Reacting to 'THE HILLS' | S3E9 | Whitney Port

Whitney Port

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    Vegas!!!! What happens in Vegas...gets filmed, edited, aired, then rewatched and reacted to (by us) over a decade later in Vegas!! That old saying.
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    About Whitney Port:
    Whitney is an alum of MTV's "The Hills," as well as a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She found early success on NLname with a parenting series called "I Love My Baby, But...". Now, Whitney and her husband, Tim, use her channel to share their reactions to "The City" and "The Hills" and moments from their everyday lives in “Everybody Loves Vlogging” and "Whitney Port LIVE!"
    Whitney Port

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    1. Wendy Stains

      "Take off the sunglasses & put them in a time capsule", Ha, Ha yes Timmy! And Whitney, you're hair looks amazing!

    2. Jam5bam

      I love when they sing.

    3. Kayla Enstad

      Frankie and lo no way! Why wasn’t this discussed more in the show!

    4. yeswhatokay

      Watching The Hills then vs now is the same cause Whitney is still my fave. She had the best style and still does. #iconic

    5. Mandy McManus

      If this were a real situation, Heidi did nothing wrong and Elodie looks like she isn't ready to move up in a company anyway. Don't ever be scared to go after a position because of a coworker. That coworker isn't paying your bills, putting your kid through college, or funding your retirement. Go after what you want. No excuses.

    6. trailertrashley

      This episode is everything! You guys had me cracking up the whole time. Although, it *could* be the wine...but Timmy and Whit definitely brought the flavour. You know what I mean?? Yeah you do!!

    7. Bri Berg

      Forever thinking Justin is 🔥🔥 hot af

    8. tiineli

      Question, what did Spencer do around that time? Did he work, study, anything?

    9. meredith

      It’s never really made sense to me why JB was so salty about the “Justin Bobby” name thing when he’s still going by that name now lol. Lo wasn’t the sweetest, but I don’t think she was being truly rude in that situation. It’s just her humor. And then she seemed to be trying to extend an olive branch on this trip, to which JB and Audrina both didn’t respond. Audrina way overreacted in that conversation lol. Lo was asking why he couldn’t just be polite, not best friends. Audrina freaked out. I feel like she projected a lot when it came to JB because she never felt secure in their relationship. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    10. Tayler Renee

      Elodie said it was her last day to that other chick before Heidi went to ask her to cover her shift for the Emmy’s or whatever it was

    11. Steviie Mariie

      Frankie is an old friend from laguna. So not that random

    12. avablue1

      “This music is making me feel weird.” Hahaaaa 😂

    13. Kristina Price

      are you sure Katja is a lawyer now? That is not what I am seeing online.

    14. Farah V

      OMG I missed this and your bday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHIT!

    15. Lucille Bennet

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    16. Brittany Crowe

      I'm dying at that era of wearing your sunglasses the next morning after being out late partying.

    17. Hatty Bell

      This was my favourite episode back in the day...I watched it over and over again for some reason haha. The song playing in the club was Britney Spears

    18. L.C. 2015

      Ok. Here's the deal. If these are "fake storylines" then why is the friendship between Lauren and Heidi broken beyond repair?

    19. Sara Russo

      I'm so glad you guys are still doing this! Making my middle school/high school dreams come true!

    20. Kandi Jenkins

      Seriously, you two are so funny and fun to watch. Ignore all rude comments and just keep having fun!!

    21. shrinefilms1

      You asked a couple episodes ago. "Why did you start watching the Hills?" The cinematography. Beautiful camera shots.

    22. Sharon M.T.

      No one talks about Lo making out with Frankie. 😏

    23. Sharon M.T.

      Whitney, you choked on twin snakes? Omg 😁

    24. Sharon M.T.

      Remember, Elodie said it was her LAST DAY.

    25. R

      What is the name of the song in the end?

    26. Lala E

      Whitney your hair! And the hoops 😍

    27. McKayla C. Grimes

      I’ve decided to just make Timmy and Whitney’s marriage my life’s goal

    28. Tiffany Mcfierce

      You should include the after show they would do

    29. Tiffany Mcfierce

      Why did they edit you out of the Vegas trip??????

    30. Becki Smith

      Brody’s terminator cast is too much for me 😂

    31. Lindsay Tilzer

      Do we know the real story of what happened between Heidi and Elodie?

    32. JP

      Is it just me or are the boys wearing sunglasses inside to hide their pupils 😂 cocaine is a hell of a drug

    33. B_ GC

      Why is there only one episode a week instead of two now?

    34. Bryana Perez

      Whitney looks so pretty with hoops

    35. Hibiscus Latte

      Bobby on coke

    36. Kim Bell

      You guys are getting me through lockdown, please remember that most people here are watching bc we love you guys. I was going to rewatch the hills by myself but watching it with your reactions is way more fun. It's your channel, do what you set out to do. x

    37. Rin Martell

      I feel so sorry for Elodie :(

    38. Rebecca Ramirez

      Why wouldn't they let jill film in much ?

    39. Dee Dee

      You guys need to focus on your content. People are always going to have negatives things to say. I love your videos. Sensitive.....hmmm someone is a Virgo and fire signs are usually sensitive. Don’t feel anything but great that the 90% of the people that watch your videos love them. You guys are a hilarious! 🥰

    40. hods ali

      can anyone tell me why they're not posting on their usual days or even posting twice away like they use to??????

    41. MF

      Is there no more wednesday episodes?

      1. Emma L

        I wonder too! miss them!

    42. Angela W

      That was so much fun, belated Happy Birthday Whitney!

    43. lauren lipkin

      Is episode 10 of season 3 today?

    44. G G

      this man has such a unlikeable personality, i think his name is timmy

    45. Freddy Em

      Does someone else see the stark contrast between the group of friends in Vegas and Heidi & Spencer? Especially when H&S were at dinner. It’s like in one side are many people who have a good time at the club and on the other side there are only two people who are alone at a restaurant.

    46. Katy Quinlan

      Timmy is the best never change Timmy!

    47. C D

      Omg I was eating while watching this and when I saw Whitney grab an eye booger and the smelling her finger right after made me wanna gag 🤢 thanks a lot Whitney

    48. Shannon Moore

      Please don't feel like u need to apologize every time..just be yourselves- we fell in love w u guys & this channel the way it was/is & u do not need to change a thing or hold back from sharing opinions

    49. Shannon Moore

      U guys r def super sensitive bc I rarely see any bad comments , i swear ! U keep stressing me out by saying ur done ..don't quit please! I mean , obv if it's taking its toll on u guys u need to but damn..please stay & ignore the stupid negative comments! They arent that bad & u will alwayyyyys have the handful of douchebags no matter what u do..dont ever change-most of us love & support u more than u know❤

    50. Danielle Gossman

      YOU’RE BACK! I’m so glad you’re just being uncensored and playful again! Whoop whoop!

    51. ReallyLiz

      You two have me cracking up the whole time 😂😂😂😂😂

    52. Rebecca S

      Does anyone remember Talk Soup? Remember Joel McHale would always say "Spencer's creepy flesh colored beard"? 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Tiffany Mcfierce

        Yes!!!!!! Lol

    53. C. Wat

      4:07 I'm glad you guys are back to your usual positive selves, I'm sure it's easy to feel discouraged with haters' negativity but I hope you keep on focusing on the positive vibes we send your way!

    54. JewitJewew

      Whitney, your hair looks beautiful!! I feel like the girls were very quick to Judge Justin. He seems like one of the more authentic people on the show, but the directors do not give him opportunity for character growth. He seems very philosophic.

    55. raashida

      whit's hair looks great. favorite lines: it can be tough when youre the only guy on a flight, nobody asked that (re whit saying she would hook up with Brody) and we just kissed in the club (smiles).

    56. Eva Barragan

      LOL the editing of this was so funny. well done

    57. Juicy Girl

      I haven’t even ordered my chicken fajitas 🤣💀🤣

    58. Kaitlyn Baur

      Love your hoops! Where did you get those?

    59. Colette Robichaud

      Justin Bobby does NOT exude enthusiasm. He is however very attractive

    60. K8 M


    61. A And M

      hey guys, the shows audio is so much quieter than your voice so we have to keep turning the volume up and down

    62. Jahdaipie

      “Can I say Brody?” “Nobody asked that” LMAOOOO 😆

    63. Veronica Diaz

      I thought I was the only one who was shocked when Lo and Frankie kissed!! It was just out of no where lol!

    64. Kelly Guerrero


    65. Rossygrossy

      Yo, the editing is killing me. I love it! 😂

    66. Jill Sarah G

      Aw Happy Belated Birthday Whitney!!!

    67. Ashley Lauren

      When ELODIE PLAYED HEIDI... "Alexa, play What Goes Around Comes Around". 😂👊🏾😂😂😂

    68. Melissa Marie

      “Brody just wants to have a good time.... & wear oversized pants” 😂😂😂😂😂

    69. Lauren Wiggins

      I would say Brody too Whitney haha yum

    70. Maria Sol

      I always wonder if Spencer was on cocaine...He looked so coked up all the time

    71. Mariam

      Timmy is hilarious. I just hope you keeping reacting to shows.

    72. Danielle Lou

      Heidi sucks lol. Like seriously if this was real life she would’ve been fired the first time her relationship clashed with her job.

    73. Dustin

      Lauren's voice changes dramatically after drinking. It happens all the time.

    74. Steph C

      post-covid cultmunity trip to Don Antonio's Paris!!

    75. Tina E

      Elodie is amazing omg LOVE

    76. TheAnibear

      LOL. 19:27 - 19:35 is gold

    77. Rebecca Spence

      Whitney I’m OBSESSED with your hair 😍 has it been done? Looks lighter and I’m in love with it

    78. Lester Rodd

      Whats the name of the song when Lo and Frankie kissed???? Please

    79. Throwaway That’ll Stay

      “I’m getting DIIAZY!”

    80. K. JLMF Harrington

      I think Lo had every right to be abit upset, her and the girls tried really hard to be nice to Justin and he was always just very arrogant 😖

    81. Doublechocolatechipfrappuccino

      I was watching the hills when I was like 11 😂🤷🏻‍♀️. I stopped after I hit middle school

    82. D W

      Gimme More by Britney Spears is the original song that plays when they’re going to Pure nightclub I hate that they switch the music. The og song choices made the show so much more iconic ugh

    83. Katherine Urena

      Whitney: I love Vegas, I wanna goo! I love being young. I love clubs, I love pools, I love drinking, I love bikinis, I love making out! Me: Same Samee

    84. Indy Mathias

      Why does Whitney’s hair ALWAYS look so good!!!!!!

    85. Alex Pinckney

      whitney looks so beautiful in this video oh my gosh

    86. Elizabeth Hensley

      I do not know why I love this so much, but I really, really do.

    87. Whitney Port

      Is Justin Bobby over the girls, Audrina, the show, everything or is he just trying to stay out of the drams and maybe a bit uncomfortable with the entire situation?

    88. Laura Lo Mango

      Whitney you should do favorites of the month. Makeup,skin care, fashion. Things that you are into!

    89. Loa Lane

      Hey Jackie its heather maybe we can get together sometime ceaching up girl mtvs the hills

    90. Ben Drew

      This is strangely entertaining!

    91. E W

      Watching all these night scenes you realize they rlly didn’t show much at the clubs like how they do now

    92. E W

      Spencer got even weirder when he grew out his flesh beard 😂😂😂

      1. Abi E

        Flesh beard omfg 💀💀 yes

    93. Emily Katherine F

      wait i. love you guys

    94. slyhead66

      love brody's hair, very adrien grenier in entourage

    95. Meg Niven

      LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

    96. Shannon Livergood

      Honestly, I feel like Lo is the reason that Justin Bobby got in between Audrina and Lauren. I don't think their relationship would've blown up the way it did if Lo would've just let them talk through things. Also, this whole episode I was thinking, Whitney has to be a Pisces and then she said her birthday and I was like IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.

    97. Michelle Awesome

      Whitney reminiscing about Vegas is amaazing

    98. Maya Kay

      Thank god. Been waiting loyally. Definitely addicted. The nostalgia is awesome. I can almost smell the inside of blockbuster. Thank you

    99. Moriah Kirk

      Justin Bobby is the real OG hipster lol

    100. Jacque B

      Y’all edits make these viewings so much better than watching the show.