season olive oil with olive oil & add in sautéed olive oil, then pan fry with olive oil | KN

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    where's that meme of that guy holding a giant bottle of olive oil
    #GordonRamsay #KitchenNightmares
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    1. I Mr deedz flimp

      I love the title LOL

    2. INeedCoffee


    3. KillJoy Since2017

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 love the title

    4. im bored

      my theory is that there are 2 guys working this channel. One of them is a normal person who makes normal Kitchen Nightmares titles and the other person is a memer who makes all the meme titles

    5. Miah Park

      Olive oil on hummus actually is tradition. And it should be mixed with the rest of the hummus after its been served. I like mine with extra olive oil. Bring more flavour into it 😌

    6. Ominous Helljumper

      *Olive oil guy has entered the chat.*

    7. Unhinged Chef

      Take it from me, that is definitely not enough olive oil. MORE! I NEED MORE!

    8. Jeremy Waters

      Tina seems like a dunce

    9. Gia Murphy

      Gordon said “that looks like the inside of a diaper” right after i said “that looks like the Gerber baby meals we feed the kids at preschool” lmaooo

    10. Adam Lassiter

      This show needs to come back

    11. Kaleigh Johnson

      I don’t know how to cook but I could seeee that the stuffed fillet was rawwwww😂😂

    12. Jonathan Kulesa

      Cake "brought in from Cleveland"... Oooooooh, now that sounds fancy... 😭

    13. henk van den bossie

      Blessed be (s)he who runneth this channel

    14. Chloe Renee

      Who’s ever in charge of these titles deserves a raise .

    15. Azazel

      Why. Christmas I went to this restaurant . And we bought friend garlic chicken . There was one cup of ail and 3 tiny . TINY . wings

    16. Big Guy

      0:45 dude looks scared to try his own food

    17. DriipConnect

      the kitchen nightmares guy who runs the title is a goat.

    18. Just Raddic1s

      This title is a tongue twister

    19. Somebody Call IXII

      Ramsay's food is missing a side of freedom with all that damn oil

    20. Chris Lundberg

      This has to be fake, other's would be returning their food if this bad . Not close to being edible bad food habits can't cook .

    21. Josh Markley

      Kitchens are toxic like that trust me talking behind the customers bad like its the customers fault the food is bad

    22. Yor Es

      What season and episode is this? I wanna see that cocky ass guy get humbled! Joe was his name right?

    23. origamipein18

      That dish looks like diarrhea. 🤮

    24. TikTok Productions

      Why does the camera quality look like the 2010’s but it just got posted 3 weeks ago

    25. Not Your Average Skater

      Lmao I got an ad for olive oil too

    26. Pajama Sam

      Sam the waitress is enjoying this shit so much ahahaha

    27. Jdawg Kinsey

      “Every time I try to open my mouth or have a suggestion, they shut me down.” ... marry me

    28. Exilius Tv

      I feel bad for some of these servers, shit probably sucks.

    29. Cici

      “he said it tastes fucking good” kills me everytime 🤣🤣🤣

    30. Nickz 420

      Someone really going places

    31. Jojo C.

      Not much really shocks me anymore when it comes to kitchen nightmares.... but ... that tiramisu that sat out and was months old has honestly shocked me- and I didn’t think that was possible.

    32. Sabriyah Shahbandy

      I just love that Gordon Ramsay is nice to the waitresses 😭🙌

    33. SumTingWong

      0:48 AMOUNG SUS

    34. Vin

      "Olive oil with Olive oil"

    35. Ryan Ames

      👁 Oh 👄 hi 👁 mark!

    36. Ryan Ames

      "I,ve cooked been 👁 all 👄 round 👁"

    37. redplays2030's channel!

      I realized this is gordons official channel

    38. RarePikachuHD :L

      They blaming the *BEANS*

    39. Rainman

      You forgot the OLIVE OIL SAWWWWCE...oh no wait..u didn't...send him a life saver next time so he can stay afloat on that shite

    40. PsyQoBoy

      How long has this Tiramisu been out? 3 weeks *Knock* *knock* Gordan: (smells) It Stinks I'm sorry 😳

    41. Anna L

      Love the title 😂

    42. James Lee

      4:12 remaster this scene with the coffin meme

    43. Jayden striker

      Bro this title 💀

    44. sleek lunitick

      Onyone souoop

    45. Jacob Fish

      Gordon has been a great source of entertainment in the covid-19 pandemic!!

    46. ham n cheez

      how come they always have the nicest waiters/waitress

    47. Walter Williams

      lol. I always thought gordon put too much olive oil on his own dishes.

    48. Kim’s Weird Channel

      I love the servers that are just so done that they smile the entire time they deliver shit food because they know that Gordon is going to rip into their bosses for it.

    49. ]RIVER• MOON[

      7:40 looks like oatmeal lol

    50. Shea Roberts

      This restaurant shall be renamed exxon

    51. Shea Roberts

      Hummus is made to have alot of oil? First off you make hummus with oil why you gotta add more? Thats silly...

    52. Swamp potato

      i fucking love this channel and there titles

    53. David Gibson

      What episodes are these

    54. loserless

      Olive oil.

    55. Autumn fan

      It's 8am and I'm always end up on this channel

    56. MrSkrallis

      I was expecting a Marco Pierre White video based on the title.

    57. Steph CF


    58. NIMB NOOB

      #Wheresthatmemeofthatguy holdingagiantbottleofoil

    59. Nathaniel Hillman

      Say what you want about Gordon, but at least he's usually courteous to servers. That's something a lot of people aren't.

    60. showmowful

      1:10 Why does that little chicken throw in edit always kill me 😂

    61. Captain Tsubasa

      Tell him enjoy the meal lol 😝

    62. ikillforLoot

      i want to eat it

    63. Gus Crafts

      Most American title I have ever seen

    64. Skid and Pump

      5:04 The way I was laying down and looking at the screen and the music I legitimately thought that guy was edited in XD

    65. Elita 1!

      I remember the first episode but I don't remember that chicken dish. Must've block that for my mental protection. 😆😆

    66. Justin the Kid with Memes

      *Just a little bit of olive oil*

    67. The True Lamb

      It’s clear that the only reason many of these restaurants are still open by the time Gordon gets there is because of how amazing the waiters and waitresses are

    68. Papi Small Legs

      The chocolate cake part was so wholesome 😭😭

    69. The Stinger

      I only like my olive oil if it’s fresh frozened

    70. Germaine Jean Baptiste

      The soup look like it came bathroom sink drain pipe.

    71. Zander Myles Blake

      I love the way he always jokes and is so sweet with the staff. He’s only ever mean with the dumbass owners and the rude ignorant chefs. One of my friends bumped into him before and asked for a photo and said that while it was breif he was really sweet

    72. Kaisergun

      11:17 Well, Nino's is cleaned every day, with intensive cleaning on weekends. There's pictures to prove it.

    73. sellxout

      Four hours to caramelize onions? Lol.. okay

    74. SkyFireYZ

      1:24 Joe makes the soup lmao. Cant believe she didnt follow up

    75. Bilbo BT

      It does my heart good to know someone makes a living posting the clips on this channel *sniff

    76. a.d.

      Love the title 😂😂😂

    77. Michael O'Donnell

      Just for fun, I act like Gordon when my wife cooks. It's really fun, everyone should try it.

    78. Jump 192

      You forgot marinated in oil too 😐

    79. PlatinumEagleStudio's

      Oil: *Continues pouring out of the plate* Waiter: .........Too much olive oil? Gordon: No you fucking donut it's perfect.

    80. hateweeks

      really.,, were gonna start blaming a fucking BEAN

    81. vertiighost

      Sam is my favorite person. Brutally honest to Gordon. Its always frustrating to see restaurant workers who deny everything when the place clearly needs help.

    82. Ethan Cleary

      He almost made tina cry lmaooo

    83. Matthias Bachetzky

      0:16 Is this realy coming out of the mouth of Gordon Ramsay, a sarcastic "Oh, do you think thats too much olive oil?!" 😁

    84. EpicUniverse

      whoever made this title forgot to garnish with olive oil

    85. Loonahater 9000 lightbulb

      cookin like a chef im a five star mechelin cookin like a chef im a five star mechelin cookin like a chef im a five star mechelin cookin like a chef im a five star mechelin cookin like a chef im a five star mechelin cookin like a chef im a five star mechelin cookin like a chef im a five star mechelin cookin like a chef im a five star mechelin

    86. Angelique West-Randle

      He be so offended 😂😂 I understand tho

    87. J F

      Best damm tittle I’ve ever laid my eyes on

    88. Widow of Steel

      "When I smell bullshit I go straight for the jugular" Chef Ramsey I Sooooo resonate Chef Ramsey 💝😁👍

    89. dang son

      Sam is kinda cute ngl

    90. J Men

      3:00 Where did Ramsey get that shirt? The set of "Leave it to Beaver"?

    91. V V

      5:00 whenever that creepy waiter passes the camera, staring down Gordon Music : *I N T E N S E* 😂😂😂

    92. Cee Smith

      4:55, I do gotta say that doesn't seem like that much oil

    93. Alex AKA it is your boy

      10:40 well he said it’s raw *immediately fucks off* Mood

    94. Blue Mutt

      5:02 Why did they play this sting for him walking by like he's the Amnesia monster lol

    95. アンティオコス

      aww that little bit he did with waitress was so cute. they probably get stressed a lot during work and having to joke around like that with a legend in the culinary world must be an amazing feeling.

    96. IronWolf

      C'mon Gordon, don't act like you dont put olive oil on everything

    97. Bubba Guy

      I don't what he is complaining least the tiramisu wasn't frozen or RAW....

    98. Dark Brawler

      I like it how the guy was staring at gordan it was funny

    99. Sophie Gardner

      Is the person behind this account like… okay?

    100. Deonterryo X

      Why do people join restaurants with no love for food