Restoring Giant Lego Stormtrooper - A Star Wars Restoration

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    How to restore broken and yellowed Lego Star Wars stormtrooper with retrobrighting This stormtrooper toy is actually an alarm clock but I think it's cooler as just a collectible piece rather than an actual alarm clock. The item is very yellowed and the clock doesn't work.
    I start out bu disassembling. The head it on very tight but it's just pulled off and I had to trust it won't break. One of the screws was stuck and almost completely stripped by previous owner. I tried oil, rubberband and the other usual trick but I had to drill it out.
    After dissassebly the parts were washed. and then put into my new retrobrighting box. (Link to the build video for the box will be updated here as soon as it's ready and uploaded). With the new box it's easier to use only the needed ammount of hydrogen peroxide and I can control the temperature which can speed up the process a lot. The solution is reusable but it does evaporate so I want to minimize that. After few hours in the solution the process was done.
    Next it was time to figure out why the electronics were not working. It's always a little hard to try to figure out where the issue is if you don't have another device to compare with. This time I could find a broken trace on the main board. Which probably was the issue. I cleaned the board with isopropyl alcohol and I created a solder bridge to fix the trace. To do that I had to reveal some of the metal inside the board to have a surface for the solder to attach to. After I was done I checked that now the trace was conducting electricity.
    The rusty screws and oxidized battery contacts were cleaned with vinegar and nickel plated to protect them in the future. My tutorial can be found here:
    But there was a n issue. The clock seemed to work but only one of the buttons worked. I started looking what could cause them not to work and I quickly realized I had not cleaned the pads for the buttons. I checked them and as I had thought they had some oxidation on them which was preventing the contact. I cleaned the pads with isopropyl alcohol and put everything back together.
    Thanks for watching my video!
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    Screw driver set:
    Hydrogen peroxide:
    UV LED strip:
    99.9% isopropyl alcohol (IPA):
    Power source (for leds):
    Precicion drill:
    Drill stand:
    Wire stripping tool:
    Soldering station:
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