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    1. Merl

      BIG 2021 TUNE.

      1. Ultra Nova

        Ayo imagine seeing u here. But yes this song is a tune.

      2. BTS Love Russia

        @Jeff Maski reborn vavv pppqppa cc cc vp s

      3. João Pedro Santana

        @Jeff Maski reborn ppp

      4. RaiinBowV2

        Washed yute😂

      5. Hamadpro 12


    2. TheLifeOfChi

      Someone find out who directed and edited this video, it's so cold

    3. Evette scars

      B1 😍😍😍😍😍

    4. IeatRice


    5. Wassup

      0% drugs 1% girls 99% just chilling with the boys

    6. Tayvo


    7. Diogo Chagas

      Dude how The camera is so good?

    8. opzz xsin

      pov: you cant stop rewatching 0:30

      1. issoKai

        Fuck u bot

    9. blurr

      Wait I swear that building is where they filmed kisha Becky remix

    10. PlaylistLimit100

      Considering the duos success with keisha and becky they killed this

      1. opzz xsin

        Wait that in Edmonton 😳

    11. PlaylistLimit100

      The gear change too smooth

    12. Daniel Moura de Andrade

      Tion is way too cold

    13. Iam Mhmd


    14. Ramzy Ibrahim

      Russ' line started a whole new tik tok trend

    15. rain maker

      Skepta bruv.

    16. locopoco

      fiona from shrek🔥

    17. Mister Senpai

      This song should be at least like whoopty Wow !!! Need more recognition fs

    18. VALL YT

      i am the only one who saw ronaldinho in video clip

    19. Lewandy Payano

      0:28 🚗💨Sututu 😂👌

    20. SuperPlays

      0:29 Me and the boys when the pizza here

    21. Fiona Henry

      Ok ok i hear you🔊🔊💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

      1. PlaylistLimit100

        @GOAT 😂😂😂

      2. GOAT

        Excuse me, do you happen to be an English girl??🤔

    22. Y. Kizzy

      Bandos mums somewhere twerking to this 🤣🤣

    23. Drugist

      this banging all da way in🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

    24. NoloveXcz

      Ting bad dawg🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🦧

    25. OCU_Vanzy

      Wait that in Edmonton 😳

      1. GOAT

        Me in Edmonton, Canada 😳

    26. Matheus Spindola

      Love you song Man 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    27. Gurjinder's Productions

      0:30 iconic.

    28. NT2

      Cold 🥶🥶🥶🥶

    29. manal Ahmed

      انا الوحيده هنا؟

    30. El Cebo Tibio

      Lowkey looks like toby from the Sideman.

    31. DarKneSS

      0:30 that shututu looks like a turbo flutter 😂

    32. Toxic AKM

      Drill so hard prince Philipp died

    33. Maksim

      Twitter on est la

    34. Erik Live

      How did you guys go to smooth rap to drill? In 2016 it was like pullll da trigerrrrr now drill? Its okay tho bc its fireeeee

    35. m4x kitty

      e assim nasceu a melhor trend do tik tok

    36. ESM Buckz

      No talent

      1. Marnelle Gaming


    37. YTG SAV

      in loe with that repay button i think its pregnant with quadruplets

    38. Emanuel Marcella

      ya mmm mmm uh huh mmm ya mmm mmm mmm mmm mm m m m m m mm

    39. Silvia Carcamo


    40. Deyion Banner

      I’m sorry ya sis got bend ova

    41. Margaret McCarthy

      No thanks 😒

      1. YagaYeetBruh

        No thanks to what? Did the music ask you for anything by singing/rapping?

      2. inztaharriche

        @GOAT 🤣🤣

      3. GOAT

        Nobody invited you, go

      4. Margaret McCarthy

        @Toni and

      5. Toni

        Nobody asked Margaret

    42. just_me

      On est là grace à Twitter 😹

    43. Tyreece Jones

      I got more then a mill in savings... but you can still get shaven, if I ever get caught by the pagans, see my nank just wavinnn 👋😂

    44. jj malone

      This song is hilarious.. Infectious and creative all at the same time. Loveeeee this song 😍

    45. Peanut

      I ot ore n a I'll n avings

    46. scott cunningham

      Best tune from these 2🥶🥶

    47. -

      With digga sending shots at central cee and russ it’s only right he hops on the remix

      1. YagaYeetBruh

        @- oh yh most ppl have been saying he should get on the remix.

      2. -

        @YagaYeetBruh should’ve made that clearer

      3. -

        @YagaYeetBruh nah I’m saying get central on the remix

      4. YagaYeetBruh

        Digga d isn't even cool with russ so it's not gonna happen lol

    48. Marcela Riquelme

      soy el comentario en español que buscabas pedazoo de temaaaa

    49. Fab Tochukwu

      Free my bro casanova I felt that 🕯️🕯️

    50. George

      Tiktok mate. Tiktok uno

    51. allisayissup

      1:08 ah i see

    52. allisayissup

      BIG 2021-2022 TUNE NO CAP.

    53. DOA_ Ghost_

      0:28 That Shakka always give me chills it’s too cold in here 🥶🥶

    54. SuperPlays

      Me and the boys when the pizza here 0:29

    55. SuperPlays

      Whoever directed this needs a huge raise asap 0:29

      1. GOAT

        If you pay attention very closely you can tell that he was just edited into the crowd. He was traced frame for frame. And you can see in the lighting, that he wasn't really there

    56. Brandon Stark

      Please come closer 💙

    57. Oberschenkel Kevin

      Where here from tiktok?😅

      1. GOAT

        @Jaydon Singh you can't even get mad at them. Russ was promoting it on tiktok bareee

      2. Jaydon Singh

        No just no

    58. RDK Prod

      Mahr :"after 4 years of war" Eren with his squad : 0:29

    59. Anya Rose McHardy

      This song is cold 🥶

    60. a o

      Bro 10 mil in 2 weeks yo man's on top right now

    61. Musa Sabally



      “I’m highly as Jeff hardy wwe” 0:40

    63. Yeet Feet 2

      0:30 that transition is smooth

    64. osama 911

      0:04 the dude at the bottom looks like he's giving head to someone

    65. Darkless Eren

      0:29-0:31 best transition i ever seen in my life bro

    66. PHaNTXM

      ones in a year this nigga hits hard

    67. Mano Cox

      Tik tok 🤮✅❤️

    68. Toxicc-_-BOBBY g

      This video would probally have 20 mil views if people knew the name of the song on tiktok. those poor people

    69. Banrnr Nrnrnr

      Mans smashing shreks wife 🥶🥵

    70. lil eom

      why are people laughing... don't they know this is how creatives do their music

    71. lil eom

      my friend: yo she's coming don't act weird me:

    72. sir DH-weir

      This is so saucyyyy

      1. Ptao Tom


    73. Zhen

      Sheeeeesssshh 💯

      1. Ptao Tom

        Wheres Aitch at 😂

    74. OfficialTaithi

      wish it wasnt copyright

    75. Miranda


    76. Crxnshaw97

      Had potential, then got ruined by tiktok.

    77. David Reis

      Just waiting for a remix version with other rappers

    78. Dannygee VFX

      mans a bare neek yena

    79. a x l e

      whoever left dislikes on dis ting has sum goin on in their life fr

    80. Natcha Saunders

      Russ is banging streks wife 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ makes sense strek is never happy 😂😂😂

    81. afeef alam

      What the fuck are they actually even talking about man....but still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    82. Pubg Freak45

      yuppp lads

    83. Malte Jensen

      yall stole the blixky twirl dance?

    84. Nathanepic-_-


    85. jesus no

      This slaps harded than my dads belt

    86. Ali Aryn

      No cap this dope asf 🔥🔥 all ma boys listing to this on repeat 🔂

    87. dappaviz

      Wheres Aitch at 😂

    88. Sky Fn


    89. Hussein Bassem

      The transition hits different🔥

    90. BFTV

      10 Million well deserved 🔥

    91. Recep Toprak

      Murda'nın durumundan görüp gelenler🤚🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    92. UrboiMH

      Suddenly the world turned into roadmen

    93. Anazol

      PoV: you are here bcz you saw the song in TikTok 😂

    94. Adebola Olorunfemi

      if they are talking about coca-cola, if ur body is like that then u have a loooongg abdomen

    95. Daijuan Smith

      Pepople in my school are shouting body like mega th ee sallon

    96. S1 C

      🔥 🧯

    97. dez

      This is cold I can't lie

    98. NIKKIVUL

      eish boys this one is tooooo much

    99. Uki J


    100. wrix Wrix

      The director is the one who needs to earn from this😂 most are hear because of the work