Reimagination of Disney's short film's music: "Paperman" (2012)

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      1. Elisa Pegoretti


      2. Saurabh Ransing

        Super love story ❤️

      3. ALTUSHA ART

        how atmospheric and beautiful💔 Hi from Kazakhstan 💓 Welcome to my channel friends, lets be paint! 🖌️🎨

      4. Ramchandra Rout

        Hii i will want this like many short film😍🤫😏😇😇👍👍

      5. Pigeon official ltd

        @fire friss

    2. Paul

      and then she says: I have a boyfriend, but we can still be friends

    3. alexander acosta

      Que lindo , si fuera así en la vida real .

    4. Vankar Gautam

      she just look like my crush

    5. Alisha Yadav


    6. Gigi-chan

      Ya saben banda; a hacer aviones de papel

    7. Bikhy Narzy

      Toooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much cutie story please made again like this

    8. Ce̷le̷ste̷

      Estoy llorando :'v

    9. Özgür Tifur

      All I need is a native English speaker friend :(

    10. ᎠᎳᎪᎽᏁᎬ Bv

      Soy yo o se parecen a Anna y Cristph de Frozen ?

    11. James McCreary

      I have to admit I almost cried watching this. Everything was beautiful.

    12. artista anonimo

      que lindo

    13. mango sallad

      Unrealistic (of course) but eerily beautiful. It made me smile.

    14. lalaloona

      i loved this so much a few years ago

      1. Putra Prayoga

        Hmmmm 🤔

    15. theWhiteWolf

      Shiku iko aje?

    16. Saurabh Ransing


    17. Janet Melton

      If it is meant to be ……. 🕊❣️🌟🌙🎶


      True love never fails ❤

    19. 밥한번먹자

      Beautiful! It was very Disney but the artstyle felt so new and neat. Anime lovers also would be so inspired by this piece of artwork

    20. Something...

      "Florida man gets stabbed by paper airplanes to find future wife"

    21. Andrew Punongbayan

      I love it man

    22. Lorine betty

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    23. Futura Sport 😍😍😍

    24. Michael H

      Disney: Let's never make a movie using this style ever again.

    25. Yoam Lobato

      "Wake up Mister Freeman"

    26. Larc Tinmart Soyad

      The music change. The original is much more romantic though but that's alright since copyright issue and stuff. Good job.

    27. Татьяна Ларина

      Как же хорошо, что можно не проглотить разжёванное, а самому подумать о том, что видишь! Спасибо!

    28. Dom Quixote

      "Não acredito em destino. Prefiro acreditar na ideia de que, eu posso controlar a minha vida" Autor Desconhecido

    29. Itachi Uchiha

      Plot twist: She said no...

    30. Ice Bear

      F for those trees that were sacrificed

    31. Samrat Roy

      What a brilliant concept and amazing making, simply a classic animated short film, beautiful heart touching climax,it gives us a lesson for our whole life❤️🤝📽️

    32. _Vale_Galleta_


    33. M. G.

      2:32 😂

    34. Gurpreet Kaur


    35. Pigeon official ltd


    36. Juan Pablo


    37. Varalaxmi 497

      What a cute love story with papers 😍😍

    38. A Music

      very lovely

    39. Daisy Govea

      Cute 💕😛

    40. Himanshu Nishikant

      I sometimes feel the need of luck factor and goals supporting me no matter how dissapointed and low i am but when i m completely broken and uninspired, all the forces allign themselves to bring me closer to my goals no matter what

    41. Aqsa Jabein jawaid


    42. GaryTheFishCrab

      Noted I should throw out my garbage or I’ll get attacked by it

      1. Rohit Pal


    43. Wolf is Gone ?


    44. Maria Teresa Franco

      I wrote a letter to a guy few months ago, he never replied to me. We have never met... Who knows if One day I Will know why He never answered to me!

    45. 김성준

      Oh this animation which I saw at my school is perfect and wonderful. I think this is funny and I was surprised that contents was so special and impressed. I have a good time and special time looking this animation Thank you!

    46. Shubhankar Adak

      Really Amazing story

    47. ᄋᄋᄅᄅ

      좋아하는 애니

    48. Nene 寧々

      Hero of the day *PAPER*

    49. GOD'S Little one

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    50. Karl H

      Animation: And they live happily ever after... Laughs in Reality -- me: got fired, her: sorry I have a boyfriend. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    51. Hazel The Phantom

      This is a true simp right here

    52. K.K. Thimmaiah

      Reality is worst then you think

    53. le moraliste 😔

      Le papier qui réunis

    54. Daniel AC

      Amei !!

    55. Nir♏️alkt

      A perfect strangers (Jonas blue) song make more beautiful in this love scene. ❤🎶

    56. mathan kumar


    57. ARTUR ERA

      I would also like to have a beautiful obedient wife

    58. Camilo Kaffaty

      This is how I imagine my love life

    59. Uzma Akram

      Kismat ki bat ha ❤️💘❤️

    60. 뿌리


    61. K. Manivvanan Manivannan

      very nice i like it


      I watched this one for the first time about 7 months ago and it was recommended to me by youtube at that time.. i left a like on this video completely unaware that i'll ever return here.. but today i just felt like watching this one again.. so i searched it and decoded to leave my comment for the next time i visit..♥️

    63. akelu manjhi

      On l

    64. Javohir Abdujalilov


    65. Sarah Fanaei

      So then??

    66. Ruben Hagen

      Je bent van het zelfde soort maar je kan ook als een Alien species denken (brein)

    67. t birthdayyy

      beautiful story

    68. Kim harvey Forastero

      I wish real life is like this. I wish there's magic that will help you. But the truth is sometimes life a shit. And nothing else.

    69. Shifana Jishab


    70. Wolf Kaala

      That's a pretty good animation! Is this yours..or are you working with Disney?

      1. Syafiqah Mahmood

        The animation was made by Disney.

    71. Arya Vashist


    72. Adam Moran *

      Absolutely Beautiful, What else is there to say a masterpiece made from someone's imagination into creation, I myself wish love was that easy to find in this world like having a force by Your Side guiding You to the Person You're meant to be with and live for.

    73. Choya's Productions

      1:50 they are going to screw it because they will need a copy for entrrg 2:00 or more



    75. Sedef Ctn


    76. Gautier Mazaeff

      Jim Halpert, is that you in another life ?

    77. ტ ∩ႪႬႩჄ ∩ႺRႩwႩՆ ტ

      A paper love .... ❤️... 😂

    78. Queen sland

      That girl looks like Aerial.. right

    79. Ashutosh Rai

      For sure his Boss after this "smiled" and said to himself "Good Job!"..

    80. Edward Chae

      1:35 you know, maybe she would have noticed you if you... JUST SAID SOMETHING

    81. random stuff

      What was this from? I remember watching a movie and it had this in the dvd.

      1. Syafiqah Mahmood


    82. Priya Kumariii


    83. eldo rado

      The boss is you 💋💞

    84. Santi Chagas

      mi profesora me mando mirar este video de tarea

    85. Huha 96

      Came after saltafa raat posting

    86. Sethu S


    87. Юлия Филин

      Эмоции и чувства правят миром

    88. ع ب

      what's the application that you used to make this video

      1. Syafiqah Mahmood

        @ع ب Disney made it so I don't know. Sorry

      2. ع ب

        @Syafiqah Mahmood ok what's the application can make the animation

      3. Syafiqah Mahmood

        They only made the music not the animation.

      4. random stuff

        He didn't made it

    89. Happy Suffering

      que hermoso, amor a primera vista y sabes que tienes que ir tras ella, aúnque las circunstancias no te dejan y te rindes, pero la vida sabe que tienes que ir tras ella, lo logras y lo único que importa en ese momento es lo que está pasando.

    90. Aniket Yadav

      6:08 : I'm married, have 2 kids

    91. lubna ali

      mean while the papers. Are we a joke to u?😂

    92. FranK Indar


    93. Mohsin artwork

      This is lovely

    94. Rajnish Kumar

      Amezing ❤️❤️❤️

    95. Taha Genç

      İt was going well. the end was stupid

      1. Taha Genç

        @Syafiqah Mahmood you too :)

      2. Syafiqah Mahmood

        @Taha Genç ok than bye hopefully you have a life 😊

      3. Taha Genç

        @Syafiqah Mahmood actually you are Right

      4. Syafiqah Mahmood

        @Taha Genç eh I rather just leave it here since you can call someone work stupid but can't even do something :p

      5. Taha Genç

        @Syafiqah Mahmood Go on then :)

    96. ChapattiPapi


    97. gfr wes

      The belligerent ground fourthly curl because retailer resultspreviously decorate via a filthy dew. well-groomed, reflective flavor

    98. Jesus Manuel


    99. Игровой канал l KatyCat

      круто) мне понравилось