Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.
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    1. James Finnerty

      Bill Clinton's shame has been carried by her. BS.

    2. Bruce Eaton

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    3. NucleicArtist

      Finally noticed the scarlet letter reference

    4. Latch

      I love how I'd never heard of Monica Lewinsky before this

    5. Bobby Levis

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    6. Will Luck

      11:45 - John Oliver defines what integrity in reporting and public television is - acknowledging that we're all a part of that thing we're pointing the finger at.

    7. Ford Prefect

      Don't be avoid peer pressure for someone else's benefit.

    8. Apollo

      I think that the rap songs should start referencing Monica but not for the bill clinton incident "every time the haters get to me. I bounce back break through like monica Lewinski" or something like that idk

    9. Abigail Choong

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    10. Michael Barrett

      Monica Lewinsky is one of the coolest women on the planet. Brave, funny, and smart. Look in the mirror ling and hard before mocking her.

    11. Karlo Ugljesin

      Man that Karen joke sure did age well...

    12. skywise29

      Wow...great interview!

    13. mary smith

      One of his best interviews

    14. Cerca Trova - barebow archery

      Having worked weddings (where I was also allowed to attend the buffet) I can answer this question for you. You hold the glass of wine in your left hand (if right handed. Otherwise obviously vice versa) near the top of the glass. You then balance the plate on top of said glass, using the remainder of your wine holding hand to secure said plate. Use free hand to eat and use napkin. Avoid anything with sauce or excessive grease. Your welcome.

    15. yasen king

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    16. thereisnocarolinHR

      Monica > Bill

    17. bubblesezblonde

      In between vacations, y'all do pretty good work

    18. Moritz Happerger

      I‘m rewatching this in 2021 and boy is it strange hearing a laugh in the background.

    19. Devin Jenkins

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    20. More Content Talk

      Yes, we should protect the rights of hack comedians to make crappy jokes on twitter cause their feelings might get hurt. Must have been a slow night for real news.

    21. maria rahel varnhagen

      we're gathering tonight to see the chumash indian woman's comet

    22. Celsa Celsa

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    23. Robert Peterson

      I feel for what Monica Lewinsky went through, but did she not think about what possible could happen when she was sleeping with Clinton?

    24. Robert Peterson

      Olivia Jade looks horrible - did she have work done on her cheek bones?

    25. Phillip Price

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    26. Marguerite Hudsell

      Public Shamings are overwhelming. Eventually, consuming everything you thought you were. I am so terribly sorry you went through all of that.

    27. 지희누리

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    28. Clay Campbell

      "Want to fill time more then tell the truth" The moto of Fox News

    29. Adraboran Davis-Blake

      The funny part of the video-the scarlet letter A in the title- refers the a super famous book about Public Shaming lol

    30. Frenchie88

      I don't really feel that bad for Lewinsky...sorry. She's a white woman who comes from privilege. I do feel bad about the immediate crap in 1999, but not the aftermath of the last 21 years.

    31. Cj Boden

      When you point the finger at someone else, there’s three more pointing back at you. Projection at its finest

    32. Kevin Coles

      11:30 be patient, I'll get to everybody

    33. bootsofescaping01

      I could not believe that was his real face, he just stops talking and his mouth hangs open. I just always though he did not take pictures well but when I finally saw him speak then I just thought he might be having mini strokes or autistic episodes. right. Because why would fox hire that. The aunt is still horrible because now the home owners insurance for the home owner will be through the roof. She is championing social bullying but what about having affairs with married men. I mean bullying is wrong but she did have an affair with a married man. Sorry but come on.

    34. Hellan jerry

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    35. Molly Chambes

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    36. John Hancock

      If you are in a crowded room more than half of the people there sucked a dick for whatever reason. But none of them sucked a presidential dick. Fuck the haters

    37. Amanda Tan

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    38. Masao Kakihara

      I once ate two Hotdogs with Tucker. He seemed like a really nice and decent guy, with a smart and active mind. People shouldn't forget that out of context lines ripped from a whole text and only looking at a TV persona of someone, doesn't really show who someone is.

    39. Charles Golley

      That "aunt Becky" scandal only surprised me because I thought that type of thing was common knowledge. There was even a line in Suicide Squad from Will Smith about it

    40. Phred Bookley

      "Every woman in here got a dkk they regret sucking...and I can bet you it wasn't no president dkk!" -- Chris Rock

    41. Ka_Ekim

      Am a 22 year old Am watching Am an idiot

    42. Charmain Thrams

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    44. Cheryl Parks

      I wonder if she ever sued them or media?

    45. Cheryl Parks

      Did bill ever apologize? How about hillary? Anyone know? I felt so bad for her. Of course she was attracted to him and she was just a young lady 😔

    46. michael normandin

      Public shaming is pretty much the standard in every late night tV hosts monologue. Just saying!

    47. Viryanando Evan

      Wow, 2 years have passed and this video is still relevant

    48. Mike Sendec

      She aged very very well. Good for her.

    49. Mike Sendec

      Well there's still people who try to make sure bill clinton gets called out people did it all through the 2016 election.

    50. Mike Sendec

      Those are the only kinda funny jokes I've ever heard from Leno.

    51. Mike Sendec

      Damn Monica looking pretty good, I bet bill wishes he could get another go at her.

    52. Mike Sendec

      The left cant kill tucker carlson and they hate it.

    53. Mike Sendec

      So your saying the media lies?

    54. Mike Sendec

      I wish i could sue someone for my broken wrist :(

    55. Mike Sendec

      I think public shaming has its place

    56. Privacy Gg

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    57. larry west

      im not believing she said she didn't think she was pretty. she is amazing and beautiful for days. i would give my left arm to spend day just talking to her.

    58. Jason Goldtrap

      She had an affair with a married man. He cheated on his wife. It is sad that both are taken seriously. 22? Two generations ago, a 22 year old would have had a husband, a couple of kids and a mortgage. Adolescence must end. No one should treat adultery as no big deal. Adultery destroys lives and families. I don't care if every POTUS had an affair it is still wrong. You've must consider that actions have consequences.

    59. Patrick Owens

      When I clicked on this video, I would never have thought I'd be walking away and spending the rest of my day thinking how much I admire Monica Lewinsky. That interview has completely changed what will go through my head when I hear her name from now on. I felt like applauding for her, here home alone in front of my computer.

    60. Your Name Here

      I never felt bad about the crap Lewinsky had to endure. She had an affair with the mightiest man in the world and told lots of people about it. She publicly humiliated Hillary. She privately helped destroy the Clinton name. She kept the dress with the stains of sex on it sealed in a poly bag. She trusted Linda Tripp. She was unapologetic and shifted blame. I still don't feel bad for her or Bill Clinton. They both played themselves with their debauchery. She's no victim. She's a home wrecker. Bill is a creep. Hillary is a fool for staying with him.

    61. Dustin Wilson

      You need a little public shaming you communist

    62. Sawautha

      When she mentioned she couldn't get a job was so heart breaking. The misogyny in society hate her more than B.Clinton. They don't talk about how he was one of the most powerful people in the country and not setting an example and was predatorial to a 22 year old adolescent. A married man who cheated. The misogyny also showed in 2016 when people wanted to drag Hilary because HER HUSBAND cheated. P.S. those music artists owe her a cut.

    63. Kevin Bristow

      I think I would marry her.

    64. gear grinding

      Ya I guess ok to try to cancel the guy that much better ratings might make you look better then you are according to what place your in but any watches realize your shit

    65. Amalita Perini

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    66. Atticus Kirkpatrick

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    67. Matin guptil

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    68. Mandy Banks

      Based on the interview, I firmly believe Sunset Shimmer is somewhat based on Monica Lewinsky. I mean this as a compliment, btw. Also, Monica is a tough lady. I don't think I would have handled that nearly as well as her.

    69. colonel radec

      wow thats fucking defamation. if you wanna sue somebody sue the tv companies lol. i mean after she came on the show?? i dont know whole things dumb xD

    70. Prabhat Luthra

      No, John, I don't give a fuck about them any at all.

    71. obamma

      So a completely innocent woman was condemned as a person but a mass murderer imperialist goes on scott free?

    72. Cat’s Meoow

      I can tell John has real respect for Monica in his micro expressions. I imagine the fact that she can laugh at all this now and is actually fairly funny is pretty cool in his eyes

    73. Phil Chen

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    74. Mel D

      JAY LENO SUCKED WITH HIS STUPID UNFUNNY SHOW. I was so happy when shows like this one, Seth Meyers, and Stephen Colbert came on late night. God, Leno was stupid and soooo not funny. And I'm in my 60s.

    75. Yalmira Rodriguez

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    76. Haris beydon

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    77. David Whitehead

      We need to stop Shame-shameing people. Bullying works

    78. BigEz_81

      The only time I feel bad for the “other woman” is if she didn’t know she was the other woman i.e. she didn’t know the guy was married or in a committed relationship.

      1. Clover Curator

        Hey, you never know what someone's going through. Bill Clinton was older, her boss, and, may I mention, the fucking president of the United States. She was 22 and has stated multiple times that she regrets what she did, with the modicum of agency she had in the situation. People can grow and change, and she is NOT deserving of that sort of blatant harassment. And Monica Lewinsky aside, yes, cheating is bad, but I also notice you mentioned nothing about this hypothetical man who decided his own wife wasn't good enough and decided to betray her trust. Why is that, do you think?

    79. MrGMountain

      This twit makes a living on shaming people. Just like a liberal twat to pretend it away like he isn’t a part of the problem. Love the fake laugh track too.

      1. MrGMountain

        @Lacroyyy I watched the amount I could tolerate. This dummy, Trevor Noah, Colbert, they aren’t reputable enough to be political pundits, not funny enough to be comedians, so liberal media gives them a job.

      2. Lacroyyy

        Ok did you watch the video, or do you just not like John? He explained the process or making fun of the people they do, are they a public figure, do they deserve this ect... He also references the joke he made about Lewinsky, so admiting his hands aren't clean. The laugh track, if faked, was added post production, I doubt he has much to do with that.

    80. Cummerata Milda

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    81. tay ohh

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    82. Barbie Mcgowan

      Thinking about Monica Lewinsky.... makes me think of sally the 1st black lady or child 🤔 not sure on that part but I do believe she was 14 and gave Jefferson the 1st of their 7 kids....

    83. Surveyors AIRINC

      Doesn't that look like Frankie Muniz at 14:07?

    84. Celsa Celsa

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    85. clown hunter

      I honestly cannot remember if i ever said a bad thing about this woman. I do remember wanting at the time to slap the shit outa whoever made a clinton getting laid a crime? Yea\just felt like we have more important things to worry about.

    86. djbred18

      I mean John Oliver has built his career on publicly shaming others🤷‍♂️

      1. joseph boehmer

        Only those who deserve it

    87. Nick Riddle

      You know.... I guess because it she was a pop culture subject that was almost acceptable and celebrated to treat her like a punchline. But I watch this... she's smarter and classier than most of us. Honestly, it makes me feel ashamed of myself because I'll admit, I took part in the joke. But I will say this, Monica Lewinski has made a fan of hers out of me.

    88. Desmond Desjarlais

      Shouldn't have to change her name. Good that she is able to redefine it. Fair to think it would've been unsuccessful. Imo this person is everything I'd hope for in her shoes.

    89. Milton Florentino

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    90. Ar Kin

      Do we really want to live in a world created by scum for scum? Emotional "impoverishment" and ignorance mixed with insatiable greed - Voila! You got the recipe for Armaggedon. Dividing our species into Eloi and Morlocks. All those pathetic goblins out there spewing hatred on the internet are just the tip of the iceberg. When 06. January 2021 wasn't a sign that things are getting out of hand in Pleasentville...

    91. Luke Chavers

      John Oliver is one of the worst people, ever, to rail against this particular issue. His entire show is, at least, 50% ad hominem attacks. He's just like every bully you knew in school; disgusting.

    92. abdallah

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    93. Steve Broggie

      Fantastic episode. Monica Lewinsky is a hero.

    94. Julia Loewen

      This was so heartwarming.

    95. Eazy Rios

      I just want to know if Monica and Hillary are friends on Facebook 😌..........

    96. Raphael Calado

      Monica is such a beautiful woman! And very strong. They did very dirty on her.

    97. Simon Wang

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    98. Gabriel Sanchez

      She has the same mannerism of Hillary Clinton. Laugh, head movement, hand movement....never noticed before.

    99. Benjamin Gal-Or

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    100. Yolanda Shikers

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