Road to Fight Night ft. FaZe Jarvis (Official FaZe Clan Documentary PT.1)

FaZe Clan

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    1. Triple I

      Always wondered why Kay and Jarvis looked a bit Asian. Nice to know!

    2. Lord Eddy


    3. Cbeast321

      After seeing this i would trust jarvis with my secrets, cause he keeps his promises

    4. Yaboijaquez

      This shits cringe asf 😂😂

    5. Daniella Robinson

      Let’s gooooo Jarvis I love you bro let’s goo

    6. Dzeta

      i think that people sometime forget that jarvis is also just a human

    7. Adam Hussain

      Jarvis vs Bryce hall

    8. Jaxine Xavia


    9. Ryan Stevens


    10. sxturdy

      bro im wheezing when teawap was like if he was michael lee he would pee his pants

    11. Aryam Thapa

      My boy from nepal 🇳🇵 🤙🏻

    12. AlienSlime203

      Jarvis really was training to make that happen

    13. Ed Sibz

      The fact these dons mention Logan and Jake before KSI and joe shows how the Americans like to take credit

    14. Flix Racing


    15. Graciano Cardoso


    16. BlazeBaller

      Yo Jarvis my parents are from Nepal too!!!! It’s so nice to see such an awesome person born in Nepal!!!

    17. Kumail Qazilbash

      I’m really happy that his brother is supportive not jealous

    18. Leo Hartley

      Inspiring to me, what a King

    19. Tomas Ferreira

      If he returned to fortnite it was gonna be soooo cool

    20. Evan Katsikas

      Can I please join faze clan my fortnight user name is Evan the crusher FL

    21. kc4gatta


    22. Baba

      Jarvis brother: "I've never seen anyone so disciplined than Jarvis" Jarvis: Also cheated at fortnite

    23. Karrar Alderawy

      Jarvis went from 😭😭 to 🏆🏆

    24. safal shrestha

      love from nepal

    25. Alvaro Lopez

      why does it say that sam peppers girlfriend is jarvis girlfriend

    26. Matthew John

      Not afraid of dying. My blood line is priestly. Death strikes no dear in me

      1. Matthew John


    27. SNT Voya

      I know I'm not the only one who noticed logan's ex girlfriend 19:16

    28. Transgression Postgraduate

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    29. SpeedEdgr

      I mean if he didn’t get banned he probably wouldn’t have been here in a boxing match

    30. ItsJustTempist

      “4 chu chu chu chu” I love it. Congrats Jarvis

    31. Slxice YT

      O wait nvm

    32. Slxice YT

      When did faze Jarvis get a tatto

    33. Benjamin Doner

      i get chills down my back

    34. R1CO G

      They actually put Hanna as his gf 😭😭

    35. AJ Btw

      I luv how everything Jarvis said he was gonna do to michale, he did. Congrats man

    36. Christina Christian

      Jarvis you’re the best You’re a beast

    37. Sunshine D

      Free Jarvis please epic games pls

    38. Hideki Lolkowicz

      Jarvis is gonna be the best youtuber boxer wtf.

    39. Luis Gonzalez

      it’s crazy how he didn’t say why he got banned from fort

    40. AnnaLee Maughan

      Faze clan doesn't need to use anybody else's memes they have already made so many themselves accidentally

    41. Trick

      In that conference jarvis looked like he was gonna eat that kid alive

    42. Raidof RLS

      Jarvi is born to be a gamer

    43. Triple I

      3:45 - Founder??

    44. Harry Hobby

      Next he should fight epic games

    45. NoLove Jay

      So inspirational

    46. Precarious Deify

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    47. RoshanRamdass

      Jarvis aim bot worked

    48. Cozy

      This man fought one fight chill out 😂

      1. ahad ali

        Bro but in that ring he was impressive : ) And do you even know who is the trainer praising his boxing skills? Otis, that guy used to train Floyd Mayweather for this matches.

    49. Arsenal4Lyf

      What a beast

    50. Ben

      Man holds his knife and fork in the wrong hands

    51. J B

      Love this guy! This boxing fight was the best thing for him his dedication and determination gave me motivation! I’m a life long fan now

    52. Jairo

      “I got a text from my dad, Jarvis looks good out there”

    53. 홓호홓

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    54. Juan Quinones

      Netflix vs hulu🤣

    55. Jose Ruiz

      So I believe that if Jarvis was never banned on fortnite I think his content would have flopped so maybe getting banned was a good thing for him and his NLname career

    56. Andrew North

      The rich dust endogenously pine because ferry probably mend mid a exciting exclusive crayfish. spurious, knotty finger


      Love from Nepal

    58. pacman playz rawson

      faze jarvis

    59. Ashton.Spencer

      This aged well

    60. zijuiy wttuy

      Who’s here after Jarvis knocked out Michael ?

    61. Tse Lama

      Wow so interesting 🔥🔥🔥

    62. Cesar Castillo BB

      Jarvis should get get a tattoo he just looks like a badass with them

    63. Aden Edwards

      Everyone is given a gift. We all see that Jarvis had quite the given gift.

    64. Hayden Cribb

      I’m positive that the crowd is gonna be made of all 9 year olds wearing fortnite hoodies lmfao.

      1. Hayden Cribb

        @zijuiy wttuy ????

      2. zijuiy wttuy

        wait are they rly dating ?? lmfaoo havent watched them in a while

    65. Fidel Millar

      The careless edward initially fail because steam definitely unpack down a savory expansion. quick, skillful veterinarian

    66. problem Child

      The gurkha stuff is true but it's sad that now they do security jobs roaming streets at nights for petty money 😑

      1. Nephop aago

        @Problem Child its better than to beg 😀 randia🤢😂

    67. Garrett Hughes

      19:18 😳 @LoganPaul

    68. BENNY BOOM

      bro i love how jarvis did he.s hair he looks like a Badass Tekken charecter

    69. Dkkari

      man knocked out one dude once and they make a 2 part documentary 💀. i love the faze boys but seriously man we don’t need to know where you’re born etc 🤣. huge congratulations to Jarv, I’ll never discredit his fight

    70. Saucy iOS

      23:14 Never seen that side of jarvis

    71. Jason Lemure

      Let's go knock him out

    72. Dev

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    73. NRG Clixerr

      Ngl kays voice at first scared me😂🤣

    74. Raul Garza

      We gotta see a collab with jarvis and sensei 100%

    75. Linxzy

      Jarvis called it 🔥

    76. Cutup_ab

      Temperrr was indeed right Jarvis dropped him so hard he got knocked out

    77. My G

      NEPALI honi 🤗😍🇳🇵

    78. gabbavelli

      wait are they rly dating ?? lmfaoo havent watched them in a while

    79. Ayaan Dhingra

      Jarvis beat Michael lee as if he was the one to ban him on fortnite and jarvis was taking out all his anger

    80. S1asher

      LETS GO!!

    81. Lemondré Van Rooyen

      nobody: Hannah: his like a man now😂

    82. Giampierre Aguirre

      I aint no gonna lie jarvis and Frazier are cool guys and they deserve everything that they getting for real

    83. Fusion

      Go on javis

    84. S Dot

      So why did you cheat at fortnite?

      1. VKLMP

        he did a vid to show what it did he didnt really cheat he cheated on a new account but it still was against tos so it got him banned

    85. lessie small

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    86. Miguelelyely

      Jarvis is an Ackerman

    87. S Dot

      Banks is a weird old man that needs to grow up and let the kids do their thing

    88. Gabriel Garduno

      Tanner fox vs faze Jarvis That will be a good fight

    89. Felice Ott

      The last line is sick

    90. Linxzy

      Proud of Jarvis 💯 have been watching faze clan and faze kay for a long time now

    91. Gerardo gaming

      Michael le es un mamon

    92. Fayisaa Hordofaa

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    93. Tyler Foster

      man if he keeps this up, we might have a absolute god of a loghtweight boxer

    94. Dj Martin

      Why does this "real documentary" say Hannah is his "real" girlfriend. We all know shes really dating Sam Pepper IRL. Like i get the content but why the false narrative on a Documentary?

      1. celinaisk

        It’s said girl friend not girlfriend

    95. Cristia Alvarez

      Ngl I like when Jarvis is banned

    96. Suranz Dahal

      I'm from Nepal to

    97. Zyphen

      "Like Logan and Jake Paul" Bro, didn't KSI start the whole NLname boxing thing

    98. Spooky Goon

      Huge W for FaZe