Police officer fired for pepper-spraying Black and Latino lieutenant during traffic stop

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    Bodycam and cellphone video shows how a Virginia officer pepper-sprayed a Black and Latino Army lieutenant during a traffic stop in December. Christina Ruffini reports on the details of the stop and the lawsuit against the officers.
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    1. William Tukei14

      That makes usa boring nation

    2. thegamergames 3241

      racist police you deserved what happen to you...black lives matter...respect any color of the skin...

    3. Rey Hogo

      Time comes cities will get into combat police vs Army

    4. Agent of Hydra

      Cops like these should be hung in town square

    5. Captain India

      When your own country don't respect military who's black, then God bless america

    6. Harit Thongtud

      I think those cops eating too much donuts Thats why he's so fat

    7. Heerqaran

      unacceptable even they don't respect the uniform

    8. pedrochalaco1

      Thats why Ali didnt want to go to war for u.s.a.


      Smart Army

    10. Boom

      This video is the process of making Rambo.

    11. Edward Fiorvante

      Doesn’t matter black. We have to stop with the black thing. That same thing happened to me in broad daylight leaving my high school. I’ll never forget the Troopers name. SG Burke. Nj state police. This was 1996 and my mother just bought me a brand new car. The Troopers were standing in the street literally 5 feet from my car. I looked left and I looked right because they were right there. Then as I was about to go. The Trooper told me to pull over. He was to my left standing and I was in my car window down thats how close we were. I litterally puked maybe 15 feet to the right and stopped. I asked why I was being pulled over after he asked for Dl ins reg. He said I have no front plate on my car. He was correct from his view point however when I pulled to the right and he had to walk up I’m sure he could see the TEMPORARY TAG. I said to him your right I don’t have a plate because it’s a new car then said the temp tag is in the back window. He could see that obviously but he instead continued with his stop. Dl ins and reg he said again. I was confused and said you pulled me over for not having a front plate but I have a valid temp on the car so what is the problem. Anyway I’m not black and this was a Sgt standing infront of a high school at 2 pm when the kids get out looking to harass kids. This is the high school in my town that is the richest mostly white high school kids. Mostly white means like probably 90 percent or higher white kids. This cop was a total loser and I’ll never forget his name. Sgt Burke Nj state troopers 1996. Total tool.

    12. Eve esparza

      Only in the U. S , and this Will never stop until people do something

    13. eddibetty10

      Fucken pigs

    14. Onyancha Motanya

      President Biden over to you

    15. ÁTILA Junior

      Police Officers were right. This guy desobyed the cops all the time. If he had got out of the vehicle and followed instructions nothing like that had happened. Wearing uniforms do not means he was not a criminals. Officers mistake? They didn´t chrage him at the end.

    16. Ахмед Гусейнов

      Привет . 89182487537 Watsap

    17. Aminah Ezell

      Damn man that’s bold as black man no more matter what good you do it forever going to be a target on there backs

    18. Black N Blue 9

      We don't need law enforcement we the people got this ain't that right

      1. Black N Blue 9

        Or if we are going have them then they need learn how to handle and deal with people which signs show they obviously don't and it isn't in just one state it's more than 1

    19. Paul Fewings

      Police Officers Are Out~Of~Order Now. This Is Clear Visual Evidence Against An Officer Of US. Army. Cowardly Cops. Hopefully This Will Stop Before More Shootings ..... Good , Honest People Who Are Assaulted By Police Officers Whose Behaviour Is Criminal Towards Innocent Victims ... Prosecute.

    20. Zachary Bond

      And you can't keep freaking making things racist after balmore tour America apart. That's more racist than anything in the world.

    21. Zachary Bond

      They're both colored. And I thought that you can't be racist against basically the same culture so going by liberal logic this isn't racist. This is the way it's done. Yes he probably shouldn't have been pulled over but you should have gotten out of the car and then as they said. And he wouldn't have been pepper sprayed. That's the proper way to do it, is to listen to the forces that are against you.

    22. Tricky 2nd form

      bro he’s blackish so it’s racist

    23. Rock Of Peace hardlines

      Hmmm God you must be watching the world. A proud African queen, we shall always welcome you when you get to our land and we will never treat you like you do.

    24. starwarsfan 54

      What if the police officer knew what would happen to him when he did this, could he have done it because he wanted a way out of the force?? Why would an officer with a running camera, capture his own stupidity if he knew he was being racist? What do you think?

    25. hai


    26. Fernando Paez

      EUA país lleno de estúpidos racistas...

    27. king quavo

      Driving while black

    28. Giovanni Rodriguez

      nothing will come out off that bcz police feels like they run the world...and the military should do somthing about it.

    29. tyler manter

      The guy wouldn’t get out of the car it’s not police fault it’s the guy If the police told me to get out of the car I would get out

    30. Mahmod Abd Algafer

      i can see what we palestinians face in israel black people face it in us sadly

    31. Michael Mccutcheon

      Them pigs days are numbered. This crap keeps happening there ain't going to be no police. I can see why people are wanting and pushing the police to be defunded. When you see these guys you're supposed to feel safe and protected, but instead we fear for our lives and have anxiety.

    32. GreenTxx

      That bald dude was scared and that's why he used this type of force, talk about a trained police officer.

    33. zach p

      NOT RIGHT, NOT RIGHT, AT ALL these officers were like. What happened to me, I didnt get pepper sprayed. anyway I was asleep in my room with my bedroom door shut and I was woken up by hard knocks on my door I was tripping out I didn't know who it was but I finally opened my door really slow cuz again I didnt know who was out there. so as soon as i came out 3-4 officers had their guns drawn on me with the points of the guns were touching my face I was like a dear caught in the headlights I mean literally just woke up. Those officers were straight up jerks

    34. Dwight K. Schrute

      These officer’s mistakes start at the training level for them. As someone who personally has parents who are cops, my parents know how to train officers so that they can succeed and not pull this type of stuff. It’s really sad that the man had to be pepper sprayed and i pray for him. It’s crazy how any FTO (field training officer) ever let them pass their training course.

    35. Kennard Stinnette

      Where are the fake patriots? Sorry bum cops make it bad for the other cops. Dummies

    36. Brian Ferguson

      Cops are worthless good for nothing retards

    37. William nichols

      Now that cop is gonna abuse his wife now that he's not a cop

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    39. Haritz Barrenetxea Arrinda

      12-04-2021, not 1880

    40. OwoB

      Black. White. Yellow. Brown. Green. Red. Blue. Purple. Orange.

    41. Michael Tkachuk

      Disgraceful bacon

    42. Fanny Veronica Gutierrez

      The cop is holding the gun like a gangster

    43. Hiroken

      Only Made In Murica, if is not enough, we go to foreign lands and do the same. But hey, God Bless America is what u say? The dollar is your god.

    44. SMF *Shutdown

      The police are kicking him but could not move an inch , it's call army man

    45. katie benfield

      He said if you dont file charges, I'll let you go

    46. John Waweru

      White Americas are full of pride

    47. Gerry Y

      So if you driving a car at low speed with tinted windows you're consider a high risk and most likely get pepper sprayed or gun down. Damn what has come to civil liberties in America.

    48. blue moon

      This ‘police officer ‘ is actually moonlighting . He has a permanent job as a bill collector and bouncer . He losers his police job no problem . Can always get a badge and gun elsewhere ......

    49. jack lemon

      Defund the police.

    50. Michaela Benjamin

      Lol dummies who resist arrest.... always pay the price. this is natural selection. Nothing to do with race. If an officer asks you to step out, step out respectfully and then take it up the chain after. These people are asking to get themselves hurt.

    51. Joueur Fera

      Next time, drift into the gas station

    52. jhon lavinia

      So it's true some people out there don't like black man even it's an army officer

    53. กฤษกร กล่อมสงค์

      Do the police officers have to spray him with pepper spray? Don't talk well, isn't it wrong to spray him like that?

    54. Ali hassan

      I am army and this bad

    55. Motiv Vation

      Thats bs see Most of the cops in this country are Racist Wake up fools. Thats why towns and city should be in charge of picking there own Protection.

    56. Marlon Elia

      This man wheeps ,because his own country mistreated him not the enemy

    57. Yatta RU


    58. Benjamin Meza

      Imagine the people who don't record...

    59. Texas Pie

      Hit me up on telegram for hot sex with Texas girls.... username is Texas_pie

    60. y vikas

      What? How did he even get to record that thing?

    61. Intel Feds

      A jealous cop who’s likely been the same rank for 10 years. If he’s in the field at that age, he isn’t doing to great in his career. When cops act like this it’s always out of jealousy, to see a black man doing better than you.

    62. Master Flow

      felix verdejo el era sat***co mira un video que yo tengo

    63. Jestin Samuel Jose

      Fatass cops no wonder you're gonna get blown out in debris sooner

    64. Zero Ares

      Welcome to the united states OF America

    65. Nayah B

      Man: *Drives slowly into gas station Bc that’s what you normally do anyway* Cop: pulls gun out because of him doing that*

    66. charles buchan

      This is shocking the fat overweight blob of a cop should be in prison this was an assault on an inoccent man I hope he sues the both of them for every penny they have..

    67. FE_EVO_X

      Power. Always about power. Most Cops don’t know the difference.

    68. Rambo

      Typical pigs.

    69. deez nuts

      What jackasses

    70. steve Batman

      That’s the thanks you get for serving your country. Bet you wouldn’t see fat cop sticking his head over the trenches and totally different response if the army officer was white

    71. John Breadwinner

      This is Black men shouldn't serve this country. I regret it and I'll tell my son to NEVER do it.

    72. Gagan Deep


    73. ricky aryono

      "For Driving slow speed" Ofc he was you cucumberhead, that's all you always do with your new bike/ car, right?

    74. Top Notch Gaming

      I'm so fed up with the racist sh that goes down between are law enforcement. White Town see a black person and automatically assume the worse and treat em the worse. They'll treat a pedophile better then a black man regardless of his standards n background

    75. Top Notch Gaming

      Boy n I thought my town was racist

    76. Jonathan Lauber

      How stupid and disgusting that officers action were, are ludicrous! I pray to god the victim gets his pay day. It’s well deserved.

    77. Charles Davis


    78. J. D. H.

      Friendly fire!

    79. tredstone

      Dirty cops !

    80. Felipe Alvarez Romero

      Welcome to America, my friend... "The land of the free. "

    81. Jerry Sockets

      Sub-human POS cop gets fired....probably got hired at another department next county over....

    82. paul reed

      Fired? Why aren’t they in jail?

    83. Susan May

      WHY KICK THE MAN????? He was already out of the car and SUFFERING BECAUSE THE COP SPRAYED HIM. I’M OUTRAGED!!!!!!!!! and I’m white

    84. Susan May

      There’s a comment saying, he has glasses on, pepper spray goes everywhere even behind glasses!!! The cop sprayed at least 3 times and shook the can to get as much spray as he could. The ARMY chap wasn’t a threat so why the old unfit fat cop felt the need to spray is beyond me. As I said earlier, I’m ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED WITH THIS COP. HE IS A DISGRACE TO THE UNIFORM HE IS WEARING. Where I’m from I’ve never known our police behave in such a disgusting manor.

    85. Susan May

      The dislikes are probably from cops or families/friends of cops!!! The way this ARMY chap was treated is EXTREMELY DISGUSTING!!!! This chap has been defending AMERICA!!! THAT INCLUDES YOU COPS and you treated him so badly!!! You should be ashamed of YOURSELVES !!!!!! I’M ASHAMED OF YOU AND I’M NOT AN AMERICAN. I wouldn’t even go to your country on holiday after watching so many bad cops on you tube. They saw a black guy in a new car with tinted windows and assumed there must be something wrong. I’ve seen similar situations many many times before. It’s like they are thinking how does a black guy afford a new car. Only white people should have a new car. I’m so pleased he lost his job and I hope he has trouble finding another job. I also hope he has lost his pension as well.

    86. THE BOSS


    87. Brently Gates

      Imagine that, a fellow brother in arms gets assaulted by over powered police officers. I know way better officer’s that would never have done this and have a bad name because of officers like these.

    88. Montage City ENT

      These ain’t cops they are kids with guns and too much power

    89. Philta_

      American police is a shame. You Americans should do something

    90. Teodor Tsonev

      That is sad, very sad! That waaas unhumain!

    91. loveofpeace

      He a joke a train solder lije a crying baby

    92. triforcelink

      When two officers are yelling at you with guns drawn, you’re probably better off getting out of your car instead of trying to reason with them.

    93. Jonathan Muinz

      White america

    94. Matthew BriGGsy

      they should be put in prison

    95. Mr. B

      If it weren't for the "journalist" telling us that he was black, I might have never known. Thanks Mr Journalist for including that irrelevant information. Otherwise I might have mistaken him for an equal.

    96. Garf 661

      I saw the original video. I'm glad to see some justice and the cops fired

    97. julio silva

      Wow he did not get out of the car? I am not excusing the officers but he had nothing to fear?

    98. ThatBeastDoge

      nice treatment for a lieutenant...