more. its 256 of them but my pc still not lagging?

    3. Wing Ng

      what the.. O.O (Bad drawing you had)

    4. STRADEX

      This is why i dont like pokimane shes pretends to be so sesitive with emotions '_*

    5. Trevor Barnes

      He has powers

    6. Shard

      Poki is HOT and SEXY

    7. Raimundo Araujo

      C'est trop bien

    8. Xiao

      I remember when Pokimane used to play league of legends

    9. Noemi Garcia

      A stik

    10. Noemi Garcia

      Doll pikaks aksiyon


      I like your smile

    12. Killshot Playzz

      3:23 my face when my mom takes the belt out

    13. Evan Tang

      Pokiman said the s word

    14. Ac Animation

      What are you doing in my recommended

    15. TheMagicalCat

      Wait..... A fire place? In a mostly wooden house?

    16. samuel essah

      you were too late to the party by 4 y

    17. samuel essah

      i likey and why the fuck did they not use a shield wait that was made in 2015 and shields were made in 2016

    18. Jay_blox-ROBLX

      pokiemane POG 1:19

    19. Mary Keel

      who else reads the comments to find simps and then spam reply simp or is it just me

    20. Cd Cereno

      That is the best animation

    21. X Æ A-69

      No-one* My dog at 3 am: 17:22

    22. Angelobobby Labor

      *The world need him the most, he vanished*

    23. Dark kirito

      Where are the simps

    24. Nimo Playz

      Pokimane: Finds lol Also pokimane: IM A FAN NOW

    25. Mai Huynh

      I just noticed somthin this is not pokimanes YT channel

    26. Ethan Chen

      this minecraft video defies all logic of minecraft

    27. Rulius

      You are all simps

    28. Chimapansin 2 YT

      How the heck did they place block on the air

    29. Chimapansin 2 YT

      Me first time in minecraft didn't even know what is piston for and item frames for

    30. Matthew Wilkinson

      Herobrine is a old Minecraft legend. a Steve with white eye. Herobrine is kind of a ghost of Minecraft

    31. AlaKingg

      *_"Awww~ AWWWWW~~"_* Pokimane 2020-

    32. Frank Taylor

      It's one thing to build this. It's another thing to animate this.

    33. Fabio Maynard-Williams

      Why did you make subtitles 😕🤨

    34. Youngky Kurniawan

      Whacht alan becker hi have movie stik man

    35. Sia Pau Khualpu Pa

      when I heard exorcism I DIED

    36. AYDEN LEON

      iv been playing minecraft for 5 yeard

    37. sub to me

      Lol poki's stick drawing looks like 3 years old me drawings In my pc but now im good even with a mouse 😂 😂

    38. Mike E

      7:29 Me and the boys at 3:00am at the BAR

    39. Jan Danielle D. Roces

      Shes so glad when she sees the LOL

    40. H6O34

      XD she trying to draw it

      1. H6O34

        Its so cute XD

    41. LonelyFreak23

      16:27 that just reminds me of my pe lessons with the class

    42. XAOZ

      why the fuck is Pokimane's shirt showing us where the top of the hills are???

    43. Kristoff Bautista

      I'am a fan of you but can you do more

    44. Tailleur Baker

      Hero Brian he is the most powerful of them but the power got to him and he became evil

    45. Jarred marck Briones

      9:39 can we just talk about yellow's and orange position

    46. green pencil BFUP

      17:23 the cars out of my house:


      Ur so bad at drawing im cracked at drawing im 8

    48. DRAGON warrior

      17:28 I think pokiman wan't a hugh that's sooo cute❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍

    49. azzam bilal chamdy 3


    50. Alex

      17:29 Orange is main character

    51. TheUnBearable

      funny thing is when she saw the League of Legends game, Alan Becker doesn't play league of legends

    52. Deshaun Giles

      man now i want to subscribe



    54. Jensen Warren Hermansyah

      *Red Is SuS*

    55. Shrabya Paudel

      your face at 3 28 look it

    56. Rhonda Thomas

      AT the start of this video when she drew the stickman with hair it looked like she drew Wilbursoot

    57. Supernova49

      My dog's name is pokey

    58. Alfino Gamer

      I think you don't reaction that animation

    59. electro

      You can break the obsidian with diamond pickaxe

    60. Aziz saeed

      4:48 The avatar really girl 👧 👎🏽🎉

    61. Mnour Saeed


    62. Gavin Dawson

      He must use command blocks he’s cheating you/gift to get those happy to

    63. Reeves Fils-Aime

      17:21 will be in youtube rewind

    64. PoliteAnimatorGuy

      It's not red, it's herobrine -A Streamer Named Pokimane

    65. gilbert Pil


    66. Thalika Home

      Also how dare she make fun of the second comin for having a *big head*

    67. Bold Devil Dog

      I had no idea it had subitles

    68. Thalika Home

      Normal people: cool animation! Pokimane: TheY HaVe KNeeS!!!

    69. Anthony Odum

      at 13:17 wtf did she said oh i think she meant bedrock

    70. imperialist Garuda

      When Mojang release Netherite Me: 6:39

    71. Georgia Pay Pay

      The man can earth bend

    72. Dixon Stanton

      0:38 you so many simps would say like Picasso lol

    73. Halo

      Did she really say she has never drawn stick people with knees😂

    74. Akrum Hamad

      6:58 she said valorant

    75. Exposed project Zorgo

      What the freak did pokimane say she just said the sh world

    76. domleo08


    77. Austin Hartnett

      im a KIDDDD!!!!!!!

    78. Austin Hartnett

      IMA KID!!

    79. Austin Hartnett

      NO SWARING!!!!!!

    80. BladeEz Gamer 47

      Bro this is way better den boruto ever was

    81. Марина Холова

      Ты нарисовала 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 вот это

    82. Gabija Morkūnienė

      Lalalal ar!wwlqkwkqlqo

    83. CityAuto Glass

      This video is so nostalgic

    84. GAMING WITH JACOB;-;boi

      Imagine one of them says we're not gonna hurt you were gonna kill you its way worst then getting hurt

    85. Kaiwo Pay

      I wish mc was that accurate

    86. Arian Lopez

      Anybody else realize that they are 3 blocks tall

    87. Johan Fjeld

      it was like basketball when they hit in the trash can

    88. Ivy Zhang


    89. Ivy Zhang

      The big heads tend for smart ok

    90. Pansito


    91. LittleShadows

      I would always watch this when I was a kid

    92. pelotudo Minecraft!! 2021


    93. Guilded

      4:31 pokipog

    94. RR Lynx

      She hates on people reacting to her stuff but legit does the same thing no stop 😂

    95. Lorenz Bonsol

      React to ender wish

    96. CoolSnax

      Somebody when you get out the toilet 11:46

    97. Nathan Sandy


    98. Leo Lopez

      Me: Livin life at its best Pokimane: *AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW* Also Me: shet *crys* *happiness*

    99. Glare

      Am watching this while there's jojo music from my brother's phone.

    100. Liam Matthew Pilapil

      17:31 Thats cuz the orange guy was drawn by the animator himself, alan, and his friends were just characters from some video that he managed to break into.